Film Theory: Rick's Final Chance! (Rick and Morty Season 4)

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We did it, Theorists. We've reached the end of Rick and Morty season 4 - and what a season it was! It feels both like nothing happened at all and that EVERYTHING has changed. Maybe that was the point. In the season 4 finale, we were hit with a WHAMMY of a twist. There really is a Beth clone! Not only that but Rick, and by extension us, have no idea which one it is! That leads to what could be the final straw for Rick and his family.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound
Editor: Yosi Berman

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Jun 13, 2020




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Comments 60
chris Froat
chris Froat 2 hours ago
It would be a super sad and deep but also upsetting ending if either, A.) everything sets back to the beginning in a new reality at the end of the series because it would be an anticlimactic ending but reinforce assert Rick's "nothing matters" message B.) The series ends with everyone turning their back on Rick. He tries to get them involved in his adventures but they tell him they flat out want nothing to do with him and he needs to leave showing how his misery and toxicity burned his bridges showing consequences to actions C.) We do a Bojack Horseman examination of redemption and forgiveness making us question if we should even forgive Rick and what forgiveness and true change mean and needs Or D.) We go with the two sides of the brain theory and it zooms out of the entire universe to reveal it was all in one of the writer's head and Rick and Morty were the two sides of their brain arguing with themself.
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 14 hours ago
I personally think it would do better being episodic, but at the same time I love the evil Morty story and would like to see it expanded on
Rafidul M Mahim
Rafidul M Mahim 17 hours ago
David Moreno
David Moreno Day ago
There were xrays in the fight. It was MK inspired fight.
Robert & Neos Sutton-Stoneypoint
I love this show it is funny but sad i want to live to see seson 6
Matt Esparza
Matt Esparza Day ago
Anyone else feel like this season was just "meh" 😕
SansLetsPlayer 13
100 years 169 years yes 169 years of rick and moiety 169 of film theory 169 years of game theory 169 years of food theory 169 years of whatever other theory channel is coming up the blue one yes 100 no 169 years of that all
Lolriues Day ago
where did you get season 4
XxShadow- videosxX
What if Rick changed but isn’t welcomed back to the family?
Ava Atkisson
Ava Atkisson Day ago
Part of me wants a wholesome ending because that’s what will get it more popularity and part of me wants rick to try and change and get denied acceptance so that it can be different from normal tv
Invad3r K3nzi3
The beginning was priceless
Grace Simone
Grace Simone Day ago
Pleaseeeee do a theory about coraline!!!!!!!!!! And like other mother and the other world and just basically the whole movie and the book it would be awesome if you did
That One Guy
That One Guy 2 days ago
Rick is BROKEN Ick is Ken
ddfortunedd 2 days ago
Nothing matters yet everything matters at the same time
First Last
First Last 2 days ago
Rick should bail on these ungrateful plebs
Jordan Tran
Jordan Tran 2 days ago
I mean the show runners could just do arcs for the serialized version for the story and have thriller episodes in between arcs for the episodic kinda of story
Me123you1me 2 days ago
Dude, watch the new short!
Bruh Momentum
Bruh Momentum 2 days ago
Ryan Sansaricq
Ryan Sansaricq 2 days ago
I'd like to see a couple episodes where Rick is missing, but leaves his portal, and Morty tries to find him.
Jamdjdidndn E
Jamdjdidndn E 2 days ago
Wait is series 4 over in America
Hg Gg
Hg Gg 3 days ago
I don’t think you can expect season 5 the show is unpredictable
ReillyOnTheRadio 3 days ago
i live in the uk and i cant watch the last 5 episodes of season 4 :(
David Supodly
David Supodly 3 days ago
kamal haha
kamal haha 3 days ago
hillsong united
DemiTrusdale3 3 days ago
Oh no... we lost team four star.. I hope we don’t lose the Rick and morty team to burn out...
HippoToadGaming 4 days ago
ngl the show was fun because rick was a crazy dude with morty
Commander Shark
Commander Shark 4 days ago
I have a question didn't rick left this reality when he lost from Jerry and the fishermen rick take his place
Adrian 4 days ago
Maybe I’m being obtuse, but I am seriously disappointed with the majority of season 4.
Ryne Neville
Ryne Neville 4 days ago
I really enjoyed episode 1 from season 4. I thought the rest of the season was very bland, predictable, and had very little payoff. Even Phoenix person coming back at the end of the season failed to live up to expectation and felt very forced.
Dennis Evans
Dennis Evans 4 days ago
Prediction: There will be an episode explaining what really caused Rick to leave in Beth's childhood. And we're going to see that, while Rick IS a broken person, he isn't broken because that is his core identity. Calling it now, Rick was broken by his being stripped from Beth's life and the futility of finding his way back to her. Rick is a good guy that has developed coping strategies that from the outside look destructive but from the inside is just fortification of the self; protection of the shell that remains as the hope is stripped from from Rick.
ttte ut smb
ttte ut smb 4 days ago
Thomas & Friends is episodic
Chaos Shenron
Chaos Shenron 4 days ago
MatPat, can you please explain the new Rick and Morty Anime Short? It was released on Adult Swim's channel a few days ago. It's really confusing. In it contains Rick actually being a good grandpa.
*Insert Name*
*Insert Name* 5 days ago
Tbh I just want to see more evil Morty.
Airidas Leckauskas
"Ruh Roh Raggy I got the the high ground!" "You like underestimate my power Scoob."
Cael deJong
Cael deJong 5 days ago
Hey matpat can you do a video going into how almost all the rick and Mortys we see in the show are all the same age? If theres enough variation to have a hammer morty why don’t we see a ton of variation in age?
Mason Coffey
Mason Coffey 5 days ago
Sooooo why would Beth need a clone if she never went on to do her own thing. Can’t see a reason why rick would just make a clone and send it out to think it was another Beth until it met up with its original family
YoutuberFanGirl NamedEdyn
The yellow one, I wish I was here (by here I mean actually on social media) to witness the new stuff and the Scott esc reveal
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 5 days ago
Here’s a film theory: How expensive is that your dress that Rarity made out of gem and fabric on episode 19 of season one of my little pony friendship is magic?
Thomas 5 days ago
Freakazoid did it.
Elijah Gomez
Elijah Gomez 5 days ago
how is this show still slept on
coffeetablesex 5 days ago
this is NOT a film theory. its a television show that exists in a digital format. there is no film.
Benjamin Rodriguez
Yeah this is a great theory but Rick will be on top as always in the next season
Nerdy McNerdison
Nerdy McNerdison 6 days ago
Invisible Garage Truck Jerry! It’s a new franchise!
Original Ogre
Original Ogre 6 days ago
Well after this film Theory The Writers now have to burn everything.
Conrax 6 days ago
Something's telling me rick will end up killing himself
guitarbass22 6 days ago
About what you said at 13:23 Serialized vs episodic is stupid. There are many great shows out there that are episodic, but have an overarching serialized storyline you can’t ignore either. You can have both!
Green Kid comix
Green Kid comix 6 days ago
Ryan Gabbart
Ryan Gabbart 6 days ago
2:46 thought I dropped my phone
Matt G
Matt G 6 days ago
Wasn't Florida cat you guy's fault? Stop asking questions, just sit back and have fun. The cat is literally the outcome if the producers gave you what you wanted.
Redrai 6 days ago
Fun Fact: in the Simpsons intro Rick told us he cleans his test tubes or cientific stuff with his spit, and space Beth has hair roots with Rick's hair color, so I bet that's the clone.
Alexander Musica
Alexander Musica 6 days ago
Hey Listen!! Matt Patt AND EVERYONE!!!! please READ My response
Alexander Musica
Alexander Musica 6 days ago
Ok, let me start by saying my story is GRIM. Im going to give you the end of the series. So Matt, you are Right about Rick's Ark is about to start and it will be a massive Ride. You've All Received the how to live the rest of your lives. Everyone please please PLEASE!!!!!!! Go Spend time with your Family. Because, you'll never know when someone will have their last. I should know, I am the last of my family line. Go tell them you love them before its to late.
Smile Lee
Smile Lee 6 days ago
I’ve always had a crush on Summer.
Prototype 777
Prototype 777 6 days ago
I'm gonna take this a step further. The whole season was also about Morty being the representation of serialization. The vat of acid episode is the only episode this season where we see Rick use his portal gun to go into a different dimension. He specifically tells Morty that he wasn't going to ruin THEIR world just to teach him a lesson. In the end the solution for Morty's problem was getting back in the fake vat of acid, in other words, return to the episodic show style so they can begin and end every episode however they want with no consequences. The same with the episode about the death crystals. Morty saw that he was going to die an almost infinite number of different ways but tried to follow the path that would lead him to a singular conclusion. The first step in that was getting rid of Rick. Rick's presence keeps the show episodic and ever changing. In the end Morty discovers that the happy endings are not always good after all and learned the lesson that things don't need to wrapped up. They can be left chaotic and just suddenly stop and that's okay.
Jim Nastycs
Jim Nastycs 6 days ago
This would be good, if I didn't have to look at a stupid oh-so-goofy-and-yet-totally-endeering motherfucking bullshit face and listen to pointless mini-"jokes".
Xiao Gao
Xiao Gao 7 days ago
This is a great explanation of season 4 and really makes me appreciate it more. I've been digesting it for awhile now. It was certainly different. It had great moments but didn't invoke constant joy like seasons 1-3 did for me. I see though that there was some underlying meaning I was struggling to grasp and I love it.
JustKasuke 7 days ago
Hey May you probably won’t see this comment but on Instagram rickandmorty posted an IGTV video and it was like an anime but at the end Jerry calls Rick and says “Beth and I had the baby. We’re going to name him... Morty.
samg eili
samg eili 7 days ago
Hey matt so i know many people have theorized that rick is actually an old version of morty. I think i found some solid proof of that though. In the mobioe game pocket mortys there is a "pokemon"/morty whos name is "Old morty" and has some features that make him look like an aging rick?. I thought itd be worth looking into.
Miguel Ruiz
Miguel Ruiz 7 days ago
🏆 📷 🍴
LEGO_Lover_ 2000
LEGO_Lover_ 2000 7 days ago
Season 5 will be released later this year
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