Film Theory: Movie Sonic is BEST Sonic! (Sonic The Hedgehog 2019)

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The Sonic in the new live-action movie is the BEST interaction of the blue hedgehog we've had yet! At least, when it comes to his speed. For all the complaints being leveled at this movie about it's Sonic design and possible plot problems, this is the best showing of Sonic's true speed that we have EVER seen. Over on Game Theory, I've talked in LENGTH about Sonic and his unbelievable abilities and now we have come full circle. Today, we PROVE that movie Sonic is the BEST Sonic!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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May 23, 2019

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Comments 18 172
That1 CODGuy360
That1 CODGuy360 13 minutes ago
10:47 Of Course I Know What An EMP Is. Look At My Username.
Truistic 10
Truistic 10 48 minutes ago
I’m guessing that the length of dashes on the road is 3 feet or 4 feet
555hiddenlotus 50 minutes ago
MatPat: This is the one Sonic to get him moving at the speed of light correct! *references Sonic games that did the same*
Nathan Nichols
Ur gay
Berat Uslu
Berat Uslu Hour ago
30 ft 10ft
Lynn Cochrane
Lynn Cochrane 2 hours ago
2 feet
JDottDees Tv
JDottDees Tv 2 hours ago
Do people who suffer vertigo, have it amplified when at the equator?
Neyla Nasena
Neyla Nasena 2 hours ago
2 foot per line
let her know
let her know 3 hours ago
Samich Moerhouse
Samich Moerhouse 3 hours ago
4:37. 2 foot per line (Edit I live by a high way and walk next to it I see the lines)
Freight Good
Freight Good 3 hours ago
As long as the space between them.🤣
andy 4 hours ago
*sonic is now a meme hahahaha*
#CookieDough The Gaster Fangirl
Really all I'd change is make the eyes a little bit bigger and the teeth not so freaKIN HUMAN- Oh and not a human body like wut And less electric its flipping everywhere-
Squin !
Squin ! 5 hours ago
I'm guessing the EMP is just trailer editing and is caused by something else in the film.
Samir Villalva
Samir Villalva 7 hours ago
Worst sonic yours is even worse
James_&_Anna_Burns 7 hours ago
I’m guessing each lane line thingy is 8 feet maybe
Sparky 707070707
Sparky 707070707 8 hours ago
1 foot
bEaT eM' aLL
bEaT eM' aLL 8 hours ago
It is confirmed: Sonic is a speedster lol kidding don't get mad. Also, Sonic is apparently a legitimate doomsday prepper threat to you guys (oh how I miss stupid shows involving prepping for apocalypse lol)
Joel Cortez
Joel Cortez 10 hours ago
Did anyone notice Jim Carrey at the end standing on what looks like Sonic's planet? are they setting up multiple movies because I think this is more of a Sonic prequel...
Charles Dunlap
Charles Dunlap 15 hours ago
mat pat is the best teacher ever
Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner 15 hours ago
10 ft
Carly Oshield
Carly Oshield 15 hours ago
William(Liam) Parks
William(Liam) Parks 16 hours ago
when u realize sonic killed people with the emp.
Jonathan Sng
Jonathan Sng 16 hours ago
10:08 Matt it's a Sonic toot
Icy1 17 hours ago
Ffs Matt emp?!?!? Do emps travel through time?!? Day time explosion turns lights off at night... Am I the only one that noticed this gosh darnit!!!!!!
Icy1 17 hours ago
You said it Matt this would happen instantaneous how do you not notice night vs day.... And it's not a difference of minutes look at the sun's corilation to the earth, again just a highschool dropout finding your videos with glaring flaws like this hard to watch.
Icy1 17 hours ago
Wait a tic, can missiles implode because even at that speed the air would be displaced so much faster than the explosion hitting even half of its peak. And it might be that I'm watching this on a phone but I don't see the key sign of a explosion (the shockwave of air, then again being a highschool dropout I don't really know what implosions look like slown down).... GAV., DAN!!!!! I GOT A VIDEO IDEA FOR YA MATES!!!! Also I'm sounding abit too British for a Canadian.
Icy1 17 hours ago
My guess that pic of the power going out is obviously not related to that explosion.... The literal difference is night and day. And this is the closest I've come to watching this trailer... So anything else you want to get wrong? Like how you don't know how humans have 2 different legs (left and right) so your street fighter theory is wrong too, 1 = lift and 1 would cause drag. Dunno man maybe it's just the fact I'm a highschool dropout.
Sir Reynolds
Sir Reynolds 17 hours ago
i'm in it for the eggman
isabel biggs
isabel biggs 18 hours ago
If sonic travels at the speed of light, wouldn't he theoretically be able to travel forward in time?
Hazel Tanaya
Hazel Tanaya 19 hours ago
shadbase's sonic is the best sonic
OrganicLag 19 hours ago
10 ft for the street line
MarcIsTrash 19 hours ago
1 foot
bendybandy 20 hours ago
10 inches?
F S 20 hours ago
Yep, sonic is alike a walking soft-bomb.
Joey Williams
Joey Williams 21 hour ago
8:02 Can anyone please be kind enough to teach me how to draw Sanic Hedgehog?
Mason Samuel
Mason Samuel 21 hour ago
Sonic Flash
CV Miles
CV Miles 21 hour ago
2 ft unchage
MochiArts Day ago
He's doing a rainboom with electricity
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez Day ago
3 feet
costa Kambouris
8:25 I heard the voice from EA
Patrick Hilla
10 feet
toria pika
toria pika Day ago
majorPhysics Day ago
Guess: surprisingly big. Also, lines are different sizes for different speed limits (I think)
Izuku Midoriya
Maxwell Kirkland
1 meter
Prince Abad
Prince Abad Day ago
This may sound grose an funny i sometimes wath youtube in my bathroom an now i cant even remember if i washed my hands 😰🤣😲😑😤😑👌🐷._.
Prince Abad
Prince Abad Day ago
No the sonic boom joke was awsome 🤣😂😂💯👌
Yovani Roblox Fortnite 2. 0
Archie Sonic is way faster than 1,145 mphEdit 7:55 he grabbed water kept it in a solid form and threw it at a badnik in under 0.000000001 milliseconds So yeah boom no joke the comic archie sonic is the best sonic in existence in fastest because super or ultra sonic should be enough to be my evidence. Does that sonic have super😎
Aaron Grande
Aaron Grande Day ago
Movie Sonic isn't the fastest Sonic it is actually........... SANIC
The Chromy
The Chromy Day ago
Wow sonic. Lightning. Way to steal from the flash on Netflix .
Charlie and Emmas Chanlle
10 feet maybe
Ezergile Chimekazikura
Fortunately, Sonic gets the redesign in this, so this movie still might be the greatest piece of culture regarding our perfect blue particle.
Salamander Day ago
Uhhh I'm gonna go with each line is 3m or 9 ft Edit: *eyyy I was close*
Chaeo Day ago
7:44 Quicksilver did it first.
Luke Sumner
Luke Sumner Day ago
Luke Sumner
Luke Sumner Day ago
Evan Owen
Evan Owen Day ago
Well his model design has fur when it has none
CJ Gaming
CJ Gaming Day ago
1842 Km/h
bearsensei Day ago
lane dashes are 4 ft? pure guessing
Spinegaming Day ago
Perfect it’s all in gmod perfect
Zack mation
Zack mation Day ago
6 feet
Davonte Hampton
Thumbnail is how my little brother looks when he's in a sugar rush
Trash Queen
Trash Queen Day ago
This *shocks* me! Heh..... I'll leave
Ralph Nguyen
Ralph Nguyen Day ago
Do a theory on buddy thunderstruck from Netflix
John Davis Scott
Sonic vs the flash theory please #whosthefastest
Peekofwar Day ago
Was that GMod?
FORTUNE 69 Day ago
I find it funny that sonic is 3'3 and that most of friends are teller than him
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Day ago
Maybe 3ft idk
datgamerian 2 days ago
His character is not the problem. *It's the design. It's always been the design*
Speedster 42
Speedster 42 2 days ago
I got a theory Sonic was secretly trying to disable American military defences for his Mexican allies
antman dab
antman dab 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KsBjVvxBj84.html ruvid.net/video/video-gxFnHXyGlaQ.html these r the real sonics
Layton Willis
Layton Willis 2 days ago
Sonic=Pokémon ? Teacher: coincidence. I THINK NOT!
Ethan Striker
Ethan Striker 2 days ago
1 foot
Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark 2 days ago
3 ft
Ana Leon Majano
Ana Leon Majano 2 days ago
I have no idea what you just said I only heard, sonic,numbers, bla,bla,bla
AwesomeMario 64
AwesomeMario 64 2 days ago
his look is awesome, and no one can change my mind, fight me!!!!
Jasper Reeves
Jasper Reeves 2 days ago
I like Sonic's design and that's ends me it's a good design you know you're mad about it but it supposed look realistic Jesus
Wellzy Gaming
Wellzy Gaming 20 hours ago
His teeth..... I don't care if its meant to look realistic. That's nightmare fuel right there
Jasper Reeves
Jasper Reeves 2 days ago
If you see a Sonic goes to make that looks lights go out then she must be going faster than the speed of light and that would be way too fast so I'm pretty sure it's just a few
Random_boi_500 2 days ago
The doctor robotnic seems fun is this cause in the trailer he just yells at the fuxking army general that here in charge now like it’s just so ridiculous
Romeo Packett
Romeo Packett 2 days ago
and dis be why I no whatch these theries anymore theres sonic break law of physecs and it video game (lol idiot) now he say the whorst sonic the best geet life boi I smarter theeeeeen u (grammer bad on purpose)
Romeo Packett
Romeo Packett 9 hours ago
actually I want bad grammer cuz it beh 2019 boi
cosmic socks
cosmic socks 11 hours ago
Curtice Gough
Curtice Gough 2 days ago
I can't wait for this movie
Alumlovescake 2 days ago
Best egg man
Jacksonslayer 3000 Gaddi
I play sonic boom
Jacksonslayer 3000 Gaddi
Sonics eyes are not connected
Betsaida Menjivar
I hope Uganda knuckles is in the movie
MatPat...10/10 sonic boom joke
J-ROD 2 days ago
Pyro Flame
Pyro Flame 2 days ago
Tl:dr design bad, science good.
Super Allstar
Super Allstar 2 days ago
8:47 Me: *Sees matpats face* Also me: *Dies of laughter*
neringa vismantiene
its 45 centimeters
PizzaTheAction 9
PizzaTheAction 9 2 days ago
Wow a film theory about a film
Just Your Average Gamer
At (4:23): Imma guess about a foot long? Probs gonna be wrong though tbh. :P Edit: at (6:23): I guess I was about 10 times wrong then. rip. lmao
Jayson Lan
Jayson Lan 2 days ago
I laughed at sonic boom
GreatSource 2 days ago
Dissappointed to see you were unable to calculate how far 9 million steps is.
Tt inc.
Tt inc. 2 days ago
Best physics teacher ever!
RobinTG M
RobinTG M 2 days ago
the who made the sonic movie be like: hey jerumie :yeah :ya rememeber thor raganarok? : i do it was the best movie : i know right. Remember ending of the movie thor using lighting powers without he's hammer : i do it was sick : lets copy thats lighting and put it to sonic in the movie :ok il do the cgi thus gonna be sick (fans be like: what tha frick is this)
Dodie Yellow Rose
I’m still confused as to why they chose a HEDGEHOG for their character that goes really fast. And made him blue??? What???
Micah Clark
Micah Clark 2 days ago
1 1/2 to 2 feet
Nancy Garfio
Nancy Garfio 2 days ago
Hey Mat, I just want to say something. MEXICO ISN’T A MASSIVE DESERT. I didn’t realize so many Americans thought this until I noticed nobody corrected you. There actually is a place called Valle de Bravo that looks just like Green Hill Zone. Thank bye.
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