Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)

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Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he keep escaping death? Theorists, today we figure out how to BEAT Michael Myers once and for all!
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Oct 30, 2018




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Comments 20 676
Dead Meat
Dead Meat 11 months ago
You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.
Floralsaur :3
Floralsaur :3 25 days ago
the unknown
the unknown 26 days ago
Dubs ts fs
Egg Dog
Egg Dog 27 days ago
But w-what about the dog?
Gacha_ Cat
Gacha_ Cat 27 days ago
:( poor doggos
David The Dope Donkey
Dead Meat love you james
Menos Once
Menos Once 17 hours ago
es más fácil incinerarlo
Kornél Antal
Kornél Antal 17 hours ago
I mean can't you just kill him by drowning him in some Way or the other?
James Dupuis
James Dupuis 19 hours ago
You forgot that Michael Myers needs to brake down the door or brake the glass windows to get free
Kevun br gameing Th
Nail him down in da basement
peter daferse
you could just send him to Chernobyl
xXPhonix ProductionsXx
Can't we just chop off his head? It would help becuz the brain won't be able to tell the body on what to do
Brady Brady
Brady Brady Day ago
If some how out of the most insane unlikley odds you get him in that room, he'll just either bust through the wall or the door
Emery-Grace Santos
Or you could you know... cut his head off cause no body can have stem cells regrow a brain if the BRAIN isn’t telling it to regrow anything and the way stem cells get to body parts is through the blood stream which the peripheral nervous system controls which is also controlled by the brain, not trying to be a jerk or a know it all just sharing my ideas!
Barely fat
Barely fat Day ago
Kill him probably
the Joshua Empire
No he's not aloud in hell or heaven so that why he cant die BOOM no need for a 14 minute video.
AG Lookalike
AG Lookalike Day ago
AG Lookalike
AG Lookalike Day ago
my first thought was aCiD
AG Lookalike
AG Lookalike Day ago
has anyone realized that Micheal probably doesn't know any math past first grade????
E M 2 days ago
You just don't get it...smh
aaron 2 days ago
I don't think a hospital that usually outputs about 1 gray on someone would be strong enough to emit 30 gray. However, we see when his eyes got shot it took a while to heal. I'm guessing dumping him in acid should do the trick. His whole body is will corrode at the same time and I will be very surprised if he can regenerate that quick. Doing this when he gets knocked out will prevent him from swimming out. If they have the money to fire up so many radiation machines, they have the money to buy a small pool of highly corrosive acid.
Statton Spikech
Statton Spikech 2 days ago
Soooo rob zombies films??? No....no one ? K.
Pablo Legarreta
Pablo Legarreta 2 days ago
why cant we just stab he in the hart???
CJ Neumann
CJ Neumann 2 days ago
Could you just freeze him with liquid nitrogen. That would stop his cells from moving all together right??
Lone Stone Games/Dugas
Decapitate him
Mr-_-thxmper 2 days ago
I live in Illinois
The Lady In Black
What if, you chop off his head, put it in an iron box, and burry it the forest.
Solotvhead 99
Solotvhead 99 2 days ago
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus 2 days ago
Damon Toews
Damon Toews 3 days ago
I honestly find it fucken stupid he’s not like Jason he’s not like Freddy he’s a fucken human with mental issues who’s killed people he ain’t fucken Immortal
What is this?
What is this? 3 days ago
This man just showed us a way to kill a man
NoLongerHuman13 3 days ago
^*. TURNS MICHAEL MYERS INTO HULK.... solution : kill self.
NoLongerHuman13 3 days ago
They found out last year that most of the red blood cells in the human body are formed in the lungs. How they only found this out last year is beyond me. But that might help also. Lol
MLG MASTER OF MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell wont except michel mat so whe wont die
Hunka Cheese
Hunka Cheese 3 days ago
Just hit him with a nuke
RenderActive ,
RenderActive , 3 days ago
or you could just chop off his head.If he has no more blood he can’t do anything anymore.
OJ MTB 4 days ago
How is mario a GOD TIER KILLER
marshrover V
marshrover V 4 days ago
that scene showing the first halloween movie is in the third halloween movie, and exists to show that that is a separate universe. the halloween movie does not exist in the halloween universe
GHOST GAMING XD 4 days ago
Why not just bury him alive so deep that even if he does have a infinite healing factor , he would loose oxygen over time and like you said eventually age to nothing . Too simple lol
RA1N_ tidefalcon
RA1N_ tidefalcon 4 days ago
What if you cut his head open and shred his brain......... 🤷‍♂️
Rhys Pritchard
Rhys Pritchard 4 days ago
Some fools go trick or treating for Halloween Matpat however He spends his Halloween's *annihilating Michael Myers with radiation*
Mike Platonov
Mike Platonov 4 days ago
We can just nuke him
Oscar Chavarria
Oscar Chavarria 4 days ago
Matpat: Michael is human he eats dogs Me:humans don’t eat dogs and if you do you bad man
SquishyyGhost 4 days ago
I would decapitate him, and while he's down cut his entire being into small pieces, and put each piece into either separate locked boxes to throw into the Mariana trench or encase them in literally slabs of cement countries away from each other, and make sure all blood and dna is not anywhere in the open world
the dark knight batman
What if you throw him in a shreder but with handcufs on him
canderia 4 days ago
It doesn't take much training to drive like an old white lady
Jen Chilton
Jen Chilton 4 days ago
just drop as many nukes as possible on him
Productions Rex
Productions Rex 4 days ago
Michael Myers: *gets shot with a 30 grey of radiaton* Also Myers: *heavy breathing and stabs a bitch for trying to kill him* Theorist:I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE GONE WITH THE 70 GREY RADIATON
tiffani maxwell
tiffani maxwell 4 days ago
I would stuff a gun down his throat and shoot it
ZackT112 3 days ago
That wouldn’t work and you know you wouldn’t do that your poop your pants
rylan valdez
rylan valdez 5 days ago
InfinityShadow 5 days ago
Make a theory and how he got his healing factor
لؤي حاصوفي
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Jordan hates you
Jordan hates you 6 days ago
Just cut his head off
Mr. Blueberry
Mr. Blueberry 6 days ago
You can’t beat Michael Myers
LazyMrMilk 6 days ago
I know he drinks jilly juice
Ryder Gomez
Ryder Gomez 6 days ago
Wouldn’t this be debunked if Michaels fingers are still gone in Halloween kills
jimmythecow02 7 days ago
Technically dr lumis didn't get killed by micheal he had a heart attack and blew up
I'm speaking gibberish
I don't even watch scary movies. What am I doing hereeeeeee??????
Erveything- random
Baylor's Multiverse
Kill him and move to another state so he wont kill you again!
Mr. Enigma
Mr. Enigma 8 days ago
Answer: Explosive shell shotgun blast close range to the head. The brain controls all functions including nervous system if we destroy the brain it takes Micheal out for good as it destroys his healing factor.
Gaming Flame
Gaming Flame 3 days ago
Micheal has been shot in his head twice then dropped off a 2 story building and after like 5 seconds he just got up and left
Adolf HITLER 8 days ago
What about Jason Voorhees
floex831 8 days ago
0:49 uh but Mike Myers' name is Michael Myers.
Soft vmin Hours OPEN
We don't they just cut off his head??
Mark Craft
Mark Craft 8 days ago
Halloween 3 is show what his power came from
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