Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 7 939
Eduardo Sambugaro
Eduardo Sambugaro 5 hours ago
The official canon is the games, not the anime. They even say in the movie that Mewtwo at some point was at Cerulean cave. This is not the Mewtwo that met Ash. Ash doesnt exist in the universe this movie takes place in.
Dawn Armstrong
Dawn Armstrong 14 hours ago
i think that mister krabs is the deail
Dawn Armstrong
Dawn Armstrong 14 hours ago
i ,met demon
Ulises R
Ulises R Day ago
Anybody know the name of the song that plays at 7:33
Dyngblue123 2 days ago
How does Ditto spread around the world, I mean since Mewtwo leaves do other people keep doing experiments like the ones before and just dumping Ditto into the wild. They can’t breed they just create the Pokemon they bred with, so how are they everywhere
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris 2 days ago
The ditto from detective pikachu is not the only ditto that can change at will without seeing the enemy first. There is a boss in guardian signs where you fight a ditto that has been trained to transform into any of the 3 different beasts (Suicune, Raikou, and Entei) at any given time. Also this isn't the only case where a ditto can transform into a human since in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games there are 5 special ditto that take form of humans when you get to konikoni city. However even though this particular ditto has been trained/genetically modified to turn into humans and any Pokemon at will it still cannot change it's face which is an odd detail to add since most ditto can transform entirely with there only being a few exceptions that have trouble with faces.
Hailey Dunbar
Hailey Dunbar 2 days ago
I just debunked your theory by caching ditto in pokemon go
Jellyman Herder
Jellyman Herder 4 days ago
Frick I just got a Pokemon ad
Jack Kemp
Jack Kemp 4 days ago
So Mewtwo is more like MewOneMillion
Lunar Liam Productions
Ditto is my favourite Pokémon.
Lewis Brannigan
Lewis Brannigan 5 days ago
Couldnt howard be in dittos mind so he could use his memory and cctv to see many pokemon ? I like this
asian Jim
asian Jim 6 days ago
I thought everyone new that when they were a kid . That ditto is a clone of mew
Aria Angelical
Aria Angelical 7 days ago
Scientist trainer class also uses Ditto.
Daniele Frizzi
Daniele Frizzi 8 days ago
In Sun/Moon (or Ultrasun/Ultramoon) there is a Ditto that transforms in known humans too. So either there is a real "assistant" the ditto cloned, or they were already a fused pokemon/human couple experiment (also already canon since the first pokemon games)
Bean 8 days ago
I thought everyone already knew this
Orchid 9 days ago
0:28 lol
Shazam awesome
Shazam awesome 9 days ago
Do a theory on Steven universe
Alex B
Alex B 9 days ago
What if that is so smart because it is Amber (Green)? Because it had a human's type of memory what if it is the failed clone of Amber?
roflcopterkklol 9 days ago
wait what pokemon green was actually a thing? I always thought it was a myth when i was a kid that pokemon green existed.
Jasmine XTheDragonArtistX
Lol yeah like gangsters can actually sing and or rap gangster's Paradise is just another song of weed
01Danni10 11 days ago
Now it makes me Wonder! If Ditto came from Mew then... Did Meltan also came from Mew? 🤔 Both Mew and Meltan are both Related to Ditto! 😂😂😂
Maddie Sig.
Maddie Sig. 11 days ago
I already knew this because Mewtwo was created when the scientist added human dna to the mix. Which is why Mewtwo is humanoid (Which doesn’t confirm Ditto but it’s pretty apparent) that being said, I love this theory and Pokémon in general ❤️
Chara Frisk
Chara Frisk 12 days ago
This theory is very close to a game theory
Andreas Huber
Andreas Huber 13 days ago
wow, that one was garbo. 1. 90% of it was recapping what we already knew 2. where exactly did you find anything that helps? 3. a super ditto? what? if you would have stuck to anything else it would have been better. Do we know that mew can recreate perfect copies from memory? I don't think so. That proves nothing 4. if they said in the interview that they don't want to set anything into stone then how should the film prove anythin. onw of the worst videos on your channel
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson 13 days ago
How do you guys think Pikachu ended up with Tim's father instead of Ash?
LUDELGAMER 1234 14 days ago
come on moneeeeeeeey AH
solesurvivor5 15 days ago
While they did close the door on Harry being connected to Ash, however, like the video said it doesn't close it on Pikachu being the same one from the anime, if anything, by confirming Mewtwo is the sameone from "Pokemon: The First Movie", it supports the fact that it happens in the same universe, so the posibility is still open, also, I am convinced that the Jigglypuff in DP is the same one from the anime (too bad she only gets one scene, and it's a quick cameo), further encouraging that those two pikachu are connected. It really all depends on a Pokemons life span. By the way, if anyone is interested on wether Pikachu can actually beat Mewtwo, I ran a simulation in Smash Bros. Melee (Kanto stadium, CPU controlled, Lvl 9, no items of course), and Mewtwo got his ass kicked 10 times in a row.
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown 15 days ago
I actually enjoyed detective pikachu. Ot was endearing, adorable, realistic, and who doesn't like a huge totera garden that has enough power to shift the tectonic plates? The story was cohesive, made sense, and hey, confirmed that deadpool is a furry, right? I think it was pretty good.
MA91K 00PA
MA91K 00PA 15 days ago
Crazy thought what if duplica is that ditto that can transform at will but it(ditto) since it has the ability to transform to humans it or she simply stays in human form at all times, it would explain how she is good at imitating people but to not give her self out she simply purposely imitates some details wrong on purpose otherwise everyone would catch on and might consider her a threat...Im just saying... Cool video Mr.MatPat...😁
Zamtrios 7256
Zamtrios 7256 15 days ago
Matpat: It's transforming flawlessly Me:It's getting the face wrong
Logan Dresler
Logan Dresler 15 days ago
Love the background music
Coffee bean Art
Coffee bean Art 16 days ago
I thought this was going to be about how everyone in the Pokémon world were dittos
Mystic Spark
Mystic Spark 16 days ago
I got confused though it was game theory after clicking on a film theory vid LOL
Thomas Bribiesca
Thomas Bribiesca 16 days ago
Did anyone forget the part of the ditto episode of the anime where ditto transforms into a freaking cannon?
peacorptv 17 days ago
I don't think Ditto is a failed clone, that wouldn't explain why they're in every region I think it's more likely that Ditto were used as a base for Mewtwo.
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 17 days ago
1:16 Need for speed and Doom were good
Michaela Dunley-Mason
And Mew can Transform, Ditto can Transform but Mewtwo CANNOT Transform why? Because the scientists removed its ability to transform thus creating the perfect clone Mewtwo.
Mikki Tamminen
Mikki Tamminen 17 days ago
Or Mew is the original pokemon, from which almost all pokemons are descended... ditto included
Dewayne Black
Dewayne Black 18 days ago
In an interview with the creator he said that he didn't know that it was only a coincidence
Barbies World
Barbies World 18 days ago
Story of my life !!!
Patrick Blacker
Patrick Blacker 19 days ago
It does make sense if ditto was created because you cant breed no matter what so it could have been created or has another way of creating young that i dont know about
wired ghost99
wired ghost99 21 day ago
At the end of the movie ditto DID change into lots of Pokemon/people very rapidly and at the end it "melted/died"
ExoHexo 21 day ago
10 minutes are him retelling all we already know. Then gives evidence as to why his theory is incorrect. Then gives theory for 1 minute.
Trevor Romein
Trevor Romein 21 day ago
Side note: In the anime when the gang meets Duplica, didn't her Ditto turn into a FUCKING CANNON?
Trevor Romein
Trevor Romein 17 days ago
@Kennedy Ison granted, the ditto saw the book. did the ditto see the cannon?
Kennedy Ison
Kennedy Ison 17 days ago
Yep. Also later when James and Jessi steal ditto it turns into a book.
NathanW 5
NathanW 5 22 days ago
This is just me thinking,,, but the whole “one of my fathers genetic experiments” could’ve been him turning a ditto into the super ditto,,, not just creating a ditto
Fishymonster 23 days ago
They must have spent a while trying to figure out which channel to put this on
andrew funchar
andrew funchar 23 days ago
In pokemon snap there is the bulbasaur ditto with no bulbasaur near them
Franky 24 days ago
You should really listen to the soundtrack from the first Pokémon movie. “We’re a miracle” is my favorite😁
map de beer
map de beer 24 days ago
I had a kyogre with a cp of 3200 and accidentally deleted it in pokemon go. I dont know why I am typing this
Mehga 24 days ago
In the laboratory, there are tons of pokemon with different abilities. The Ditto in the film is likely just one of the experiments of Ditto.
No Name
No Name 25 days ago
in movie pokemon fight is illegal, why nintendo kid so cruel
Tom AHawk
Tom AHawk 25 days ago
I love matpat videos
Stellar Stella
Stellar Stella 25 days ago
The only Pokemon theory I want is weather or not it's morally correct to catch me mime.
BaunerX 26 days ago
I like that chris stuckman appearance lol
Becca Woo
Becca Woo 26 days ago
Yay, a Cosmonaut mention
Vain King
Vain King 27 days ago
I like 2 theories for ditto and mewtwo one thats really common and one i dont think i have heard before forgive me if im mistaken i like the theory given in this video but here is a theory that makes sense to me what if ditto isnt failed clones of mew but are infact there because the scientists where using ditto to try and create mewtwo aka what if they combined mews dna with a ditto in hopes that the dittos transformation ability would replicate the mew cells and turn ditto into a mew but it failed and instead the dna fused and evolved into mewtwo meaning mewtwo is jist a powerful ditto idk why but the idea that they were trying to fuse 2 pokemon is far more intresting to me than the idea that all dittos are failed mew experiments i mean unless ditto is capable of mass repopulation in a short time frame it wouls make no sense as to why you can find so many in so mamy different places my theory is they were raising dittos to attempt to fuse mew cells with the dittos to create mewtwo thats why fhere is so many of them realistically after 9 or 10 dittos where created they would give up meaning there would only be 9 or 10 dittos in existence if the theory that they are failed mew clones was true but that isnt the case there is an unlimited number of them technically
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 27 days ago
In the same building, there are books that tell you that ditto is a failed clone. If I'm remembering correctly.
kdy0o 29 days ago
Maybe they were just using Dittos in the cloning process
Elbruno 45X
Elbruno 45X 29 days ago
what if insted of the ditto being a clone of mew its a clone of mewtwo
Beregorn88 29 days ago
It is as good as a Pokémon live action could be. I think that is the perfect review of the film. For me the only redeeming scene is when pikachu sings the intro of the cartoon while crying...
Eric F
Eric F Month ago
Who else thinks Detective Pikachu could be from the OWCA From Fineas and Ferb bc they have a sort of crazy ability
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