Fight Almost Breaks Out During Service | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Chef Mike would never.
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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 729
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto 5 days ago
IM READY jurry
Brandon P
Brandon P 9 days ago
It's Season 3 Episode 1 "Spanish Pavilion" for everyone going nuts looking like I was
Kate Bowen
Kate Bowen 13 days ago
Has anyone noticed one of the waiters looks like Robin Williams??
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte 19 days ago
Season 4 episode 1 your welcome
Lisa Savage
Lisa Savage 2 months ago
Whoever's cutting these clips and making the titles for the videos should be fired... Last one I watched restaurant runs out of cups plates and cutlery, not a single interesting thing happens up until a waitress looks for a cup and it cuts put and ends.... This one "fight almost breakibreakduring service" Watched the whole thing saw a pull thennnnn cuts out... Like wtf Learn how to produce quality content. ... If 15 year olds can do it, this show should be able to do it...
Brad M
Brad M 2 months ago
What season and episode??? I wanna see this
Assassin Creed14
Assassin Creed14 2 months ago
Is it me or when they yell louder they sound more Italian
704Skies 2 months ago
What episode is this ?
SandboxArrow 3 months ago
Michael is batshit crazy
TBoy205 3 months ago
Chef mike would be more useful
Anthony Shunnarah
Anthony Shunnarah 3 months ago
2:38 Owner: *Nervously smiling and saying "we're okay"* Gordon: "Jesus Christ almighty.." 😂🤣
Daud Sacranie
Daud Sacranie 3 months ago
1:41 you can tell they where told to say that by the camera crew
Gomez1915 3 months ago
Fuck! That was like watching a dirty movie and then cutting out at the best part
Doey Jiaz
Doey Jiaz 3 months ago
This clip isnt even finished, its fuckin RAAAW!
ConspiracyPrepper36 4 months ago
Anyone know what series/episode this is?
James Brackpool
James Brackpool 4 months ago
Cutting it at the important moment is ridiculous
Bloomy Rosies
Bloomy Rosies 4 months ago
They could have taken their time if they put some sord of entertainment device like in Olive Garden
I AM ANTHONY carrillo
*ItS FuCkInG RaW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Illusionzz_5 4 months ago
anyone know the episode?
Nasty_Lightning -_-
Nasty_Lightning -_- 4 months ago
This should be longer
Kick Nrompton
Kick Nrompton 4 months ago
I WANT MY TURN ON THE XBOX *fuck you mickey*
Ricky Houdini
Ricky Houdini 4 months ago
Get arra here! Get arra here man shi!
MinecraftTransgenderyoutube feminist
Which episode was it?
Pierre-Antonin Thibault
You know it’s bad when Gordon’s the most calm person in the kitchen...
Hey Jimmy
Hey Jimmy 4 months ago
Y u med bro?
GmodFilmsTR 4 months ago
I can say the end is a jojo referance
JaneDoe 4 months ago
Lexiouse 4 months ago
How you gon cut out the most importnat bit you piece of shit
Cristian Caramel
Cristian Caramel 4 months ago
That's it?
ibster games
ibster games 4 months ago
VHTesla 4 months ago
Guy is focused one way...and Mike shoves him directly sideways outta nowhere?! Wtf is wrong with him?
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty 4 months ago
Does anyone know which season and episode this is???
Uata Siu
Uata Siu 4 months ago
Michael shoves chef. OREO
John Kim
John Kim 4 months ago
Wtf is up with here response. Lol 1:40
2k cheese
2k cheese 4 months ago
What ep is this
Christopher Grant
Christopher Grant 4 months ago
What season is this?
Koldgamer Plays
Koldgamer Plays 4 months ago
Controlling brother
Fubuki Shirou
Fubuki Shirou 4 months ago
Chef: „GIVE ME THE FOOD I WANT!“ Michael: *yeet*
RMD shadow
RMD shadow 4 months ago
The funny thing is that clients are fucking gourmet mf they be like "omg *sees a medium rare burger* ITS RAAAW
Leo Geo
Leo Geo 4 months ago
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