Fight Almost Breaks Out During Service | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Chef Mike would never.
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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 100
Mr. Le Monke
Mr. Le Monke 7 days ago
What season and episode is this?
BlackAngel Tyty
BlackAngel Tyty 2 months ago
which season this was
Skeeter Valentine
Skeeter Valentine 3 months ago
Whatever happened to Michael? I know hes no longer involved with the restaurant but what happened? Whats his job? Is he still in the cooking t
Lydia Dreamurr
Lydia Dreamurr 3 months ago
At least chef mike does what he's told. Jeez.
Agent 47
Agent 47 4 months ago
Robbie Diaz
Robbie Diaz 4 months ago
So are the customers like people that are in on the show or do they just get permission to film them?
Michael Kane
Michael Kane 4 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-9pDcrP8RAiE.html Start at 16:00 for rest of fight
DoggoMakes Art
DoggoMakes Art 5 months ago
I wanted to see some punches thrown 😔
wow epic
wow epic 6 months ago
I feel like I’m just watching an Italian mobster movie here
Steven Bentsen
Steven Bentsen 6 months ago
Ya seriously you guys cut it at the best paet
Freddie Boii
Freddie Boii 7 months ago
Who else searched - kitchen nightmares “get out of here”
Paladin JN01
Paladin JN01 7 months ago
God that Michael guy is a fuckwit.
Ethan Uson
Ethan Uson 7 months ago
This again?! You do realize that you’re reuploading a video from 2-3 years ago but by making it distinguishable by cutting off the end. I mean, what kind of idiot does that?! Like, Come on! What is wrong with you?!
Lewis Mccartney
Lewis Mccartney 7 months ago
This video is so close to 1M views
Shiny Loves Russians
does anyone know the episode of this one
Squishy Doofer
Squishy Doofer 7 months ago
What season/episode is this?
Izuku But moderately evil
IM READY jurry
Brandon P
Brandon P 8 months ago
It's Season 3 Episode 1 "Spanish Pavilion" for everyone going nuts looking like I was
Bobby Pain
Bobby Pain Month ago
Dimitry Georgiou
Dimitry Georgiou 2 months ago
Season 3 episode 1 is 3 sisters
Dimitry Georgiou
Dimitry Georgiou 2 months ago
It's season 4 btw
AlSuqMadiq 3 months ago
Thanks bro u the man :D
AssaultUnit Delta9681
@Tom Hazzard no he's right its season 3
Kate Bowen
Kate Bowen 8 months ago
Has anyone noticed one of the waiters looks like Robin Williams??
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte 8 months ago
Season 4 episode 1 your welcome
Brad M
Brad M 10 months ago
What season and episode??? I wanna see this
Assassin Creed14
Assassin Creed14 10 months ago
Is it me or when they yell louder they sound more Italian
704Skies 11 months ago
What episode is this ?
SandboxArrow 11 months ago
Michael is batshit crazy
TBoy205 11 months ago
Chef mike would be more useful
Anthony Shunnarah
Anthony Shunnarah 11 months ago
2:38 Owner: *Nervously smiling and saying "we're okay"* Gordon: "Jesus Christ almighty.." 😂🤣
Daud Sacranie
Daud Sacranie 11 months ago
1:41 you can tell they where told to say that by the camera crew
Gomez1915 11 months ago
Fuck! That was like watching a dirty movie and then cutting out at the best part
K F Year ago
This clip isnt even finished, its fuckin RAAAW!
Anyone know what series/episode this is?
James Brackpool
Cutting it at the important moment is ridiculous
Bloomy Rosies
Bloomy Rosies Year ago
They could have taken their time if they put some sord of entertainment device like in Olive Garden
Illusionz Year ago
anyone know the episode?
ClapzAngel -_-
This should be longer
Kick Nrompton
Kick Nrompton Year ago
I WANT MY TURN ON THE XBOX *fuck you mickey*
Elbert John Felipe
Get arra here! Get arra here man shi!
Sebaschan706 Year ago
Which episode was it?
Pierre-Antonin Thibault
You know it’s bad when Gordon’s the most calm person in the kitchen...
Hey Jimmy
Hey Jimmy Year ago
Y u med bro?
GmodFilmsTR Year ago
I can say the end is a jojo referance
JaneDoe Year ago
Lexiouse Year ago
How you gon cut out the most importnat bit you piece of shit
Cristian Caramel
That's it?
ibster games
ibster games Year ago
VHTesla Year ago
Guy is focused one way...and Mike shoves him directly sideways outta nowhere?! Wtf is wrong with him?
Destiny Olivo
Destiny Olivo Year ago
Does anyone know which season and episode this is???
Alora 4 months ago
@Elijah Thank you I hope you enjoy it!
Elijah 4 months ago
Alora you’re a hero
Alora 5 months ago
Miss Kitty it’s Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 1.
Uata Siu
Uata Siu Year ago
Michael shoves chef. OREO
John Kim
John Kim Year ago
Wtf is up with here response. Lol 1:40
2k cheese
2k cheese Year ago
What ep is this
Christopher Grant
What season is this?
Koldgamer Plays
Controlling brother
Griswold the goblin
Chef: „GIVE ME THE FOOD I WANT!“ Michael: *yeet*
RMD shadow
RMD shadow Year ago
The funny thing is that clients are fucking gourmet mf they be like "omg *sees a medium rare burger* ITS RAAAW
Leo Geo
Leo Geo Year ago
Logan Campos
Logan Campos Year ago
Eeehhhhhhhh...SUPER MARIO!
Hugo Nordin
Hugo Nordin Year ago
WWE:Gordon Ramsey edition
GTX 1660 6gb
GTX 1660 6gb Year ago
Leif A
Leif A Year ago
chaos. i dunno how anyone can work in such a place for more than a month. The head chef is a turd and should be fired for incompitence. The chef who should have been superviced messed up all the time. The other owners where useless and only where complaining. This buisniess has no future before they get their shit together. And the food will always suck if that's the case.
DoggoMakes Art
Why post it if you’re not gonna show the fight?
Pirzada Ahmed
Pirzada Ahmed Year ago
what episode is this for kitchen nightmares, I might watch it.
X Razorsz X
X Razorsz X Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-c6R6whTM1rA.html to those who want to see after it got cut off in the fight
عيسى Year ago
he just wanted to get the food out
D-Generation Z
What episode was this?
LeBrons The GOAT
There right here where do you want them up your a**
The Youngster Gangster
he kinda sounds like Tony Montana
Amberlance Year ago
that guy is a psycho
Sharpshotz Gaming
*Would someone be kind enough to link the original video since the editor was kind enough to cut out the "fight"*
Beetlejuice Year ago
2:21 why is he wearing a bucket
I watch this channel 1 day a month now I’m scared to go to a any restaurant
When he went: 🤲 I felt that
Zach Davis
Zach Davis Year ago
The customers, and staff are just flexing for the camera. smh
Journeyous Year ago
My erection has never died as quickly as it did with the end of this video
Murwyn Hancock
so what happened? did the brothers take 5 and start over,what?
Schuurspons 2.0
If my boss did that to me i would kill him.
Xup Noah
Xup Noah Year ago
The best part tho Come on man
XV II Year ago
wheres the rest of the video damnit
victory dance
victory dance Year ago
sometimes i look at these restaurants and think man overcooked 2 is a realistic game if you compare it to these
Mhon Chavez
Mhon Chavez Year ago
thats ramsey show why you cut thats the main ivent hahaha
Brandon Chapman
Brandon Chapman
Got damn y'all are amazing actors you should have a TV show.....
Some weird Furry
Why did it end on the best part? Is it on Netflix so I can watch the full episode??
Alora 5 months ago
It’s on RUvid for free
EAOAFG Year ago
This is dumb.
Nel Year ago
For those who wanted to watch it: ruvid.net/video/video-jNct2_J_SkQ.html
Olivia Pennington
i appreciate you
kimmie Year ago
what episode is this???
Di11onm1nk Gaming
What season and episode is this
bruh why did you cut
Why’d they have to end it when things start to get physical, that’s the whole reason why I watched this video🤣🤣
freddy and foxy
Michael poor micheal
Nice Year ago
Dude why the fuck did you cut the fighting off
Jeremy Lau
Jeremy Lau Year ago
The only video when Gordon Ramsey doesn't Fly out Curses
Toe Rogan
Toe Rogan Year ago
Clickbait strong
Snowie Lynch
Snowie Lynch Year ago
Out of Control Owner Attacks His Own Chef! | Kitchen Nightmares copy and paste that and youtube search it, your welcome😀
sparrow fitzy
sparrow fitzy Year ago
Piano With Caitlin
Gi meh zen facking fod I vont zen
Max M.
Max M. Year ago
Which episode of kitchen nightmares is this?
Max M.
Max M. Year ago
Nvm it's "The Spanish Pavillion"
M. Kharis
M. Kharis Year ago
"almost" break out because you cut it out
Krona Year ago
Ayyyy im walkin ere
SeaN Black
SeaN Black Year ago
Iso Gyro
Iso Gyro Year ago
0:39 to 0:41 Gordon: She gets it.
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