Fifty Shades Darker "Kneel" Leila and Ana submission scene

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Ang Chai Ying
Ang Chai Ying 4 days ago
I really want to see what Leila had gone through to become like this, then THAT would actually show people how BDSM can really break a person because I'm sure Leila started out as someone like Ana. While the movie/book really captured a lot of people's interest in BDSM but I wouldn't say this is a correct and true way to show it.
You Cef
You Cef Month ago
This must really trigger a certain movement ... 💀
Ocavi Cabavi
Ocavi Cabavi 2 months ago
Poor Anastasia she was really ready to killl her because her obssesion with Christian
Dash Dash
Dash Dash 2 months ago
Im cringing😂😂😂😂
Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson 3 months ago
Tf is her chin
TheKingsJustice 3 months ago
I tried the kneel line with my wife. The swelling should go down in a day or so
Chrystal Aether
Chrystal Aether 5 months ago
I submit to my master the same way Leila does to Christian. I love him so much 🎀.
erinpilla 5 months ago
I am shaking right now. A lot of trauma from this :'(
Brklyn Queen04
Brklyn Queen04 5 months ago
She been waiting for that word since they broke it off. “Kneel”
Rose Maria
Rose Maria 6 months ago
Sad thing is I dont which one I am in his world.
grazisamor1991 6 months ago
Leila looks so much younger than him.Grey was not only a sadistic but a pedophile too? lol
Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha
TBH Leila is far beautiful than anna.
Kami Sartor
Kami Sartor 6 months ago
This was just soooo lame xD
Halo-Fan 7 months ago
I loved the shock on Anna's face. Like she was seeing a tribal ritual that disturbed her.
EMMA NONE OF YOURS 7 months ago
Leila needs serious help!!!!
Erika Yucailla
Erika Yucailla 7 months ago
Shit, Ann! You look that and... Run, bitch, run for you life!!!!
EMMA NONE OF YOURS 8 months ago
KNEEL!!!!!! Kneels......wtf lady stand up!!! You aren't a dog
alex 9 months ago
i feel like vomiting, no cap
Taylor Glover
Taylor Glover 9 months ago
Bro this whole scene is disturbing
Akasha Jones
Akasha Jones 9 months ago
I love how he just takes the gun out of her hand , ive been this deep in sub space with someone before
Christianna Hursh
Christianna Hursh 10 months ago
Leila deserved so much better than this franchise.
Shelby Ramirez
Shelby Ramirez 10 months ago
swati krishna
swati krishna 10 months ago
It was cringe when she called him master
doreen muth
doreen muth 10 months ago
This scene is much better in the book
zs Xie
zs Xie 10 months ago
feminists We need you guys now.
Salar Sohail
Salar Sohail 10 months ago
Did he have sex with leila when anastasia left???
Michael Rowe
Michael Rowe 11 months ago
All I can say is been there done that you wouldn't understand unless you live the lifestyle don't knock it till you try it
Angel Simone
Angel Simone 11 months ago
Leila was cast aside and she wanted more Christian didn't! Anna had something that Leila wanted. In the book Christian has doctor that helps in when he is dealing with Leila and Anna kept her cool and he takes Leila and washes her hair and cleans her up and he takes her to the hospital! Anna I think goes for a walk trying to make sense of all of this! Why is everyone following Anna and stalking her? Jeez, I mean Christian Grey okay so she could be safe! They could have done a better job with the whole series it sucked. That god its all over now people can move on to something else. EL James has a new book coming out in April called The Minister
Keniyah Turner
Keniyah Turner 10 months ago
Angel Simone Wow, he did a lot for Leila! 😂
Mistress Langdon
I remember that someone in this comment section wanted to know more about Leila's side of the story. I made a fanfic addressing the matter. archiveofourown.org/works/17942516
Drankus Year ago
This was awesome. Hot and badass at the same time.
Imran Ashraf
Imran Ashraf Year ago
Anyone who finds this funny should watch the movie again, try to understand the concept - its not about being his pet, its about the power of mental and psychological conditioning over another human, to the point of overriding their power of free thought and autonomy - sounds crazy, but humans do it to animals very often, and humans are ultimately animals, with just another extra layer of intelligence and complexity - Christian just knows how to overcome that extra layer, and enjoys doing it because of the pleasure the results give him
heavenM cristal
Honestly it’s awkward when he does stuff in front of Taylor
Riley Ryan
Riley Ryan Year ago
okay i’m confused. why did she kneel and he started petting her? sorry i’m not very smart and idrk what’s going on lol
Memes memes
Memes memes Year ago
When she says what do I don't have that you have I'd say have someone to love
Attila Lévai
Attila Lévai Year ago
0:35 she was scary
Hannah Anson
Hannah Anson Year ago
Hmmn. Nope. I don't even know where to start with this. I've read the first book, cover to cover and seen snippets of each film now, and I can honestly say that this whole series was never a romance. It's basically a 101 guidebook for abusers and how to get away with it, and let's not even talk about how poor a depiction of bdsm this is... I really hope that they never do remakes, and hope that anyone who watches this film, thinking this kind of relationship is OK, thinks again, because it's not.
gabvomitoporra Ihul
what did he do when ana got out from there?
saniya aftab
saniya aftab Year ago
It's movie or series???
Sara Sánchez
Sara Sánchez Year ago
Leo knight
Leo knight Year ago
I guess when you got money this makes up for being a sadist
Mistress Langdon
Someone in the comments states that they would like a story from Leila's perspective. I decided to write that. I also decided that I would post it as a regular comment (and not as a reaction on an existing comment) because I am sure more people would like to read it. archiveofourown.org/works/17942516
bird Year ago
What the fuck?!
akasi cudjoe
akasi cudjoe Year ago
The Head thing is he God
akasi cudjoe
akasi cudjoe Year ago
So Leilas his pet know
Shashi Pandey
Shashi Pandey Year ago
This scene is enough to torment the feminism
Mia González
Mia González Year ago
This scene is my favorite in the book and in the movie 😍😍
I read this in the book and thought that’s a real slave! Ana’s a brat! Bratty sub! But Christian is a fake dom. I got turned on when she obeyed his command and he patted the top of her head. Because that hurts he’s being a real master there but everywhere else he’s a wanker, knob head.
lara stone
lara stone Year ago
Leila is more beautiful than ana
陈颜玺 Year ago
“I saw you , I watched you” and this is why I’m not in a relationship. Because I value my privacy and life
Amond Lee
Amond Lee Year ago
Bad acting!!! It ruined the scene.
Lucy Janice
Lucy Janice Year ago
50 shades sucks, how can people like this story i don’t understand
Adia Year ago
he said kneel and she knelt....wow that was the only scene i was shocked by in the whole three movies, as in i legit paused it and was like...he said kneel and you knelt???? this is the life Ana would have been going through if she had signed the contract and followed everything omg
This is one of the Most powerful scenes in the whole series But I cant shake that many see Christian as the bad guy and that he ruins lifes He was a victim to in the beginning He was the slave to Elena Just imagine what she did to him I dont Think its weird that he is fucked up Lucky that Ana saves him
Solange Ribeiro
Traducciones Blue Moondust
Que raro que ambas sean castañas!
Rachana Kankapurkar
This is soooo fucked up...
Jeffry Jeff
Jeffry Jeff Year ago
What the fuck is this shit
Lucia Marquez Mas
How old is Leila? Seems like 14 years old
Rinoah Dimapilis
I farted.
Vyctoria Quinones
I love the books and these movies but in this moment all i can think is fuck you christian grey lmao like did you have to rub her head like she was a delicate flower in front of ana??? Like she had a gun pointed at Anas head you bastard. Now is not the time for lovey dovey shit the bitch is crazy and she deserves a jail cell not to be coddled. She did that to herself. Leila left Christian, got married, cheated on the husband, left the husband, her boyfriend died, and when the husband said no go to hell, she decided She wants Christian back and had a melt down. She knew what she was doing. This scene will forever piss me off.
Luke McFarland
I might be the only one is going to say this what and load of croc honestly. Smh
You People Are Crazy
These movies were a steaming pile of shit.
Hajar Moonlight Lover
Leila is so pretty
This is so sad. If Leila had a spinoff, I'd watch it tbh😣
ashphoenix123 phoeboe
Even though the ending was good. I wish they could have had the engagement.party and everything. And then this scene would be the ending , where the next day , ana forgot something at the apartment and then Lelia comes with the gun and the dialogue and then Christian comes in trying to calm down Lelia and then all you see is Lelia point the gun and shoot and the scene cuts to black . That would have been an awesome scene. I love when movies end on cliffhangers.
ashphoenix123 phoeboe
I thought this was the best scene.
texas guy
texas guy Year ago
people that find this shit romantic or exciting need to check themselves.
Zulfiqar Ali
Zulfiqar Ali Year ago
CYP0 Year ago
Can the acting be any worse?
Michael T
Michael T Year ago
What the hell was that?!hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah. Ha.
VRIceblast Year ago
The movies did a terrible job of doing the books. The main point of the story, was Christian's psychological damage. It was the main reason why he only wanted loveless relationships, with women who liked what he did to them. He basically paid them well for their services. He honestly believed that no one could possibly love him. He use to go to a shrink all them time, that kept trying to get him in touch with his emotions. They cut most of this out of the movies. They downplayed Christian's issues. Christian is someone that was mentally, and emotionally scarred badly at a very young age. He literally can't identify what emotions he's feeling, or why he's feeling them. Because of this, he's very controlling in his life, and because he's a billionaire, he can buy a great deal of control. Too many people read the series, and don't understand what's going on. Their biases blind them to the story. Many say the writing is bad, and get hung up on that, and don't give the story a chance. or they think Christian is only an abuser, and that makes him bad. Honestly, these people need to go read something else, because they are too judgmental, and will never like this series. Ana from the books is much more attractive then Dakota Johnson. Christian was drawn to her for this, but because she showed she had a mind as well. Ana was naïve to having a relationship. She was a fresh slate, she was a virgin. Where he's had so many women, he find one that no man has had. So, there are so many first times he can have with her. Because she was such a rarity to him, he started to break his own rules for her. He had no idea that he was falling in love with her, because he just didn't know what the emotion was. In the books, his shrink had to explain it to him, so he would understand it, so he would admit it to himself, that he was apparently in love with her. So, after the first book, he was ready to do anything for her, to get her back in his life. The series is basically about this really damaged man, that meets a beautiful girl, that slowly forces him to learn his emotions, and helps heal his mental and emotional scars from his childhood. Sure, there is a lot of sex in the series, but it's 98% pleasure, and only 2% pain. After Ana's reaction to pain, he never did it again for fear of losing her. I like the story more than the sex, and usually just skip over the sex.
cal_ ypso
cal_ ypso Year ago
That is so fucked up and cringey I can't and I never ever watched these movies
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly Year ago
Psycho shit is still psycho shit
j 255
j 255 Year ago
I wouldve BEAT HIS ASS
j 255
j 255 Year ago
Yall fucked up.. im finna die rn im done
j 255
j 255 Year ago
Lubystka Olamonola
This is so humiliating and sickening. These three minutes show what is wrong with the entire movie. I am never going to watch this movie or read the books. Abusive relationships should not be romanticized.
Ella yassin
Ella yassin Year ago
Leila: Tell me what you have that I don‘t Me: Right now, I don‘t have a gun in my hand
potterhead 74
potterhead 74 Year ago
This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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