Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Official Video) ft. Kid Ink

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“Worth It” by Fifth Harmony
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Give it to me I'm worth it, baby, I'm worth it
Uh huh, I'm worth it, gimme gimme, I'm worth it
Give it to me I'm worth it, baby, I'm worth it
Uh huh, I'm worth it, gimme gimme, I'm worth it
#FifthHarmony #WorthIt #PopMusic #Harmonizers


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Mar 28, 2015




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Comments 100
Jeremyguapo9 RobloxPeru
jimmy timmy almuercen, aja almuercen 0:09
Cristóbal 14k
Saludos desde chile , aún escuchando esta bomba....
Mariah Hour ago
I want to help get to 2B, but I don't know how it works. Does anyone teach me?
La'Taya Bagley
La'Taya Bagley 2 hours ago
this songs damn near 6 years old.
Sophia Calderón
Sophia Calderón 2 hours ago
Alguien viene después del roas de Kimberly Loaiza?? Solo yo🤔
Sebastian Teixeira
Sebastian Teixeira 3 hours ago
I ain't get to sleep cause of yall, you not gonna sleep cause of me
Kindly Help me Reach to 10K Subs Pls
Who is watching it: on bed not in full screen for reading comments I salute those people who clicked on read more!
Karen Arismendy Castilla
JAJAJA los hombres como "esta que le pasa " XD
alyazya 4 hours ago
Stream Harmonizer stream
Em Charles
Em Charles 4 hours ago
They should play this in the background of the L’Oréal Paris adverts
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan 4 hours ago
Esa es camila Cabello :0
Rafaella Rafaella
Rafaella Rafaella 4 hours ago
Me gusta la cancionnnnnn
Rafaella Rafaella
Rafaella Rafaella 4 hours ago
Esa cancion la escuche cuando tenia 2 despues 3 y 4
MR PRO 4 hours ago
Alguien sabe lo que significa /Verdad?
camila Robles
camila Robles 4 hours ago
Because the one dressed in black never Why doesn't the one dressed in black ever sing?
olivia Minute ago
She wasnt there for recording
Catalina Buletrau
Catalina Buletrau 4 hours ago
Радостная Nastya
it's been 5 years and this song is still trending
Dolores Marroquin
Dolores Marroquin 5 hours ago
este video tiene mas vistas que duddududdu de blackpink
yiğitcan 246
yiğitcan 246 5 hours ago
2020 👍
Jorge luis Huaita cabrera
Los pasos la musica es genial😀😀😀😀
Mohammad Tahmid
Mohammad Tahmid 5 hours ago
Don't ask who is here in 2020, because we never left.....
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 5 hours ago
anyone here after sidemen reacts?
Phương Anh
Phương Anh 6 hours ago
HERE WE GO 6 hours ago
siyahlıya düşmeyenide ne biliyim
คิดถึง แฟนเก่า
Killian Miller
Killian Miller 7 hours ago
annarita paliani
annarita paliani 8 hours ago
annarita paliani
annarita paliani 8 hours ago
annarita paliani
annarita paliani 8 hours ago
annarita paliani
annarita paliani 8 hours ago
shad dahs
shad dahs 9 hours ago
Someone tell me why lauren don't sing in this song pls??
Sarthak ghildiyal
Sarthak ghildiyal 10 hours ago
Fifth Harmony is over without Camilla Cabello
Mike Jayson Saba
Mike Jayson Saba 11 hours ago
#appraiseron #valueadded #exxxxxtended #endlesssss
Lota. szn
Lota. szn 11 hours ago
Lmaoooo where kid ink now?😭😭
Melony Gacha
Melony Gacha 11 hours ago
Who else misses them Cuz I do TwT
powdem tv
powdem tv 12 hours ago
If your watching this in 2020 you a wonderful person
Eric Sasuman
Eric Sasuman 12 hours ago
Eric Sasuman
Eric Sasuman 12 hours ago
Muammar irfan Gadafi
Camilla:the cutest girl than the other Dinah:the most high girl in fifth harmony Ally:can do a highnotes Narmoni:have a cute voice Lauren:not too sexy
Shine _06
Shine _06 12 hours ago
Came here just for Camilla❤
Rachel Kudrow
Rachel Kudrow 13 hours ago
Its 2020..And this song never gets old..
Vidros Temperado
Vidros Temperado 13 hours ago
Vídeo maneiro .👍
Naia Benavides
Naia Benavides 13 hours ago
F por todxs los que bailaron esta cancion sin saber lo que significaba xd
Prayogo romadhani X TEI 29
I finally found you
Live gaming Tech
Live gaming Tech 14 hours ago
I am first time listen the song it's very cool
Retno Wulansari
Retno Wulansari 16 hours ago
watch at November 2020
Briann Kline
Briann Kline 17 hours ago
PLEASE tell me why everyone got a solo but Lauren 🙄🙄
Fabiana Madrigal Kruse
I really love this song
Dulay Judith
Dulay Judith 17 hours ago
whos here ? because of black pink?
Syed Tarif Ali
Syed Tarif Ali 10 hours ago
Black Pink is not here
The Starman
The Starman 18 hours ago
Oh um nostalgia
Mii Savage
Mii Savage 20 hours ago
nossa, q sdds dessa época, eramos felizes e não sabíamos ;(
—安娜.•! 6 hours ago
Pser :(
rhatz dy2629
rhatz dy2629 20 hours ago
Inaraw araw ko na to,, soon 2 billion na,,,
Dart blast
Dart blast 21 hour ago
literally when I press the like button it becomes2million
Eduardin Guzman
Eduardin Guzman 21 hour ago
Mariah 21 hour ago
Darsi Asuncion May Perez
Vamos, vamos chicos no se desanimen juntos podemos ir por esos 2 billones
Kimberlee Nelson
Kimberlee Nelson 23 hours ago
Love this song 😍
Dwaine B
Dwaine B 23 hours ago
Didn't Iggy Azalea have a song like this?
La Voz
La Voz 23 hours ago
que buenos recuerdos esta canción!!!😭😍 por cierto!! por favor os invito a que se pasen por el nuevo tema de la cantante española Eva B, que acaba de sacar una colab junto con la marca REVLON (maquillaje etc) En el videoclip sale bellísima😭 es este el link: ruvid.net/video/video-RX9KhJMPY6s.html ❤️
Dwaine B
Dwaine B 23 hours ago
Was this their first song?
Dwaine B
Dwaine B 23 hours ago
@Alicia Vitória oh okay
Alicia Vitória
Alicia Vitória 23 hours ago
no, that was their first hit smash
M. Dliya Ul haq
girl band terdahulu
salt shaker
salt shaker Day ago
it's all on you it's all on you it's all on you so what you wanna do? and if you don't have a clue... not a clue i tell you what to dooOO0 cOMeHaDynJysTebCyuwiise i don't like it like if to a south?!? i like it a little rough not too much but maybe just enough
BIA PARA TI. Day ago
Vienes a enfadarme kim loaiza
Maria Camila Gomez Silva
Vamos por los 2 billones!!
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Fun Fact: if you're still listening in 2020 you're a Legend 🙂
Solid Raichu
Solid Raichu Day ago
you had to repeat i'm worth it 33 times. so yeah i have my doubts.
Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!
Fun Fact: if you're still listening in 2020 you're a legend 🙂
Avery Lawson
Avery Lawson Hour ago
Yes I’m here wid dat 🙋🏻‍♀️
Anastasia Isofii
Celeste Flores
Celeste Flores 3 hours ago
@Petshop et monster high yes
Petshop et monster high
Here! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Celeste Flores
Celeste Flores 3 hours ago
That a facts I still literally lining to this everyday
?¿[Mrs. Violet]¿?
KNK en sevdiģin şarkı ne
Grazyna Czerniewska
Czy tu jest Camila Cabello?
Valentina Urra
Yo baile toda la noche
Evelyn Damara Maldonado Carrola
Nadie: Yo a los 8 años: kimikimiargurfe
Daniela García
Ustedes podrán estar mas separadas que mis papás, pero yo siempre estaré aquí apoyándolas y haciendo stream a su música, mientras se espera un re encuentro >:"v
•Its Eva ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ•
:0 pense que era la unica en español :'3
Ali Al Bader
Ali Al Bader Day ago
oh ppl a sad thing, shamelessness is, a man n woman walkin the street, meat upon meat, flesh upon flesh, it's just like turn ur face bro before the whole world looks at this, oh ppl modesty much, a black veil coverin that women, such awe of the expensive red colors that make up that face to give u a rush, oh ppl modesty much, such goodness from that back that'll make the mountains bow down from that man, he is too modest, he just can't be touched, a powerful humble voice, mixed with that red passion of roses so moist, head down without no choice, her head up lookin at him just to take out all the noise, the honour of sayeda zainab n the sons of fatima, from Quraish, on the mastership of the master of the children of Adam, muhammad peace n blessings be upon him n his family, nothin to think abt with this stuff
Ali Al Bader
Ali Al Bader Day ago
oh ppl be careful, it is the narrow of determination that is the real wealth, show off, class n the truest of riches, a snack of 2 twixs n a seven up will shame a whole place to leave em scarred no matter their stitches upon stitches upon stitches, oh ppl it is the kingdom of solomon n his riches, the birds, mountains, the wind, ppl of knowledge n even the devils, n everythin all under his wishes, I don't kno, why do I feel like that's more called for than the alcohol, smokin, gettin drunk, women, n parties n every messed up visit of visits, oh ppl it is the shine of different n the difference, a lot of ppl just don't save the pleasures for the right time, they just choose to sell it for that instance
Isabella Schneider
Lets go to the 2b
The Only
The Only Day ago
Lucky Lokesh
Lucky Lokesh Day ago
Who is here before 2B views ❤️
kawaii gachalife
Yes sing camila cabello? ?
기철이 기영이 아빠.
Maria clara Farias
💞💖 amo essa música!!!
Vih Games YT
Vih Games YT Day ago
my queens
Miika kook
Miika kook Day ago
Vey eu era muito inocente escutando essa música ;-; porém amo ❤
Maximo Sarsale
Maximo Sarsale 31 minute ago
=3 Como esta gente bonita como tú
Miika kook
Miika kook 2 hours ago
@Maximo Sarsale holaa:3
Briggith Choez
Briggith Choez 20 hours ago
@Maximo Sarsale holAa
Maximo Sarsale
Maximo Sarsale 23 hours ago
._. Hola
san ty
san ty Day ago
Maythe Velez
Maythe Velez Day ago
De dre
Naomi Lamont
Naomi Lamont Day ago
All I can think about is "Put Yourself First" from the brilliant Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. "If it's just for myself, shouldn't I be comfortable?" "No. Put Yourself First in a sexy way" 😂
cano nova
cano nova Day ago
I think this is nct😭
lover one direction
John Hutchinson
They are the best singers baby grils
Vroh cantik
Vroh cantik Day ago
Antonis Kalopedis Leonidas
They ain't together anymore, here for the mixers👏👏Jk stan
Gabriella Cody
Gabriella Cody 23 hours ago
Why would you want to say that! Fifth harmony is probably thinking sad now!
R Khan
R Khan Day ago
Krezell Mae Deloy
November 28, 2020 anyone???
Phoebe Lu
Phoebe Lu Day ago
This song is very kpop to me 😂
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Day ago
Camilla in that suit: *pansexual panic*
Valentina Medina
Valentina Medina 22 hours ago
Fellow Hufflepuff *nods head*
ღ Park_ Jazmin ღツ
El único grupo de chicas que me gusta ❤👄❤ son épicas las canciónes Man.
ākshay Day ago
💯% copy of talk dirty song
George Gxlaxy
People who like this is officially before 2B
urnukh itgel
urnukh itgel Day ago
So who’s Kid Ink?
Recommending me after 5 years later 😁
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