FIFA 22 vs PES 2022 | Realistic Free kick PS5

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FIFA 22 vs PES 2022 | Realistic Free kick PS5 official gameplay HD.

Songs used: Phoenix [NCS Release]

PES 2022 Video:
eFootball: ruvid.net/u-officialpes
Airton Silva: ruvid.net/u-airtondory

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Sep 22, 2021




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Comments 183
Michael Arthur
Bro help me to download it
Salim Al-Battashi
Im not sure if that was ps5
Luka Plavšić
Luka Plavšić 3 days ago
fifa for ever
Wx_TwT 6 days ago
Pes is trash
Helmi Emran
Helmi Emran 8 days ago
Pes is realistic..👍😀
Ashar FF
Ashar FF 10 days ago
Shun Quo
Shun Quo 12 days ago
Pro Evolution soccer is a simulation true-to-life football game. I give them all the respect. But what sad to me is that they don't get the respect because they don't have the license of the teams. This is stupid to me. But again I will be buying this because it's the most realistic football game out
Nasser K
Nasser K 13 days ago
Lol these games are scripted trash why do we even bother
Yaxyo Hamid
Yaxyo Hamid 15 days ago
Pes is most realistic than fifa But fifa is good in grafic
Mamut Berisa
Mamut Berisa 16 days ago
Jag har fifa 22 siuuuuuuuuuu⚽️😎😍🎅
Andrzej Ciegla
Andrzej Ciegla 19 days ago
After all, kicking a ball in pes looks and feels like throwing a sack of potatoes. The ball flies unnaturally, sometimes you kick the runway and the ball flies perfectly across the entire pitch XD
David Enatoh
David Enatoh 19 days ago
Pes simps, Pes is good but Fifa is stil better!!!!
Jakub Żelechowski
Jakub Żelechowski 19 days ago
Fifa is not PS5 but PS4🙌👎
Wei Wang
Wei Wang 21 day ago
Because the FIFA’s new Freekick / Penalty kick / Corner kick system, I gave up FIFA!
NEZAR . XI 21 day ago
dont troll us its on pc im playing fifa 22 on ps5 and thats so much better dont make pes better if she is not thats a free dislike
Ray Tns
Ray Tns 22 days ago
Fifa is the best
rising oficial
rising oficial 22 days ago
You dont take freekicks like tht on pes
rising oficial
rising oficial 22 days ago
Bro itsnot pes tht still fifa
GG bro
GG bro 22 days ago
last is pes bro
miclovin XD
miclovin XD 22 days ago
fifa 22 vs pes mobile xd
adamfirdaus 22 days ago
i love fifa but the rating of player is sucks
Sako Kim
Sako Kim 22 days ago
Danny Music
Danny Music 22 days ago
Fifa 22 better hate PES and stupid Pes Fanboys and Plastic Fifa fans
Kelvin Mazyeta
Kelvin Mazyeta 22 days ago
Even players Can't jump in fifa Lol!!!
Amr Mashaal
Amr Mashaal 22 days ago
Its fifa 22 on ps4 not ps5
argentino 22 days ago
cr7 does not open his foot when kicking a free kick a fifa trash
Bluesman _5
Bluesman _5 23 days ago
End of the day PES is for gamers who really love football. Much higher realism.
Cashmoney 20 days ago
Lmao that aged well
Sareem Siraj
Sareem Siraj 23 days ago
I think fifa 22 is 100% better than e football 22
Nico V
Nico V 23 days ago
Que poronga FIFA , el tiro libre de Messi un efecto muy fantasioso!
Tea Aung
Tea Aung 23 days ago
balls seems much more heavy and realistic on pes, it seems like a ballon in fifa, ball physics better on pes
rising oficial
rising oficial 21 day ago
Because pes 22 demo comes out today
CHEESE Bucket 21 day ago
First I thought about a different kind of ball 🥚
CHEESE Bucket 21 day ago
@rising oficial yes it is
ack 22 days ago
@rising oficial yaa bro😔
rising oficial
rising oficial 22 days ago
Bruh its not pes
Llerent 23 days ago
I swear to god pes looks like a mobile game 😂🤓
Llerent 22 days ago
@FreeBirdz since when? Stadiums and other outdoor facilities are very good looking in Pes, but other than that gameplay looks like something straight out of a mobile game.
FreeBirdz 23 days ago
Yikes, a mobile game that has better graphics than fifa
Izzet Chanen
Izzet Chanen 23 days ago
Pes is way better
Rob Williamson
Rob Williamson 24 days ago
Both look shit to be fair
Abhay O
Abhay O 24 days ago
Is e football 22 out yet
GG bro
GG bro 24 days ago
Beta out
Kevin Gabriel Velasco
Messi never would kick like that
koch 8
koch 8 24 days ago
FIFA set pieces systems are terrible for sports game
Muhammad und bala Tv
Serkan Lion
Serkan Lion 24 days ago
Fifa very nice
Moukatana 24 days ago
efootball>fifa (Relased efotball is fifa>efotball)
Ovie Augustine
Ovie Augustine 25 days ago
Messi looks like Santa clus
Kees VandB
Kees VandB 26 days ago
the keeper in fifa dives to the left corner with his right hand. how stupid. if you dive with youre left hand more chance to save the ball. more length also
ALS᭄GAMING 26 days ago
Legends use pes
N.H.SOHAG...... 17 days ago
Fifa 2022 🤭🤭 pes 2022😍😍
Fabbe 21 day ago
Noobs use pes!
Rashen Wijeratne
Rashen Wijeratne 23 days ago
Girls use pes😂😂
Snap Kaito
Snap Kaito 26 days ago
Fifa 🔥
THE DARK HORSE 27 days ago
I like curved freekick. It looks cool
IcyJason 27 days ago
Isn’t PES dead ? I
7VID S2 27 days ago
messi face in fifa is so funny 😂😂
Katt Kitt
Katt Kitt 17 days ago
@Rashen Wijeratne Pes 21 it's better, than the FIFA 22
Rashen Wijeratne
Rashen Wijeratne 23 days ago
It is fifa21 Fifa22 messi looks realistic Goodbye pes😂😂😂😂
Guilherme Calixto
Guilherme Calixto 27 days ago
Pes 2021 free kicks are beautiful
Yuri Silva
Yuri Silva 27 days ago
Yuri Silva
Yuri Silva 27 days ago
Fifa 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Emrah Bay
Emrah Bay 27 days ago
Pes 👈🏻🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
gong xi fa cai
gong xi fa cai 27 days ago
jay 27 days ago
ronaldo scoring a freekick thats not realistic when was the last time he scored a free kick lol
CaloDZN 26 days ago
Salty messi fanboy
Marcos-officiel 27 days ago
Fifa 22❤️❤️❤️
Ionut Marian
Ionut Marian 28 days ago
After fifa 19 where free kick was free kicks and penalties , and long shoots new fifa became shit ... "still thinking at 2013 201 2015 fifa"
GG bro
GG bro 27 days ago
yeah you are right
Content Mountain
Content Mountain 28 days ago
All these years and the faces still look so lifeless
David Oze
David Oze 4 days ago
It's hard because there are so many muscles that control facial expression. Unless you are able to integrate and program each one seamlessly you might get something close to normal
GG bro
GG bro 27 days ago
football status world
Olubukola Foresythe
Idk whyni likebfifa free kick more but pes in unbelievable i have both games but I like FIFA better so for me fifa
Olubukola Foresythe
Pes realistic Fifa Mechanics
NEYMAR 28 days ago
FIFA is the bestt
Rashen Wijeratne
Rashen Wijeratne 23 days ago
Fifa> pes
Diego SCCP
Diego SCCP 27 days ago
Good joke
Emrah Bay
Emrah Bay 27 days ago
Fifa ❤️
apkgamelinkgame 28 days ago
Great 💪
GG bro
GG bro 28 days ago
LenZzX 28 days ago
This is old
bruce joey
bruce joey 28 days ago
Am a fifa fan but pes is the most realistic
mefolu peter
mefolu peter 15 days ago
@bruce joey 😂
bruce joey
bruce joey 16 days ago
@mefolu peter forget what l said pes is nothing
mefolu peter
mefolu peter 16 days ago
Am a pes fan but fifa is more realistic
Notmyname 19 days ago
@bruce joey I tried all of them kid
bruce joey
bruce joey 19 days ago
@Notmyname never played pes before but have you bought fifa 22
Mansoor 10
Mansoor 10 28 days ago
pes is not Released
GG bro
GG bro 28 days ago
demo was released
pes dls lover
pes dls lover 28 days ago
Julia Aguero
Julia Aguero 28 days ago
FIFA the best
Simi Abhilash
Simi Abhilash 28 days ago
2:00 brunos celebration 🤣
udy Oseeace
udy Oseeace 28 days ago
Ali Saiyan
Ali Saiyan 28 days ago
Both suck, after all those years and this is how football games look still...
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 24 days ago
Pes 12 was the best
Ali Saiyan
Ali Saiyan 27 days ago
@StandDown I actually believe what your saying could be true... Its just, I dont know if you're just trolling 😂
هل تعلم
هل تعلم 27 days ago
@StandDown wow that's a very trust worthy source
StandDown 27 days ago
its the old gen version i have played the ps5 version for fifa 22 it looks alot different source: trust me bro
Jonas Santos
Jonas Santos 28 days ago
PES 2022 é o melhor 🔥💪
Emrah Bay
Emrah Bay 27 days ago
Pes 2022 myclub hacker lag .........🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Nihad Nəhmətli
Nihad Nəhmətli 28 days ago
What is pes2022 I dont know this game(!)(it is efootball 2022) Efootball is best
Palufite Grek
Palufite Grek 28 days ago
It’s ps4
Amirul Haiqal
Amirul Haiqal 28 days ago
1:06 did de gea flying or what? 😂😂
GAME CLUB 28 days ago
Nice I can not play fifa mobile22 Ok ps version is out
Juicer 28 days ago
This is on PC so it looks like Old Gen since it doesn't have the Next-Gen features and the updated faces (e.g., Messi)
💙Joseph Jozi❤️ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ
Pes is the best 🔥
Clincton Harry
Clincton Harry 28 days ago
Pes looks like fifa 15 bro
Shadman hussain
Shadman hussain 28 days ago
0:51 don't say me that this is Messi
LIONEL MESSI 28 days ago
Thats muslim messi
Md Rayyan
Md Rayyan 28 days ago
It is
Guilherme DLS
Guilherme DLS 28 days ago
name of the song
Janak Bami
Janak Bami 29 days ago
Who all want beardless messi
SuperMillwall1885 28 days ago
Long hair Messi one last time.
Toto Rina
Toto Rina 29 days ago
pes the best
We Live in a chaotic World
@qcaldo fifa is a card collection game cope fifa fanboy
Atlas 28 days ago
@qcaldo so the little children showed up
qcaldo 28 days ago
@Atlas u play gacha life
qcaldo 28 days ago
Toto Rina
Toto Rina 28 days ago
@AnonymusNimrod21 FIFA is better than PES in terms of atmosphere, exclusives and photography, but Gameplay Pace is very fun and a 100% tactical game, which is closer to reality in playing with the addition of patches, stadium mods, clothes, advertisements and scoreboard.
T SHAMSHIEV 29 days ago
DLS 2022 ??
Jackoman 10
Jackoman 10 28 days ago
Don't compare DLS
Why So Serious?
Why So Serious? 28 days ago
Stupid game.
Mgharba Familly
Mgharba Familly 28 days ago
Haha dls
AnonymusNimrod21 28 days ago
dsdeo007 29 days ago
PES 2022 Is COming Out On 30th Compare After It Comes :|
Shadman hussain
Shadman hussain 28 days ago
Those guy do anything for views
Badou16 _
Badou16 _ 29 days ago
Fifa graphics and off the pitch atmosphere are the best , but the gameplay and ball physics are trash
177 Harish.R VIII F
absolutely for dls gameplay is very good while pitch atmosphere and commentry is trash
GaMiNgIsLiVe 29 days ago
Funfact its fifa 21
GG bro
GG bro 28 days ago
no its fifa 22
Robin P.s
Robin P.s 29 days ago
Super super
GG bro
GG bro 28 days ago
Thank you
Badrun Nessa
Badrun Nessa 29 days ago
Amazing video
GG bro
GG bro 28 days ago
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