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Jul 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Lucas !
Lucas ! 10 months ago
The goal at 0:27 is just cancer but not bad 😂😂😂
Lee ludlow Art
Lee ludlow Art Month ago
Lee ludlow Art
Lee ludlow Art Month ago
OPGaming GR me too buddy. I watched my dad totally destroyed. He was a good man and a strong man and he was reduced to nothing in just 12 weeks he was gone. And now I’m on chemo too. People joking about this make me sick. They are all big behind their screens but not so quick to offend someone to their face.
Zakaria Merzouk
Zakaria Merzouk 3 months ago
Lucas ! We all do that
Hajarah Ali
Hajarah Ali 5 months ago
Dear cc
Ryan Burke
Ryan Burke 6 months ago
@The King Of The Ring get a grip mate everyone's lost loved ones to cancer one day you'll grow up and realise that its ok to joke about things
Tommynr28 4 days ago
look here 2018 ............ ruvid.net/video/video-wUemFq6XsaI.html ... you are LITTLE child.... ..... You play at Beginner .... You play weak man ...... I score super goals at Legendary. You are so SAD BEGINNER. :))))
Hamza Yaşar
Hamza Yaşar 12 days ago
2:54 song pls ??
Noble Society
Noble Society 17 days ago
Tanvir Munna
Tanvir Munna 18 days ago
Name of the two songs?
05DC90FV 21 day ago
Just Machine
Just Machine 22 days ago
why are the graphics worst than fifa 99
MLG Month ago
Top 10 of the worst skills ever
Shadman Srabon
Shadman Srabon Month ago
Babyzack Estinvil
like and subscribe to my channel ruvid.net/video/video-Rk3ab5VcpYs.html
Lee ludlow Art
Lee ludlow Art Month ago
You want to be ashamed of yourself liking a comment calling a goal “cancer “ dick.
Lee ludlow Art
Lee ludlow Art Month ago
Biggest load of bullshit on earth this fkin game is. Amazing when I have a player in position and I attempt to pass the fkin ball and it goes to a totally different player who’s not in an attacking position. Every fkin game for a whole season and since when does goal keepers give penalties away when your not even controlling them. In the 88th minute that is when you’ve got no fkin time to do anything about it. The game is fuckin wank and it will get worse while ever theirs pussys like you spending all your pocket money on it AFTER we’ve already paid the £50 odd quid for the fkin disk. It’s you sexless ugly pricks that’s fucked up the game and don’t forget it
Agnieszka Rupniewska
tüh slap FİFACILAR
m.ruvid.net/video/video-2PfATvLqxWs.html harika goller
Alinaswe Mwela
Alinaswe Mwela Month ago
I have this game
Hamed XD
Hamed XD 2 months ago
Correct me if im wrong but i think found the best fifa 19 long range goals .... this guy is just insane , check him out ruvid.net/video/video-5s04wHxfKbo.html
alexsander migliorini stello
ruvid.net/video/video-TvmTEO_vHOU.html Here my goal! thanks for watching
Gobi Gopal
Gobi Gopal 2 months ago
Plz see my channel goal. It’s very amazing
Legendary AL
Legendary AL 2 months ago
How the f you do that
Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper 2 months ago
That has given me ideas hehe
Firdaus Hashim
Firdaus Hashim 2 months ago
How you do that?
Abo0ody FCBODY
Abo0ody FCBODY 2 months ago
Hi guys can someone watch my messi's VID pls ): no views so depressed.
L1ink3d Games
L1ink3d Games 3 months ago
Music? anyone
Jakub Piotr Makarewicz
Where is xflashx
Aw NOW everybody loves Juve huh?
WWEfan 2200
WWEfan 2200 4 months ago
What a Rainbow
pesh mutesi
pesh mutesi 4 months ago
0:02 exact same as Roberto Carlos except post
Suheir Siddig
Suheir Siddig 4 months ago
Best one 2.22
pesh mutesi
pesh mutesi 4 months ago
9year old Jordan Axl
pesh mutesi
pesh mutesi 4 months ago
I'm pesh mutesi's son
pesh mutesi
pesh mutesi 4 months ago
1:12 exact recreation of my fifa goal!
Lukas Hlavka
Lukas Hlavka 3 months ago
máš holku krásku
Doge D Gamer
Doge D Gamer 4 months ago
What’s the beat
PK25 5 months ago
I’m not surprised that Lakeland is in this
nikita vlasov
nikita vlasov 5 months ago
Christiane Peuckert
Christiane Peuckert 5 months ago
Krasse Tore hat die gemacht geschafft
Schei**Boxer Janne
Schei**Boxer Janne 5 months ago
axel arguedas
axel arguedas 5 months ago
Karla Becerra
Karla Becerra 5 months ago
Minute 1:36 "Brugh"
düşene bir tekme daha
All likes from players who scored ?
JUVENTUS NATION 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-tUp9hnrPQmU.html check the best goals of fifa 20 so far
Roz Lock
Roz Lock 5 months ago
very very good shots
Thanor 5 months ago
1:51 poland
Tus vídeos son chidos
Hajarah Ali
Hajarah Ali 5 months ago
What a skill
slowdive 6 months ago
1:09 straight up humiliated 😂
ღJuliaღ 6 months ago
my name miguel fonseca game fifa 19 nice video
The Jersey Spotter
The Jersey Spotter 7 months ago
Zaxh Skskkjshudhxhsbsbbnna
Police Squads Vehicles IKR😂
Alejandro Jaime
Alejandro Jaime 7 months ago
Exaggerated asf .never in my life seen a goals like that. That’s what makes this game trash
ya ya
ya ya 6 months ago
Alejandro Jaime it would be boring af to have literally all realistic goals because you might as well just go out and play. sucks all the fun out it.
ya ya
ya ya 6 months ago
Alejandro Jaime nigga its not supposed to be a goddamn simulator. they never said in the title “realistic goals” it just says “best goals” how are you gonna say “exaggerated af” if the video isnt meant to be realistic goals. looks like someones salty they have an 0-0-10 record in fifa.
Hyper Yolo
Hyper Yolo 7 months ago
I have an better goal
SuperBoomshack 7 months ago
Is it me or do the graphics look like Fifa 10
L1ink3d Games
L1ink3d Games 7 months ago
What's that music I rlly like it tell me anyone
Ryan Schofield
Ryan Schofield 8 months ago
O:54 what ground is it
Taoufik Hedfi
Taoufik Hedfi 8 months ago
What a stupid video, animated...
Waldo Acevedo
Waldo Acevedo 8 months ago
I like this.Good video
Edward Smith
Edward Smith 8 months ago
How many of these goals would actually be scored in a real game ? Let's have realistic goals please, thanks ....
Elijah 8 months ago
Niggas be abusing R3
neelshek012 8 months ago
how do u submit a clip
Edwin Berg
Edwin Berg 8 months ago
0:18 the 1998 is all over again
_lewis_ 8 months ago
2:51 😱😱
betsy jonas
betsy jonas 8 months ago
Roberto carlos ??
betsy jonas
betsy jonas 8 months ago
Its a legend goal
Zafar Aziz
Zafar Aziz 8 months ago
the goal at 2:57 is cooked! ( in a good way!)
MarcoMadrista 8 months ago
You know it's only FIFA when Messi scores an overhead kick 😂
Schweiner Schwinkler
0:13 flashback
Kreanj 8 months ago
All I see is shitty players overusing the right stick and abusing the weaknesses of this broken game.
KJ Sub9odh
KJ Sub9odh 8 months ago
Guys I also post FIFA 19 videos and FIFA 11 videos please see it on my channel, promise that won't bore you, I'm a PC player who plays on keyboard. Please watch it ✌️✌️🎊😀😀
Vráža 11
Vráža 11 8 months ago
1:47 kdo je taky čech
Hyper Yolo
Hyper Yolo 7 months ago
No its polish
Skkyy 8 months ago
This is why they created Volta
Janet Martinez
Janet Martinez 8 months ago
lorenzo porrone
lorenzo porrone 8 months ago
Splendid goal
Enrico Sedioli
Enrico Sedioli 8 months ago
Watch Just Rohn!!
Abo0ody FCBODY
Abo0ody FCBODY 8 months ago
Hi I have a video could u put it in ur top goals TQGWdGD9zXk Lio messi real goals
T 8 months ago
ez goals tbh
Jacob Arias
Jacob Arias 8 months ago
Whole vid has that dumb tv gaming thing
Artemio Food
Artemio Food 9 months ago
sopanut100 9 months ago
Most of the goals there just doing so much tricks like Volta
Will Nguyen
Will Nguyen 9 months ago
Boooo 👎
krzysklin 9 months ago
These are best goals? Hahahah maybe for 10 year old kids. Loads of unreal stuff. Thumb down
1Hunnid Authentic
1Hunnid Authentic 9 months ago
Check out my crazy videos and goals! Thanks.
FasTIk 90
FasTIk 90 9 months ago
2:55 . 👍👍👍👍👍👍
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