Feeding A Duramax Sandwich To A Cocky Cummins Driver. McFarland Vs Fasterproms Rematch!

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Aug 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Fasterproms Year ago
What is is that they say is sooo sweet......oh Ya REVENGE!!!! Great time doing this one and I was a little worried. We all know Cleetus will take this farther than I am prepared to take it. Thank you to the guys that believed in #teamunderdog for those of you that have been waiting for the S-10 build it’s coming up next episode and we have a plan to MAKE SOME POWER!!! Things are all coming together quickly and we wanna have this thing done quickly!! Please check out our store we do have some extra shirts from our PREORDER. Thank you for the support and God bless you guys!!!
dedalliance1 Year ago
@Fasterproms You wish. That thing is fast.
Fasterproms Year ago
Did and done not even close to the white Buffy. To clarify I’m talking about our duramax bs white Buffy. Raced 6x and 5-1 duramax.
dedalliance1 Year ago
Not as cool as my brother in-laws dad's truck, a 2001 Duramax Silverado, imgur.com/gallery/3EP1vUt But your truck is cool too, I guess.
Cody Houck
Cody Houck Year ago
The v8 will be faster off the take off but top end the Cummins will have it
Antman4656 Year ago
Gotta fix the wheelspin the Cummings is spinning one wheel half way down the track.
Brent Miller
Brent Miller 3 months ago
poor Jeremy, when he saw he was winning he looked like a little kid with his very first win ever
Trever Fisher
Trever Fisher Year ago
love the water methanol injection on my truck. diesels love the meth too!
Chris McAlister
Come on man stop chasing.. you have him beat in a straight up race..
Chase is the race..😎😎😎😎
Doctor Qwerty
Doctor Qwerty Year ago
am i the only super stoned person who noticed the fart at 8:42?
Twarken Year ago
Gosh dang love this! Keep it up, brothers!
Atomic Føx
Atomic Føx Year ago
and then you realize hes using 4 wheel drive and refused to allow the other vehicle to use nos
Atomic Føx
Atomic Føx Year ago
btw other vehicle was rear wheel drive only
Bike Life_93
Bike Life_93 Year ago
Awesome video guys, keep it up😂
Allen L
Allen L Year ago
Do you even lift bro? Jeremy, this article about Duramax pumps might be a good enough reason to add a lift pump to your truck, even though you added that new main pump. driving.ca/general-motors/auto-news/news/lawsuit-claims-gm-trucks-dont-run-properly-on-american-diesel
Fasterproms Year ago
Has had one for a few years.
ForAl lMankind
So Fasterproms, that have some blue color in the logo, their main character have red sunglasses.. And on the other hand we got : Cleetus McFarland, that have the red color, due to the U.S flag but also and most recently Ruby's red, their main character wear blue sunglasses ! COINCIDENCE ? I THINK NOT ! THEY'R ALL MELTING POT ..erh BUD !! *ok imma out taking my medecine (muahaha)*
SVR27RR Year ago
u still Have 4 wheel drive & u can add more power if u wanted to. don't be a cry baby. or a Sore Loser.
jake welder
jake welder Year ago
I am intent to see how the truck holds up
David Kelm
David Kelm Year ago
Nice race ! and k-9 at end 🐕
garygsp3 Year ago
If Cleetus had time to get his new wheels put on. You lose on every pass. I didn't hear it so bad until Cleetus put up his video but his wheels are squealing halfway down the 1/8th on every pass. That "Turd" with just new wheels and tires will still be faster than your super mods.
RealEyes Year ago
Dude you wer using 4wheel drive and dont want him to spray 😂
fordrapterga Year ago
Lol “you were cumming on me hard”
rockie221 Year ago
your puppies for sale ?
GreenBoy at GA Farms
That car just hasn't found the right Duramax to pick on. I've got some Old Farm trucks over here they would love to hand your ass to you Cletus. One of them is even a dually it pulls hay wagons and peanut wagons for a living. What you want to do is do a tug of war after the drag match. That way you could drag that car around like a tinkertoy
Lance Williams
That was awesome to watch. Being a Duramax guy, I have to say great driving Jeremy. A few more tweeks and some tires and that Galaxy is a real beast. Luv both y'all's channels. Keep it fun!!
Cody JacksonCT21
I like how cleetus is talking about JJ da Boss's "Chase is a Race"
Could have worded the title better seeing how your channel would be nothing without that cocky Cummins driver
Hey ugly! LOL what?
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh Year ago
8:38 ..... “thats what she said”
Vince Allison
Vince Allison Year ago
Oh hell ya, u brought the big boy in case the bets don't get paid.
The ozone layer is now nonexistant.. and the Earth is now flat.. ter
Bear Good
Bear Good Year ago
be careful those tie-rods on those chevys like to fold. wouldnt want to see that square wheel well truck hit the wall.. or would i? lol
Bear Good
Bear Good Year ago
lol stock turbo vs lots of turbo and 4wd lol no comment
Joe Collier
Joe Collier Year ago
Good shit!
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Year ago
Put NOS on the DuraMax
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Year ago
nOPE,iF He'd left EVEN,LMFAO it might have ended different,LOL,LOVING iT ALL THE WAY BOTH WAYS!
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Year ago
Gal took off first 2nd round THANK your mouth SO much,lmao!
Jen Horne
Jen Horne Year ago
NOTHING better than a UNDERDOG!
Jonathan Blunt
Legend says that he’s still got some steam up top
Gregory Torian
8:37 that's what she said
Derek Kolb
Derek Kolb Year ago
Can we take bets on what goes first. The input shaft, the torque converter, or the whole trans itself.
Try Again
Try Again Year ago
I never knew cleetus was so salty...he took a fucking L and he bearly won spray. Cleetys teem were also salty not letting the truck spool...i had to unfollow cleetus for this salty shit.
Justin Tucker
Justin Tucker Year ago
Put slicks on that galaxy she ripp
5k Subscribers without any videos.
You gotta swap those heavy wheels.
Dana douglass
Dana douglass Year ago
Where is this at
Dana douglass
Dana douglass Year ago
Sounds like my stock ford 6.0
Jimmy Tuz
Jimmy Tuz Year ago
Can you please check your instagram messages? I messaged you about the tuning school you talked about in a previous episode.
Jon Baird
Jon Baird Year ago
4x4 cancels out the weight difference and then some considering cletus has no tire
Jd Davis
Jd Davis Year ago
If that truck could hook in 2wd he might have won every time even with Cletus using spray. Which is sad because that ford is light compared to the truck. You need to up your game Cletus that cummins can handle alot of power.
turntupmoody Year ago
Galaxy just needs wheels and tires. Game over
Josh Serrano
Josh Serrano Year ago
Jeremy trying his hardest lmao
Budget Audio
Budget Audio Year ago
3.23 gears, some lighter wheels with slicks or drag radials and that galaxie will wake up a lot
Cheviesel Cheviesel
I’d be willing to wager Cletus had slicks and a twin turbo set up on order by midnight. Lol.
Viner Youlks
Viner Youlks Year ago
Would rather have the galaxy
Louis Grine
Louis Grine Year ago
At 8:40 " Dude you were cumming on me hard!" LMAO
Great Video guys....congrats
P and P News Now
Chase is a race is for chicken shits.
Shawn Sonnentag
Love the big grin on the golden puppy at the end. Such a cute face. :) Nice racing too!
Thomas J. Banks
I love how thoroughly he explains how hard he got almost got nutted on
Garrett Lawson
the galaxie needs a taller tire.
Kracken Skulls
8:36 i think Jeremy is shaking from the adrenaline. SOOOO AWESOME!
Brady Bashon
Brady Bashon Year ago
Built trans will make it go so much better your trans is probably unhappy with that much power! Or do a triple disc converter and trans go Jr for a budget for a little bit
Mani Lee
Mani Lee Year ago
Probably never see this video on cleetus McFarlands channel 😂
zFrostee -
zFrostee - Year ago
How is awd vs rwd fair?
Sean Gangstad
Sean Gangstad Year ago
So what exactly is all done to the duramax? And why didn’t they actually set them up on the drag strip?
swish1onu Year ago
That guy keeps jumping the gun..
willk901 Year ago
Lol. You had to change the turbo and fuel mod it to beat him. Lmao
Anspar America
Dont be a scumbag no nitrous means no nitrous.
waddell7354 Year ago
Dude, damn good tune on the dmax! Just a haze down the track and using all that fuel!
Western Dragon
Awd VS rwd isn't ever fair
Chris newton
Chris newton Year ago
We need another twin turbo s10 video
The Galaxie needs drag radials and wheels that don’t wobble. Lol
oneeyedude20 Year ago
Team underdog? Run him in 2 wheel drive you douchebag.... v8 diesel compared a inline 6 diesel...
dan Reed
dan Reed Year ago
This just shows that AWD is an amazing thing to have for the first half of a race
Tyler Cummings
WOW Cleetus afraid to post his ass whooping on his channel way to go fasterproms. I love it yall keep up the great work
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis Year ago
This will make Cletus do some crazy stuff to the Galaxy.
Scubaru Blu
Scubaru Blu Year ago
“you came on me hard!” -jeremy
steven20au Year ago
lol Cleetus living dangerously running only 4 wheel nuts on the passenger side of the galaxie hahahah
Jon Hines
Jon Hines Year ago
You need to get slicks for all four tires
James Lerch
James Lerch Year ago
17:58 More on topics like this please! I enjoy the shenanigans however the technical aspects of porting heads, intakes, super chargers, etc need more love IMHO.
Fasterproms Year ago
If you are new please check out old videos. Tons of info in a multitude of different topics.
1984NOMORE! Year ago
16:45 this is how I would probably look standing next to Jeremy! Bloody giants you bastards are! #jellyAF
Lucas Wiehe
Lucas Wiehe Year ago
Channels growing fast keep it up man your and old cleeter are awesome
Mikes garage
Mikes garage Year ago
Shrewd negotiation 😂😂👍🏻💯
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Year ago
Legend has it Cletus has a solenoid on his bottle .......
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Year ago
Lost 200 lbs with the shell ....... Gain 578 lbs with the friends .... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤔🤔🤔
Darius Austin
Darius Austin Year ago
I love this video this the race I been waiting for
TORN MOTO Year ago
when Cleetus gets donkey punched by his trunk😂
brian meattey
brian meattey Year ago
Well ya finally got him now it's time for rematch lmao ..coming soon
Chris Nation
Chris Nation Year ago
He would have you if you were both in 2wd. Your only winning because your getting the hole shot. Remove the front driveshaft and run again.
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Year ago
19:07 Cleetus doing the weight reductions too and only running 4 lug nuts.
1984NOMORE! Year ago
8:37 coming on me hard! lol
SmOoThYwOoDy Year ago
I'm going to subscribe to this channel, because I want to SEE what McFarland's Galaxy weighs. I bet it will be around 4300 lbs, not even close to 5000 lbs.
Joe Cam
Joe Cam Year ago
Hahah you guys will be going at it until both vehicles are in the 9s 🤣🤣 250k later in mods this is just the beginning merica 🦅🦅🦅🦅
SmOoThYwOoDy Year ago
McFarland for sure has a pusay, had to jump again with NOS. What a Bitch
SmOoThYwOoDy Year ago
You look to much at your boost, that is why you didn't take off the first race. But the second race you stomped McFarland. Third race McFarland jumped and still got his pusay handed to him...lol
Chris Braggins
Am I watching pinks
Reflex Photography NZ
Andrew May
Andrew May Year ago
And another 7 degree turn lmao
The Overclocker
Love the channel I hope u win it all .Do it big .
moddified machines
This was amazing felt like I was watching modern pinks
Brian Faus
Brian Faus Year ago
For a daily driver god damn she is a quick pickup go Duramax 💪
Landon Rasche
Landon Rasche Year ago
I think nitrous is fair..I mean your truck is heavy but it helps get that torque down. Idk. But entertaining!!
BackyardGoons Year ago
Now air upgrades on the galaxy lul
Kyle Marshall
Kyle Marshall Year ago
Lol I like how james said another 7 degrees of timing like I said on their video 😂😂 Yesss
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