Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives

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Feby goes off on Jackie at dinner in Costa Rica!
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Feby & Jackie Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 100
AshlyMonet 3 days ago
🗣After u brought me a candle! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sis a goofy
Montrel Conde
Montrel Conde 3 days ago
i commend jackie for being calm
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 4 days ago
Your not on my level Hha I'm dien
Khaliyah Oliviyah Maryam
Where is this girl from with that accent ?
Dessy Allen
Dessy Allen 8 days ago
“ a candle”
damien absalon
damien absalon 10 days ago
They did Jackie wrong in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣
NS 10 days ago
Briana Lee
Briana Lee 11 days ago
Lmao Jackie always come with the slight shade but I wish Feby didn’t do this show because I actually like her as a rapper 😩
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
“After you bought me kendull”😂😂😂
Mieka Ash
Mieka Ash 12 days ago
You know you lost when you just start repeating the other person. Reminds me of “I know you are but what am I?” Lol
Ramone Ray
Ramone Ray 13 days ago
“Yakie”.. and “ADult” really got me😂😂😂😂😂😂
TigBits 16 days ago
Febreeze look slowwww
BAAB Media Group
BAAB Media Group 16 days ago
Lady Lah
Lady Lah 18 days ago
Feby all bark no bite 😂😂😂 all she did was tough talk , she never took action to nothing .
Riea TheRawest
Riea TheRawest 23 days ago
Why was Jackie tripping tho and it’s clear Feby takes personally
marcquese boatwright
I like Jackie a lot even though she made the mistake that person get it together but I like this more calm and relaxed version of her
Erica Shakira
Erica Shakira 24 days ago
“ I’ve been called worse by better “ ..“ THEY AINT HERE” Jackie “ no” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Olivia Kimble
Olivia Kimble 25 days ago
The way Feby talks... ugh it is very annoying...
A C 26 days ago
“Your not on my level. Sorry. Oops”
Allyson Jones
Allyson Jones 27 days ago
Jackie did well that night, and even better the next night!
Allyson Jones
Allyson Jones 27 days ago
Feby was trying too hard!
Keshia Trussell
Keshia Trussell 28 days ago
Feby brought nothing to the show
Tae Brash
Tae Brash Month ago
Feby said “ this is my moment to shine!🤬
Cerean Eyre
Cerean Eyre Month ago
Feby trying to shame Jackie for being acting out at a cancer event. Wasn't feby inside the event acting just as messy. My grandad died of cancer and I personally think both are bad as one another. Could have been handled in a different environment but, feby shouldn't attack Jackie for her actions when she is just as bad.
Lawrence Sterling
In the words of Muffy Crosswire , Feby’s hair is vomitrotious
Life Conceitednyy
Everyone knew that If Jackie would have got up febi would have been done for 😂😂😂😂
Andrea Stocks
Andrea Stocks Month ago
Jackie was hilarious!!!! This scene was hilarious
ThandiEffect Month ago
This thumbnail ain’t it 😂😂💀
Princess K
Princess K Month ago
As loud,hype, and aggressive Febi talking, Why haven't Jackie layed hands on her yet?
David Parkes
David Parkes Month ago
Yall comments about Feby are so petty 🤣 im rollin.
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
For real I don’t think anyone likes her 😭😭😭
Pisces Tv
Pisces Tv Month ago
That’s house of intuition I love it 💜💜💜 nice candle
Pisces Tv
Pisces Tv Month ago
This thumb nail ain’t nothing but the devil...
D Month ago
“ArE yOu SaWiOuS” 💀
amina mustaf
amina mustaf Month ago
Did feby just say "AS A GROWN ASS ADELT". Adelt? who that?
Haji Said
Haji Said Month ago
Benaj'a Norman
Benaj'a Norman Month ago
feby could be cardb little sister
cancer bb
cancer bb Month ago
Carolyn Swan
Carolyn Swan Month ago
Don't come for Jackie a wanna be cardi B... Who is freebie
Febey stay in your lane baby gurl i not about that live ma frfr
Briana Moore
Briana Moore Month ago
I guess Febe wanted ppl to feel bad talking about are you acting crazy at a event ..my grandfather passed etc...girl , if you were scared just say that
Clarissa Alexandria
Damn I’m with Evelyn why the hell was Jackie so damn calm. I haven’t watched this season of BBW but damn I gotta see it
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards Month ago
She embarrassed herself
Diamond Jackson
Diamond Jackson Month ago
Now they know they wrong from that thumbnail
brown sher
brown sher Month ago
Ears 👂
Gretchin Mctrollster
Yk to be worried when Jackie says DONE
Jamyia Herman
Jamyia Herman Month ago
Shaunie , when Feby said "EARS" 😂😂😂☠️
👂 Ears 👂
Trish Amps
Trish Amps Month ago
Bye 👋 Feby girl you ani’t ready for Jackie lol
Sunny Quan
Sunny Quan Month ago
Feby and evelyn 🤢🤢🤢🤮
Ricky Perez
Ricky Perez Month ago
Evelyn had to go ignite the fire like she’s does in every situation. She’s an instigator!
K Millwood
K Millwood Month ago
Fever swear she got one up on Jackie , but naaaaah jackie held it the whole time 🤣🤣
Avia Trust
Avia Trust Month ago
Her teeth so big she cant even talk😁😅😅😅
Tyler Knight
Tyler Knight Month ago
Jackie Is So Ugly .
Freedom Marina
Freedom Marina Month ago
Feby only got mouthy cause she had liquor courage
A Month ago
Feby is doing way to much!! The drama tho 🤢
Tiara Wright
Tiara Wright Month ago
Jackie aint wrong. You spoke on her kids who suppose who suppose to sympathize for you? Bye.
Makgano Maelane
Makgano Maelane Month ago
Jackie fake asf
Jay Pi
Jay Pi Month ago
Your not on my level oops lol 😂
Jibrell Warren
Jibrell Warren Month ago
“Ayfta yu bowougut me a keendle”
hillybeans4&3 2 months ago
No Fooboo but your over bite is serious!
Virgos Nation
Virgos Nation 2 months ago
Ummm 🤔 more like Jacky popped off on Fungus
Jennifer Tarbox
Jennifer Tarbox 2 months ago
Ev laughing behind her napkin is a whole mood!
hugo jones
hugo jones 2 months ago
Feby is talking for no reason
Miss Tiny
Miss Tiny 2 months ago
2:27 🗣"Okay ears" 2:28 Shaunies head turn and face, had me laughing 😂💀😆
Salvatore Corrado
Salvatore Corrado 2 months ago
She looks like Yoda in the thumbnail smh 😂
Carmel Rigueur
Carmel Rigueur 2 months ago
but of course no one acknowledges Evelyn laughing as she proceeds to ask about the situation yet she says Jennifer likes drama 🙄
jimmy o
jimmy o 2 months ago
Feby has a major speech impediment😂👍🏽
naya 2 months ago
I feel for feby, Jackie oughta be shamed of herself showing up at that event like that
anacondabsc 2 months ago
That thumbnail though...
adirna 2 months ago
2:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dominique Johnson
Dominique Johnson 2 months ago
All these ladies are classless and Shaunie is a instigator and fake. None of them would be relevant if it wasnt 4 the men they laid dwn with
Jordan Simmons
Jordan Simmons 3 months ago
Jackie is crazy😂😂 when she said done I died
TikTok Mashups
TikTok Mashups 3 months ago
feby speaking roblox language
crazy12345595 3 months ago
So Hulu just gonna do me like that and leave me at season 5 !
Ella Ark
Ella Ark 3 months ago
feby’s voice is annoying
Techan Kemp
Techan Kemp 3 months ago
Lol jackie won this for me! Jackie ain’t had no energy to entertain this! She made sure she didn’t get clout of an argument
Madison Francis
Madison Francis 3 months ago
am I the only one here that agrees with Feby? Her grandfather dying and everything and Jackie showing up to a cancer event to argue
Madison Francis
Madison Francis 2 months ago
@Zenzi Molefe I understand that and that is very sad, but I think people deal with grief differently. I also think that if she had an event to honor her lost family members and feby ran up on her she would be upset
Lovely One
Lovely One 3 months ago
“As a grown *** aDEALT!” “Dis aint cheriteh!” -Feby
LaShunda Martin
LaShunda Martin 3 months ago
My thing is why did Evelyn have to say anything? But she's not messy!!!! Now, this is the kicker. Feby trying to straighten and check Jackie; on how Mrs. J, acted at Jennifer's event. Now, look at you, Feby.
Melanin Princess
Melanin Princess 3 months ago
Ohk yall talking about Febe but at what point was she wrong if Jackie was there at the event to support why she came with all the extra
Jenel Harrison
Jenel Harrison 3 months ago
That name fit her Feby she is funny as hell her and Jackie together lol
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 3 months ago
Jackie looks like a bat! And Phoebe needs her ass handed to her.
J. Alexander
J. Alexander 3 months ago
Jackie looks like a Gremlin in the thumbnail.
Steven Gómez
Steven Gómez 3 months ago
"You're not on my level, sorry, oops!" -Jackie Me: 💀
Pilar Martinez
Pilar Martinez 3 months ago
I'm sorry, but Feby has a point. who does act like that as an adult at a cancer event ... just sucks that she is tipsy angry because she allowed Jackie to win that one
Danie Mashinini
Danie Mashinini 3 months ago
I don't like the Feby, she always sounds nasally and dumb
aj aj
aj aj 3 months ago
this is the calmest i’ve seen jackie
Adrian 1996
Adrian 1996 3 months ago
Malaysia is always kissing up to evelyn & the first thing evelyn does is put her on the spot with Yacky just to instigate a fight
Jacobi Rogers
Jacobi Rogers 3 months ago
OG “Let her finish” Feby “Nah f*ck that” OG “Okay”🤣🤣
# khubb
# khubb 3 months ago
“ ok EARS “
Diana X
Diana X 3 months ago
Ferby is ugly and so is her mouth
Yanu 3 months ago
You’re not on my level Feby should’ve done the duck walk like Kenya
Chyann windom
Chyann windom 3 months ago
It's the oops for me😂😂😂😂
Tangie Lewis
Tangie Lewis 3 months ago
“aS A gRoWn aSs aDeLt !!!!!!!!!” That irritated me so much I have no idea why
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee 3 months ago
As a grown ass ADAALT🤣🤣🤣🤣
Positivevibez 3 months ago
Cece's facial expression after Feby says "Ain't **** funny about that bitch!" 🤣🤣🤣
Motlalepula Ntlaly
Motlalepula Ntlaly 3 months ago
Who still watch it in 2020?
alleta nkoane
alleta nkoane 4 months ago
Feby should be on Love and hip hop.. I don’t know why she is rolling with these Queens 🤔
Butter Cup.
Butter Cup. 4 months ago
Idk who's vocabulary is worse febys or Malaysias lol
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