Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives

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Feby goes off on Jackie at dinner in Costa Rica!
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Basketball Wives follows the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players. With a cast that includes Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo and Jennifer Williams, there's never a dull moment on the home court.
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Feby & Jackie Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives ruvid.net/u-VH1


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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 80
RecoveryJ 17 hours ago
Feby is kinda right, though.
Fanta Kaba
Fanta Kaba 2 days ago
Jackie is wrong for coming to that event and doing that
LifeWithCocoa 2 days ago
Feby voice when she called Jackie a “Beeich” at 2:22 😭😭😭😭
ThatKid Kay
ThatKid Kay 5 days ago
Feby is the definition of a bird 🙄 She can’t own up to anything she says & she’s only about something when theres people around
No_ Foo
No_ Foo 5 days ago
She look ridiculous with them dreads.
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole 5 days ago
Ewww, Feby is highly annoying when she's drunk. And what the hell is "adelt?" Lol
Julie Doolan
Julie Doolan 6 days ago
Jackie is so fake
Rojerover 6 days ago
Feby talks like i need to why my face every second becasue she'll be spitting all over
Ry'Aasia Vancleave
"Now I know how people feel when me and tami argue because it just kept going"
OMG 7 days ago
Are you seriouth? Are you seriouth Thackie ?
Ryan Ashe
Ryan Ashe 8 days ago
Maylasia face at the beginning 😭😂😂
Endeeyah 8 days ago
I don’t care what nobody say Jackie is funny asf 😂😂😂
Queen Niya
Queen Niya 9 days ago
i honestly thought her name was feby
Jonae & Nece
Jonae & Nece 10 days ago
Why she look like a elf in the thumbnail im rubbin my forehead on that one. #productionshadydobetter #jackienotthebadguy
Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva
Who is that??
Akiera Monique
Akiera Monique 14 days ago
febi wasn’t starting nothing 💯 she just didn’t like the fact that you came to a positive event to start drama what part don’t you understand about that jackie
Dillion Davis
Dillion Davis 12 days ago
Would y’all have rather Jackie went in Jen event and beat Febreeze scary ass inside the building? She told her to come outside Fubu was also talking out the side of her neck but never stood in it when confronted.
Kobby Minta
Kobby Minta 14 days ago
0:58 No one: Feby: aS a GrOwn aSs *EdEwT*
Daniel Washington
Daniel Washington 14 days ago
As annoying as Feby is, she actually had a point. I love Jackie and all, but running up at a cancer event is really not appropriate at all.
Pgimmie Gimmiebaby
Pgimmie Gimmiebaby 15 days ago
Fubu wanted to impress Evelyn n Shaunie so bad 😂😂😂
Bria Behavior
Bria Behavior 17 days ago
Leslie Requenez
Leslie Requenez 17 days ago
I felt that whispered " Done "
beck b
beck b 18 days ago
They did ol’ girl wrong in that thumbnail 😂😂😂
The Booty eating Bandit
As a grown ass adelt are you serious ?
Antonia Sambrano
Antonia Sambrano 19 days ago
Jackie is too calm
Isa Herrera
Isa Herrera 20 days ago
feby ain’t like hea tho, she should not have done that there
Katie Roman
Katie Roman 21 day ago
2:27 🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣shaunie’s FACE 😳and the sound effects IM DEAD 💀😵😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
kiki Martinez
kiki Martinez 22 days ago
Lmfao am I the only one who was like damn Jackie them ears !!! Then feby called her "ears" I died lmfao 😭😂😂😂😂😂👂 !!!!!!
kiki Martinez
kiki Martinez 22 days ago
Lmfao feby!!!!
nikole 23 days ago
Jackie looks like Fievel on the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣
Mohammad Dhofar
Mohammad Dhofar 24 days ago
No one took Feby's rant seriously lmao 😩😩🤣🤣
Jackie is hilarious 😂 “you’re done” 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂
xhpgirlx 25 days ago
Feby is funny to me lol
Elizabeth Truiett
Elizabeth Truiett 26 days ago
Love you Mrs. Jackie Chrissy. That how read someone. Cool , Calm, and Collect.
LUSIA MONOLAGI 26 days ago
Omg.. Jackie was so unbothered it annoyed tf outta Feby haha
Antwan McClain
Antwan McClain 26 days ago
Soooooooo Feby is childish for going off on Jackie at a dinner table, yet Jackie isn't for trying to fight at a cancer event? What is this world coming to smh. Jackie always pokes the bear and hides her hand, yet no one holds her responsible.
Ezell Bryant
Ezell Bryant 27 days ago
“oops” 😭😭😭
OhitsMiMi09 27 days ago
I can’t be a fan of Jackie lol she’s way too old to be actin like that
SRC 28 days ago
Jackie is such a fake 🤣🤣 She said “I ain’t in no mood to fight tonight” while feefee is bout to jump cross the table spitting and lisping 💦💦 But the night before Jackie was all hung go screaming crack head molly wop this bitch from her seat, when feefee was just chillin that night and laughing at her old ass
jasmine brown
jasmine brown 28 days ago
😂😂your done. And she was calm cuz garuntee u Jackie smoked before she got there
alsk20 28 days ago
"extra red bottoms" Feby tacky ass ain't got no red bottoms. And Jackie when she says "oops" always gets me.
Keli 28 days ago
Why are y'all on Jackie's side? She literally showed up to a cancer event to fight? Like tf
Zandrya 9 days ago
oh well 🤷🏾. don’t speak on her name negatively and she wouldn’t have to.
Derrick Hobbs
Derrick Hobbs Month ago
Evelyn didn’t have to bring that elephant out . I’m glad this show isn’t on right now !
messiah e
messiah e Month ago
jackie was too into that glass of wine to give lil feby fizzle pop any life 😂😂
Beauty.Forever Month ago
Why they got Jackie looking like Yoda from Star Wars 😂😂😂
Eulisa Phillips
Eulisa Phillips Month ago
Jackie should have left basket ball wives when Brooke beat her ass, she still being a old ass hole..
DJx Month ago
Who are these married to?
Kendrah Porter
Kendrah Porter Month ago
Are you sherious 😂😂
Can't stand Feby.
Coconut Jive
Coconut Jive Month ago
Jackie was done giving them a story line
ya'll poor AF
ya'll poor AF Month ago
Feby is so pretty
DeJa Love
DeJa Love Month ago
Feby 💯
DeJa Love
DeJa Love Month ago
I miss her 💯 bring her back
Baby Cianni23
Baby Cianni23 Month ago
i couldn’t take feby serious
B Happy
B Happy Month ago
OMG the thumb nail looks like Yoda! That mad scary face Jackie be having lol! Love ya Jackie🤣
Nini Tv
Nini Tv Month ago
Yoooo. Jackie looks like a Ogre in the thumbnail 🤢💀💀💀
Mocha Doll
Mocha Doll Month ago
Jackie looks like the grinch in the thumbnail
Malena Hernández
If you can't even manage your speech you can't be taken seriously. This new girl have to learn how to speak correctly, is not because she's little drunk, she's just ignorant. I saw other videos. She has a speech problem and have to learn how to pronounce right now, please!
kenn d011ie
kenn d011ie Month ago
Lmao feby got me weakkkkkk
- Asprezii
- Asprezii Month ago
Feby is weird on a different level, wtf.
Jermaine Allen
Jermaine Allen Month ago
Little girl
xFellazz Month ago
that little feby rat only slick at the mouth cuz she drunk. Jackie would have dragged her little ass
Keith Hubert
Keith Hubert Month ago
Are you "Sh-eeerious?" Says Feby lol
Alythia Gillis
Alythia Gillis Month ago
She’s packed the candle because Jackie bought it for her healing... why wouldn’t she bring it with her, Evelyn?
Rykeil Bridgett
Rykeil Bridgett Month ago
Jackie so pretty. Jackie was wrong for acting out at a charity event. Feby was trashed tho.
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Lol to look at it now... jackie was being fake to Feby😭😭😭
Jade Erikaaa
Jade Erikaaa Month ago
Feby gave me second hand embarrassment
Dianne Casimir
Dianne Casimir Month ago
Queen Mya
Queen Mya Month ago
Lol I love Jackie honey she calm asf😂💯
Brandon D
Brandon D Month ago
Jackie cant whoop everybody...She loud and want everybody to see and hear her. It's the quiet ones you have to worry about.
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson Month ago
Feby likes a baby chihuahua.😆😆
janken Month ago
Feby was just on the wrong show lol
Imani Kingel
Imani Kingel Month ago
“Oops” (sips wine)
mikey mike
mikey mike Month ago
Omg jackie they caught you looking crazy looking like a mouse or something on that thumbnail
brandi gray
brandi gray Month ago
I wanna be jackie in this moment
Jadin Cole
Jadin Cole Month ago
They all hate on febe 🤦🏾‍♀️
Kee Williams
Kee Williams Month ago
Kandacy Holder
Kandacy Holder Month ago
Okayyyyyy and where is feby now?smh
Shanya Hooks
Shanya Hooks Month ago
niyaa tv
niyaa tv Month ago
y’all talkin about feby but Jackie old ass came to a cancer event tryin to start problems just look at febys pov
Venus Venus
Venus Venus Month ago
Feby knows damn well she’s scary and she can’t fight...She don’t want no beef with Jackie.
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