FaZe Sway VS Clix Got TOXIC.. The TRUTH Behind The Drama!

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FaZe Sway VS Clix Got TOXIC.. The TRUTH Behind The Drama!


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Aug 15, 2019




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fuk mmr
fuk mmr 7 days ago
Tfue looking fucking rough at the end of that video
JD Gatlin Jr
JD Gatlin Jr 7 days ago
What was this for I never heard about this event
Script kids fake ass gamers
Brandon Hernandez
I understand
2nd account for RxckzyisCracked
If I was clix I would've left if I was wagering someone who plays like that
Tumz Festival
Tumz Festival Month ago
2:10 TWO TAKES to say: "Today's morning...." Stay in school kids.
Bridget Coody
Bridget Coody Month ago
I understand
dawn mitchell
dawn mitchell Month ago
That’s not fucking FaZe sway
PAC MAYN3 Month ago
Sway is a weirdo bro
Malik Murdock
Malik Murdock Month ago
I think sways just mad he lost and is scared that's it
ChadIsNotGayOk Month ago
I understand💜
James Spaw
James Spaw Month ago
Hes so stupid lol
Kozer #2
Kozer #2 Month ago
Sway sucks bro like he’s dog shit like I’m not even trying to be toxic and you can tell he lied
Niko Sanico
Niko Sanico Month ago
Clix is toxic and sweats so hard in creative
Shay Barratt
Shay Barratt Month ago
You are now immune to self promotion comments Have a nice day
Kyle Spelman
Kyle Spelman Month ago
I understand
Austin Carreno-Aguirre
Sway probably hates you now?
Austin Carreno-Aguirre
Sway probably hates you now?
Zach Weil
Zach Weil Month ago
Sway was very disrespectful the whole call
Renee Padilla
Renee Padilla Month ago
I would nock sway out
Dantoo T
Dantoo T Month ago
I only came here for clixes typing skills
Myk Yeet
Myk Yeet 2 months ago
I understand
Chu_HTX 2 months ago
I like Sway cause of his skills but being honest he needs a big bro who gives him knowledge. He be coming off as someone who dont care what his fans think, he got that one kid harass over the internet. I guess its all a ego trip idk but basically I want him to come off as a better person than he been lately
Vekr GGs
Vekr GGs 2 months ago
Sway is such a pussy
nannerbgoulding 2 months ago
Sway is hella funny bruh holy shit 😭🤣🤣
Mugetsu Tensho
Mugetsu Tensho 2 months ago
@Faze Sway with money on the line you're a straight coward ~ Faze Coward In addition ~ straight loser can't believe Faze lets a gamer represent them like this...
Mohanad Algahaim
Mohanad Algahaim 3 months ago
Wtf is wrong with sway I feel bad for my man clicks
Best mobile Player
Best mobile Player 3 months ago
I understand
Vize DestroyYT
Vize DestroyYT 2 months ago
Anonimus ReX
Anonimus ReX 3 months ago
You hate Sway, we get it!
Kentrell Looney
Kentrell Looney 3 months ago
Sway’s a pussy bitch😂 crybaby.
Ej Pardines
Ej Pardines 3 months ago
TFG definitely dick riding clix side lol thats what you get for making shitty rules
Ruins 4 months ago
I feel like sway was just trying to piss clix off
Salman Makki
Salman Makki 4 months ago
Your wrong
ᴅᴀxᴛʀᴏᴡ 4 months ago
He tried to play it off but you caught up to him and he was like “ahh whatever I don’t care”😂
Huawei Tablet
Huawei Tablet 4 months ago
Clix is a bot sway is the beast
SKULL 21 4 months ago
the fortnite guy is being dramatic about a silly fight and is on clixs side sooo why should i subscribe to a guy who is on ones side
Vize DestroyYT
Vize DestroyYT 2 months ago
Dont be a blast liar
Vize DestroyYT
Vize DestroyYT 2 months ago
@SKULL 21 sway cheated not him
SKULL 21 4 months ago
also it said sway cheated when clix was the cheating one
SKULL 21 4 months ago
14:44 for example i can tell he does not like sway
SaR RaidzZ
SaR RaidzZ 4 months ago
I UNDERSTAND. I mean I’m already trash but if I was playing for cash I would be very nervous and shakey.BTW GREAT VID.
ItsHeco 4 months ago
Sway thinks he’s fucking savage no bro its just being dumb and acting like a bitch. People in faze not all but most of them thinks they’re fucking savages.
Soos Trator
Soos Trator 4 months ago
Wtf is sway talking
Noah M
Noah M 4 months ago
Sway actually sounds retarded
Dominic Rizza
Dominic Rizza 4 months ago
I would love to compete in Wednesday wagers but I ain’t got PayPal I only got cash app and plus I wouldn’t win it would just be fun to play against pros
Dominic Rizza
Dominic Rizza 4 months ago
I understand things happen it’s no ones fault keep up the good work
5boopboopFN 4 months ago
You’ll drop 30 kills in your next Fortnite game. Like and subscribe to activate
Stacey Powe
Stacey Powe 4 months ago
How the f*** do disagree there was legit no f****** BS
Yassin Hassan
Yassin Hassan 4 months ago
Sway u bot lier lier lier lier lier lier leir lier lier lier lier lier lier lier lier lier leir lier lier lier lier lier lier lier lie lier lier
FrX x2Legend
FrX x2Legend 4 months ago
Sway starts playing Clix shoots down Sway camps Gets mad
Lost Boy
Lost Boy 4 months ago
i understand
Kinetic _rs
Kinetic _rs 5 months ago
Why only clix POV
QAHZYD 5 months ago
It is content cos it’s funny he can’t find sway
Kamron Hulverson
Kamron Hulverson 5 months ago
He's just trying to have fun playing the game. Now this dudes coming in pressing, like get tf out of here bro. Clix needs to chill, this man was taking this shit personally, its not that big of a deal.
ASvlogsandgaming 5 months ago
I am on FaZe sway’s side
ASvlogsandgaming 5 months ago
The kill was NOT fair
Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris
listening to sway - i have to say - the guy sounds baked out of his mind and/or really dumb.
azkalikesturtles 5 months ago
i understand (:
OutMage100 5 months ago
i understand
fag boy
fag boy 5 months ago
Haven't watched you in a while I come back and now he's one of the youtubers that extends his videos for revenue
murilin 0067
murilin 0067 5 months ago
Alg br pra traduzir
Vampire WolfPuPPy
Vampire WolfPuPPy 5 months ago
Bro clix was playing like a bitch to but sway didn't shoot him down every minute and didn't grappler to him cause he fell over for being trash
Kevyn Zans
Kevyn Zans 5 months ago
doesn't mater sway wasn't playing like swayyyy
Henry Cubias
Henry Cubias 5 months ago
Why shouldn’t the 1v1s just be 15 min long and then when the time ends whoever has more health wins like this isint thad hard
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