FaZe Sway VS Clix Got TOXIC.. The TRUTH Behind The Drama!

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FaZe Sway VS Clix Got TOXIC.. The TRUTH Behind The Drama!


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Aug 15, 2019




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Kamron Hulverson
Kamron Hulverson 21 hour ago
He's just trying to have fun playing the game. Now this dudes coming in pressing, like get tf out of here bro. Clix needs to chill, this man was taking this shit personally, its not that big of a deal.
ASvlogsandgaming 2 days ago
I am on FaZe sway’s side
ASvlogsandgaming 2 days ago
The kill was NOT fair
Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris
listening to sway - i have to say - the guy sounds baked out of his mind and/or really dumb.
azkalikesturtles 5 days ago
i understand (:
OutMage100 5 days ago
i understand
Provoked IIV
Provoked IIV 5 days ago
Haven't watched you in a while I come back and now he's one of the youtubers that extends his videos for revenue
murilin 0067
murilin 0067 6 days ago
Alg br pra traduzir
Vampire WolfPuPPy
Bro clix was playing like a bitch to but sway didn't shoot him down every minute and didn't grappler to him cause he fell over for being trash
Kevyn Zans
Kevyn Zans 6 days ago
doesn't mater sway wasn't playing like swayyyy
Henry Cubias
Henry Cubias 6 days ago
Why shouldn’t the 1v1s just be 15 min long and then when the time ends whoever has more health wins like this isint thad hard
Super Donut
Super Donut 7 days ago
hes a 15 year old, don't freak out when he makes mistakes, and the drama is pretty funny
x2Twats 7 days ago
Gregorio Edwards
Gregorio Edwards 8 days ago
Bro there is money on the line dip shit and plus no resetting that dumb asf fuck the rules bro smh and clix has no fucking patience bro get in sway fucking box you pussy
Vorxee 8 days ago
Your grades will be great next year Study to activate
Sean Santos
Sean Santos 9 days ago
Is just me or that every pro player have glasses 👓
Fahan Kaudeer
Fahan Kaudeer 10 days ago
I understand
Derek Foster
Derek Foster 10 days ago
Sway is turd. He cheats & he doesn’t follow rules 👎
Jose Oliva
Jose Oliva 10 days ago
Clix Toxic i understand #teamsway
Ostraca 11 days ago
He’s obviously trolling him lmfao sway a clown
AKAFinn 8 days ago
obviously trolling over 4k
Nesrah 11 days ago
He doesn’t care bruh💀
Census Edits
Census Edits 11 days ago
You spend 4 grand to make a bigger return don’t act like it’s all just charity 🤷🏼‍♂️
Alex Sims
Alex Sims 11 days ago
how about just make this easy on everyone and ban hime from it.
Alex Sims
Alex Sims 11 days ago
11:37 oooookkkkk budddy sway just stop lieing bud ok..
Alex Sims
Alex Sims 11 days ago
sway's a pu$$y
najwan jaafar
najwan jaafar 12 days ago
I understand
Bernard chezmond dinglechalk
99%sure he was just trolling
retard nigga laundry basket
hey i’m kinda on sways dude he’s the true king of 1v1s because of his history with it and you should listen to sway because he’s the elder here
JJ 25
JJ 25 12 days ago
I understand
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 12 days ago
Why in the world would there be no reset at height? So dumb
Cyan FPS
Cyan FPS 12 days ago
sway is illiterate lmao
ralexys23 _
ralexys23 _ 12 days ago
Can I join Wednesday wagers?
Xander Zeeman
Xander Zeeman 12 days ago
i understand man sway being a lil bitch
heartless official
heartless official 12 days ago
I hate swathe cheated in a tournament
Lil x Mac
Lil x Mac 13 days ago
Faze sway sounds retarded
xXNinjaGodXx _YT
xXNinjaGodXx _YT 13 days ago
I understand
SyN_MySt1c 13 days ago
SyN_MySt1c 13 days ago
I understand homeboy!
Damian Soto
Damian Soto 13 days ago
Bruh sway doesn’t care and y’all are trying to make drama lmaoo
tayr 6 days ago
If he doesnt care then why is he playing
kim briones
kim briones 13 days ago
NEVER LET SWAY PLAY AGAIN LMAO not until he can talk properly “ya dat didn’t hewlp”
Aleh 13 days ago
Battle of the nerds
Nicole Van Alstine
Nicole Van Alstine 14 days ago
you could have just gave me the money and I would have spelled my name on the mountain.
Oscar Molina
Oscar Molina 14 days ago
harrison hayes
harrison hayes 14 days ago
Turn on names and locations
Lisa Louie
Lisa Louie 14 days ago
Lol clix is a bitch lmao crybaby bitch
Retro_ Wolf
Retro_ Wolf 14 days ago
Sway is making no sense in this
DaX_Sava 14 days ago
Sway is such a baby!!
Dimentio 14 days ago
Don't invite sway back
Dark Lord
Dark Lord 14 days ago
Bro sway is still the best
Koby Swann
Koby Swann 14 days ago
You hater for sway screw u
ItsZelo 15 days ago
sway is going downhill
Sensful 15 days ago
If sway plays like a pussy he will get hate he’s not the best player if he played like an actual person people would have more respect
Faze marcus
Faze marcus 15 days ago
Y'all can shut up and get of sway dick
Harrison Perks
Harrison Perks 15 days ago
sway fucking sucks
Harrison Perks
Harrison Perks 15 days ago
and stupid, illiterate fuck
PjayTheMan 15 days ago
Its a video game.... tell clix to get his tampon lol
Pat Delaney
Pat Delaney 15 days ago
2:17 u made edit mistake
Slumped Lowkz
Slumped Lowkz 15 days ago
This fortnight guy is such bitch as niggah always making the worst of faze sway making him look like a fool wierdo after this vid im gonee
F1SHY 2906
F1SHY 2906 15 days ago
i understand
SamPonzTamPonz 15 days ago
Sway is an idiot
Alex Kim
Alex Kim 16 days ago
I understand
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