FaZe Reacts to me WINNING in Trio Cash Cup ($1,000,000)

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Aug 18, 2019




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Comments 2 102
Jack Byram
Jack Byram 2 days ago
You need new trios partners homie. Your outta their league
Taferzz 3 days ago
Did you win 1,000,000 congrats
PaylinesFN 3 days ago
FaZe Reacts to My Trio dying every game
YT RokiBalboa
YT RokiBalboa 4 days ago
Where the reaction at?
W7f21 14 days ago
Kyle is garbage
John Monterosso
John Monterosso 20 days ago
Jarvis is now a millionaire
xd Bumz
xd Bumz 20 days ago
Not to be rude or anything but he never won once
Kristofer Juhkam
Kristofer Juhkam 23 days ago
jarvis if you watch ghost ninja
Zachary Dearing
Zachary Dearing 24 days ago
you didnt even win this all bullshit btw
Chosen One
Chosen One 25 days ago
Your teammates are dog shit
Devin Toms
Devin Toms 25 days ago
I watch the whole video and didn't say that you make victory Royale
Sam Greenwood
Sam Greenwood 25 days ago
Your click bait in unsubbing you exposed Kyle remember you clickbaiter
Seidelbuck 04
Seidelbuck 04 25 days ago
15:16 Go back to the School
Micah Hernandez
Micah Hernandez 26 days ago
Who’s here after seeing Typical Gamer killed Jarvis?
D.J Cheetah
D.J Cheetah 23 days ago
Jenna Osadolor
Jenna Osadolor 26 days ago
Can u guys sub plz my RUvid channel is called Gio X Gamer
lg bigbop
lg bigbop 27 days ago
He says that player trash but he is
abby 27 days ago
He got knock once and they got knock so many times
abby 27 days ago
They kept dieing and jarvis had to carry them
abby 27 days ago
Or faze sway
abby 27 days ago
Play with tufe and shah
Felix Amadi
Felix Amadi 27 days ago
Felix Amadi
Felix Amadi 27 days ago
Click bate
Shadow 28 days ago
What other trios did was stick together and go for high ground I know you guys will do better next game
Littlejtorrez 28 days ago
“Let’s go Jarvis your ACTUALLY InSAnE”
xxXCoolKIDXxx 28 days ago
7:27 to 7:29 the face.of ur brother and his frown is hilarious
Diana Ruiz-Martinez
I got my first arena win today
Tokm Chibi
Tokm Chibi 28 days ago
bruh ur playing with. kyle da goat. u fake ur vids
Galaxy Slothy
Galaxy Slothy 28 days ago
Jarvis are you gonna play in today’s Wednesday solo cash cup
Daniel Moody
Daniel Moody 28 days ago
Kyle da bomb is the same toxic kid when you exposed your duo partners stats (does it mean it was set up)
LegendRoy13 29 days ago
What is the name of the headset from Jarvis?
Arjun Akshikar
Arjun Akshikar 29 days ago
as soon as I heard Faze Kays voice I muted the vid
YYkeegann7 29 days ago
The TTV kyle de goat is the guy you exposed is your other video.
bnipz 29 days ago
Why u playing with bots
Plugmoves 29 days ago
If Jarvis was allowed to go world he would win
qGrove 29 days ago
ThAtS InSaNe BrO
Freeze DownTown
Freeze DownTown 29 days ago
I’ve never seen someone carry Harder in my life wow
{MTL} Dawn
{MTL} Dawn 29 days ago
Jarvis just asking if you want to play my epic name is klostrofobiq
Tyriq Jackson
Tyriq Jackson 29 days ago
Faze Jarvis: I just won $1,000,000 Faze: Here goes 200k
Vision Illusion
Vision Illusion 29 days ago
Wtfis this click bait
Electra Syn
Electra Syn 29 days ago
Faze clan owner is only cheering with kay because he knows he getting 80% of his win
Nejc Kramer
Nejc Kramer 29 days ago
Wtf i just realized that video with exposing stats was fake omg
Tiiqq 29 days ago
Comms are so shit and ur team mates are bots you should consider a new team
Itzz Blixxy
Itzz Blixxy 29 days ago
Don't forget, 80% of your income 😂 it's a joke
Joseph Graziadei
Joseph Graziadei 29 days ago
click bate much
prxy 29 days ago
Kay is acc cringe
Dylan Camp
Dylan Camp 29 days ago
God drop Kermit the frog for someone better
Fr4gZ GucciFlex
Fr4gZ GucciFlex 29 days ago
Fr you need a better duo
Fl1 P
Fl1 P 29 days ago
Jarvis need actual good teamates
Acesneaky 29 days ago
There’s that Kyle kid again
Ooh_i_ Scoped_you
Ooh_i_ Scoped_you 29 days ago
Some one buy me a fortnite skin epic name (Skippy_2964)cause I'm broke
TofuHypes YT
TofuHypes YT 29 days ago
Ttv kyle da goat is the toxic kid from exposing my teammates stats
Landon Hopkins
Landon Hopkins 29 days ago
@19:35 he killed the World Cup kid snow
Cooper Bernard
Cooper Bernard 29 days ago
your teamate is trahs
the pc Gamer
the pc Gamer 29 days ago
Sick videos guys keep it up. And if anyone wouldn't mind subbing to my channel. It would mean the world to me
Expo FN
Expo FN 29 days ago
Wasn’t ttv Kyle do goat in your exposing peoples stats and he pretended to be your random duo. Your vids are so fake
LukaFinn 3725
LukaFinn 3725 29 days ago
Is ttv Kyle da goat not the guy u expose with his wins
Xertify Hooded
Xertify Hooded 29 days ago
I wish he uploaded just normal game play instead of the cringe vids with the faze house
Angelique Drazo
Angelique Drazo 29 days ago
you should do It with sway and blaze
Vinlie Ripin
Vinlie Ripin 29 days ago
Jarvis you are really good addme in fortnite my account is blabaladave
TTV_madkiller 29 days ago
Dude I am new sub
TTV_madkiller 29 days ago
My friend told me about u and I seen u in mr beast challenge
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