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FaZe H1ghSky1 Kicked a 15 Year Old From FaZe, FaZe Megga! Ft FaZe Jarvis & FaZe Kay...! LIKE this to Kick another Member of FaZe Prank!
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Comments 80
I like FOOD
I like FOOD 4 hours ago
FaZe Kay look at mrfreshashin for Faze
Yigit Almaci
Yigit Almaci 7 hours ago
Highsky finks he is te boss
zavion Cousins
zavion Cousins 9 hours ago
I got 6th in World Cup
Clip JAYDS 12 hours ago
funny brandon /123
My user name is ItsyourboyFaZe1
Blue Rings
Blue Rings Day ago
Way everyone in the faze group is White and there is no black member get a black member.
Denitsa Bachkova
I know that game
Jordan Hankton
Jordan Hankton 2 days ago
Creative destruction
mrgamer 1997
mrgamer 1997 2 days ago
Javis should just become a apex streamer or a different game
Noodlz 2 days ago
Yo FaZe Kay, the game Jarvis was playing is called Creative Destruction. What's Jarvis's username?, so he can become famous on CD like he was on Fortnite!
Yamill Brazoban
Yamill Brazoban 2 days ago
Faze kay said n***a
Ibrahim Sher
Ibrahim Sher 2 days ago
Rosalina Segura
Rosalina Segura 3 days ago
u can just make a new account like tfue did
AssasinAU 3 days ago
I would cry if I was megga
AssasinAU 3 days ago
Mega is my fav faze member
Abdulmajeed Alsaidi
it is a prak
Ryan’s Yeeted gaming
I killed you sorry
Harrison Castle
Harrison Castle 3 days ago
It's creative dustruction
Zvotas H
Zvotas H 3 days ago
Did Kay really called Megga Ni*ga 4:12
Hajari Mohead
Hajari Mohead 3 days ago
I being playing creative destruction since season 2
PD ALPHA GAMIMG 3 days ago
Yo jarvis i have been ban in fortnite by my friends by writing a report to prank me but i just got permanent ban😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 So i play CD now
zakale tidmore
zakale tidmore 3 days ago
can i join if i do a challange or someting im like a 8/10
fe4rless yeet
fe4rless yeet 3 days ago
His keyboard is so loud
TTvToxicKiller _4
0:24 thats Creative destruction btw
TTvToxicKiller _4
2:03 thats Creative destruction btw
Asha Begum
Asha Begum 4 days ago
What up
Mirtha Benitez
Mirtha Benitez 4 days ago
Hay can i join faze can i be faze iker
Ms Iris Iri
Ms Iris Iri 5 days ago
Can I join Faze caln i have100'00
KOOL MAN 5 days ago
Bet creative destruction bin playing since when it came out I play it on mobile tho I'm good tho
shannon reid
shannon reid 5 days ago
Quint & Freek
Quint & Freek 5 days ago
I have a good tip for jarvis. Maybe you could play RealmRoyale
Romell Bello
Romell Bello 5 days ago
Megga is insane
Galaxy Brawl stars
Ladavin Johnson
Ladavin Johnson 5 days ago
Faze kay please recruit kaylen to faze I really want him to be in it he deserved it please kay
Grundyy 5 days ago
Is high sky wearing a Aussie shirt
Cosie vosie
Cosie vosie 5 days ago
Why you gotta do megga like dat
Mohammad Ahli
Mohammad Ahli 5 days ago
tell highsky to 1v1 me i dare him
Eager Ab
Eager Ab 6 days ago
I cried when you got banned from FaZe
Liam J Patel
Liam J Patel 6 days ago
He is playing creative destruction
YTCamz Owner of GG Clan
Oh my God Meggas mechanical keyboard!!!!!
Dragon Balls For Life
How do you join faze
Abram Trejo
Abram Trejo 6 days ago
Just make a new account like Tfue
GHOSTLY Fortnite
GHOSTLY Fortnite 6 days ago
It was a prank Thats insane
tjizake karupa
tjizake karupa 6 days ago
please subscribe to on youtube the best family
Carlos Malo
Carlos Malo 6 days ago
He won more than 1mil dollars at wc
Pressure NBD
Pressure NBD 7 days ago
Kay it’s trash
Pressure NBD
Pressure NBD 7 days ago
Nathan Alex
Nathan Alex 7 days ago
He did 😱
Evan11_YT 7 days ago
it kinda sounds like when kay says mega he saying the n-word
Riley Plays
Riley Plays 7 days ago
If you reply omg
Teddie X Gloowyy
Teddie X Gloowyy 7 days ago
2:45 LOLOL highsky: your genna get kicked anyway
Carlos Eduardo Davila Valecillos
Can Faze Megga 1v1 FazeHighsky if you think they should do this too hit the like button
Katerina Kelesovska
make a new account jarvis
TheKDGaming 8 days ago
highsky teeth bro are so yellow
Gabriel Villasenor
My username is the_savage_7272 I play on ps4
rebecca croom
rebecca croom 8 days ago
They don't go to school?!?!
Kyler Herrington
Kyler Herrington 8 days ago
Is it just me or does high sky look like Georgie from it
360 .5
360 .5 9 days ago
I am going crie
Chase Bowling
Chase Bowling 9 days ago
Jarvis was playin fortnite
Casper de Crook
Casper de Crook 9 days ago
bro bro bro bro bro
Barron Coffman
Barron Coffman 9 days ago
4:18 “migga.” 😂
ZINXY 10 days ago
4:04 Highsky:Mega nooooo. Mega:noooo what
Nina Hernandez
Nina Hernandez 10 days ago
Travis is playing creative of destruction
Omar Plays Games
Omar Plays Games 10 days ago
Akea Sanborn
Akea Sanborn 11 days ago
Creative destruction
KNZ FraX 11 days ago
Is prank
Devin Mills
Devin Mills 11 days ago
he said win this game mega
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 11 days ago
i would beat him up
ItsFr1day 11 days ago
7:38 ???????? What
Jax Sawdon
Jax Sawdon 12 days ago
Supposed to be 13
Pug 174
Pug 174 12 days ago
MEEGA is so good he is cracked like all the other people but 15.
WRLD Jarvis
WRLD Jarvis 12 days ago
Megga: wakes up Keyboard: Ah shi-
Jarrett jordan
Jarrett jordan 12 days ago
Z Heg
Z Heg 12 days ago
Why does Megga open his mouth and close it every second?? He still cool tho...
James Perez
James Perez 13 days ago
On how many likes this comment has is how many times Kay said I’m sorry bro
CG Everyday
CG Everyday 13 days ago
I wish I can join the faze
geneticzz 13 days ago
why is faze full of kids wtf is goin' on
Jaymian Balbuena
Jaymian Balbuena 13 days ago
Dude make a new account
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