FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset

FaZe Clan
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Guess in the comments who you think is going to win...
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Comments 80
Joss Paterson
Joss Paterson 20 hours ago
I can punch harder than every one of them and I am younger than all of them
Flipping Bros
You should do first to land backflip flat wins $ 1000
ov3rx. Day ago
Brandon Ivan
Brandon Ivan Day ago
Faze “beta male” Rug
Theo Lebe
Theo Lebe Day ago
Jarvis with 788 WTF
Epic Elite
Epic Elite 2 days ago
6:22 Make sure to leave a like and *SUBSCROBE*
Jaypee Lumbis
Jaypee Lumbis 2 days ago
Offset gets ; 666
Amaar Shariff
Amaar Shariff 2 days ago
I know
R1OT Fe4R 2 days ago
I wanna do this with you guys this is so fun to do my highest so far is 915 when I was 15
Lynchie Lynch
Lynchie Lynch 3 days ago
The rings weaken the hit, and thts a fact
Gamer Husky
Gamer Husky 3 days ago
Faze rug is so weak and skinny I can’t believe he got in the 700😂😂😂🤣🤣
NK Playz
NK Playz 3 days ago
At 5:41 apex was so mad that Kay beat him
Candy Bross
Candy Bross 3 days ago
Rug: Make me mad Apex: Your challenge video sucks Also Rug: come on man!
salman zulfiqar
salman zulfiqar 3 days ago
U man r weakkk I hit 926😂😂😂😂
Tony Maksoud
Tony Maksoud 4 days ago
These guys dont know how to hit
Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez 4 days ago
If rug would've used his nose ot would have been over
Abdul Magic
Abdul Magic 5 days ago
save the best till last
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez 5 days ago
Imagine FaZe Sensai’s High score...
Ryan Dix
Ryan Dix 5 days ago
Can they like shut up
Tara Alkurjy
Tara Alkurjy 6 days ago
Bring rug more in the videos pls
Joshua Whyte
Joshua Whyte 7 days ago
Comments: 5:41
Leonardo Diaz
Leonardo Diaz 7 days ago
Oh 666
Fez 8 days ago
The fact that Apex is stronger then offset
Ultraz. gg
Ultraz. gg 8 days ago
jarvis is the sttongest
SAMZZ_ 8 days ago
if sensei was there they all would have gotten smoked
Tonserr 8 days ago
Offsets next he got 666 on his first punch
RiceKrispyBeef 9 days ago
yo that kick from tommy was cool as fuck negl
I actually think banks will get 850-900
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 9 days ago
Tommy knocking guys out with kicks bro.
Andrew Do
Andrew Do 9 days ago
Holy offset be popping
Anthony 9 days ago
My cousin has gotten 917 before he started going to the gym😂
Fortnite Dude Whitfield
Guys go sub to Faze Rugs he is Amazing!
Sebastian Ruiz
Sebastian Ruiz 9 days ago
Lmao rug was cringe
Alexander Gonzalez
Ogmfree boy if sensei was there
asap hector
asap hector 9 days ago
Anyone else younger And skinnier then them and I can beat all of they’re scored 😂😂😂😂
Shaurya Kedia
Shaurya Kedia 9 days ago
Kay rocks
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 10 days ago
Rug doesn't know how to act lmao😂
Jesus Regino
Jesus Regino 10 days ago
i don’t even know who’s half of the ppl there
Aidan Giroux
Aidan Giroux 10 days ago
Offset acts so big but he gets 670
Shadow Walker
Shadow Walker 10 days ago
FAZE ADAPT reminds me of Stevo
Sahil Gamez
Sahil Gamez 11 days ago
5:43 Adapts face 😂😂😂😂
Javon Games
Javon Games 11 days ago
Faze offspring
Lucas Ferrero
Lucas Ferrero 11 days ago
Banks is just creeping in the background
XxEpicKermitxX Pena
If offset is in faze then why does it say ft. Offset
Devan Stake
Devan Stake 12 days ago
Those fuckers r weak im 15 and got 803
Joe C
Joe C 12 days ago
Jarvises first punch though 😂
Hunter Contreras
Hunter Contreras 13 days ago
i can hit it to 998
Caridad 13
Caridad 13 13 days ago
KSI got 980 🤣
tvface yt
tvface yt 13 days ago
My clasmate can hit 850 but ok
Joslyn Almeida
Joslyn Almeida 13 days ago
Why does Banks never participate in any of these games?
Will McRae
Will McRae 13 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how offset got 666
123 alexander
123 alexander 13 days ago
Who else thought offset was going to win because of his money 💸
TheRainbowRecruit 13 days ago
This shits rigged
MV3 13 days ago
Someone had 666. Why?
Marcus Sterling
Marcus Sterling 13 days ago
not all of the people in faze clan went the hell!!!
Kainekenechi Prince-Isaac
Quavo in the background
Nicole Masahita
Nicole Masahita 14 days ago
Wtf faze sway in the back 5:46 😂
liquid lime
liquid lime 14 days ago
Jarvis man
Lincoln Friesen
Lincoln Friesen 14 days ago
What are the odds of Offset getting “666”
MoneyTeam Andrew
MoneyTeam Andrew 14 days ago
Offset weak as hell
RLM 14 days ago
THATS INSANe jArVis 5:42
Efson Jeffson
Efson Jeffson 14 days ago
Come on guys I’m 13 and I had one attempt and got 769
tim wetmorian
tim wetmorian 14 days ago
I'd like to try out for Faze
Dampsanxe 14 days ago
Anyone notice offset got 666 for his score
Reis Hyseni Vlogs
Reis Hyseni Vlogs 15 days ago
Rug is like the gut that wants to fit in the cool group
iiDuhz 15 days ago
Offset gets 666. Me thinking bout the demon
Jahdin Boi
Jahdin Boi 15 days ago
I love how banks is just casually sitting behind the doorway unnoticed
xiloxz 15 days ago
Jarvis beat adapt
Shrek father!
Shrek father! 15 days ago
2:19 Offset literally got 666? Wtf 👽
Brandon Larkin
Brandon Larkin 15 days ago
He scored a 666 even the team was like uhhh 🤔
Brandon Larkin
Brandon Larkin 15 days ago
Why offset did the cardi b dance in the intro hell nah 😂😂😂
Acronixs 15 days ago
Offset got 666 lol
HopBot360 yt
HopBot360 yt 15 days ago
Apex can I have a tryout for faze
noChris Smith
noChris Smith 15 days ago
LerryXen 16 days ago
I mam 16 and I put in all machines 930
JxD2K 16 days ago
2:18 offset is Illuminati confirmed (the number)
BH Feag
BH Feag 16 days ago
Is that offset from migos
Lil Tags
Lil Tags 16 days ago
If i was there i would break it
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