FaZe Clan vs. Nate Hill (Challenge)

FaZe Clan
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Happy One Year in FaZe, Nate Hill!
Go check out Nate Hill’s Wix website now: natehill.fazeclan.com
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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
ruquan li
ruquan li Month ago
Nate hill is absolutely disgusting
reny reny
reny reny Month ago
empier79 2 months ago
xKazzys 2 months ago
is this video copyrighted beacuse nate singing
Tony Ortiz05
Tony Ortiz05 3 months ago
Why y'all hate so much?
Abstract Lol
Abstract Lol 3 months ago
I just found out we have the same name
Astonish G
Astonish G 3 months ago
Nate looks like grant gustin
Swegalicious Swog
Swegalicious Swog 3 months ago
0:36 what?
Pika-Chu Xd
Pika-Chu Xd 3 months ago
Why he in Faze!!
NOGA FLY 3 months ago
cizzorz's hoodie is sick
vEdits 4 months ago
1:35 when they act like they plain but he still on the windows desktop 😂
Gio Lopez
Gio Lopez 4 months ago
Nate hill sings like a g 👌🏽🤯
Aaron Gumbrell
Aaron Gumbrell 4 months ago
Dubs lmao fat L
DreiX 4 months ago
Dubs xdxdxdxd
Nico Ramirez
Nico Ramirez 4 months ago
He sings so good
Viggles 4 months ago
Everyone in faze except for faze orba: holy let's go!!! Ayyy!!!!!!!!!!! Faze orba: ay.......
Woah Its Coby
Woah Its Coby 4 months ago
Why does this whole video just seem like a sponsorship
Samp Gaming
Samp Gaming 4 months ago
The song he made was really amazing and it was like on time on rythem he legit made a great song in few minutes i know hes a famous gamer but this guy could go so far at music
prakash d
prakash d 4 months ago
What was the prize I missed it
Cyber Knives
Cyber Knives 4 months ago
Wow they showed Nate's reaction for literally 5 seconds only
queen laiba shahid
queen laiba shahid 4 months ago
I love natehill
EZARUS 4 months ago
Fade Sweezy
Fade Sweezy 4 months ago
hey can i join faze
simon dries
simon dries 4 months ago
I hate blaze every day a little more... he think he's the new Banks
ツKossity 4 months ago
This was posted on my birthday. Lol is this good luck? 😂
JPoncePro 4 months ago
Probably the most staged video ever 😂
PJ Ayo
PJ Ayo 4 months ago
The cringe...😳
Invhertz 4 months ago
Why does Blazikens hair always look like he just got out of bed 😂
SytroSZN 3 months ago
Check my hair lol
_banned.account_.65 4 months ago
I lov yu gais
Samuel 4 months ago
Kinda bad
Kryp Avoir
Kryp Avoir 4 months ago
anyone acknowledge how nice orba is?
JinBat 4 months ago
Donk Head
Donk Head 4 months ago
Never thought I could watch something so cringe worthy
Garrett McDonald
Garrett McDonald 4 months ago
This shit blows
Vex Zardy
Vex Zardy 4 months ago
Can I join your clan?
Ace clips
Ace clips 4 months ago
At least Nate Hill is not dum
Tom Dowson
Tom Dowson 4 months ago
I don't like how heavily scripted this is
Jason JJ Cruz
Jason JJ Cruz 4 months ago
FaZe Challange I'm down✌😀
Vihaan Patel
Vihaan Patel 4 months ago
Nate hills cousin goes to my school not capping
Connor Mclaughlin
Connor Mclaughlin 4 months ago
The shittiest reaction at the end, starting to believe this was scripted
Ian Mckay
Ian Mckay 4 months ago
4:20 that's a sick website
SyrleX 4 months ago
Wasn't it Blaze that did a disstrack first ?
Darth zVcj
Darth zVcj 4 months ago
Simson 4 months ago
Replacing Jarvis
William Balentine
William Balentine 4 months ago
Why does it have to be pre scripted and acted out. They should have kept it genuine. His actual impression would have been better.
Stew 4 months ago
Like wtf is blaze and when there doing the good ?
CasualCrash 4 months ago
Awful vid
CasualCrash 4 months ago
... na ...
Penxive 4 months ago
Yung Nathaniel
gamerAdam S
gamerAdam S 4 months ago
Can I join Faze my chanle is gamerAdam s and add me if you can my nick is gamerAdam s
Not Hutch8
Not Hutch8 4 months ago
2:12 are u ok
Bruceyy Jay
Bruceyy Jay 4 months ago
Nate Hill is truly a masterpiece 🤤
the tall one
the tall one 4 months ago
Hey a kid sed that he is in Faze clan and his name is Faze laviin so do u know this kid cuz he is my friend and he ses he is a editor 🤔
Gorilla GrowerUK
Gorilla GrowerUK 4 months ago
Check the roaster and hes properly just bullshitting to get friends which isnt his fault he doesn't have good social skill and feels forced to lie tell him from me it's okay just be yourself lol
فله.com 4 months ago
Where is the faze vibe that we use to know ....? Faze vibe went from 100 to 0 real quick ... Disappointed :( !
Shrizzle 4 months ago
Nates over bite 😬🤓
aboshtwy 4 months ago
انزلي انت وياه تحدي تنطيل ✌🏻
Y&N 4 months ago
Can I join faze
ItzBigcat 4 months ago
Bruh wtf is this
Bluebutter10k 4 months ago
Faze clan I dare you to like this comment but you won’t.
Shree Karki
Shree Karki 4 months ago
Brah they struggle to get 100k videos, tf
little Russ
little Russ 4 months ago
Is it just me or Nate is an amazing singer needs to be on AGT immediately
David Olurin
David Olurin 4 months ago
Faze mello
Sub to me for no reason challenge
Who is orba
Brayan on da wii
Brayan on da wii 4 months ago
Was I the only one that got goosebumps the whole video
Shady Is goat
Shady Is goat 4 months ago
I need subs at one k subs my dad said he we buy me what ever I want pls
MR .Mansion
MR .Mansion 4 months ago
Should do a serious of videos of old school Faze teaming up and owning noobs and trash talkers on cod would love to see some OG Faze cod vids
Arian Dood
Arian Dood 4 months ago
U guys know that we want to see him 1v1 orba right
BENIS burger
BENIS burger 4 months ago
that is sooooooo shit of a website
Somoha 4 months ago
Love FaZe but the whole scripted shit is cringy and dub
JayCruzGaming 4 months ago
how come sway isnt in any faze vids
Console God
Console God 4 months ago
This people don’t know how to act. Lmao
Console God
Console God 4 months ago
I didn’t know this guy was in faze for 1 year lmao I only know the ogs! Lol
Martin HBA
Martin HBA 4 months ago
Pls add me FaZe
Jack Van Houten
Jack Van Houten 4 months ago
damn he has to earn a website? Sick
Jon Chin
Jon Chin 4 months ago
Anybody else not able to skip this ad
World HD
World HD 4 months ago
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