FaZe Clan NERF Hide and Seek Challenge

FaZe Clan
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Today we return to the FaZe House as Apex is on a misson to find the rest of FaZe Clan during a game of Hide & Seek with a twist!
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Comments 80
Luisa Cabezas
Luisa Cabezas Hour ago
Alex said he lives in the shadows
Ashley Almazan
Ashley Almazan 2 hours ago
Apex he just rost you
ro4dkillz. 6 hours ago
Adapt is my fav❤❤🔥🔥🤙
Your Mum
Your Mum Day ago
9:52 I’m dying 😂🤣
Gavin Trainum
Why does everyone hate orba
BlackEyedBarell xD
9:16 just Incase my bullet runs out of ammo ok we get that you are short apex but learn English
Doodlebob 2 days ago
13:07 *Whitest* thing I’ve seen all day
Will you do a part 2 or ??? Like if you want them to do 👍
Tamati Irwin
Tamati Irwin 2 days ago
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 2 days ago
Brody Akridge
Brody Akridge 3 days ago
Faze key I thing he going to win
Mikey 3 days ago
When it said “FaZe Apex capped FaZe Jarvis” it shoulda said he aimbotted him
Gabe Paul
Gabe Paul 3 days ago
Jarvis gets into a spot Kay:your insane JARVIS
Jonathan Guzman
Jonathan Guzman 3 days ago
Aidan Tinajero
Aidan Tinajero 3 days ago
lol 😂
elite yellow
elite yellow 3 days ago
With apex seeking get somewhere high because apex can't get up there because apex short
Rose Byrne
Rose Byrne 4 days ago
0:03 you got called short
Kaden Larosa
Kaden Larosa 4 days ago
In a cabinet
Sam_dagoat 57
Sam_dagoat 57 4 days ago
( 0:30 ) APEX: WHats the code adapt , .......ADAPT: CAP!!!!! (bow).........know he a target by every gang in the US!!!!!!!!!! they all want him
RiotZ BlaZe
RiotZ BlaZe 4 days ago
Toad running away from waluigi 4:17
Dylan Pickles
Dylan Pickles 4 days ago
Where was Highsky
Jeffandbob Pat
Jeffandbob Pat 5 days ago
Jeremy Giles
Jeremy Giles 5 days ago
Isabella Wilhelm
Isabella Wilhelm 5 days ago
Jxnas 5 days ago
why is apex so short
Heckoff334 5 days ago
Little did they know Jarvis would have been perfect if they re-recorded it
xLegend xEasaa
xLegend xEasaa 6 days ago
2:01 Ahdapt sees Charli di Amelio. Kay: That's insane bro
NatalPancake SC
NatalPancake SC 6 days ago
for real tho
Ounix 6 days ago
Should of used a paintball gun 😂
Galaxy CLAPZ
Galaxy CLAPZ 7 days ago
Frazier I'll slap u in a 1v1
Harry McKenzie
Harry McKenzie 7 days ago
u bot
Marvin Phipps
Marvin Phipps 7 days ago
Apex call Tico Swedish ass
chuckersten taylooren
teeqo be like socks on sandals
Mason Jackson
Mason Jackson 7 days ago
yo wuts good guys can you give me a chance to join faze plz
AlphaWolfX Forson
9:18 Just incase my bullet runs out. Me: does that even make sense
Bryan Ramirez
Bryan Ramirez 8 days ago
If I was there I probably win????
gla mellow
gla mellow 8 days ago
Faze Kay
Raunak Naik
Raunak Naik 8 days ago
Where is FaZe Rug
FUGE_. TTV 9 days ago
One of y'all went under water the Nerf gun won't shot that's the strategy
Elijah Faison
Elijah Faison 9 days ago
Rip teeqos shoes
Chevycaprice Cooper
Jarvis last
Chevycaprice Cooper
trizzyy _yt
trizzyy _yt 10 days ago
EthanAlamgir 10 days ago
F*** you jarvis
John Batiste
John Batiste 10 days ago
I think Tico
طلال ابراهيم
“$. CFC c(v c. Non. Non. Cnnrbgbgjmgmbygkmgtg
MagicTomato 11 days ago
blaezeWill Win?
Zack Backues
Zack Backues 11 days ago
Adapt for the win
Khalid AlAngari
Khalid AlAngari 12 days ago
This isn’t an e sports organization anymore😢
Ann Marie Josephs
Ann Marie Josephs 12 days ago
y'all shoulda hit up rug
OmniZen 14 days ago
This looked more like a school shooting than a hide and seek game
Red Arcade 2
Red Arcade 2 14 days ago
can i pls
Red Arcade 2
Red Arcade 2 14 days ago
i want to join faze clan
zeneyda gomez
zeneyda gomez 14 days ago
Capped autocorrect he meant clapped
jj Chapman
jj Chapman 14 days ago
No kill cams tho
Colton Douma
Colton Douma 14 days ago
He's in the dro
Colton Douma
Colton Douma 14 days ago
Not jarviz
Sadingy Madingy
Sadingy Madingy 14 days ago
I like the button with my nose
revy _
revy _ 14 days ago
Who came to see the old faze house again
david 64
david 64 14 days ago
GTK-Wavvy Wavvy-gurthaz
Gwidt:should i hide in the trash Me:becaus ur trash
asjaun clark
asjaun clark 15 days ago
King Nell
King Nell 15 days ago
king I like you as a RUvidr you my favorite RUvidr if you can get a shout-out to me my name is Ronald Matthews
ziad Abu kheil
ziad Abu kheil 16 days ago
Who is watching this in 3030
Qliver 16 days ago
Umh is this old or new faze house?
Ta-Hu Rhodes
Ta-Hu Rhodes 16 days ago
Drip Mo
Drip Mo 16 days ago
No cap
Michael Goodnight
Michael Goodnight 17 days ago
Michael Goodnight
Michael Goodnight 17 days ago
spider Pig salty
spider Pig salty 18 days ago
FaZe Blaze
Reyner Paulino
Reyner Paulino 18 days ago
Can I join faze
Dirtyaleksi Coree
Dirtyaleksi Coree 18 days ago
Hide is a kid game
Assassin- Ahmed76
Assassin- Ahmed76 18 days ago
I hate when people are like (THAT WOULD BE A GOOD SPOT ) CUZ It Wouldn't be a good spot if u looked there. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Devan Fortier-dostie
Ibrahim 99
Ibrahim 99 19 days ago
This is how many bad words apex said Like
Swaraj Mishra
Swaraj Mishra 19 days ago
9:18 how can a bullet run out of ammo😂😂
Claire Jordan
Claire Jordan 19 days ago
Fortnite Funny
Fortnite Funny 20 days ago
Adapt or blaze or teequo
Glenis Reynoso
Glenis Reynoso 20 days ago
Darknes Silver
Darknes Silver 20 days ago
Hide and seek
Bryson Nell
Bryson Nell 21 day ago
Apex looks like ty from dude perfect
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