FaZe Clan Impossible Whopper Food Challenge

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Fun food challenge featuring a very special guest...
Burger King is launching their Impossible Whopper on 8/8 and it is unreal: 0% Beef, 100% Whopper. We thought it was as good as the Whopper! Go check it out at your local Burger King, or go to the Burger King app and check the Whopper + Impossible Whopper for only $7!
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Comments 80
Apex_XF1 3 months ago
I was working at Burger King when this came out
Claudia Cinco
Claudia Cinco 4 months ago
Poseyesen chicken sándwich
Walmar_ Employee
Walmar_ Employee 6 months ago
Alex did not get that @ 1:42
Brendan Murray
Brendan Murray 6 months ago
Faze kay:steals tempers syrup Temper: yo i didnt get a syrup whats up with that??? Kay: “no way bro thats insane bro!!!!”
HazyTrain 6 months ago
Sponsored by my ass
iPhoon 6 months ago
I’m not cheating lolz 😂😂
karbaona 6 months ago
Burger King definitely is apex in this by how short he is and how he’s the only one not there😂
Slayer 6 months ago
2:28 jarvis drops bun😂😂
ICEE DARK 6 months ago
They should make the burgers always look like the burgers that were in the video.
Griggz 6 months ago
YO I paused that shit right away, I was like "is this a fucking commercial?"
ImTokens 6 months ago
This is made me hungry af
Ben Prendergast
Ben Prendergast 7 months ago
Look how perfect the fucking burgers are😂
jadon clark
jadon clark 7 months ago
Dude I work at bk and I serve Impossible Whoppers all day long. Most customers seem to like it. Then theres some were I explain to them what it is and they gag.
Jefferson 7 months ago
Anyone who says these taste the same are strictly lying.
Jmurph 7 months ago
This video sounds like a school project
Pro Prince
Pro Prince 7 months ago
Ronald McDonald has left the chat
TooLive 7 months ago
i cringe every single time blaziken says “yezzir”
nhos 7 months ago
FaZe Blaziken was still a better name. I stand by it. Lol
Ethan Freezy
Ethan Freezy 7 months ago
Look at Jarvis’s burger lmao 2:24
Akeem Muti
Akeem Muti 7 months ago
Anybody realize that orba wasn’t there
Fortniters GG
Fortniters GG 7 months ago
Jarvis tho.
Johnny Canida
Johnny Canida 7 months ago
For the whopper when Alex said it’s the size of my head my brother said bruh Alex doesn’t have a big head
THEPOOLEND 7 months ago
0:41 lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo classic
Angel Gamer
Angel Gamer 7 months ago
Brooooo immmm sooo hungry and this video makes it worse
Evangelina Carreto
Evangelina Carreto 7 months ago
Yeet mate burger king
Jack Blair
Jack Blair 7 months ago
Racka Racka is at your front door
Yeetdabtectrim 7 months ago
4:44 The Awakening Of FaZe BurgerKing
Ikmalreza 1998
Ikmalreza 1998 7 months ago
Oohhh. Rug isn't there.
GRAZ 7 months ago
adapt got the munchies
ʀʙxɢ HalfyRBX And More
ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴘᴇᴡᴅɪᴇᴘɪᴇ
XdTypical 7 months ago
2:26 who else saw Jarvis drop half of his burger and still eat it 👀
yaboi rob
yaboi rob 7 months ago
Clout _boi223
Clout _boi223 7 months ago
I feel like having a vanilla milkshake, with a spicy chicken sandwich or whopper now tbh, I always eat from BK but get a whopper 90% of the time,I really need to try out the other delicious things they have to coffee fr fr
Haniel Álvarez
Haniel Álvarez 7 months ago
Si temperrr latino?😂😂 or some of his family?(not racist)
Fernando Moreno
Fernando Moreno 7 months ago
Since when was the Whopper ever beef? They're so synthetic and full of fillers lol they're not even smoked. They use liquid smoke.
Kurt C. Hose
Kurt C. Hose 7 months ago
0:15 maybe shave? urgh
YankoBig 7 months ago
Chills- Number 15, Burger King foot lettuce, the last thing that you want from your Burger King burger is someone’s foot.
rad 7 months ago
Just need one more sub
rad 7 months ago
Imran Saeed
Imran Saeed 7 months ago
Burger king man fight me teeqo Teeqo uou lokk strong Teeqo removes the mask It is a wild faze apek
The Chicken
The Chicken 7 months ago
FaZe Burger King?
Tom Keeley
Tom Keeley 7 months ago
Apex the king 🤴🏽
randumby 7 months ago
am i good for a fortnite mobile player? 🤓 if you want you can drop a sub i’m trying to grow and would love an awesome fan base :))
Echo Affliction
Echo Affliction 7 months ago
wow i just watched a 5 minute ad L
Orakzy 7 months ago
-I love Burger King 🥰- Nevermind I love McDonald
Viess 7 months ago
Foot lettuce
Dream Crew
Dream Crew 7 months ago
Bro since when does The burgers from Burger King look That good 😂
Edvard Lysholm
Edvard Lysholm 7 months ago
3:37 adapt cheated
Peace and Positivity
Stop eating animals please, imagine what their life looks like through their eyes
O Mother
O Mother 7 months ago
Even animals eat animals
DA Legend11 ツ
DA Legend11 ツ 7 months ago
Racka racka and his McDonald family disliked the video
Kaution 7 months ago
I wish my whopper looked thag good
gary singh
gary singh 7 months ago
With Whopper coupon at Burger King u can upgrade to impossible burger for $1, I am Vegan, its a good Burger. At food fair judges could not tell the difference .
M Aden
M Aden 7 months ago
pppppplllllssss exsept
Ibraj Argjend
Ibraj Argjend 7 months ago
adapt cheat on the first round
Jasper Little fam
Jasper Little fam 7 months ago
Ask young chip to join faze
Tyrone Cooke
Tyrone Cooke 7 months ago
Soylent green "it's people!"
Rextek 7 months ago
Lukas is the best game host ever :D
James Asper
James Asper 7 months ago
Vegan impossible burger FTW
Ozark clan ______
Ozark clan ______ 7 months ago
The king was faze apex I think
AboveYou. 7 months ago
Alex’s armpits are fucking DISGUSTING
Nicholas Keenan
Nicholas Keenan 7 months ago
SLPiro 7 months ago
I wonder if they peer pressured the king into smokin and drinkin too
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 7 months ago
Just a bunch of white dudes in that's house no type of flavor
Edmon Boyajyan
Edmon Boyajyan 7 months ago
This is just an ad like if u agree
Sydney L
Sydney L 7 months ago
Is Alex always high?
SquirrelOfJustice 7 months ago
Koolz916 7 months ago
Faze getting that BK Money
tfue 7 months ago
I start Regreting Leaving ´Faze...
Banksful fan
Banksful fan 7 months ago
Alex needs to shave
BOSS Sypherrr
BOSS Sypherrr 7 months ago
Dude where’s the upside down whopper
04dee 2002jam
04dee 2002jam 7 months ago
Ahhh shit, I'm hungry
Tommy Reusse
Tommy Reusse 7 months ago
this aint no challenge lmao
Front Orb
Front Orb 7 months ago
Spicy penny???
ATG Luke
ATG Luke 7 months ago
Such an ad
Ministry DxRkened
Ministry DxRkened 7 months ago
Faze clan: wanna join FaZe we need good burgers for are streamers
SteezyLab 7 months ago
Tommy’s face when he sees the king! 😂
masterandrew 717
masterandrew 717 7 months ago
Why was this vid so short?????
adaptz za
adaptz za 7 months ago
How much did rug donate to that vid
Kevin Ramjohn
Kevin Ramjohn 7 months ago
Hi faze members
Upraise 7 months ago
Was this an ad?
El Cuhh
El Cuhh 7 months ago
Most sponsored video I have ever seen
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