Fat Joe, Dre - Deep (Official Video)

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Official Music Video by Fat Joe & Dre performing "Deep" © 2019 RNG / EMPIRE


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Dec 5, 2019




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George Regenold
George Regenold 4 days ago
Fat JOE for President.
Tiller bt
Tiller bt 5 days ago
Those vocals are doing the original dirty, all the og’s are gonna shit on the autotune bs
Blackout Jay
Blackout Jay 8 days ago
That's a nightmare You catch your girl cheating You shoot, your get away driver ain't getting away, ends with electric chair.
Mr Corona
Mr Corona 8 days ago
Joey crack representin....yall should already know!
Mr Dontgiveafuck
Mr Dontgiveafuck 10 days ago
Nice track joey. Video reminds of Mr biggs and R kelly. Good ol times.
Neil McWilliams
Neil McWilliams 13 days ago
Marcus jano
Marcus jano 14 days ago
GoooooD Mean Respekt
Mohamed Shaker Soliman
عشان انت دنف
Sean G
Sean G 14 days ago
The question is....Is she really ridin for you?... Or is she Just takin a ride with you while the money good?
el malan malan
el malan malan 15 days ago
Dont put women in a pedestal guys
Quis Custodes
Quis Custodes 15 days ago
Jushua Mengullo
Jushua Mengullo 15 days ago
Nice i had that dream too hahaha
Symone Williams
Symone Williams 15 days ago
Knew Fat Joe was coming back with FIRE, Dre on here too, man damn! Favorite Part - Baby, "You're Alive" 9:40👍💯💯💯
Mr00Bosek 15 days ago
Pani Małgorzata chyba gdzieś źle zrozumiała definicję słowa kibic. W dzisiejszym świecie śmiało można powiedzieć, że na pierwszym miejscu według każdego kibica są osiągnięcia drużyny, której kibicuje. Jeżeli drużyna ta coś osiągnie lub będzie na drodze do tych osiągnięć, to kibic wtedy z wielką przyjemnością zgłębi temat kulis. Niestety na ten moment reprezentacja pod wodzą Brzęczka oraz sam selekcjoner jako trener nic nie osiągnęli i nawet nie mieli takiej możliwości. Z całego serca życzę selekcjonerowi i naszej reprezentacji wejścia na podium w najbliższych mistrzostwach, ale gra i styl drużyny są na bardzo niskim poziomie i zwyczajnie na żaden sukces się nie zanosi. Jeżeli reprezentacja w takim stylu faktycznie osiągnie sukces, to wtedy selekcjoner awansuje do miana boga, a kibice będą go nosić na rękach.
Casey Alvear
Casey Alvear 16 days ago
IRV GOTTI RIP! 10/06 Twenty Twenty WORDZ!
Thierry Relmy
Thierry Relmy 16 days ago
Big power
Lost Mind88
Lost Mind88 16 days ago
POLY 16 days ago
Sos lo más FAT JOE!!!
POLY 16 days ago
Me encantooo esta cancion, esta super copadisimo, lo escucho una y otra vez!!!
Ken&Jas Winston
Ken&Jas Winston 17 days ago
This like some OJ Simpson shit right here
Bearox 17 days ago
You could use more autotune! it would sound great
Will.I.Addict 17 days ago
You can't fuck with da Don.
RatchetUp 17 days ago
I just belatedly discovered this joint last night while staying up for the Trump death watch. This video seemed oddly appropriate under the circumstances, in that the whole country is trying to wake up from a nightmare. Fat Joe is that OG who's still got that flow. This is a beautifully crafted and produced hybrid movie and gangsta rap music video. He leads you down the familiar path of the genre with sex, violence, foul language, misogyny, betrayal - all enveloped in tight beats and a captivating melody. There is nothing like a story of love, betrayal, crime, and redemption. The twist at the end was corny, but wonderfully soul-satisfying - especially for a woman, as I was bracing for something else. I have just renewed my membership in the Fat Joe Fan Club. He deserves his place among rap's most gifted and enduring stars.
thinkaboutitwithsp beauty
Well said
The Anointed One
The Anointed One 17 days ago
Dre gonna be here for long cuz he got the melodies too like Drake
Alfred Martinez
Alfred Martinez 17 days ago
tight brother went threw all that over 25 years ago with my first wife thank god she bounced cuzz lead me to my real queen that gave me my son they are everything to me now gracias homie the song is atodo madre..
ljavery10 18 days ago
Soooo this was a comedy😂😂😂😂
J Lo
J Lo 18 days ago
This sample is EVERYTHING
thinkaboutitwithsp beauty
Exactly this is my song
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 15 days ago
Classic late 80's R&B. Keith Sweat
J Lo
J Lo 18 days ago
MakingMajorProfits 101
Hardest Bar of the song," She sleeping with the whole damn crew... My mind racing, thinking of what OJ would do"
Cassandra Marilyn
Cassandra Marilyn 14 days ago
Had to ghb the broad to get with her hahahahaha...fr. im flattered up mostly cause I aint dead.
Wayne Watson
Wayne Watson 15 days ago
OJ did what OJ would do
Michel Berhitu
Michel Berhitu 18 days ago
Death Row Label singer , yes I .
curt cash
curt cash 19 days ago
Joanne Gonzalez
Joanne Gonzalez 19 days ago
Teamo por siempre TAPS
Joanne Gonzalez
Joanne Gonzalez 19 days ago
Lo vasie ok
Joanne Gonzalez
Joanne Gonzalez 19 days ago
Bendito @loveislove12261980
Andrew Geli
Andrew Geli 19 days ago
Na ah ahh ah
Kim Said
Kim Said 19 days ago
Pla Awa
Pla Awa 19 days ago
Mohamed Anouar
Mohamed Anouar 19 days ago
yep, another show off.
User 20 days ago
I don't know why I thought it was Dr. Dre.
Keowatha Lewis
Keowatha Lewis 20 days ago
Real, talk keeping it 100%
Ronnie La
Ronnie La 20 days ago
K, ok, I did not expect that big n&-#a to start singing!!!
Smokey Twixxie
Smokey Twixxie 20 days ago
i was at the barber shop getting a haircut and this came on the tv's
Chad Harris
Chad Harris 20 days ago
*you're No worries man, I got you!
Fitness Food Lifestyle
Beautiful production
Yohan Barros
Yohan Barros 21 day ago
such a trash song bro
Pixely 21 day ago
FAT JOE such a bad actor 🤣🤣🤣
John T
John T 21 day ago
Finger firmly on the trigger, trying to put a hole through the roof in the Rolls?
Andrews Soares
Andrews Soares 21 day ago
quem transa de camisa?
bluecole2 21 day ago
Lol Never thought Fat Joe could be this funny. He's lost some weight though, good for him
Armani TheVoice
Armani TheVoice 23 days ago
Holded up , they throguh Chris Bender and Keith Sweat in this song. I think Chris Bender was supposed to be the 5th member to the group Boyz ll Men. Ok Fat Joe this joint is official ✊🏾
Alexey Karabelnikov
Он выглядит как Монгол на 8:22
TwinCitiesOG59 23 days ago
Roosevelt Souza
Roosevelt Souza 23 days ago
Esse beat é muito brabo man!!
xxdabigdawgxx 23 days ago
17 mil views 92k likes hMmMMMmmmM
Mitchell Wright
Mitchell Wright 24 days ago
Nawl man...jus nawl...cant touch the original sweat song....nice video, decent lyrics, but naawwll...lol
Vincent Zimmermann
Vincent Zimmermann 24 days ago
Happy Wonderful a Present Good Luck Universal Nice To Love You a Deep Day's💕
Cássio Monteiro
Cássio Monteiro 24 days ago
Top esse som
Ronnie Santiago
Ronnie Santiago 24 days ago
Ezequias Sousa
Ezequias Sousa 24 days ago
eu dava
Ezequias Sousa
Ezequias Sousa 24 days ago
eu tbm
DeutschRap 24 days ago
Keith Sweat!
AL McClaskey
AL McClaskey 25 days ago
Omg would die to go to this concert! Like all the original hard hitters! Mom of 6 kids could not afford that!!!! A girl can wish! I rep the Bennett and McClaskey clan in Ohio! 43130! My hubby and I are huge hip hop fans 81 baby here!
Cristiano Dandoro Castilho Ferreira
Miss the old Joey Crack.... That golf with Russel Simmons didn't went well to him....now he's chasing bitches....
Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella 25 days ago
Thumbs Up if you think that DR DRE doesn't used the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* for fame.
wildrooster27 25 days ago
Needs more trigger discipline.
Adelaide Boly
Adelaide Boly 25 days ago
top top
Obleo Carbajal
Obleo Carbajal 26 days ago
Like said so many times, you never actually got played if you stay in control an let her go...
James Jones
James Jones 26 days ago
Fat Joe is the 🐐
KIStours 26 days ago
I was just listening to some playlist and as I heard this song, I was certain I was listening to DJ Quick :) That means I loved the beat and the lyrics.
George Regenold
George Regenold 4 days ago
Love to The Quick.
PAIN LAD 16 days ago
Yo same bro 💯💯
Captain Freake
Captain Freake 27 days ago
Why at beginning of the video you start with a red signal in the middle of your nose, and then at the end the singal is gone?
badr hari kx
badr hari kx 28 days ago
Chante et arrête de parler tu m'as saoulé halouf
Matthew Slick
Matthew Slick 28 days ago
damn this song is actually sick.
Kgabi Joseph
Kgabi Joseph 28 days ago
this the best music video i've ever seen..Its really DEEP bro..you guys made my day..more love n blessing to my brothers Fat J n Dre
Wilfredo nilton Moreano gonsales
Et evale la,lozzzzza
press f
press f 28 days ago
Not funny didnt laugh
Akhil chandrashekar
Damn fat Joe got Em and gotti on the same album
Ivan Bokhonko
Ivan Bokhonko 28 days ago
its joke
AntiFasci 28 days ago
shay love
shay love 29 days ago
Lol fat Joe wit a hot babe he so gay doe.
Preston Doubleup
Preston Doubleup 29 days ago
patricia coleman
patricia coleman 29 days ago
This song would be even better if Rick Ross was on it 🔥
Amy White
Amy White 16 days ago
Man absolutely an can think of few more to❤
egdapo 18 days ago
Pierre Custodio
Pierre Custodio 29 days ago
So this was like the gansta version of that movie The Room...
Kyle Larkins
Kyle Larkins 29 days ago
He should have had the white bronco
Fatih Pekmez
Fatih Pekmez Month ago
Who is this girl? Very very cute 😍😍😍
Kara Davis
Kara Davis Month ago
I think we ( as a people) could reorient ourselves around "shopping" ...........................................................................shopping is a vote
Gabriel Erazo
Gabriel Erazo Month ago
Jacqueline Mitchell
Please tell China I love him and I want him.
JEYZEN Month ago
esto si que es hip hoo, arte!! arte!! i feel this s broh
Sam Bou
Sam Bou Month ago
Fat joe fat track big time
Maximilian Lutz
Maximilian Lutz Month ago
Javier Cruz
Javier Cruz Month ago
Yooo Crack funny asf, that last scene had me rolling!
Diana Shelton
Diana Shelton Month ago
On my FB you might have to scroll not too far max peeps Diana shelton
Diana Shelton
Diana Shelton Month ago
There's pic I took of the son of man get word to marshal please
Bradley Isaak
Bradley Isaak Month ago
Dope song.
Derek Mayes
Derek Mayes Month ago
The new walking in the rain!! (OJ Jones)
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen Month ago
9 years relationship, she cheat on me, hope it was a nightmare but the shit is real
Shuai Na
Shuai Na Month ago
Need fat Joe ft immortal technique
scarlett dunn
scarlett dunn Month ago
One of the best songs DRE ever did, but still people think that he used the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* for fame.
Antonio Mayorga
Antonio Mayorga Month ago
When you really really want to be 9ix9ine so bad ......................
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