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Man of Steel (2013)
Faora-Ul vs Kal-El
Man of Steel Playlist: goo.gl/4NvSXB
Film discription: Clark Kent, one of the last of an extinguished race disguised as an unremarkable human, is forced to reveal his identity when Earth is invaded by an army of survivors who threaten to bring the planet to the brink of destruction.
Director: Zack Snyder
Cast: Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Kal-El), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Michael Shannon (General Zod), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Russell Crowe (Jor-El), Antje Traue (Faora-Ul), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent)...
DC Comics
TM & © Warner Bros.
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Jul 8, 2016




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Comments 100
mohd ikram
mohd ikram 3 hours ago
Way better than all Avengers movies
Cesar Canassa
Cesar Canassa 4 hours ago
This feels like watching a video game cutscene. The CGI is too easy to spot.
Shashank 4 hours ago
Zack snyder +hand Zimmer Best combo I have seen after Tim burton and jhonny depp
El Templario de Tierra Santa
There is something about the background damage in this movie that makes it feel more real and awesome than in Marvel movies. This looks like they are totally making shit all the town while in MCU even with missiles and explosion I dont feel the same power.
Alexander Jakubsen
Alexander Jakubsen 7 hours ago
Good God this dialogue is stupid.
Mr. Big
Mr. Big 8 hours ago
feels good to see superman get his ass kicked around for a while
Travis Chester
Travis Chester 9 hours ago
Plz make a next movie with justice league 2 💖
dubugga 10 hours ago
The moment he takes time to save the soldier is one of the reasons why I love Superman as a hero. He may be vulnerable in a sense that he holds back but goddamn if its anybody that could save us normal folks in an instant, its Superman 🦸‍♂️
temmychan 10 hours ago
Funny how the most reliable way for companies to get advertising in Hollywood these days is to have their buildings get smashed up in superhero films. Ihop, Sears and 7-11 all paid to have their establishments wrecked
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Superman : am weak? Because you Too hot with that Thicc ass Faora UI
Jimbo Bimbo
Jimbo Bimbo 15 hours ago
There are some things about this movie that I don't like very much, but the action is not one of them. This is still one of the best on-screen superhero comicbook movie fights I have ever seen. Especially the aspect of the superspeed of both Superman and his enemies has been depicted amazingly! So intense!
Jack Leo
Jack Leo 17 hours ago
Imagine, this is goku vs jiren fight.
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman 17 hours ago
they still didn't do more property damage than the protestors for Black Lives Matter
মোঃ আসিফ
CGI in this movie is very underrated.
Mesatsugohado 17 hours ago
You all should thank Dragon Ball Z for all this cinematic action.
Chandra Zamora
Chandra Zamora 18 hours ago
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx
Jason Avery
Jason Avery 21 hour ago
I wish they had just made the “Man of Steel” trilogy as originally planned. It was supposed to be like “The Dark Knight” trilogy, but for Superman. (produced by Nolan and directed by Snyder). This tone. Dark and gritty. Joaquin Phoenix was going to play Lex Luthor in the sequel (a one off role). But when WB decided it didn’t make enough at the B.O. and the critics panned it. So they said “let’s add Batman to the sequel” and then it turned into BvS and then a way to lead to JL... I hate Hollywood. A sequel with Phoenix as Luthor would have been amazing.
pêtër Pårk
pêtër Pårk 22 hours ago
Full movie upload kro please 😭😭
Ditthi Dharma
Superman Fighting like Son Goku
EggsBenedict Day ago
This is what u call a godlike fight... Not some God of Thunder struggling and grunting to just swing his hammer
atavus -_-
atavus -_- Day ago
Still one of the most intimadating baddy in movie cinema to this date! I would love to see her in another movie.
Bernard Owusu
That cop has steel of balls to pull a knife on alien
Although the CGI is a bit dated the weight and animations are perfect you really feel like you're watching super beings fighting.
Owais Farooqi
One of the best fight in entire movie
Sadpanda82 Day ago
I thought this movie was badass. Superman did kind of cause a lot property damage though, and let’s face it, he almost definitely killed a lot of people who were just, you know, in the area.
Abu Tahir
Abu Tahir Day ago
by far i mean by farrr the best dceu film made Plz do not mention aquaman which was meh, wm was again i feel decent, people over praised the film due to the lead character and director being a women. I'd still put MOS top 10 greatest comic book films ever made
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 22 hours ago
No ww wasn't praised because it's woman lead ..it was praised because it perfectly told a story of ww without downsizing 'Man' into 'bad' and 'woman' into 'good'
Just Chillin
Just Chillin Day ago
Man Of Steel, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are hands down the best of DCEU, I don't under why DCEU didn't just do the solo movies first build up hype and work on the Justice league movie when ever character was introduced beforehand and got the ratings/criticisms on those movies in order to make the movie with all of them the best it could possibly be. I am baffled at how stupid some of the people in charge are, only see money as the goal but never the success. Marvel created an entire storyline and is probably a lot more popular for it whilst DC tried to rush to compete and ended up failing miserably.
Brandon Wei
Brandon Wei Day ago
How Smallville became Smallerville.
kimaya panash
Why couldnt they make BVS or JUSTICE LEAGUE like this masterpiece Its not dark you dont have to turn the brightness to max to watch a scene its action sequence is on point and fire its story is great
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 21 hour ago
@kimaya panash ✌️
kimaya panash
kimaya panash 22 hours ago
@kvaknan here thats my opinion and I'm entitled to it...just like you are to you
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 22 hours ago
And for your info this Movie was NOT well received despite having a great story and action sequence... Critics bashed this movie when it came out saying it had too much destruction... So yeah, after that studios minimised everything.
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 22 hours ago
@kimaya panash 'dark ass version'??!
kimaya panash
kimaya panash 22 hours ago
@kvaknan here i watched that dark ass version It doesn't match up to Mos
AGWittmann Day ago
Eww, they were in the garbage of a garbage truck ...
Tasaduq Shah
Tasaduq Shah Day ago
Things to notice in this whole scene: 1) Kryptonians are vulnerable to heat vision. Faora-Ul cries when Superman's heat vision hits her hand. 1:56 - 1:58 2) Kryptonians are not so fast that you can't see them moving at all like Flash. You can clearly see Faora-Ul when she is fighting army soldiers. 3:03 - 3:06 3) Superman is older than when he was when Jonathan died. 4) Superman is still a rookie, and doesn't know how to fight. 5) Superman is fighting second level trained Kryptonian military soldiers. Now why I am mentioning this is because all of the points above are some explanations of the key moments in the film which have been heavily criticized by some people. - People saying Superman should have stopped Zod's heat vision in the end by covering his eyes or just throw himself in between the family and heat vision is plain dumb. It would not have only hurt Superman but he would have been too injured to save anyone else after that since Zod was just on a rampage. - People saying Clark should have used his super speed to save Jonathan from dying is neither possible. Clark was just young, in fact he barely knew the full extent of his powers, let alone what powers he had. Secondly, if he even had his super speed figured, he still wouldn't have been able to move fast enough to save Jonathan or hide himself from he public eye. If the trained peak physical strength Kryptonians under the yellow sun cannot move fast enough, how the fuck would a teenager noob can who barely has hit his Kyptonian puberty? And lastly, the whole intention of Jonathan and Martha through the film is to protect the Clark's secret from the public eye. And Clark is literally standing in front of the whole public during tornado scene. Even if Clark had moved fast enough, public would have literally seen him.
BA.ss 2 hours ago
This comment is underrated.
ñight DEMON
ñight DEMON Day ago
jvtherrien Day ago
For a Superman movie this was fantastic
Øverclocked Day ago
lol the bitch calls him weak then he woops every single one of them.
Cut the Camera’s
The closest we could get to real life dragon ball fight scenes
soy yo
soy yo Day ago
This movie is awesome
sadhin hossain
man of steel My favorite movie
Vishu Dahiya
Vishu Dahiya Day ago
2006 : Why the hell, they don't show us a real Superman fight ?!!!?!! All he does is lifting stuff and blocking some bullets !!! 2013 : These fight scenes are way too long and they are destroying half of the city !!! Me : these ameture people !!!!
Nikolai Nielsen
Nikolai Nielsen 2 days ago
The problem with this movie: you can't really top it! We don't need a sequel or a new, we just wish we could watch it for the first time again...
C K T K C 2 days ago
And then Sears actually went out of business
Zechidvjchi 2 days ago
I really hate this scene only because the military has the need to involve themselves in everything that’s not their business
2:58 When a level 100 player joins a lobby full of level 1 players.
Afro So2
Afro So2 2 days ago
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Movie clips
Movie clips 2 days ago
I would like to have a Gameplay of this...😇Its really Loving an Interesting 🙌
Git Gud
Git Gud 2 days ago
These people need to find some more lethal attack . They been brawling for 10minute and it still doesn’t look like anyone have been wounded.
Eigwak 12 hours ago
The town is who got wounded
Yankee 2 days ago
I couldn't win against her even if I had Superman's strength on steroids because I would bring roses to a gunfight. She's too gorgeous. 😍 #HerHotnessIsMyKryptonite
PS4 Criminal
PS4 Criminal 2 days ago
This made me crave ihop
Muhammad Mahdi
Muhammad Mahdi 2 days ago
Bad CGI of course!
Inspector Zenegata
Let’s be honest we all wanted those A-10s to rip them a new asshole
mickey7411 2 days ago
"where did you train Kal....ON A FARM!!!!!!"
Tony Dimaric
Tony Dimaric 2 days ago
I dont know why but I was supporting Zod the whole time in movie.
Seth w
Seth w Hour ago
S tier villain. The cause he's fighting for is equally as important as supermans
Niel Cablinda2
Niel Cablinda2 2 days ago
I think this is the only DCEU movie that is good. Comment if you agree.
anonymous anonymous
The soldiers saw a super aliens with super strength, super speed, laser eyes and immune to almost everything Soldiers: I bet our bullets can stop them
flownet07 2 days ago
I would like Hollywood and those watching these comic book characters to grow up. Destroying the universe with superhuman powers is becoming tiresome. Just saying...
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 2 days ago
STFU pls...it's a fckn movie
madxruler 2 days ago
3:03 This one little moment is gorgeous. Now THAT'S how super speed is supposed to look!
Letícia Machado
Letícia Machado 2 days ago
muito massa
Pablo Horteg
Pablo Horteg 2 days ago
How does she even know about evolution, bitch is an alien, ain't even heard of Darwin!
Tyata 2 days ago
Lol Krypton probably got better. Scientist than darwin
Macoi Tocky
Macoi Tocky 2 days ago
We want Faora back
Tony Nyakundi
Tony Nyakundi 2 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen we are about to witness this but make them 7 heroes going against a mad conqueror(steppenwolf) and the man who brings darkness(Darkseid)...
AkumaDante12 3 days ago
Still doesnt make sense. Being encased in a kryptonian atmosphere within the suit wouldn’t have given any of them the power that superman has.
Gravity though. They're wearing space suits but they're still basically on the moon
Michael Westmoreland
WHY IS NO OTHER FIGHT IN THE DCU LIKE THIS? There's no pointless movement. No half hearted gestures. That brief moment when she's tearing through the Rangers is /exactly/ what fighting Superman would /always/ be like, if he weren't holding back so much. It even took him getting his ass kicked for /several/ minutes before he even escalated to heat vision. That's /character/ in an action scene. WHERE the fuck is the person responsible for this, and WHY the fuck did they not head /every/ DCU movie?
soy yo
soy yo Day ago
Beacuse people are idiots and hate that this movie has "so much destruction". But don't worry the person who made this was zack snyder and next year we will have his justice league ruvid.net/video/video-z6512XKKNkU.html
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 2 days ago
@Michael Westmoreland yeah ikr.
Michael Westmoreland
@kvaknan here What does that even mean? Too much destruction? How did they think no-holds barred fighting between demigods would go, the sort of thing you can fix with a new coat of paint? This is LITERALLY a physical demonstration of the trope "Take the fight elsewhere", and it's importance to do so.
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 3 days ago
This type of fights will never occur because when this movie came out critics bashed it for 'too much destruction' that's why
Madhav Dheeraj
Madhav Dheeraj 3 days ago
Music dude 🔥🔥🔥
Amartya Randive
Amartya Randive 3 days ago
Miss u IM
John Tambascio
John Tambascio 3 days ago
noooo not my warthogs
NewsXMonger 3 days ago
CGI for this movie top notch!
Anthony Barnes Jr
Movies like this inspires me to be a director
Siddharth Khirwar
I love the MCU more than the DCEU ( massive fan of both ) but it’s very clear that Feige wanted to beat DC at their game and one-up Wonder Woman and Superman with Captain Marvel as she is nothing like what she is in the comics and is nowhere near Thor or Hulk in power levels or relevance. He thought people were still trashing MOS and even bragged about how he wanted to make Captain Marvel an OP character who is flawed. Thing is though- he failed miserably at all he set out to do. Captain Marvel is nowhere near as iconic as Wonder Woman or as empowering as her and Man of Steel and Snyder did a MUCH MUCH better job of humanizing Superman and making him vulnerable and flawed while still being the badass and Beacon of Hope he is meant to be. And Captain Marvel is not flawed at all LMAO. She is the personification of a Mary Sue. Just because she is a female character does not make her flawed. He should have learnt and been mindful of what the filmmakers did with Wanda and Natasha since they are much better characters than Captain Marvel and are more iconic. I believe Feige realizes this since he immediately changed his stance on who the most powerful MCU hero is and said it was Wanda ( as it should be ) even though he earlier stated that Captain Marvel was the most powerful MCU hero. Ironic part is that Cavill’s Superman is almost universally loved now and is far more bankable than Larson’s Captain Marvel.
soy yo
soy yo Day ago
Finally someone who said it
nuvie 3 days ago
Basically, Goku vs Nappa and Vegeta. Love it!
Vipul Bhargava
Vipul Bhargava 3 days ago
2:12 Humans attacks all the Kryptonians. 2:18 Also humans, *makes surprise Pikachu face when they fight back.*
trevion browne
trevion browne 4 days ago
Not gonna lie, that big kryptonian scares me 😅he’s a brute
trevion browne
trevion browne 16 hours ago
On god I’m looking at him like 👁👄 👁
Richard Español
Richard Español 2 days ago
No shame in that, Fucker is like 8 feet tall and can throw trains lol
Шерзод Юсупов
Что за фильм ?
animagi 4 days ago
4:56 that is some weird explosion physics, should've redone that one
spidy one
spidy one 4 days ago
after all this words she die ok
TheRobbyVerse 3 days ago
She not dead
mount d3w
mount d3w 4 days ago
Movies are so fuckin stupid why would you continue to shoot at someone that bullets have literally zero effect on, i mean if superman is having trouble with them why the fuck would i even attempt to fight them
TheRobbyVerse 3 days ago
kvaknan here no point of arguing he won’t understand
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 3 days ago
@mount d3w wtf you do.. Just stand there?!
mount d3w
mount d3w 3 days ago
kvaknan here if you see 25 people shooting at something and nothing is affecting that thing your shooting at why keep shooting at it? Obviously bullets can’t affect it, Get the heck out of there,
kvaknan here
kvaknan here 3 days ago
Because that's what will happen... If you have a gun and something is trying to kill you, perhaps it is best idea rather than being idle and I'm going to die.
Accurate Gamer
Accurate Gamer 4 days ago
2:57 let me look cool for a sec.
Julian Vega
Julian Vega 4 days ago
Wow if the rangers weren’t involved he would have died cause they bought him Time to fight one then go to the other person
Ruben Nunez
Ruben Nunez 4 days ago
This movie is better than. Batman vs superman & justice league.
Mitchel Mahar
Mitchel Mahar 4 days ago
She hot... also scary
dreamingthelife 4 days ago
I love this scene but it really annoys me that it looks like they need armour to deflect the bullets, I wished she'd just turn of her face shield and have the bullets bounce off her skin, I mean the impacts could even look to be a bit painful but just her not giving a F would be sweet
Sunday Night Live
man of steel is underrated but man after the DK and this dc just went to shit
sonny A
sonny A 4 days ago
Faora: You are weak son of El Kal: For you
Savage Star
Savage Star 4 days ago
Why does Faora-Ul look like a girl version of timothy chalamet in the thumbnail?
Savage Star
Savage Star 4 days ago
I probably got his name wrong, cuz i based it off from memory, but I'm to lazy to change it
adi bu
adi bu 4 days ago
0:01 Oh, so you wanna take me out for pancakes? Thank you, I love it!
Mr. Nice Guy 85
Mr. Nice Guy 85 4 days ago
If this 3 fought in avengers end game final battle scene, the 3 of them will only be left alive in a matter of minutes.
LESTAT853 4 days ago
Да здравствует богиня цензура защищающая зрителей от законов физики и кровищи, если бы не она то в сценах с избиением криптонцами обычных солдат была бы сплошная кровища и фарш, и они бы не отлетали от ударов чистенькие, а лопались как мешки с кровью.
Daane Mest
Daane Mest 4 days ago
dat woman is marvelous
Dragon 5 days ago
Superman--- it's hard to defeat them all at once Batman -- there we go again Just give me kryptonite spear and a grenade launcher of kryptonite
Ken Bolden
Ken Bolden 5 days ago
Love this flick.
L K 5 days ago
Deadass looks like this could be in THE BOYS universe.
JKXD 5 days ago
So they're like Superman... but they actually know how to fight...
TheRobbyVerse 3 days ago
Yeah... they from the same planet
yb 5 days ago
Leonardo Villanueva
3:57 Best scene!!
Jarvijaar 5 days ago
I remember sawing this movie in a college. Good times
cookie monster
cookie monster 5 days ago
And why do those aliens look like us ?
Isaac Reyes M.
Isaac Reyes M. 5 days ago
Faora sexy AF 😍
Fabian Pencel
Fabian Pencel 5 days ago
Fallen angel? Hmmmm what a timing to say it
あきも 5 days ago
This is best film of the DC universe 😃
CHIDDY_BANGG96 O 5 days ago
Why did this movie receive so much criticism, this was wayy better than batman v superman, Aquaman, and suicide squad
KnightBat05 4 days ago
bvs and suicide squad are just as hated (suicide sqaud more so) those aren't good comparisons...
T-1000 4 days ago
To be fair aquaman was incredible to
Ares 5 days ago
Oh agnes
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