Fan Zhendong vs Zhou Qihao | 2021 Chinese Trials (Gold Medal)

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Fan Zhendong vs Zhou Qihao | 2021 Chinese Trials for Tokyo Olympics (Gold Medal)
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Comments 0
Ndue Miria
Ndue Miria 16 days ago
This loss will make fan zhendong even more stronger make no mistake! Ps. We need Adam Bobrow at the commentary box asap!!!!!!!
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 18 days ago
He is one of my favourite players, I guess he should be selected as a reserve player for olympics rather than wang chauqin
Shen0o0 25 days ago
Alexander Wasistho
Z Q salam dari Indonesia
Final 엄청 침착하고 speed is excessive. 몸매도 좋구요. Zhou Qihao very good!
zaim abdul
zaim abdul Month ago
next level
Murtadho Ado
Murtadho Ado Month ago
7:52 epic point
Shouhui Yang
Shouhui Yang Month ago
Kelvin Chow
Kelvin Chow Month ago
Was FZD saying some bad words at 9:01 after ZQH hit the net?
Burhan Ayan
Burhan Ayan Month ago
Zhou Qihao vs amateur(!)
Ginno Gaviria
Ginno Gaviria Month ago
Bruce Patawa
Bruce Patawa Month ago
wait for great japan empire harimoto to beat his ass in Tokyo Olympics
mohd syahir abd kadir
11:42 incredible forehand 😬
YD Chen
YD Chen Month ago
The smile during play...damn Zhou is a killer, rare Chinese player had that good relax mentality. Most of them play like they are in jail.
Flawless Wilson
Flawless Wilson Month ago
Inyourface Month ago
Refreshing to see a creative player like Zhou in this era where most players try to overpower each other.
Rudy Lion
Rudy Lion Month ago
Incredible... some returns from zhou Qihao!
elang Merah
elang Merah Month ago
Zhou Qihau the new alien 👍👍👍
Van Dung Le
Van Dung Le Month ago
Quá hay. ZQ thắng xứng đáng .
Pali Li
Pali Li Month ago
Good job square face (spongebob)
MuriSan Month ago
Did Fan Zhendong switch to Viscaria?
holahola chan
holahola chan Month ago
There will be a New Face to join the international games, how about the rest of the world?
earl patron
earl patron Month ago
Got a new fan Zhou Qihao! Congrats
Keith Lin
Keith Lin Month ago
is this guy serious? lol this is niwa koki on steroids
Nicholas Steblay
Loved when he switched hands. Should have kept the paddle there and used a left-hand loop on the next shot!
Daniel Shen
Daniel Shen Month ago
ravibds Month ago
He have all shots in book
эрик линд
Paras Leonidas
Paras Leonidas Month ago
Chinese cant stop producing top players. well done.
Canal c4 ops - Critical ops Gameplays
the future is zhou...
phaniraj patel
phaniraj patel Month ago
Zhou qihao never gets tensed when he plays away from the table. In fact, he seems to be at his best going for “joo se hyuk” style crazy chop messing up opponent’s rally rhythm and then goes for the kill. These points were his critical advantage on demoralizing the best of the best, including Malong and Fzd.
flagella1337 Month ago
ZQH has is strong both technically and mentally. You need both to be a top player.
Kamoranesi Month ago
Hats off. Such a clean and flawless brand of table tennis he plays. He was not only better than ML and FZD - he was way ahead. Outstanding!
Spin Man
Spin Man Month ago
I don’t know why the camera is so far from the table. The panoramic view of the playing field is useless when players play most of the time close to the table. Next time do it closer
Free Hoa
Free Hoa Month ago
Very strong BH.
Yeotyui Leonard
Yeotyui Leonard Month ago
Bolts n Nuts
Bolts n Nuts Month ago
It is Zhou Qihao is a promising player.
Chi hin Cheung
Chi hin Cheung Month ago
周~稳 東~反手覇道 對出面D對手丶我覺仍是東佔优
eyyüp yildiz
eyyüp yildiz Month ago
What a wonderful match is that.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
对我爷爷说 Month ago
8分55念 樊振东的三字经念得不错
Kratos Khan
Kratos Khan Month ago
I don't know if even the Olympic final will be as entertaining as this match! Sets 5 & 6 had me going crazy, great match to analyse and learn from two amazing players. Chop block count also exceeded 3, which honestly goes even beyond what Koki Niwa does nowadays. Not to mention the amazing footwork, far and close to the table with a lot of power. Does anyone see him as a mixture of XuXin (far from the table) and power and placement from FZD?
AMR School of Thought
The star is in the making
Ziqiang Wang
Ziqiang Wang Month ago
he needs to prove himself on the international stage.
Ali Nawras
Ali Nawras Month ago
Wow لعبة روعة
Thorond0r Month ago
Insane both. We mortals and the Party leaders' watching in awe. 'nough said.
Hirdaipal Jaswal
Only thing with zhao qihao is he can’t keep this level for more then this he’s way to inconsistent
Mahdi Al Masud
Mahdi Al Masud Month ago
Zhou Qihao played beautifully. Hope he will be given more chances in the big tournaments in near future. Fan zhendong solely depends on power shots and lacks creativity a bit. It might cost him big matches.
むむムム Month ago
vinnnywong52 Month ago
ZQ is a name I must remember now, well done, so humble after winning 👏
WwwKalaDendraGr Month ago
ZQH was the best player. Not only attack! Congratulations 👏 🏓👍
어느쇼핑중독자의 비참한 말로
어마무시하네요..후덜덜..얘네들은 어느 누구하나 무시할수 없는..후덜덜~~
Zev Libin
Zev Libin Month ago
Dudes got the goods on all fronts and is cool as a cucumber. Lets see if he stays motivated and inspired or let this win get to his head
Thảo Phương
Thảo Phương Month ago
John Zhang, CFA
John Zhang, CFA Month ago
攻中夜带削: 周启豪在技术层面已经在向顶级发展, 就看其打法稳定性如何了。
Алексей Исаков
China has a good shift growing! But I am sure that experience is important at the Olympics, so I make a prediction that Malong and Fan Zhentong will be in the final in Japan!
무풍지대 Month ago
새로운 우승자 챔프, 축하 ~~, 놀랍다
_DaLeX_ mopnex
_DaLeX_ mopnex Month ago
После такого турнира становится понятно, что ограничение на 2 квоты от страны - это просто трусость всего мира перед лицом китайских монстров настольного тенниса. ZQH заслужил своей игрой место на олимпиаде, но с другой стороны, как можно оставить за бортом ML, FZD и XX?
Braj Mohan
Braj Mohan Month ago
What an insane player Zhou is. He clearly overwhelmed, outpowered, and outsmart Fan. What a confidence, what a calm and smiling posture. Very impressive. He deserved this victory.
Teddy Frans Geos
That's not real... World rank number 122 can beat all the top rank.. just the strategy of China national team to make other country confuse
Braj Mohan
Braj Mohan Month ago
Not only Zhou beat Fan. But he also overpowered and crushed him.
Sean Wang
Sean Wang Month ago
ZQH has some special qualities. He's not all brute force. There is power, finesse, and creativity. Such great touch. It's quite refreshing to watch. I haven't felt that way watching any of the top players in a while.
Pingpong Journey
horip Month ago
Zhou 、すげー! なんか馬龍みたいだった。
min shun tu
min shun tu Month ago
sokha nimolmonika
Xu Xin became a best housekeeper, Ma Long will be a good singer with ZJK, FZD will be a good chef. Most of table tennis fans ignore the Zhou Qihao and never seen Zhou Qihao played. Go home Ma Long, Xu Xin.
Tai Vu Duc
Tai Vu Duc Month ago
Question: How to take the Golden Medal of Chinese Trials for Tokyo Olypics? Answer: Play as Zhou Qihao! Do Forcehand like Malong, Do Backhand like FanzhengDong, Serve like Zhangjike, Running like Xuxin and Chop block as Zhou Qihao!
Nomak Month ago
Conclusion, zhou can dealing with the chinese player in chinese tournaments but in olympic are different story with different typical play of many foreign player, CNT still have to sending ma long n fan. Zhou still prove in international tournaments.
4weeldrive Month ago
If they will not include Zhou in to China Olympic team, they loose my respect.
4weeldrive Month ago
Good buy!
Vihaan Vyas
Vihaan Vyas Month ago
5:10 ZQH almost pulled off a FZD (against simon gauzy) against FZD
Chanel Pemula
Chanel Pemula Month ago
Fzd rank 1,ma long rank 3 has lost from zq rank 122,sometimes the rank don't matter
Hansu Gu
Hansu Gu Month ago
What are all the chop blocks, chops, left hand play, and lobbing? Zhou Qihao is magic. This guy has a bright future.
Владислав Пономарев
Молодец, Жоу Кихао! Отличная атлетичная, подтянутая форма, везде успевает и были отличные розыгрыши. Виден серьезный настрой на игру.
John Zhang, CFA
John Zhang, CFA Month ago
Turning point: 7:52
Wing Low
Wing Low Month ago
Camera too high and too far. Not good.
John Zhang, CFA
John Zhang, CFA Month ago
炵枋歆漾 Month ago
#周啟豪 很多時候處理的不算好,甚至還有點隨便的感覺;但他能贏 #馬龍 與 #樊振東 也是有原因的; 其反擊方式屢屢出對手不意,偏偏質量還高。反手打直線球讓對手不敢輕易博殺。 期待後續表現。
aminuddin madil
aminuddin madil Month ago
IMO.for me ZQ a bit lucky.Most of the point was given by FZ mistake..FZ is still good but unexpected ball return that make him lose this match.. btw, great match!
Joshua Asley
Joshua Asley Month ago
Zhou Qihao "The Dragon Slayer"!
余俊廷 Month ago
12:11 Zhou Qihao’s hand switch.
KYQH Month ago
Is this tournament for World Team Championship or Olympics?
Mei Choi
Mei Choi 25 days ago
KYQH - Zhou has earned himself a place in the World Championship to be held in Houston this November by winning this tournment.
Ali Shafai
Ali Shafai Month ago
If FZD plays at this level in the Olympics, he’ll metal for sure. The only question will be which one! 🏓 🏅
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Month ago
Fan will win the Gold. Zhou is not playing in the Olympic Games. Besides, I am not sure if Zhou can achieve victory against Fan the next time they play again. Put it this way, Zhou's power game surprised Fan.
Otis Skopik
Otis Skopik Month ago
what the f.....killer match. both played fantastic TT
H Month ago
Well deserved victory, Zhou Qihao's forehand is one of the best in the world (placement in relation to the ball, spin, power, footwork...) look at this 11:42 , and his backhand is just as amazing ( 9:26 ), he can be the new Zhang Jike ! Zhou can be redoubtable for the Tokyo Olympics
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond Month ago
Zhou Qihao is must better than Zhang Jike. Zhang Jike was an over-archiever. Wang Hao should have won against Zhang twice at WTTC finals.
gil MOR
gil MOR Month ago
Parabéns ao Zhou Qihao pela conquista merecida. Ele tem se mostrado um jogador dotado de um arsenal de habilidades que dificultam a vida dos seus adversários.
Last Mission
Last Mission Month ago
E i
E i Month ago
@Last Mission まぁ独創的というか、変人というか、綺麗に回転かかってるボールは得意やけどって感じかな?慣れやろなぁ。周雨や方博、シャンクン、閣安みたいな感じになるかもなあ
Last Mission
Last Mission Month ago
@E i あとジャーカナクとかヨルジッチとか中国選手がまあ負けないだろう選手にも負けてるのが気になる
E i
E i Month ago
Abhisek s
Abhisek s Month ago
everyone's talking about zqh getting a spot in WTTC . No doubt he has been in gr8 shape and playing some fearless table tennis .But he needs to perform well against non-chinese players on a regular basis . That factor and experience make ma long , fan zhendong and xu xin kind of players to be prefered choice for big tourneys and beleive me that's thr right way to go about it. But surely i would like to see ZQH rise and shine as he is a supreme fit young talent without no such obvious weakness
Eric Ye
Eric Ye Month ago
Zhou Qihao's coach Liu Guozheng is famous of handling adverse situation.
Yosep Gusti
Yosep Gusti Month ago
zhou qihou style like play with celuloid ball era,,calm and dont hit the ball too early but still put pressure for opponent.
Kênh Tin Tức Online
Zhou Qihao won even malong with fanzhendong. Horrible
kusoga Zhou ah! padayona dong!
陳奕璋 Month ago
swang1918 Month ago
I don’t argue who is better. Just a fresh style of men’s table tennis. You rarely see long rally now. They just try to kill the ball as soon as it bounces off the table no matter if it is a heavy top spin or fast top spin ball.Because of that, the game seems shorter.
Charles de Lavor
Merecida vitória!!! Novíssima safra de jogadores chineses. Tênis de mesa atualíssimo. Referência mundial.
Chenguang Zhu
Chenguang Zhu Month ago
9:00 FZD says mt fcker in Chinese......
xi dai
xi dai Month ago
In two of the crucial moments, 11:10 in 4th set and 10:9 in match point, Zhou Qihang received short to FZD's backhand and FZD seems completely unprepared. I don't think this is coincidental.
김동규 Month ago
a new generation has come.
Aditya Samuel
Aditya Samuel Month ago
FZD and ML seems more frustrated during a Chinese Simulation match than at an international match. Hope ZQH can perform as well during international tournaments.
Keith Lin
Keith Lin Month ago
the trials are tougher than Olympics itself =)
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