Families Of Botham Jean, Antwon Rose & DJ Henry On 'The Responsibility Program' Under Roc Nation

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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Mutombo 2 days ago
Antwon rose story- he just conviently was stopping in traffic?
Numbers Advocate
Numbers Advocate 2 days ago
Just keep pressing... And keep Sharpton and Crump away
Mally Zone1
Mally Zone1 7 months ago
Power to these ppl God bless their souls 🖤
Sir Alexander
Sir Alexander 7 months ago
DJ Envy, just step away and let C-tha God & Angelia finish the interview instead of trying to rush/ end such an important topic.
Jay Horner
Jay Horner 7 months ago
It’s true, I don’t believe all individual police officers are bad, although there’s probably a higher number of bad apples that are not fit to protect the community. I believe this is an indictment of the law enforcement establishment and their culture as a whole, not just each officer.
Dail Ray
Dail Ray 7 months ago
I disagree with that brother that's why our kids are getting killed because we're not holding good 🐖or bad 🐖 accountable for what's going on
Dail Ray
Dail Ray 7 months ago
If a good police or the government do nothing about this oppressive system and the bad police there just as guilty.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 7 months ago
You will not hear white America say, will you forgive our ancestors for enslaving you!! When I saw the court case and how the brother and the judge conducted themselves, I was almost about to cut off black people...I was So MAD !!!
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 7 months ago
I am sick of black folks quickly to forgive white folks for purposely , but when we kill or undermine each other WE stay mad at each other for a long time.
DreDay N
DreDay N 7 months ago
Botham family is a joke
J MILLZ 7 months ago
WTF Dj envy kept rushing these people off the interview 🤬
richirich1 7 months ago
DAMMIT ENVY WTF MAN............ STOP, trying to cut these damn interviews short Angela, CTG and the guest always have more to say and you try and you’re always “well we thank yo.....”
Thickmomma 7 months ago
Wow, they are so nice and understanding towards people who killed their loved ones.....#whatajoke
Rheachelle 7 months ago
4:15 did anybody else hear what sounded like a Serena serve? lol why was that soundbite inserted?
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 7 months ago
These white people do not care! You can sit around and try to find a solution but the real problem is THEM! When Kap took a knee for police brutality they talked about there Flag! When any decent person would have saw him on one knee and asked what can i do for you so you will not have to take a knee!
Tasharee Ross
Tasharee Ross 7 months ago
They don't care about the fathers because they don't care about BLACK PEOPLES!!!!! DUH!
Tasharee Ross
Tasharee Ross 7 months ago
This Dad is a prime example of a sheep!
Igboman87 2 months ago
How is he a sheep?
Tanjua Robinson
Tanjua Robinson 7 months ago
This was a Great Show! My prayer"s for all the families!
SimplyRad 7 months ago
Damn Envy trying to end the interview for no reason.
8bosslady8 7 months ago
Why did the son run if he had nothing illegal? No one innocent does that. And she mentioned white people do care but the only reference she has is family, of course family cares they lost some one. That does not mean white people care!
CeCe Nicole
CeCe Nicole 7 months ago
DJ Envy is so f*ucking rude during this interview. You could’ve just excused yourself and walked out to see what your daughter wanted. And she probably didn’t want anything. So distasteful!! And unprofessional
Alena Glenn
Alena Glenn 7 months ago
Respectability Politics won’t save us....
Rene John
Rene John 7 months ago
These comments are.... purely disgusting in every way & just over a week after MLK. Dr.King & those that marched with him witnessed crimes far worse than anything we have ever saw, he still never held this much hatred.
Brandon Haye
Brandon Haye 7 months ago
Time to start taking a life for a life. No other options at this point.
Dedrick Johnson
Dedrick Johnson 7 months ago
The things our (good) white friends don't have to worry about...
Ike Diamond
Ike Diamond 7 months ago
Ever see how the mafia forgives? A kill shot, a kiss on the forehead, and a tender closing of the eyes
C E 7 months ago
Ironic you should say that; God I think has been telling me the same thing I need funding to take the next step ♠️🍙🖤 White persons do not CARE THIS IS NOT AN IDEOLOGICAL PRONOUNCEMENT I AM SPEAKING of A BIOLOGICAL CERTAINTY 13 years The pineal of a Caucasian becomes calcified The selenium production alters to sulfur The Pineal is the soul of Human and for the homosapien it vanishes at 13 The Sacrifice Of Care ruvid.net/video/video-LZ-tBFdDh4I.html
burritos& beamers
burritos& beamers 7 months ago
fucking horrible interview. id be embrassed i was those family members for showin up literally to introduce ourselves say 5 words then leave.
caramel sista
caramel sista 7 months ago
Dang, DJ Envy seem like he was ready for them to go. Geesh, let them talk. Excuse yourself and go see what your daughter wants then get back to the interview.
CeCe Nicole
CeCe Nicole 7 months ago
caramel sista This is the same thing I was thinking!! It would be so simple for him to say excuse me. He was being rude I think trying to rush them along.
Mitchell Onuorah
Mitchell Onuorah 7 months ago
WTF I don't get it... I am just left speechless ... how can this happen ... my heart is breaking for them... may their soul rest in peace
G.O.D No G.O.D
G.O.D No G.O.D 7 months ago
These pigs will never change the only way to stay safe from them is to put 6 hot ones in their heads!!!
MEng 7 months ago
Watching this brought me to tears.
schuette Bebop Rock Steady II Bach
No but seriously what could you really tell yourself and your kids at this point.
Siobhan Saunders
Siobhan Saunders 7 months ago
Why Envy is always so quick to do his Exit outtro. Well we appreciate........ Dude relax!
Sandy J.
Sandy J. 7 months ago
Envy interrupted an important interview 4 times for something personal he had going on... so unprofessional. He could’ve stepped out to answer the call. Angela and Charla could’ve held it down. What a mess..smh
CeCe Nicole
CeCe Nicole 7 months ago
Sandy J. Exactly. He was being very rude.
Myshan Amakisi
Myshan Amakisi 7 months ago
I'm not understanding the father's explanation, about who shot his son?
Shakir Lateef
Shakir Lateef 7 months ago
imagine that
imagine that 7 months ago
Praying for the families❤
Duece & DaMarcus Momm
Amber will get out in 2yrs😩
Duece & DaMarcus Momm
I would still be in a🤧😵 MENTAL hospital if I was one of these families.
Igboman87 2 months ago
It's a situation I hope and pray to never experience.
Igboman87 2 months ago
Silky-T H
Silky-T H 7 months ago
I hate the hopelessness I feel when you hear these stories or even when you’ve experienced something similar in your own family.
Daniel The Prophet
Daniel The Prophet 7 months ago
So this was the chess move that jay-z was playing? To communicate, have better relationships with the murderers and 4give?
Lawni Hamilton
Lawni Hamilton 7 months ago
I have a quote not quit a scripture since I’m hearing a lot of these things thrown about today. "When you play with the devils tools don’t be surprised by the structures you keep and build!" Ironically two of the family members on the end I am not surprised have law enforcement in them, and it did not go I noticed they let us know that they are biracial families. No you children did not die because police didn’t let them explain themselves out of it! The elephant in the room is no one wants to take on the militarization of the force. They are to powerful and they will not concede when they are wrong, and there is no incentive to keep people from joining the force who have malicious intent. Either they are joining or the culture is already in the ranks...I believe the latter of the two. This group will get nothing done because they still believe the problem is that "we just got to be great!" To what? Not get shot!🤦🏾‍♂️
? 7 months ago
Rather get our message(s) out by way of the NFL, why not put our attention and resources on local government politics. Policy changes directly affect how we live. It determines and dictates our lives daily.
Rant Derrick
Rant Derrick 7 months ago
Keep the fathers out the story is another way for the media to paint The narrative that Black are not present in their kids lives
She_is_She_ 7 months ago
just think. poor Josh Brown tried to do the right thing, only to be killed for doing it and these fools forgave the murderer. Josh couldve just kept his life instead
Watch It Happen
Watch It Happen 7 months ago
Forgiveness is not weakness. It's better to forgive and get that weight off your heart, so that you don't carry that around everyday of your life, wishing harm to someone and wanting them to die holds you and your soul down. I have a brother that was killed, though I forgave the murderer, I forgave him. Didn't mean I don't want justice, which we got, I just didn't want hate in my heart. You are in charge of freeing yourself, not a court system that more likely than not, will fail you.
She_is_She_ 7 months ago
yall forgave that murderer. take your forgiveness and go already!
YMRM McCree 7 months ago
Sad seeing them proclaim repeatedly that their sons were innocent and children. Their are good cops and bad cops but when the good cops co-sign with (be silent and ride for) bad cops they become cops themselves.
The Intuitive Empath
They did what they should have. ruvid.net/video/video-W8Oh3eMNuSY.html Check out our podcast please :) Feedback would be awesome! Much love!
JR 7 months ago
Alison Morris needs donkey of the day.
JU3is Cartor
JU3is Cartor 7 months ago
This is not o.k. & we need to keep talking about this even after this video is over. Policing is now more about business instead of about safety. We gotta start thinking about others as neighbors and family members instead of opponents.
1Pretty Libra
1Pretty Libra 7 months ago
Nicole Brown Simpson family never forgave, and he was found not guilty. These people are a joke!
Ashleigh Smithson
Ashleigh Smithson 7 months ago
She lost me when she tried to say the kid wasn't black becuase he was a quarter white....
New jack
New jack 7 months ago
Tell DJ envy to stop trying to rush them folks away and let them speak damm 🤦🏽‍♂️
ADHD 7 months ago
Just came here to dislike
La'Daniel Boykin
La'Daniel Boykin 7 months ago
Theres always gotta be that one "well it's about ALL people" type of nigga. Foh
Toussaint Werner
Toussaint Werner 7 months ago
the most disturbing part of this video to me is the lack of understanding of BLACKNESS from the families . " my son was identified as black but my mother is half white " Ma'am slave maters had millions of children that still labored in the fields !!!!! I have empathy for their deaths but I do not identify with their understanding of race in America. In many way our lack of understanding of identity keeps us oppressed.
Toe 2 Toe Blow 4 Blow
Make AMERIKKKA accountable...it’s not that deep..Forgiveness NEVER works!!!👁
lelemarie 612
lelemarie 612 7 months ago
So what is this, an ALL LIVES MATTER interview 😒 I'm definitely not impressed
Money Mitch
Money Mitch 7 months ago
Can’t believe ya’ll still think this world ain’t racist, Malcolm x would be so ashamed of what he’s built and no ones taking real action out here 🤦🏽‍♂️
Money Mitch
Money Mitch 7 months ago
Sorry mate but how do you not know what your apartment is 🤨 The smell, the environment, keys and what you expect to see first alone should be taken into consideration before you shoot someone lol, Jury are just plain racist!!!😔🤦🏽‍♂️
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards 7 months ago
I’m glad that botham jeans sister has more sense I was so embarrassed by her brother and father behavior they are disgraceful
Dwaine Hicks
Dwaine Hicks 7 months ago
Not A Bad Interview, But Too Soft On The System Of White Supremacy
Fredrica Graham
Fredrica Graham 7 months ago
To the Jean family your brothers action is going to give Bothams killer away out of jail early And to his sister if you want your boys to feel safe you better teach them different from your living brother. Dude and that excellent shit is what white people tell you after they kill our kids, that was being excellent. And Bothams family let down that community after they fought and put their life and lively hood on the line, for the brother and father to hug and love on the murderer. That young man spoke up for Botham and lost his life, he risked it all for what. And then the family just went back home and left that community in termoil. And that psa was a joke, Just like jz and the NFL. If we as black people don't stop forgiving and hugging and loving the murders of our children they will never get Justice. This interview is the weakest shit I've every seen. Y'all might as well had the cops on here telling us that it was the kids fault they are dead. Antwan mother is the only one that was close to making sense.
Regal Au Revoir
Regal Au Revoir 7 months ago
Envy def ain't Black, real house boy
Regal Au Revoir
Regal Au Revoir 7 months ago
This is interview is Cooned Out
Guti Konga
Guti Konga 7 months ago
You kill my family member there's no emotion or forgiveness in my heart for you. None. Too much Jesus involved in all of these stories. No one forgave Osama, Nat Turner.
Mike Colin
Mike Colin 7 months ago
Sorry for their loss but no way in hell do I trust Roc Nation or the NFL. They have proven to be out of touch with what black people are feeling and thinking. And why is this message being pushed on black people? Run tell this story I. White towns, police union halls, politicians, you know the PEOPLE WHO NEED TO HEAR IT.
Love Franklin
Love Franklin 7 months ago
rest in peace Kobe Bryant much love to his family heart goes out to all you
Funstar Tv
Funstar Tv 7 months ago
Breaking news. Kobe Byran killed in a crash.
Essential Oil Queen
Essential Oil Queen 7 months ago
Why do people feel you have to forgive someone for taking away your loved one??????
Trillfate 7 months ago
Brainwashed by Christianity and white supremacy
Trillfate 7 months ago
The Botham Jean family is a disgrace to all black people. They traded justice for white hugs. They get zero sympathy from me
Rami Sebit
Rami Sebit 7 months ago
KOREAN OWNED companies are Worth Over a billion. But 0% black employees, they discriminate against black owned stores , chump change in donations while they give Korean kids millions for IVY LEAGUE education. Build korean towns & centers all over America. Shake N Go(Milky Way Hair,Model Model hair) Hair Zone ( outre hair, sensationnel hair, It’s a wig,) Royal Imex (Zury hair, Hollywood hair, Isis hair) Beauty Plus( Janet hair, Femi Plus hair) Halo Wigs, Chade Wigs. Ivy(KISS makeup, Broadway makeup, Nicks-k makeup, Absolute makeup) Universal Beauty Products(Jamaican mango lime, salon pro,30Second, DNA, VIA, African Essence, Robert Diamond AKA liquid cap) Cantu Eco Gel Jinny Distribution(dream products, Brittny, Maxi gel, J2... over 20 brands 10 locations) Star Bee Distribution(10 brands 3 locations) Bens Distribution ( 5 locations) ALL KOREAN RACIST & disrespect black people. I remember they telling me sell this animal anything. I kicked that Motherfucker ass now they all boycott me. So I am spilling the beans. Boycott Korean stores.
Streetfame Promoter
Streetfame Promoter 7 months ago
jamie lunes
jamie lunes 7 months ago
Biracial is Black nuff said!
saphiffer talbert
saphiffer talbert 7 months ago
I don’t forgive him your brother I thought it was a totally stupid move especially when she file for an appeal the next fucking day.
TC tha Crisis
TC tha Crisis 7 months ago
You're forgiving a woman who MURDERED your brother...Got off easy, THEN APPEALED IT. The killer aint sorry but he's forgiving her? Unreal
How To Canna Review
How To Canna Review 7 months ago
So that poll on blackface you did.... Can we do one on the movie white girls next? You know, since you fucks like stirring shit up? Your show is trash. Have a great day
Precise Videos
Precise Videos 7 months ago
God Bless these families. I’m so happy that the people in these comments are not qualified to provide justice to anyone, because so many of you sound like idiots. The thought of compassion and understanding seems to be lost in these times. I hope these families find some semblance of justice.
Ronald Jackson
Ronald Jackson 7 months ago
Forgiveness is the only way to heal! The faster you forgive the faster you heal!
Trillfate 7 months ago
You don't forgive white supremacists
Nana Kay
Nana Kay 7 months ago
I've always wondered why Police in America are always quick to draw weapons on civilians on even the harmless of situations. It's like a simple traffic stop could end up being your last day. Really really really sad.
Medi Cogglet
Medi Cogglet 7 months ago
Layers of underlying psychological messaging in this presentation & the upcoming super bowl commercial! MIND TRICK and is on some South African truth & reconciliation BS. Remember the Afrikaaners went around the world studying the most damaging systems of racism that the planet had to offer! And now the nfl has adapted this model as a way to shut down Black protest and demands for justice by Black people. I am sorry for the loss of these young people. However the families are using us and allowing themselves to be used. The father was right about cognitive dissonance being used EXCEPT it's being used to confuse Black people into thinking that we should totally forgive and forget about demanding justice. The mind tricks are deep!
ant smith
ant smith 7 months ago
So, they're trying to spread awareness for something that everyone already know is happening? This makes absolutely No sense at all. The NFL/Jay Z will only show forgiveness ads instead of pushing for punishment legislation.
Toonventive 7 months ago
DJ Envy lol...
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 7 months ago
I can't stand envys soft uncle tom ass
Turan Dewberry
Turan Dewberry 7 months ago
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 7 months ago
From Beyonce Beige to Wesley Snipes chocolate. Them folk view ALLLLL of you as"Black" when they draw that Glock.
Respect Knuckles
Respect Knuckles 7 months ago
apartment complex: you not getting shit!!! lol now give me a hug mfers!!
Dominus Rex
Dominus Rex 7 months ago
SEND THOSE PIGS TO JAIL FOR LIFE!!! ANYTHING LESS IS NOT JUSTICE!!! SUBs my TUBES BROS! ruvid.net/u-Lukeevanshen Please catch up with me here: facebook.com/Dominus.Rex.CA on Twitter here: mobile.twitter.com/dominus_israel on RUvid here: ruvid.net/u-Lukeevanshen and Soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/zen_one/feathers thanks for your support! 🙏🏻 And I hope to catch up with you anytime! 🙏🏻 Free music on my Soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/zen_one I appreciate your listening! Free mixes for you! www.mixcloud.com/goodboygoodgoodgood/the_hotboy_hotness_rnb_set-_-1/
Tee Red
Tee Red 7 months ago
And the cops continue to escalate interactions with Blacks, with accountability as each yr comes. What a setback.
david isme
david isme 7 months ago
They have no real tangible goals, it is very apparent that they are not all inclusive with this. They are just looking for something that isn’t going to happen. They are props for ROC Nation and the NFL and any other corporations that support them. It’s sad honestly.
Bray Jay
Bray Jay 7 months ago
@7:13 Which contributed to Amber getting a lighter sentence for murder, as members of the jury admitted that they chose the sentence based off the families reactions (i.e., forgiving a murderer of their relative off the rip) in court, @7:30 5 years with possibility for parole after 5 years, to be exact. @8:45 Police aren’t going to do a bunch of chasing or take any chances. They know that a dead man/woman can’t take the stand. So being the trigger happy members of their fraternity, they will be the judge and jury in the streets. @8:52 Glad to hear that, because the police don’t give out “forgiveness” speeches for civilians who pop one of them. @10:42-10:49 Oooooooooooooooooo!!! I had to rewind that. @12:08 Not forgiving…is one option. @12:48-13:13 True stuff. But the police aren’t going to change anything. Their system in how they do things is not broke. It never was. @15:18 @17:33 Envy be trying to get people out of there with the quickness, unless they are talking money. @16:38 Every person needs to get familiar with these cases: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_v._District_of_Columbia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dred_Scott_v._Sandford The school system (and parents are well known for) saying/teaching police are to” protect and serve” to students/children. Which is a lie. @21:32 Being that over 70% of black/AA/Negro homes have been lead by black women, of course you won’t see any nor a lot of fathers speaking in the public eye.
Stah Goonie
Stah Goonie 7 months ago
BET THAT TV 7 months ago
Angela Yee always hoarse why you work in radio with this bullshit voice... ugh 😩 I’m just hating she get on my nerves
Rilly Jo
Rilly Jo 7 months ago
Timestamp where the discussion is had about the son giving bih a hug
Mike Ken
Mike Ken 7 months ago
Their healing process ain't nobody business tbh
Mike Ken
Mike Ken 7 months ago
Forgiveness ain't got shit to do with it
Kelley Bennett
Kelley Bennett 7 months ago
DJ Envy was so rude trying to end the interview so he could talk to his daughter. I get family stuff, but damn!
Yahru IsReal
Yahru IsReal 7 months ago
These people are a damn disgrace, and the prime example of what not to be, go on the Ellen show with this trash, that's the crowd that will better except these type of people
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