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"The Drug In Me Is Reimagined" by Falling In Reverse
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I heard a knock upon my door the other day
I opened it to find death staring in my face
The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates
Everywhere I go, I drag this coffin just in case
My body's trembling sends shivers down my spine
Adrenaline kicks in, shifts into overdrive
Your secrets keep you sick, your lies keep you alive
Snake eyes every single time you roll with crooked dice
I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred-year-old house
I wrestle with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
Running from my past, I'm praying "Feet, don't fail me now"
I've lost my goddamn mind, it happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
I’ve got these questions always running through my head
So many things that I would like to understand
If we are born to die and we all die to live
Then what's the point of living life if it just contradicts?
I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred-year-old house
I wrestle with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
Running from my past, I'm praying "Feet, don't fail me now"
I've lost my goddamn mind, it happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
I've lost myself
You tried to reach me, but you just can't help me
So long, goodbye
You tried to save me, it won't work this time 'cause now
I've lost my fucking mind, and there's no fucking time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can’t you, can’t you
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?

#fallinginreverse #thedruginmeisreimagined #epitaph


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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 100
kevin vermaak
kevin vermaak 8 minutes ago
Why is this not on iTunes😭
Rachel Leigh
Rachel Leigh 13 hours ago
Hits me way harder than the first version. I needed this.
P Diddy
P Diddy 13 hours ago
That's a powerful voice
Bastian Navarrete
Bastian Navarrete 14 hours ago
He put so much heart on this shit, fucking thank you Ronnie♡
Bastian Navarrete
Bastian Navarrete 14 hours ago
Ouh man i tought i wouldnt like this one, but man, what a genius, a fucking master piece dude, loved it
Kizzy Kizzy
Kizzy Kizzy 15 hours ago
i thought he said he wasnt a vampire lmao
destury119 16 hours ago
I love how, like everyone that jammed to the original, have grown up. As has this song. It's almost fulfilling in a way.
Rachel Bensch
Ronnie just keep fucking growing, man.
Kind like afis love like winter
Kasrowi 2 days ago
Im surprised 😯 how is this possible.. Genius..
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 2 days ago
Ronnie could do 15 tracks of him farting and burping in microphone and I'd STILL buy it and listen religiously. He's a fucking God.
Edgar Sandoval
Edgar Sandoval 2 days ago
I totally remember you guys 15 years ago.... I still love you...
John Malcum
John Malcum 2 days ago
Love how even though Ronnie is loaded on money he is still making music
James Q Arnold
James Q Arnold 2 days ago
Haleys and kel 🐻's and Nathan DUMBASS and brads at your house, lee M, Bill ableman Sr and Jr bob coachman big momma coachman kel 🐻's husband wouldn't let me in
Jana Lea
Jana Lea 2 days ago
I just realized: Ronnies voice in this naturally sounds like he's on autotune :D
Alive Cowboy
Alive Cowboy Day ago
He’s one really damn talented guy, that’s for sure
Jackson Myers
Jackson Myers 2 days ago
I know right
HEITAROSS gmg 2 days ago
9 years ago i stumbled upon this song after a breakup... then 2020 and "reimagined" came and make me remember the pain i felt before.. not that im thinking of her or anything, i was just thinking that i have to thank everything thats happend to me to become the me now.. alive,happy, contented but still working hard!! cheers everyone.. keep safe :)
dan sabol
dan sabol 2 days ago
Lunari Tesla
Lunari Tesla 3 days ago
It's beautiful
Joseph Bush
Joseph Bush 3 days ago
I miss you My sweet Brat. What have you done? A 15 year Love. Fades each day. I kept it safe and I kept our promise all these years. You Lost a good man. This life will be alone by choice and next to come. Nyx, Erebos. Light and Darkness Guide me through. Bare thy strength. I'm Going to need it. 4x you did this to us. I forgive you but those games end. I won't play. LOVE is NOT a Game. That's life for some of us. Shame.
IXth 3 days ago
Good to see the dancers wearing corona masks since they're the ones not social distancing. Good Work.
Lynn Moniz
Lynn Moniz 3 days ago
Ronnie this is a fucking masterpiece. I've never been one for "sequels" per say, but this shit makes me cry and gives me the most fulfilling nostalgic feelings. I love you
Taylor Mathis
Taylor Mathis 3 days ago
I am obsessed with this version! It’s so powerful! The music video is awesome too, kind of reminds me of something Tim Burton would do :P
Le Weirdos
Le Weirdos 4 days ago
I've been playing this song since this morning and it's almost midnight, wondering why I'm here in the first place :):
SarahNicoleVlogs 4 days ago
Great music, Can't wait for more! :)
M. de Oliveira
M. de Oliveira 4 days ago
M. de Oliveira
M. de Oliveira 4 days ago
Holy fucking shit! I haven't heard anything from Falling in Reverse for such a long time, and I come back to this... it's SO GOOD! His voice is so raw in emotion while still sounding so amazing... The amount of vocal and breath control you need for some of that is no joke! He's going all out and then bam, he comes back down, wtf. The instrumental is also on another level. I like the original but woah. This took my breath away 👏👏 will have to give the album a go
B.A.G. Studios
B.A.G. Studios 4 days ago
Might one say this is... ahem..... a song of ice and fire?
Norse'Roots' ***
Norse'Roots' *** 4 days ago
Lily C.G.
Lily C.G. 4 days ago
Not gonna lie, I've always loved Ronnie but I always thought he was just a rock vocalist. But *if* those vocals and him playing piano are real then I am thoroughly impressed😄
sean rooney
sean rooney 4 days ago
The piano is myself. And the strings
Honey&Spice 4 days ago
Yo I forgot how much I missed this.
Brian Bennett
Brian Bennett 4 days ago
Good shit.. Banger
Scoot Zen
Scoot Zen 4 days ago
Ronnie are you fucking serious! I'm speechless. Wowwwww
Daren Jimenez
Daren Jimenez 4 days ago
The emos are coming, the emos are coming 🤫🎶
Dreams Of Rising
Dreams Of Rising 4 days ago
This man is such a great composer!!! He deserves all the recognition!!
Natalie 4 days ago
I love this song so much but Im not a fan of the screaming thing in music. (just my opinion, don't eat me!)
AiMzDoWnSighT 4 days ago
I’ve fought off this darkness hundreds of times while coming down off being awake on meth for days at a time in full blown psychosis. Paranoid, schizophrenic , and haunted by an energy feeding demon that wants to possess my body. Except now, I don't need drugs in my system feel that way. Ugh 😑 oh well. Tomorrow is another day.
McCutcheon 4 days ago
Hate the original but LOVE THIS! this is amazing! good job!
R D 5 days ago
R D 5 days ago
Oh, good. There it is 😊
Tiffany Bridges
Tiffany Bridges 5 days ago
Is he wearing vampire fangs? Ronnie, are you trying to haunt my dreams? Bc this is how you haunt my dreams and turn them wet. Seriously, dude.
Angelina Dawn Marie
I can literally feel this in my soul.
Angelina Dawn Marie
Honestly can Ronnie do more music like this ? Like please reimagine all the songs from the past.
Tom Santon
Tom Santon 5 days ago
This is the perfect song to kill myself to... Pull that trigger at 4:52 and just be done with it all, lol
Nazupi 5 days ago
I understand Ronnie’s mindset to always move forward. But an AMAZING idea for this video should’ve been Ronnie doing an opera about his life, the first verse shows a woman leaving and his childhood around drug abuse, the first chorus shows Ronnie singing to that child alone in the audience, the next verse is his development and adolescence, acting out and finding music as his outlet but something still missing. The second chorus is Ronnie singing to a teenager in the audience. The bridge/solo is his downfall, making a deal with the devil, the death of Michael cook, becoming a full blown addict yet consume with success and fame. Just before the final quiet chorus, we see a 24 year old Ronnie step out of a house in daylight and get arrested in 2008 at the final “CANT YOU SEE!” At the same time Current/“Opera” Ronnie is finally singing to a sold out audience.
JAYVIER BAEZ 5 days ago
who remembers please dont mind me i just kill my self sometimes
Calico Gaming
Calico Gaming 5 days ago
the way its many cold colors, and at the very end it goes into screams and fire. thats when it hit me hard.
michael rose
michael rose 6 days ago
man that kinda choked me up a bit thanks man i needed that this morning
Darryl Flynn
Darryl Flynn 6 days ago
Absolute sublime, what a song fantastic work
docbaker1127 6 days ago
Love his voice in this along with the different emotions it brings
chelsea pifer
chelsea pifer 6 days ago
Open Mell
Open Mell 6 days ago
Ouffff,, J'adore !
Shawna Ford
Shawna Ford 6 days ago
Ronnie........ all I can say is OH MY GOD! You are amazing. I had never heard of this group until a couple of days ago and I am obsessed. I haven’t stopped listening to or watching this video/song. I have to agree with the grannies I just want to give you a hug and tell you it’s going to be alright. That’s the mom in me I guess. Keep rocking. You are amazing.
I'm Isabela
I'm Isabela 6 days ago
this is so fucking good
Jade Whitmire
Jade Whitmire 7 days ago
Could you imagine having such an amazing dad
Corey Morris
Corey Morris 7 days ago
I love this version you. In my opinion more rock bands need this emotional depth in the music. Keep make stuff like this man.
TajaLovesYou 7 days ago
This is how I sneak my emo music at a dinner party 😂
Matias Uppstad
Matias Uppstad 7 days ago
any1 have piano sheet music for this?
Last Laugh
Last Laugh 7 days ago
This song is so great. I love all the emotions that in you. The way he sings you can tell how he feels inside. You done a fantastic performance. Wish everyone could sing this way.
ll 7 days ago
ll 7 days ago
Post Ronnie, miss you dude❤️
Kultbot Custom shop
Well. Shit.
melableh 7 days ago
can ronnie actually play the piano??? is that really him playing? bc wow
sean rooney
sean rooney 6 days ago
That's myself. The cellos too.
Lisa Morton
Lisa Morton 8 days ago
Out of the 11,320,498 views I think I’m 10,100,102 of them!! Lol. I love how beautiful this remake sounds 🖤💀🖤
Soapy Tuna
Soapy Tuna 8 days ago
"awesome piano solo" something I never thought I'd be saying to a falling in reverse song
Valera i
Valera i 8 days ago
Чудова пісня !
David Phillips
David Phillips 8 days ago
I feel like if this song was played over a well edited Incredible Hulk video it would be a very good Hulk Trailer. Imagine Bruce Banner speaking to the Hulk
4:23 when he says "time" his mouth goes:☹️
I read weird things
I'm Isabela
I'm Isabela 3 days ago
Esmeralda M.
Esmeralda M. 8 days ago
This version has ruined me...truly...I am hurting
POV: Me trying to consume that the drug in me is you
anorexickitten 8 days ago
anorexickitten 8 days ago
That’s the Ronnie radke I know and always loved n fell in love w ♥️ thank you
Thomas Shiver
Thomas Shiver 8 days ago
Andrew Buron
Andrew Buron 9 days ago
Tom Keiffer
Tom Keiffer 9 days ago
So much better dude
Body Movie
Body Movie 9 days ago
It is no your genre ronie!!!!!
Meriem 124
Meriem 124 9 days ago
More songssss like thisssss
Meriem 124
Meriem 124 9 days ago
1 2
1 2 9 days ago
Vincent M
Vincent M 9 days ago
brings back memories i guess thanks man
Bunni Love
Bunni Love 9 days ago
Am I the only one who feels the pain in his voice and relates to it!? Especially when he screams cant you SEE! I burst into tears. I hate feeling so god damn lost in this world.
Brian Austin
Brian Austin 9 days ago
I have never listened to a song that gave me so many fucking "feels." Truly amazing, might be one of the best songs out there.
Stormy Sprague
Stormy Sprague 9 days ago
I want you to cover sisters of mercy - Cry little sister.. you were born for that song .. your voice . In my opinion will out do the original plus your artistic existence! I've listened to a ton of covers they just try to sound the same as SOM .. REALLY Want you to take that cover n make it yours .. which I know your talent is exuberant! Love you always 39 still listening!
Logan Young
Logan Young 9 days ago
what's with the vampire teeth?
Chris UK
Chris UK 9 days ago
I get a nightmare before christmas vibe
cjizzle 420
cjizzle 420 9 days ago
People are saying Tim Burton movies but I can totally see this in moulin rouge
Meei Kouichi
Meei Kouichi 9 days ago
Essa é pra vc Eric.... você não sabe como faz falta.
Emily Burns
Emily Burns 10 days ago
4:51 gave me the most INTENSE chills...
Brook Starr
Brook Starr 10 days ago
He needs to collaborate with In this moment(Maria Brink)!! They would sound so orgasmic together!!!😍🤩😘 I am absolutely in love with every single thing Ronnie has ever done, he is a GOD 😍😍😍
ManoVico 10 days ago
1M dessas visu ai foi eu :)
shots fired
shots fired 10 days ago
4:45 I'm not cryin. you cryin. 🤣😭
Thomas L.
Thomas L. 10 days ago
why do i feel a sort of an "evanescence vibe" in this?
Kenneth Phillips
Kenneth Phillips 10 days ago
My 22 year old daughter brought me here so you have a new fan.........
moonfløwer 10 days ago
he looks so fucking young isn't he almost 40 or something
PolluxSims30 10 days ago
J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle version du titre The Drug in me is You. Ronnie est magnifique au piano et montre une fois encore son panel de voix. Love Ronnie Radke ! ❤️
Natasha Verwold
Natasha Verwold 10 days ago
Holy crap
Raff 10 days ago
This is ART
987k views 10 days ago
One Random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.
Alaf Santos
Alaf Santos 11 days ago
i'm fucking crying
Zyx Frankenstein
Zyx Frankenstein 11 days ago
Too bad Ronnie is still trash.
aaron thompson
aaron thompson 11 days ago
dude i actually like this.
Alien Hippy
Alien Hippy 11 days ago
my emo self wouldn't believe this would ever exist
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