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"Popular Monster" by Falling In Reverse
Stream & download: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/popularmonster
I wake up every morning
With my head up in a daze
I’m not sure if I should say this fuck’ I’ll say it anyway
Everybody tries to tell me that I’m going through a phase I don’t know if it’s a phase
I just wanna feel okay
I battle with depression but the question still remains is this post traumatic stressin’ or
Am I suppressing rage and my doctor tries to tell me that I’m going through a phase yea it’s not a fucking phase I just wanna feel okay
Okay yea I battle with this bullshit everyday
and it’s probably cause my demons simultaneously rage.
And it obliterates me
Disintegrates me
Annihilates me
Cause I’m about to break down
Searching for a way out
I’m a liar I’m a cheater I’m a non-believer
I’m a popular, popular monster
I break down falling into love now
With falling apart
I’m a popular popular monster
I think I’m going nowhere like a rat trapped in a maze
Every wall that I knock down is just a wall that I replace I’m in a race against myself I try to keep a steady pace
how the fuck will I escape if I never close my case?
Oh my god I keep on stressin’ every second
That I waste is another second sooner to a blessing’ I won’t take but my therapist will tell me that I’m going through a stage it’s not a fucking stage I just wanna feel okay
Okay motherfucker now you got my attention
I need to change a couple things cause something is missin’
and what if I were to lie?
Tell you everything is fine
Every single fucking day I get closer to the grave I am terrified
I fell asleep at the wheel again
Crashed my car just to feel again
It obliterates me
Disintegrates me
Annihilates me
I’m about to break down
Searching for a way out
I’m a liar I’m a cheater
I’m a non believer
A popular, popular monster
I break down falling into love now
With falling apart
I’m a popular, popular fucking
Here we go again motherfucker.
We’re sick and tired of wondering
Praying to a god that you don’t believe
We’re Searching for the truth in the lost and found
So the question I ask is
Where the fuck is your god now?
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Nov 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Falling In Reverse
Falling In Reverse 11 months ago
Stream & Download "Popular Monster": fallinginreverse.ffm.to/popularmonster.
Tish Arellano
Tish Arellano 2 days ago
love yur song!
DeathByMe 3 days ago
I wanna see ronnie in a fuckin movie bro
MrLeafBeef 3 days ago
The phase part actually got me. Actually happened in the hospital when i got depression. Let alone the young staffs making fun of patients & other crud. Something feels not right in the hospital. Thank god i left that area tbh. But this song helped through that. Thank you Ronnie Senpai. 😅
Aksinya Uvarov
Aksinya Uvarov 4 days ago
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 i89050345.sweetloves.ru
Tori Mitchell
Tori Mitchell 7 days ago
Native Viper20XX
Native Viper20XX 31 minute ago
This song still gives me chills. Have yet to find a song by them I dont like and can't relate to.
Joey Messantonio
Joey Messantonio 41 minute ago
1:58 gives me goosebumps everytime i listen
Black hearts Club
I have an unhealthy obsession with this song.
Destiny Aldrich
Destiny Aldrich 3 hours ago
All of the symbols and they visuals are so relatable like I feel this in my chest and makes me want to break down yet get so hype.
Dylan McConnell
Dylan McConnell 3 hours ago
Angst pop for tweens with a tragically lacking musical education.
Mia Pinney
Mia Pinney 4 hours ago
I love when be says the second "okay" lol. And the beat gets harder.
Bit Explorer
Bit Explorer 5 hours ago
Good Song, but just like every bad movie, they wait to shoot the monster until AFTER he transforms instead of BEFORE.
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 11 hours ago
This deserves more views
Ivan 12 hours ago
damn its fucking nice!
Toxic_ Acid73
Toxic_ Acid73 13 hours ago
Jakob Sizemore
Jakob Sizemore 14 hours ago
Lee Wood
Lee Wood 15 hours ago
I feel this song. Half of my immediate family has committed suicide...and im an emt around death everyday
Mohammad Nas
Mohammad Nas 15 hours ago
Falling in Reverse You are Revolutioner of Band
Mohammad Nas
Mohammad Nas 15 hours ago
Plz collab with eminem
sxcde kj
sxcde kj 17 hours ago
Almost a year omg
Garrett Little
Garrett Little 17 hours ago
I thought this was a rap song at first
Turnin Too
Turnin Too 17 hours ago
very nice
gabriella thompson
gabriella thompson 18 hours ago
this is the best song that there is good job
Sainz Su
Sainz Su 19 hours ago
Chinese Falling in reverse ruvid.net/video/video-45cc3vV-_hs.html
Jake Griffith
Jake Griffith 21 hour ago
I was never really a big fan but this is definitely a banger
billy 96
billy 96 Day ago
Intro reminds me of starting up my ps1
Sihilius Day ago
metal that is a better written rap song than most of hip hop nowadays
Tristian Thomas
That was awesome!!!! His vocals are insane!
nobody Just Shadow
Im i love and fear this music até the same time . . . SEND HELP ;-;
Lil lils Shannon-Hale-Weaver
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Lil lils Shannon-Hale-Weaver
Lil lils Shannon-Hale-Weaver
no personality
Lil lils Shannon-Hale-Weaver
says heinz 58
Lil lils Shannon-Hale-Weaver
phantazia is size 15 shennangans goes agressive pass how puff the choaking dragon at 16. none say tot eh umteenth time. we call go actually wild rice but when she goes agressive to passes down to whom ever did shinegimi the kindness
Steven Nomena
2:47 oh hey it's the same monster from the Waking The Demon music video. This design should be reused more often until it becomes the norm for metal music videos and the likes
Sky fox
Sky fox Day ago
This song is amazing
Robin Weijers
This song is only 11 months old, yet i am looking for it my whole life.
Amy Davis
Amy Davis Day ago
Wolfeee Day ago
The Insanity is the only thing that keeps the Madness Silent.
Nancy Velluso
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe Day ago
Eve Lyn
Eve Lyn Day ago
His rap skills really got good
Kim Day ago
Speaks to the soul man... 💔
Sylvester quast
I have listened to so many rock bands in my life that i only need 30 seconds to figure out if a band sucks? And these guys really suck dick big time
uraraca ochaco
uraraca ochaco 2 days ago
Who is the kid!?
AestheticSlows 2 days ago
hehe the half million of ur views is me lllmmmaaaoooo
Alex Speyrer
Alex Speyrer 2 days ago
This song sucks ass
Sabastjun Berthiaume
I'm kinda sad my ex ruined this song for me. We used to listen to the song together and now I can't listen to it without crying.
Woozitubbi 2 days ago
His rap voice causes me instant eargasm
Christopher Hardin
i know im going to sound like a cunt. but please dont call this metal-core. mainstream-metal? i guess. or just metal. Heavy Rock. i could go with that.
Twisted Sanity
Twisted Sanity 2 days ago
omfg that was dope... well fkn done
Bloodangel 2 days ago
Love seeing how they evolved from his escape the fate days to this.
Christopher Hardin
this is not metal core. and the human race is doomed. i now know that 100% just saying...
Rebecca Ruff
Rebecca Ruff 2 days ago
"Crashed my car just to feel again." that right there gave me chills. I also love how it shows that his daughter is his anchor back to reality. Amazing song
Jennifer Savage
Jennifer Savage 2 days ago
Grimax Bubbles
Grimax Bubbles 2 days ago
This song has been stuck not stop in my head for days. Lol. Love it.
Amber Jones
Amber Jones 2 days ago
This song hits hard for me
Tiny Ankle Biter
Tiny Ankle Biter 2 days ago
This song is just perfect.
Tasha Swanson
Tasha Swanson 2 days ago
This song still screams to my soul to this day! 🖤 FIR is life!
Christa Erichsen
Christa Erichsen 2 days ago
So good wow
Madlen-Yvonne Szinowatz
Ich liebe diesen Song! 🤘🤘 Mehr von dieser Richtung! Dieser Song ist als wäre er vom eigenen Leben geschrieben!
Biswajit Nath
Biswajit Nath 2 days ago
My eyes got wet
Geraldo Filemon Nababan
Why the thumbnail remaind me to tom cruise lol
When you can't pick a single genre of music to write. So, you end up taking several genres, put them in a blender, toss in a brief horror movie (for added flavor), and mix the hell out of it. This is the result. This Popular Monster drink tastes pretty f*cking good!
Junx 2 days ago
perfect song!!! I can't stop listening to this
willie graham
willie graham 2 days ago
dam right
Anon 2 days ago
Is it weird to relate to every word of the song or what
Sparrow Official810
im so happy this song is a thing
Frank Thatank
Frank Thatank 2 days ago
Linkin Park anyone? Ok song, far from an original sound tho
chuckydombroski 2 days ago
Lame. Corny sound. Cool if you’re a scene girl.
Savanah Moorer
Savanah Moorer 2 days ago
Hope you are doing okay
Logan Clarke
Logan Clarke 2 days ago
I love vis song
Terrianne Pierceall
I have never been so addicted to a song AND the video...n all I ever do is listen to music .these lyrics and this lead singer who I have no idea who he is lead singer is considering I'd never before even known about this band untill literally 3 weeks ago when my niece turned me into it .now I watch and listen every time I have to go outside when it's cold af out per my "roommate agreement". these lyrics are so true to form for anyone who's ever felt like what he's saying in an extremely talented, off the chain, real life shit for some of us unfortunately..anyone wanna recommend another video of theirs to check out? .
Tsukuyomi Infinito
Phrobii 2 days ago
Kookie V
Kookie V 2 days ago
This is so damn good! The melody is great and the text is wonderful! I can so relate. This needs so much more attention!
Daniel Cavalcanti de Carvalho
bts reaction
Marta Rares
Marta Rares 2 days ago
1:41 this is why u came here right?
Sleepy song bird
Sleepy song bird 2 days ago
Leslie Degnan
Leslie Degnan 2 days ago
YMH, Cody Ko, & Fart Simpson killin it, yet again!! Great show, mommies!!
Ricardo Quezada
Ricardo Quezada 3 days ago
Ronnies Magnum Opus. All the years of refining the craft to create this perfection. Love how the critics are back peddling after all these years lol.
DecliningDreams 3 days ago
I was recommended this song and now I see why. It’s amazing.
Friday. 3 days ago
يخرب بيتك وليك شو عملت بحالك It's not like that
Rosas Alejo
Rosas Alejo 3 days ago
Una de las mejores canciones de Falling in Reverse, sin duda Ronnie es un maldito genio, espero verlos pronto en Colombia
SUN light
SUN light 3 days ago
I cant show them who I really am so I make a secret room in my house where I come to face myself, have some time in the truth and go back to world.
xShortii xx
xShortii xx 3 days ago
Please do a reimagined version to this.. 😁😁😁 I mean I know it wont be with ronnie- R.I.P but someone from the band please do a re-imagined version x
Gidgyz0rs 3 days ago
I haven't headbanged in a very long time. This guy and band are fucking amazing!
Terrianne Pierceall
Heyyy anyone? These guys are new to me, my niece turned me on to this song a few weeks ago n I haven't stopped listening to it since...mind blowing lyrics ... idk how I didnt know about them..? What other songs do they have that I should check out?
Terrianne Pierceall
@Chad Bowman thank you!
Chad Bowman
Chad Bowman 2 days ago
Terrianne Pierceall losing my mind, losing my life, drugs in this order, the drug in me is reimagined and then some of their older stuff
Cameron Gratta
Cameron Gratta 3 days ago
Comment below isn't true enough this one is truer
Kolli x loves me j
99Blackbirds Rumpelstiltskin
I Have PTS Anxiety DEPRESSION!! I'm a popular monster on social media!!! people plugin just to see what I will Say!!! I got in trouble at work!!! learned that you have to shut off your social media account or go undercover if you gonna post things like that! but I'm the one that would never hurt others I would rather hurt myself!! but I understand the music & the video it makes sense to me!!!! When I can FEEL!!! I Sing this SONG!!!!
99Blackbirds Rumpelstiltskin
but it is my daughter/niece that softens my heart! And makes me want to be a better person!! religion has nothing on ME!!!
Shadow The Hedgehog 532
Esta es mí canción Favorita !!! Amo el Rock Metalico
Cerys Taberner
Cerys Taberner 3 days ago
i love this song so fucking much
Nameless Mom
Nameless Mom 3 days ago
Lejos lejos lo mejor q se escucha en mucho tiempo. Diferente. Metaleros rancios abran la cabeza!!
Satans Senpai666
Satans Senpai666 3 days ago
How it goes from rap to rock to rap again to screamo and back to rock is just😩
Freya Haas
Freya Haas 3 days ago
I understand what you are singing about
Júp. 3 days ago
I'm in love with this song ❤
Alexisabot99 3 days ago
i have yet to find a song u didn't nt like by this band. I've only heard three but still
Mayhem164 -
Mayhem164 - 4 days ago
I’m a popular, popular fucking monster YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
Matthew Wilfong
Matthew Wilfong 4 days ago
I'm still listening to this almost daily. Today's a really bad day and I needed to just scream with it. It helps.
Aubeast666_devil Mclean
popular monster is my new favorite song i know all the lyrics to this song
Robert Rowe
Robert Rowe 4 days ago
Funny he denounces God but is looking for a way out when God is the only way out!!
•Quinsha Amor•
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