Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs - Oven or Grill - Baby Back Bbq Ribs

Jenny Can Cook
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FULL RECIPE: www.jennycancook.com/recipes/fall-off-the-bone-ribs/)
Jenny Jones shows her easy, never-fail recipe for fall off the bone ribs just as good in the oven or on the grill. Her step-by-step video for tender fall off the bone baby back ribs never fails - make them in the oven or on the grill.
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Comments 80
Kimberly Zijlmans
Kimberly Zijlmans 2 hours ago
Literally the best recipe for spare ribs, dry rub and sauce I have ever tried! my whole family loves it when I make them! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe 😊👍
Maryah Dominguez
Maryah Dominguez 5 hours ago
i have been making them using your recipe for over a year now. FANTASTIC!!! I have spare ribs and wondering if I will have same or similar outcome using them?
azteciangirl 14 hours ago
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 20 hours ago
Put meat pieces in bag withe lemon. Shake. Same for herbs .
ian arevalo
ian arevalo 22 hours ago
Oops I was lookin for the ribs that cause heart disease wrong video....
Jacklyn of all trades
Fat is not the reason for heart disease. Carbohydrates are the cause for heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.
We are Venom
We are Venom Day ago
Is this the lady that made that dry pizza?
Char Grier
Char Grier 2 days ago
Making right now
Luis Pardo
Luis Pardo 2 days ago
Gonna make em tonight
nocturnal32387 2 days ago
Who's watching this while in quarantine?
A Vant
A Vant 10 hours ago
YES! lol
Ray Cabrido
Ray Cabrido 2 days ago
What's that black thing connected to a bouncy black cord, and she's talking to it..... strange...
Tim S.
Tim S. 2 days ago
Christopher Watkins
Made this recipe tonight while me and my roommates are on lockdown here in NJersey. This is theeeee recipe. Only thing I'd say is that it's a must you buy a rib seasoning from your local market if you wanna save time and money on the rub. Aside from that, everything else she instructs is PERFECT. 10/10 JENNY! PS: Another time saver: buy the ribs that are already cut with the membrane precut. Alright, that's all.
LIGIA FULEA 3 days ago
The best recipe! Thank you!💞
Crazyhorse AZ
Crazyhorse AZ 3 days ago
Nadezhda Barylskaya
Compare at 4:02 and 4:50 ! What happened to ribs? ;)
Amarpreet Singh
Amarpreet Singh 3 days ago
Love ur recipe thanks
Diya Volgs
Diya Volgs 4 days ago
I heard the ribs talk
Lisa Boyd
Lisa Boyd 5 days ago
I wish you were my MoM. It looks delicious........
Ichirakyu Senpiie
Gonna make this before we all die from COVID-19🥴
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor 6 days ago
You are the best teacher, thanks for this, mother-in-law is coming, I am going to make these for her, thanks so much.
MsEssy 6 days ago
I love your excitement!
Susan Britton-Giza
I am! Now we are all staying home and by ourselves, or with loved ones, but at home. I love to watch these teaching videos. I am a licensed Clinical Esthetician and as you know by now all salons are closed until further notice. No restaurants, bars, churches are open for any business. It is kinda Erie . Yes I live in Cleveland Ohio right by Lake Erie 😳😁! All stay home and enjoy your home cooked meals...... the way life use to be. I think She makes it very easy to cook and learn. All the best to all. Stay well 😍😁.
Jazzygurl222 6 days ago
Jenny,its so good to see you here on you tube!! I used to watch your talk show years ago. So glad that you are doing these cooking videos. Thank you so much. God bless.👍😊❤️
Judith Iorio
Judith Iorio 7 days ago
Anyone ..... are these baby back ribs beef or pork ? I'm thinking beef. :-)
Jenny Can Cook
Jenny Can Cook 7 days ago
Pork. www.jennycancook.com/recipes/fall-off-the-bone-ribs/
Michał Nicpoń
Michał Nicpoń 7 days ago
I got heart attack when she threw away the sause from ribs :(
Landon R.
Landon R. 7 days ago
Ingredients: 1 Lemon Brown sugar BBQ SAUCE Chili powder Paprika Dry mustard Oregano Onion powder Garlic powder Pepper Rack of ribs (Tell me if I missed anything)
Landon R.
Landon R. 6 days ago
I made these ribs btw!!!
Landon R.
Landon R. 6 days ago
Oh I didn’t know sorry
Jenny Can Cook
Jenny Can Cook 7 days ago
Here is the full recipe: www.jennycancook.com/recipes/fall-off-the-bone-ribs/
Marley Anderson
Marley Anderson 7 days ago
You are amazing
Dave Holland
Dave Holland 7 days ago
Wash the gloves not straight from packet
Abner Sosa
Abner Sosa 7 days ago
Ronski Speed
Ronski Speed 8 days ago
Jenny, the wife we want, the wife we need, the wife we don’t deserve.
Beth B
Beth B 8 days ago
These look really good....yummmmm!
Pete Phillips
Pete Phillips 9 days ago
How do i get your recipes?
Jenny Can Cook
Jenny Can Cook 9 days ago
Lincolnfrees 9 days ago
Please don’t use Alzheimer’s Aluminum! Glass pans baby! Also, you shouldn’t use those rubber gloves like that. At least wash your hands w them on first or something! Yikes.
JoeyG Yuhdeeg
JoeyG Yuhdeeg 10 days ago
You invited to the cookout
Yvonne D'Souza
Yvonne D'Souza 11 days ago
Jenny, I've been following your videos and I love them. Each one of them mainly because of you - your generous and cheerful demeanour, your contagious spirit. Keep it up. Love your videos. Yvonne.
puggeele 11 days ago
When you poured the juices you lost me. Goob bye 👋
Warren Olds
Warren Olds 12 days ago
made these ribs over the weekend, they were great! very easy to put together. FYI, I found that when you remove the membrane I slit it in the middle of the slab and pulled to each end using the paper towel which work very well.
KimmiR 12 days ago
Does anyone remember Rude Jude? Thank you Jenny,, I love seeing you get so excited about cooking!!!! And you should be, these are Delish!!!
TOLDBYMARLEE 12 days ago
I came back bcus I remember how good these were this recipe is foooool Proof I love it so much 😣
Harold's Voyage
Harold's Voyage 12 days ago
i went to Costco and bought me some ribs after watching this. Thanks Jenny!
Sara Sinclair
Sara Sinclair 13 days ago
You're so cute! thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes. Now do you have a recipe for Cronuts that are not three days long to make?
MiraClarkes Home
MiraClarkes Home 13 days ago
Always use this recipe. Awesome!!
LateNite 13 days ago
I did this but didn't cut them up that much. I cut them into 4 rib section. They were WOW !!!!
woo woo
woo woo 13 days ago
Jenny CAN cook. Thanks Jenny be blessed yum yum
Scott Cavill
Scott Cavill 13 days ago
so so wrong ROFL
Kevin Ketchum
Kevin Ketchum 13 days ago
What temp do you bake those beautiful ribs at?
Kevin Ketchum
Kevin Ketchum 12 days ago
@Jenny Can Cook Thank you
Jenny Can Cook
Jenny Can Cook 13 days ago
brad nehring
brad nehring 14 days ago
how do I donate to your patreon
Jenny Can Cook
Jenny Can Cook 13 days ago
No need. All my recipes are free, many more on my website. www.jennycancook.com
Martin Farrow
Martin Farrow 14 days ago
I'm wearing gloves and they are still falling apart 🤔😂? I'm creasing with lafter, good thing she wasn't bare handed else that meat would have disintegrated I to another dimension
C 14 days ago
Bro....i sat here are watched this whole video and just realized that this was Jenny Jones. Her show was fire back in the 90s
Robert Trainer
Robert Trainer 16 days ago
Do you put them on low broil or high broil my oven has two
Edward Decker
Edward Decker 17 days ago
You don't need the fat to make the meat tender; you need it to make it taste good. If you want to stay slim, ribs are something you want to eat once in a while. What makes these things taste good is a combination of fat, sugar, spices, and fire. You can make great ribs in an oven, but they will never be as good as ones done in a smoker, or even ones cooked in an oven, and finished on a grill using real wood chips to add that smoky flavor. To a pit master, cutting off all the fat, is a sin!
Cynthia Manning
Cynthia Manning 17 days ago
I love your videos! Everything looks so good.
Evelyn Thai
Evelyn Thai 17 days ago
I need that flexible cutting board
Evelyn Thai
Evelyn Thai 17 days ago
The fat is the best part
kala kalim
kala kalim 17 days ago
Thanks! I loved them.
Love SR
Love SR 19 days ago
Who’s mom is this yo lol
sue girard
sue girard 19 days ago
Jenny's' comic timing is great!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 20 days ago
I always done my ribs on the grill but never done them on the oven I’m gonna try this now I have all my rubs bbq etc and this looks awesome so thank you LOVE YOU😘I was talking to the ribs 😜lol
Brock D
Brock D 21 day ago
That fat isn’t what causes heart disease, other than that great video.
smokster0604 21 day ago
Doing them again so so good....
tellno lies
tellno lies 21 day ago
Uh... no
Beau Gunn
Beau Gunn 21 day ago
I miss you Jenny! Please cook some more.
Roger Szeto
Roger Szeto 22 days ago
@John J. Rambo Humans aren't the only species that are carnivores. Therefore, it is considered natural and acceptable in that regard. As long as its not human meat, I'll probably give it a try.
Juan del Barrio
Juan del Barrio 22 days ago
Cindy Nelson
Cindy Nelson 24 days ago
are those beef or pork??? anyone?
Jenny Can Cook
Jenny Can Cook 24 days ago
MaynorMayHam 24 days ago
Baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs! Bbq sauce!
Stephanie Waddle
Stephanie Waddle 25 days ago
correction: salt and sugar can cause heart disease and stroke Fat adds flavor but to much fat can be bad
Dan Patch
Dan Patch 27 days ago
This is a really great video
Irish Stock
Irish Stock 27 days ago
"I was talking to the ribs." lol
rosa fermin
rosa fermin 27 days ago
I’ve made these three times in a span of 2 weeks! Everyone loves them so much! This definitely is going in my recipe book!
rosa fermin
rosa fermin 4 days ago
Alberto Fernandez no I used the kraft’s sweet and spicy But they still came out really good :)
Alberto Fernandez
Did you use her barbecue sauce recipe?
This Charming Life
This Charming Life 28 days ago
is this woman still alive?
motley4evr 28 days ago
stopthelawsuits 29 days ago
Last 20 seconds were gold
Lenora Correa
Lenora Correa Month ago
Jenny jones...i thought that was u..u look amazing and so do them ribs girrrrrl.muahxoxo
Sally Chaney
Sally Chaney Month ago
Can’t wait to try them😀😀😀😀😀😀👍
Darren Policare
Darren Policare Month ago
The best ribs. Ever.
e c
e c Month ago
Lol never cut apart your meat if you know anything you quit watching after that
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Month ago
Her happiness is awesome
Bobbie Brennan
Bobbie Brennan Month ago
Hi Jenny, I Love your videos! You are so immaculate in your kitchen and cooking. I love the fact that you are very sterile and organized. I can eat your food anytime! Love the way you keep your Kitchen and how tidy you are! You have a wonderful sense of humor as well. Just love seeing your videos! So don't stop!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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