Falcons vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2020

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The Atlanta Falcons take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season.
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Sep 20, 2020




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Comments 100
1draaG 2 hours ago
Damn, where is Julio
razony 2 hours ago
Inspiration Minnesota? SKOL!
Jonathan B
Jonathan B 3 hours ago
Well, at least the Falcons didn’t wait until the until the end of the season to massively choke.
Kopikaal 3 hours ago
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Mitch !
Mitch ! 3 hours ago
Crazy to think I wouldn't miss a falcons game for anything. Now, I could care less. I doubt I'll ever come back, but if the NFL wants to keep whatever remaining fans it has, they should stop injecting politics into everything. Americans don't work all week, just to turn on the tv on Sunday and be preached to.
aaron washington
aaron washington 3 hours ago
Falcons at super bowl 51 they think there gonna win and now they did it again? 🤦
Medic 3 hours ago
Are we not gonna talk about the Atlanta Falcon’s clean uniforms?🤔👌😅
Anıl Gürbüz
Anıl Gürbüz 3 hours ago
Great game but what is these rookies both side Calvin Ridley and CeeDee Lamb, also Amari Cooper's catch was reminded me, Randy Moss catch but of course, Moss was from heaven
Keith Barrett
Keith Barrett 3 hours ago
I saw it LIVE and I STILL don't know how they won.
POLO CDN 3 hours ago
Number 87 got good under the table money or what? Watching the ball roll lile that... it couldnt be free
POLO CDN 3 hours ago
Rashaad thegr8
Rashaad thegr8 3 hours ago
Are people in the stands? Wow.
Stigler Panther
Stigler Panther 3 hours ago
Another game blown game from Matt Ryan
joshua antonil
joshua antonil 3 hours ago
Hunter Road Entertainment
The falcons suck ass
Mahmut Caner USTA
Mahmut Caner USTA 3 hours ago
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techz anish
techz anish 4 hours ago
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Trilluis 4 hours ago
5:17 listen closely
MB BRAVO 3 hours ago
I listened closely but still couldn't hear what was said..what was it?
I always say the game is not over as long there is still time on the clock remaining and what a performance of Dallas great job guys....
Ahmed Eldeeb
Ahmed Eldeeb 4 hours ago
Santiii 4 hours ago
4:17Zeke destroyed number 27
MB BRAVO 3 hours ago
🤣 ikr..zeke caught a body on that play
Robert 4 hours ago
It’s my 5th time watching this man and it gets me every time
Santiii 4 hours ago
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humberto garciasalas
Puck the aints. Raiders rule the nation.
Abdullah Akrami
Abdullah Akrami 4 hours ago
Celebrity Topics
Celebrity Topics 4 hours ago
Falcons fans like my comment 💖💖
Rod Cooper
Rod Cooper 4 hours ago
GhostCity Shelton
GhostCity Shelton 4 hours ago
I miss watching football. Won't watch knee takers.
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PB DE 4 hours ago
Why isn't Earl Thomas signed with anyone yet?
PB DE 5 hours ago
One of the positives of this game that no one talks about is the emerge of Schultz.
Isaiah H
Isaiah H 5 hours ago
Everyone talking about the onside kick but forget Atlanta blew a almost 3 score lead in the 4th quarter never done before In like 410 games ... Not to mention that nasty drop by Julio 🤢🤮 would of sealed their game too but yea let’s talk about that onside kick 🥱😂☠️
Brayden Yorke
Brayden Yorke 5 hours ago
jaeden going back to the locker room like :😐 falcons:🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡
Jonny Marcs
Jonny Marcs 5 hours ago
I felt like the commentary team was just looking for things to rhyme with Koo
Join Lone
Join Lone 5 hours ago
wow it's a man and man war. violent and powerful
Ricky Dominic
Ricky Dominic 5 hours ago
CeeDee lamb was a difference maker along with Gallup and Coop big time catches.....!! We keep getting better every week, and believe in McCarthy offense
Kellis Carmen
Kellis Carmen 5 hours ago
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hunchofuccinyo bx
hunchofuccinyo bx 5 hours ago
Cee Dee lamb went crazy!
roland4d 5 hours ago
Stupid ass falcons
Turpskidae 5 hours ago
Why did Falcon’s #87 watch the ball roll by him on the onside kick? It was blatant too... they let Dallas get that ball.
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen 5 hours ago
Another one
Mystic Dragon
Mystic Dragon 5 hours ago
if they weren’t so cocky and would’ve just went for the extra point instead of the 2 point conversion it would’ve gone to OT
Austin Reeves
Austin Reeves 5 hours ago
Really good game.
RGStudio 5 hours ago
Imagine if the stadium was filled up
Biggmakk Official
Biggmakk Official 5 hours ago
Shitty coaching from both sides but congrats to cowboys. Still a big fan of cowboys. #STEELERNATION
Impanga tv
Impanga tv 5 hours ago
We'll I like this Game
Jayshan Tucker
Jayshan Tucker 5 hours ago
I just happened to look at the views on all the games played week two and it's not even close the love my cowboys lol 😂 we dem Boyz cb4L
Brynd 21
Brynd 21 5 hours ago
Zeke is looking like 2016 Zeke super saiyan 3
Jessica Juarez
Jessica Juarez 6 hours ago
That’s nice I like it
Aazim Muhammed VIII A
What is this game
Christopher Rodriguez
One of the best games I've ever seen. How 'bout dem Cowboys!
Kevin Thibodeau
Kevin Thibodeau 6 hours ago
Is this even legal
Sadman Chowdhury
Sadman Chowdhury 6 hours ago
This is the most falcons game ever. I have never seen any team pull a falcon as well as the Atlanta Falcons.
Grisha Kosarev
Grisha Kosarev 6 hours ago
Wow PogChamp mlg!)
Bobby Macblain
Bobby Macblain 6 hours ago
Is it just me or has Julio Jones actually dropped quite a few wide open passes? Often on go routes as well. Idk I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him drop a lot of easy TDs over the years. And by “a lot” I mean a lot for someone his caliber.
ItsYaBoiMoist 6 hours ago
4:18 Jesus Christ, Elliot caught a body for that touchdown LOL
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim 6 hours ago
The Falcons are cursed playing in Texas since Super Bowl 51 was in Houston.
KnoxTG 6 hours ago
That onside kick team for the falcons got me flabbergasted
The Roid Raged Trex
Tuned in and saw 7-26 and I said hell Nah Missed probably the best Cowboys game I've seen in a while.
Solidarity One
Solidarity One 6 hours ago
Finally the cowboys are going to the Superbowl ever since I don't remember, 93?
lishaav 6 hours ago
Damn wtf how . 😂
john-paul baylis
john-paul baylis 6 hours ago
I'm surprised the falcons almost won
Quinn Goldman
Quinn Goldman 6 hours ago
This L will eat at ATL for the season, so many points left off the board
Aaron 6 hours ago
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Bernard Paton
Bernard Paton 6 hours ago
Rene Ventura
Rene Ventura 6 hours ago
What a game
Vegan Dolls
Vegan Dolls 6 hours ago
So it's legit for a bunch of sweaty dudes to literally pile on top of each other with no masks but it's NOT safe for the general public to go to gather, even in small crowds for any reason without their masks and without keeping a 6 foot distance from each other...unless they're sitting next to each other at a table to eat at a restaurant...but not if they're sitting together at church...or at sporting events that they're not playing in. mmmkay. Can we just stop with the whole 1984 sci fi hell world new world order bullshit because it literally makes no sense and the rules are completely arbitrary/ ruining everyone's lives. It boils my blood when I hear people call the mask wearing a 'minor inconvenience' that I should just give into because 'it's not that hard'. You know what else 'wasn't that hard'? Wearing a star of David. We've been doing this bullshit charade for over 7 months now. Whether or not you believe the bogus stats the fear factory called the new pumps out, doesn't give anyone the right to say that I don't have the right to breath oxygen freely- that I don't have the right to have human touch and interaction. A zoom conference isn't community. Empty stadiums aren't sporting events. Enough is Enough. If you're so goddamned scared of dying that you're willing to sacrifice living then you can stay at home in your basement and the rest of us can get on with Life.
Johnny the strong arm Johnny the strong arm
The boy’s are back👍🏽
Joshua Lynch
Joshua Lynch 6 hours ago
Mattie Rodarte
Mattie Rodarte 6 hours ago
Awesome vdo 🔥
Brown Pothead14
Brown Pothead14 6 hours ago
4m views in a day😬
Kxrrin 6 hours ago
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Nightbot 6 hours ago
Whoever puts all of these videos together... you are a legend
James Jones
James Jones 6 hours ago
Dallas will be pumped going into Seattle.
Jedi Master
Jedi Master 6 hours ago
More like lowlights. First Cowboys lowlights then Falcon lowlights
camaro rider
camaro rider 6 hours ago
13:41 cowboys told the falcons the ball had coronavirus lmao
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Marco Cazares
Marco Cazares 7 hours ago
so defense is illegal in the nfl now???
Kevy K
Kevy K 7 hours ago
falcons: *that’s a nice ball right there* cowboys: *sh’ure is*
Jude Lamb
Jude Lamb 2 hours ago
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Diana Yakovleva
Diana Yakovleva 3 hours ago
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Hval Bein
Hval Bein 4 hours ago
Cowboys: *Picks it up* sure is lol
Gary Brady
Gary Brady 7 hours ago
Would be great to see the show and I only get commercials and it stops working
Walter Castillo
Walter Castillo 7 hours ago
Push off first week gets called ! second week refs get paid by Jerry to not call it ? 👎🏽
Nando G
Nando G 7 hours ago
4:18 RIP #27
Peter KNG
Peter KNG 7 hours ago
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Peter KNG
Peter KNG 7 hours ago
Do You See It
Do You See It 7 hours ago
Name a more iconic duo than the falcons and choking a lead
tito jackson
tito jackson 7 hours ago
Was that an Asian kicker 🤔
Angel palma
Angel palma 7 hours ago
Atlanta sells now 🤣
Paul Nubreu
Paul Nubreu 7 hours ago
Had Jones not turned anti-American I would have enjoyed this win.
Wayne Carranza
Wayne Carranza 7 hours ago
Chris Rock said no black players should kneel and Trump should have them put In jail he wasn't joking
Dave Ross
Dave Ross 7 hours ago
Poor Gurley. I'm a rans fan I hope he would come back. Still rooting for Gurley
Night Raven
Night Raven 7 hours ago
7:56 that's when I knew Falcons gonna lost
Tehrah Edwards
Tehrah Edwards 7 hours ago
I am glad the Dallas cowboys won I am their bigest fan!!!!!
James Odhiambo
James Odhiambo 7 hours ago
Legoat James
Legoat James 7 hours ago
Blame Julio Jones real key td falcons just needed. Smh
Joystick 11
Joystick 11 7 hours ago
It’s good time to be a cowboys fan until we make the playoffs
edrickSTUF 7 hours ago
The nightmares are flowing back into atlanta....
Vince Conriquez
Vince Conriquez 7 hours ago
We gonna go on a run now
Zytavious Ross
Zytavious Ross 7 hours ago
Ramsey Morningstar
Ramsey Morningstar 7 hours ago
Go Cowboys ⭐
joaobbezerra 7 hours ago
CD is the best
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