FAKE or REAL Injury? Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders - Doctor Explains What REALLY Happened

Brian Sutterer MD
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Canelo Alvarez defeated Billy Joe Saunders after the fight was ended due to an eye injury suffered by Billy Joe Saunders. Many people are claiming he quit on the fight and it wasn't that bad of an injury following an uppercut from Canelo Alvarez. In this video Doctor Brian Sutterer will review the fight and explain what happened during this injury sequence.


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May 8, 2021




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Brian Sutterer MD
*UPDATE VIDEO* based on new information about the injury ruvid.net/video/video-cEshBdFqsg4.html
Briggs Jefferson
Briggs Jefferson 4 days ago
@Jesse Liam yup, I have been watching on instaflixxer for months myself :)
Jesse Liam
Jesse Liam 5 days ago
a trick : watch movies at InstaFlixxer. Been using them for watching loads of movies these days.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 27 days ago
Do you have merchandise ? I would love to buy a shirt or sweater of your channel I try to buy at least a shirt or two of my favorite Chanel’s
Durden Boxing
Durden Boxing Month ago
Where are the x rays?
Anthony79 Month ago
So my thing is white gloves on it’s suppose to stop those types of injuries. I’m wondering if there was glove tampering going on. It happens more then We actually know
Lenny Donofrio
Lenny Donofrio 4 days ago
Saunders is a tough boxer, but looks like a clown for running his mouth and then getting his face smashed. Canello is a humble quite dude.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez 5 days ago
Does the doc have any merch ??? I didn’t see it in the description
jj jz
jj jz 12 days ago
We don’t care about your shirt Doc
Nad Mahmood
Nad Mahmood 23 days ago
Billy 😆💩💩💩💩💩🐖🐖🐖
Portia Smith
Portia Smith 27 days ago
Well that told us alot of nothing.
Francois Graham
Francois Graham 28 days ago
Canelo Alvarez need to stop running from black fighters like the Charlo Brothers and Andrade. When Canelo Alvarez fought Lara he had problems with Lara quickness. They need to stop protecting Canelo Alvarez. He will not be considered powerful pound fighting white fighters only Mexicans will consider him great that's it. Canelo Alvarez know he's will get his ass whipped by them Charlo Brothers.
max rav
max rav Month ago
With all due respect it was obvious to anyone with eyes that the guys face was caved in.
GerardO Lopez
GerardO Lopez Month ago
Fake fights!!! Watch caleb plant quitting, in September
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Month ago
Margarito fought Pacquiao to the end with an orbital fracture. Respect to Mexican determination.
Your X-Ray Tech
Your X-Ray Tech Month ago
Great video!
sexymexijesse Month ago
*According to Him* he got surgery... But until we see an X-ray this is all Hearsay... Think about it, it looks better saying your Body Broke instead of your Spirit....
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Month ago
You forgot the flat maxillary prominence ...
Emilio Alvarez
Emilio Alvarez Month ago
Cuando Canelo levantó ambos brazos a solo unos pocos segundos despues de dar el golpe que causó la fractura del pómulo, Canelo con lenguaje corporal anunció así a todo el mundo que habia hecho mucho daño a su oponente. Eso fué evidente.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Month ago
You forgot the flat maxillary prominence ...
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Month ago
The glove looks tricky it might of look like he hit him in that exact spot but u can’t see the actual hand so the glove compresses and the actual hand is a lot smaller than the glove. The left side of his glove slipped off his face causing the cut and the actual hit probably caught him full on
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Month ago
광대뼈 단단한 뼈라 글러브낀 주먹에 부서질줄 몰랐다 사우더 발이 살아있어서 괜찮은줄 알았지
Mike Saraft
Mike Saraft Month ago
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Klaus Bolvig
Klaus Bolvig Month ago
Isn’t really a must see these ruin fighters! I don’t think so- what do you think
Charming nowhere to hide
Margarito fought Pacquiao to the end with an orbital fracture. Respect to Mexican determination.
Saunders real injury. Sterling is fake
Rodolfo Cruz
Rodolfo Cruz Month ago
Hey Doctor. There is a skeleton behind you.😱😱😱😱
Charming nowhere to hide
Hope he recover soon BJS🙏
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Month ago
Margarito fought Pacquiao to the end with an orbital fracture. Respect to Mexican determination.
82ondabeat Month ago
bruh is a REAL ASS INJURY tf r u talkin abt yall jus hatin fr
Top Super Seven
Top Super Seven Month ago
To me, watching on TV, it definitely did look serious from the outside. His eye was turning black almost instantly as if blood was coming from behind it (like internal blood) and at certain camera angles it really did look like his cheek was indented as in bone, face itself had an indentation.. so that is REALLY BAD. The thing is, there are way way too many viewers who simply do not know what they're seeing (or not seeing) and they also want to screech down some teenage level shaming on some hated opponent too. Duly noted: Saunders did NOT QUIT and carried out a horrific round taking shots to his broken eye so there's no need to say he quit. *yes indeed, the corner will stop it, yes, if not a doctor will stop it, no, contrary to popular opinion, a fighter cannot go 'Rocky' defying the corner and doctors*
Top Super Seven
Top Super Seven Month ago
@niduoe stre yes, it was like instant, as he rose up from it - its like it was already obviously red and dark. To my mind something 'internal' had burst. Scary stuff really.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Month ago
What shocked me the most is how quick it went it swelled and went red. Literally a nono-seconds after the uppercut...
I’m English I’ve always had mutual respect for the Mexicans there humble warriors would love to visit one day Have a wild one in cancun or something go see the Aztec ruins and stuff
Charming nowhere to hide
I had a severe eye injury and I wish BJS a speedy recovery. I had three tears in my cornea and a detached retina. Almost lost my left eye but I had an amazing eye doctor.
r0urk3 Month ago
congrats, you made me wanna become what you've become job-wise.
Teddy Month ago
This doctor is definitely the most popular doctor on YT ever
Durden Boxing
Durden Boxing Month ago
Doc Dog
Doc Dog Month ago
You forgot the flat maxillary prominence ...
David Coomber
David Coomber Month ago
If someone gives you shirts and pays. you to were them of course they are your favourites, anyone think Billy quit should put on a pair of gloves and try it out
Dae Woong Kim
Dae Woong Kim Month ago
광대뼈 단단한 뼈라 글러브낀 주먹에 부서질줄 몰랐다 사우더 발이 살아있어서 괜찮은줄 알았지
Kr Ri
Kr Ri Month ago
Why should it be fake???
Dae Woong Kim
Dae Woong Kim Month ago
Z NE29m
Z NE29m Month ago
Loads fighters have continued with this injury. Warriors would have continued.
Jordan Sligar
Jordan Sligar Month ago
He was in hospital all night after fight, having surgery today on Wednesday
Rafael Martinez
Rafael Martinez Month ago
Hope he recover soon BJS🙏
MORGN. Month ago
one of my favorite channels as a sports fan, please keep them coming
Oasbuohien Oronsaye
This is why black is strong. I don’t see this happening to a black fighter. Skin and bone too weak
Roaming Fulani
Roaming Fulani Month ago
What shocked me the most is how quick it went it swelled and went red. Literally a nono-seconds after the uppercut...
Darnell Judie-Parker
Canelo HAS to be on something!
Alayas Mahmood
Alayas Mahmood Month ago
Getting sick 😷 of people having a free ride on Bjs injury he’s been poor in the past with his comments but hopefully he’ll be a better person
Boberto No
Boberto No Month ago
Fake or Real is that really a question to ask. Here's a quick way to solve take a punch like he did and see if you don't bleed or get a big ol bruise or lose a eye....
Marcus madden
Marcus madden Month ago
Alot of fighter fought with broken faces thats the difference with someone that has a big heart an that dog in him then u got the ppl like bj
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DSN 1 Month ago
BJS was arguably winning the fight. What i shame he didn't continue
Gemjii Month ago
In video promo way too long
Ela Speaks
Ela Speaks Month ago
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Keith C
Keith C Month ago
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zxzrp0 Month ago
Canelo must have felt his face brake through his glove...impressive.
Goose man
Goose man Month ago
Definitely not a quiter, but all that extra talk and smack that is involved with egos gotta stop. The guys career is at stake here.
Jeff Horn
Jeff Horn Month ago
If he can't see then he must a quit!
Parthus S
Parthus S Month ago
Every kurtz video is very informative and amazing.
KEN KOBE Month ago
The injury had been building up from round 7 or 6 it was majorly focused on in round 7 and 8. Don’t think he quit but the fight had to end one way or the other
Christoffer Nordborg
I don’t know doc, I saw Rocky and this is normal for him. He could barely see Adrianne at the end of the fight ... “Adriennnnnnne!”
cris cris
cris cris Month ago
when the punch landed the sound was insane, you'd know there was something wrong.
Maximus A
Maximus A Month ago
Even without the eye injury, BJ would have got knocked out! Canelo is in a different league. The only boxer that would give Canelo problems right now is GGG!
Camille Marilleau
I don’t know doc, I saw Rocky and this is normal for him. He could barely see Adrianne at the end of the fight ... “Adriennnnnnne!”
Great to see the gringo get banged on by Canelo. People that stay talking mess about Mexicans won't get in the ring with Canelo. VIVA MEXICO Flintstones lives don't matter.
sebasbf barajas
sebasbf barajas Month ago
I don’t know doc, I saw Rocky and this is normal for him. He could barely see Adrianne at the end of the fight ... “Adriennnnnnne!”
Canelo broke his cheek in the same way Chavez broke Melidrick Taylor's Orbital bone
Dim Beam
Dim Beam Month ago
2:34 START
Louis Richards
Louis Richards Month ago
When Boxing Organizations just give championship belts away to unqualified fighters a true champ will always be around the corner to kill these sacrificial lambs. Each weight class cannot have 8 champions because it is inevitable that 7 of them will be a fraud and of those fraudulently claiming a title one or more of them have no business in the ring against Canelo Alvarez or Terrence Crawford. This is also why I do not consider piling up belts as anything beyond cleaning up the mess that boxing organizations create. BILLY WAS UNQUALIFIED AND COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!!!
California White Chickeners
Lmao I actually liked the paid sponsor vs the ads on most videos 😂😂
loute29372 Month ago
I don’t know doc, I saw Rocky and this is normal for him. He could barely see Adrianne at the end of the fight ... “Adriennnnnnne!”
KaizokuGari Month ago
It's not that deep bro
T-Virus Terrance
Hello, Humans. "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -Walt Disney TERRANCE OUT
Anunnaki d'Orion
Canelo is built different!
Steven Dern
Steven Dern Month ago
Lets get tropical
Mia Phillipson
Mia Phillipson Month ago
Not flexing but billy joe is my mums cousin I’m not even lying i know him in real life some people are kinda jealous when I tell them I know him
Choose Life
Choose Life Month ago
Brian Sutterer you're making all these videos about Billy's broken eye socket but have you seen the X rays? Without X RAYS no one will know
Jhon Gonzalez
Jhon Gonzalez Month ago
Can your bones be weaker after boxing for years i believe that being a boxer over time your bones get weaker were you get punch or could it be really the power because I got hit by a baseball in my eyes brown by 85 mph and nothing happened to me
Kaya Sermons
Kaya Sermons Month ago
The injury is evidently real but the fact that he didn't want to continue makes him a quitter and that's okay because everyone has different pain thresholds. I've seen other fighters carry on with similar injuries if not worse. I just don't think Saunders makes a good case for the fact that he has bashed other fighters for 'quitting' in the past. Karma i say.
gonzoducks8 Month ago
From a different cultural perspective, Saunders did quit. Before people get upset, the corner did the right thing. That is to protect their fighter and his health. But from where I come from, the fact that Saunders didn't even contest it or looked upset, it definitely looks like he quit. To continue on, you can't talk about being a Spartan warrior (or was that Fury calling him that?) and then not even getting up from your stool or arguing and being upset with his corner. After all, the Spartan women always told their husbands and sons "Come back with this shield or on it" when going to war. It also looks bad on him because he also said that "You would have to take me out of the ring dead" in regards to the Dubois fight where Daniel Dubois also had an eye injury. He was classless on how he attacked Dubois after his defeat to Joyce and now he has to eat crow. Dubois at least has been classy about this, and hopefully Mr.Suanders is a bit more humble now. There have been plenty of people who fought with a broken orbital bone, but its ruin their career. But the thing people will always say is that they never quit.
Osbaldo Felix
Osbaldo Felix Month ago
Canelo Fan but I feel bad for Billy hopefully he gets well soon
Erik Ibarra
Erik Ibarra Month ago
Going to the hospital does not mean something very concerning is happening. fallacy.
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor Month ago
Erik Ibarra
Erik Ibarra Month ago
Definitely fake
Cal Wizzarak
Cal Wizzarak Month ago
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Miranda V-L
Miranda V-L Month ago
Awesome sponsor!! I don't really follow sports but I love how you break down these injuries and just learning about anatomy here, glad I found your channel :D Also, a ton of respect for these talented and badass professional athletes!
SpyderRios Month ago
Saunders face look deformed after that massive shot. Saunders did''t quit. Canelo finish him in the 8th. It was game over, no point for Saunders to take any more damage than what he received. What is true is that Saunders didn't came to survive, he came to try to win against Canelo. Most boxers that Canelo faces go into survival mode. Callum smith was one of those boxers and we all know that even he got injuries do to Canelo's punching power.
Healer The Mind Body Coach
Show me proof that he actually has the damage he is claiming
RamenNoodlez Month ago
Plot twist: he is a billy joe Saunders fan
Avatar Conscious
💝If you are reading this: BE BLESSED x 1,000,000 with great healing, wealth, love, peace, and joy!!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝
Jorge Mora
Jorge Mora Month ago
in other words... he quit ahhaha
Just a Friend
Just a Friend Month ago
Anyone notice the Freemason 33 in orange in the background? Another YT agent
GoopGoop Month ago
Was anyone else touching their cheekbone while he pointed at it in the 3D model?
zodiacFn Month ago
You spent time half of your video to sales something
Veronica De La Cruz
Im still what canelo but that was bad
Green Eyes
Green Eyes Month ago
He didn't get nocked out cause he quit if he comes out he would have been nocked out believe it
Chicken Munoz
Chicken Munoz Month ago
So a mexican can break Billy's cheek bone
GT 2020
GT 2020 Month ago
Thanks so much for selling out and showing us an ad at 1:30... So glad you decided to make weak content pushing over priced online clothes.... Thats very cool "doctor". Thanks for all you do im gonna order a shirt and pants I love being ripped off and forced to watch commercials. U rock
#pagol manush
Neo62003 ‘
Neo62003 ‘ Month ago
Saying Saunders quit is like saying getting knocked out is quitting
A Bro
A Bro Month ago
I give Canelo his props, He's the best p4p cherry picker in the division. No black fighters witness protection.
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Month ago
Canelo did his thing. Looked amazing. Completely outclassed BJS. Billy Joe took an uppercut from hell and still finished the round. Was stumbled a few times but never once hit the deck. You have to respect that. People bringing up Margarito when he fought on with a broken orbital or that mexican kid that fought with a broken jaw....Margarito fought Pac-Man who was 146lbs and that Mexican kid fought some Asian guy at 130-135....you cant compare that to fighting against Canelo with a broken face. Canelo punches wayyyy harder than pacquioa or some asian guy at 130lbs...if billy joe had gone on his whole face and cranium would have caved in. He would have had a stroke and died. Quit you say? Fine...Quit before you die dude.
STILL Month ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈
Praise to God
Praise to God Month ago
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dariobeat77 Month ago
was NOT his eye...Saunders suffered a quadripod fracture
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Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee Month ago
Both great fighters. Saunders is tough especially the fight he put up against a beast like Canelo
qasim khan
qasim khan Month ago
He was in a lot of pain after that uppercut his eye was swollen to the point he couldn’t see no one would carry on fighting after that takes a lot of balls to get in ring instead of sittin here and writing hateful comments.
777M3XSNIP3R777 Month ago
Weak @$$ UK little boxers 🤣😅😂
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