Fake Caviar Left in Fridge for 8 YEARS! | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Gordon can't believe his eyes.
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Oct 29, 2016




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Comments 80
Tariq Myers
Tariq Myers 5 hours ago
They want to poison the people
Vincent Sergi
Vincent Sergi 8 hours ago
This food is so frozen it just started singing let it go
Aquis 11 hours ago
gordon: ew the cabbage is so rotten *continues to swash his finger in it*
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir Day ago
Did you just re-upload this exact same video with new title just now?
The owner look like papa john's
cringelord_69_420 haha funny
humans: feed people 8 year old caviar wich could kill so many people people: don’t die diseases: am i a joke to you?
Meat Boi
Meat Boi 2 days ago
2:29 The guy smells it and literally just nods not even a word out of his mouth.
Him Day ago
Because I think if he then would say something then he wouldn't be able to hold his vomit inside him mouth xD
Botch Jones
Botch Jones 2 days ago
I don’t get it, you know CHEF RAMSAY is coming to your kitchen. Why tf don’t you prepare!!!!!!!!!! Fucking donkey
Icy Hot Todoroki
Icy Hot Todoroki 2 days ago
Outro: "Hello my name's Ninooooo!"
The Iraqi boi
The Iraqi boi 3 days ago
The way this woman says DRY makes me LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO
Diamond Craft
Diamond Craft 3 days ago
Everyone gangsta till Gordon says “can you come with me for 2 seconds”
Alex L
Alex L 3 days ago
Holy fuck , bloody hell mate , Jesus Christ
Joshua N
Joshua N 4 days ago
Does this mean MCd run his business better than this hotel?
Kaylee Louie
Kaylee Louie 4 days ago
I feel like I need to go to only to 5 star food places
Chao fan 64
Chao fan 64 5 days ago
3:40 wtf
XE1 PurpleSkully
XE1 PurpleSkully 5 days ago
So the people lock women in the basement
Eric Limbu
Eric Limbu 5 days ago
Patrick Parreño
Patrick Parreño 5 days ago
His voice from the elevator is the exact voice of Mr. Bean
Erdem Budak
Erdem Budak 6 days ago
Why did you find this
Jimmy Cen
Jimmy Cen 8 days ago
Wow ... a person works in the underground
Katie Kitten
Katie Kitten 9 days ago
So this cake is 12 now?
Said Zahran
Said Zahran 9 days ago
1:19 That sound
Gonzales Frederic
I do not have a big car, l live somewhat (willingly) modestly, but believe you me, the food l make is top quality and succulent. Were l an idiot, l would be negligent and disrespect my customers by serving food that is not fit. The result (in addition of my being unable to look at myself in a mirror without averting my eyes out of shame), would be : more income for a while, but rapidly it would be ruin. I understand that and anyway l have honor and am intelligent, so it will never happen. I remember an episode in which the owner buys a splendid car, but does not buy new equipment to replace the moribund one, and serves junk. Idiotic and scandalous, it is, but it is also the road to perdition, so l fail to understand. Do those owners not have self-respect, intelligence, decency... !? It is like the story of the fishermen : One fishes with a net and it takes time, but he can continually fish and so permenantly earn a living. The other one empties a bottle of poison. He catches much more fish and so earn more...for a short while. Soon, no more fish, pollution caused, people sick... and ruin follows. Absurd, malevolent, ... Go figure such repugnant, dirty, indolent, idiots... I remember a competitor l had. He placed a lot on bling-bling. And true, his place looked palace-like, but it closed down. People certainly enjoyed the sumptuous decorations, but ... His tuna salad was made with tuna from cans and bleached salads from plastic bags. Mine is made from fresh tuna and salad grown organically, and sold... two-third cheaper. I was born to a poor family. I went through a form of Hell and when looking back l wonder how l held out without breaking, so l also pay my employees more than average. They have decent lives and that matters more to me than having a gold chain bought by exploiting people. I was exploited in the past. I swore to myself that if, God willing, l extracted myself from poverty l would never oh never be sordid as some employers l had were. Certainly, l could lower the salary of my employees, and the money gotten would allow for a nicer car and so on...but that would be at the cost of being like those employers l had : sordid, so no way. No way. As for my girlfriend, she does not need expensive jewels to feel she is pretty, she needs me to be the decent man l (opine l) am. That is what seduced her and how she seduced me. She is humane. Now, believe me or not, but the chickens l serve are raised in open field, the milk from which l make the cheeses l sell (about one in three is home-made, the others are bought from producers l trust) comes from a nearby farm and the cows are fed sweet potatoes, hay, and the grass and flowers from fields. The vegetables, fruits, herbs are grown organically. The pigs are fed with sweet potatoes, never crap. The butter is home-made. The left-over from peeling or plates are fed to flies kept in a struture l made and those flies are turned into a paste which is fed to the fish l have in a pond. The day over, the kitchen is spotless and the customers can see it by looking through a big glass pane. I do not have superb plates or glasses, but the wine l serve has no sulphite in it. I even buy wheat from a local farmer who grows organically to make the flour l use. I am French. A French who believes in the culinary heritage France has. A French who is horrified by the French who insult that heritage. I make my own vingear and mustard. I now sell mustard in jars as people asked. Mayonaise is home-made, over my dead body will enter store-bought mayonaise in my place. Young, l could not even afford cheap mayonaise at the end of the month. I often only ate a sandwich with just a slice of cheap ham. Now, a butcher comes to my place (legally l am not allowed to do the slaughter) and l make my own ham. It was no pleasure cruise to pass from destitution to a decent life. I quit school young, without even knowing English. I became fluent by myself, using a book, at night after toiling to save money. As l write, l have flashbacks of what atrocious conditions were mine once. hopefully, being French, healthcare was free. France gave, still gives, forms of help, but no bank helped me. None. Because l do not have a diploma. I perspired tears and blood, have no doubt about that. Ah, why l quit school (they are free in France) ? Because l could not take it anymore. Everybody had brand shoes and l had sneakers bought... 25 francs, which is 4 euros. I was mocked over and over. Now, l have my place, l am fluent in several languages, able to floor with ease a would-be bully if so l wished, and the two girls who rejected me have become : one morbidly obese and ugly, the other one alcoholic...and not that pretty. And l have by my side a pleasant woman. And when l think that aged 16 l wanted to kill myself. It crossed my mind. I passed by pastry shops and could just drool. Now, l make pastries people come from far to eat. I have donated tenth of thousands of euros so children in countries less generous than France can go to school. My girlfriends always supported me in that. I and she need that more than going on vacation in Tahiti. I live modestly, but is it a modest life ? No. Not exaclty. I wanted brand names when young because l was made to feel l was nothing. Now, what do l care about that ? I am 41 now and the next thing l have in mind is to build a digestor : l want to converted the excrements from the pigs into cooking gas. It will please more than a statue in the dinning room. I speak a lot about a statue, this is because when l worked as an extra at the Carlton hotel in Cannes l was told by a customer that the statuette he had bought had more value than me. I thought then "Spit your venom, a few more years, and l will have my place and in the middle of it will be a statue". I never bought nor made that statue. This too became useless as abject poverty became something of the past.
Lovie Pena
Lovie Pena 10 days ago
That is disgusting
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 11 days ago
Lol the underground microwave lady
Damn Son
Damn Son 11 days ago
Street restaurant is better than this
ance 12 days ago
0:50 - when mum comes in to your room after not seeing it for a couple of days.
Franc Lizi
Franc Lizi 13 days ago
the woman with botoc and so much dirty... i dont know whay this kind of people are with no braine, the only thing thet they are good , is go and do a botox and pay money , and nothing else, sometime live is no good with people, some people ho realy deserve to have a restaurant are just worker, and some thet dont deserve have it and destroy it. f this sh.t.
N1GHTSWARM 15 days ago
that caviar is older than me! only joking lol
Airster 16 days ago
Gordon: Hello? Random lady down below: 🙄
Michael Buys
Michael Buys 18 days ago
1:21 😂 "what's going on here?" (Ramsey) Owner: " i don't know what the f is going on here"
1 0
1 0 18 days ago
0:49 Anyone else though the guy was gonna shut the door? And then coffin dance music plays 🤣
gnawdd 18 days ago
*"Fucking smell it"* **"Yes, I smell it"** *Proceeds to smell it again*
Farhiya Halane
Farhiya Halane 20 days ago
When I saw the title saying 8 years I was like wtf is wrong with this dumb f##ers
Luna Moone
Luna Moone 23 days ago
The caviar is older than my BROTHER.
Tiffany Zhang
Tiffany Zhang 25 days ago
3:41 Watch now.
Phuong Nguyen Nguyen
8 years wow
Khadija Bashir
Khadija Bashir Month ago
I went to that restaurant it was disgusting 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢never going back oh and my uncle had to go hospital after eating something form there
Brendon Chang
Brendon Chang Month ago
Is it just me, or does Gordon always ask for 2 seconds
Charlie The Saiyan
Ty1738x Month ago
0:26 Gordon’s “ello” both sounded confused and scared 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kaltra Myftiu
Kaltra Myftiu Month ago
Am I the only one that thought that in the thumbnail was a chesecake😂😂😂😂
Zarichuu Month ago
Gordon's screaming and cussing is more pleasant than my cousin's snoring
07 Month ago
Gordon: cooked meat, and raw meat, on the same bloody shelf! Me eating 2 days old yogurt in my bed: Idiots, how amateur..
David Vasquez
David Vasquez Month ago
Which Is this episode?
Tomasz Biesaga
Tomasz Biesaga Month ago
Well now it’s that caviars bday tbh HAPPY 11TH BDAY :D
Joni Lada
Joni Lada Month ago
Timon Eggen
Timon Eggen Month ago
I honestly expected Gordon to step in the mini elevator and go to the underground lady
Slyn Singh
Slyn Singh Month ago
I am never eating fast food again
LovelyLexie Month ago
2:28 Gordon: "what's it smell of?" Chef: *nods*
Paul Rice
Paul Rice Month ago
Ramsey has taught me something and that’s is to never eat at a family owned restaurant, they are lazy and stupid. If you want to die these are the places to go.
omf13 gamer
omf13 gamer Month ago
I don’t know why but fast food restaurants and Buffalo Wild Wings are better than any restaurant for some reason
Dexter Mensikov
Dexter Mensikov Month ago
Smell it 🤬🤬
Tactical Pro
Tactical Pro Month ago
Gordon reminded me of my girlfriend when he started to finger the lettuce
Dizzy Devi
Dizzy Devi Month ago
Which episode and season is this ? Does anyone know ?
siri *
siri * Month ago
I hope he didn't get killed and they just keep his corpse in that underground fridge.
Charles Knowles
Charles Knowles Month ago
That woman literally just left Gordon on read
Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan Month ago
Can you tell me what is smell off? Cause he's in denial
Swordfishparta Month ago
Now I’m scared that if I eat in a restaurant after corona obviously will they serve this kind of food bro I’m scared 😱
Ashoka Skywalker
Damn Gordon is savage
The Grey Pilgrim
2:25 When you fart near your friend or a family member x)
Žygimantas Skaburkis
Whos waching this in 2020 like this coment ewwwwwww
WellThats Fantasticerino
Fuck nino always gets you at the end of these vids!
ISoNoobish Month ago
*Woman looks at Chef and ignores him..*
ItzS34n 2 months ago
Anyone know what episode this is or from what season
Britt Groenewegen
Britt Groenewegen 2 months ago
But let's be real how can Gordon always touch al those shit😲😂
trishywishy 2 months ago
Guys I'm a kitchen dummy can someone explain the importance of keeping raw meat away from cooked meat??
Hans Fragata
Hans Fragata 2 months ago
Cross contamination is still alive
Mai Mai
Mai Mai 2 months ago
i thought the thumbnail was cheesecake with raspberries on top
Munheem majesty
Munheem majesty 2 months ago
Lock the fucking door 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Mr Mike
Mr Mike 2 months ago
Kitchen nightmares + hotel hell = hell's kitchen
Stank- 578
Stank- 578 2 months ago
Why is the fake caviar red and not black
ruby and endie
ruby and endie 2 months ago
The lady smells it she says it smells like s**t
Alía Prince
Alía Prince 2 months ago
“Bloody hell” omg. Gordon is now Ron weasley
life hacks
life hacks 2 months ago
My name is Ninooooooooo !!
` Myushi
` Myushi 2 months ago
So that's how you handle the kitchen....
sqriksen 2 months ago
Im 10000
Volt The Assassin 05
Gordon Ramsay : calls owners to talk before shutting it down Me:why the hell do you still need to the owners before shutting it down
Ricardo 2 months ago
Its drai😂
LemineralAjah 2 months ago
Other people: " This is dry chicken, this is so moist Me: " *atleast im eating* "
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