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Jul 11, 2019




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Kayla Fu
Kayla Fu 4 months ago
"It doesn't matter who you are, or how you look, you will always be beautiful." -Kayla fu, 2019
Shadow Phoenix
Shadow Phoenix Month ago
Inspiring c:
あいこaiko blu
@Sheridan Coronado nooo
Heaven leopard
Heaven leopard Month ago
@Wyatt Hendy-Smith um ok? Hush
Heaven leopard
Heaven leopard Month ago
@Vivian_Dryden wat.....
Britney Brighenti
Kayla Fu u weird
Christyn MacDougall
My favorite gacha life video!
Ashley Dota
Ashley Dota 9 days ago
I wish she could make videos like this again
Mei Ibuki
Mei Ibuki 12 days ago
So was the first day of school... on Thursday? Because this is the timeline I see: School Day 1 Plastic Surgery -> School Day 2 Shopping for reset Plastic melted The next weekend Goes to the psycho homicider and police So like Day 1 + 2 are before shopping. If Summer was going shopping early, I would understand, but there wasn't any school info in there and she figured out about the botched plastic after she woke up. And by the way if that's true then the day the plastic melted was a school day, but she didn't go to school on the shopping day. Does that mean she skipped a day of school with the parents' approval? Or are there nonexistent Sundays? I like these theories and now I'm interested in what the answer would be if it wasn't just: oh I forgot/didn't know. Because those discussions are AWESOME.
Pandas Are Lit
Pandas Are Lit 13 days ago
There is so much fricken crying
• ł ø v ę ł ÿ •
does ur name in roblox named dogeialifebruh??? if yes im ur bff
Lily 16 days ago
Avyana Scarpato
Avyana Scarpato 20 days ago
GD Fluffy 2
GD Fluffy 2 20 days ago
I am offended with her mom I have blonde hair and blue eyes-
Alyssa Morales
Alyssa Morales 21 day ago
The mom is so rude!!!!!!! 1 like= 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 slaps for the mom.
TALA MOSA 21 day ago
Her step-mother and father looks like her real parents not gonna lie here
Kate Gacha life and more
Blonde is not ur color
FxllenAxgles Yt
FxllenAxgles Yt 23 days ago
Kim Kardashian Story When She Got the Plastic Surgery but Was Fine With it.
FxllenAxgles Yt
FxllenAxgles Yt 23 days ago
7:59 : That teacher we all want
FxllenAxgles Yt
FxllenAxgles Yt 23 days ago
Girl: **puts makeup on** Everyone: OH MY GOSH ITS A MEAN GIRL EWW! Gacha Logic: Mhm that totally makes sense Me: wth
SophiaCookiie 24 days ago
Why are they all sad at the end :c
Ivan Funes
Ivan Funes 24 days ago
Kristina Daily
Kristina Daily 25 days ago
Justinalove0403 Chanel
I feel so sorry for summer😢but at the end she, s her again
Angie Bustamante
Angie Bustamante 28 days ago
This is sooo cringe
Panda Lover
Panda Lover 29 days ago
God that sister is psycho!
Cindy Redd
Cindy Redd 29 days ago
Your prefect
Hellewapo Bez nazwiska
I Hear melanie martinez??? Thanks!!
The Bus Buddies
The Bus Buddies Month ago
2:30 who noticed the dad here died
Linda Lange
Linda Lange Month ago
dude that foster mother beauty comes from... the... inside. judge the personality, not looks. Kind, respect, i dont wanna be like that. do YOU wanna have a lot of hair in your face? no? she probably doesnt either. so let her be her own self
Theater Panda
Theater Panda Month ago
This song sends a terrible message to insecure girls. Looks are nothing. You don’t need beauty to be loved or liked. You are loved for who you are.
Joe Borgstrom
Joe Borgstrom Month ago
What is on the inside that counts
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
Summer would speak with me In South Carolina about how she got plastic surgery against her will. She said she didn't even want it, and she would better off live a normal life. Her biological mother didn't even care about her appearance. But the step mother is a different story. Her father admitted that he paid for the surgery.
Matthieu Giroux
Matthieu Giroux Month ago
this is just sad
• l ø v x l y •
14:00 BOI XD
Ilsa Perez
Ilsa Perez Month ago
This is how many slaps the mom gets ⬇
G3 Nightcore
G3 Nightcore Month ago
This was an amazing. I love how creative you made the story. It's like a story award.
CutePinkCookie Month ago
heck i would be happy if i was a model at a younge age why does everyone hate being one in gachalife? it basically means they are beautiful
CutePinkCookie Month ago
soo if u have blonde hair and blue eyes makes u ordinary bruh noooooo
Spooky Spaghetti
Omg! Melanie is my absolute favorite singer ❤️ I love her song's deep meanings and her unique voice... When the vid started with Carousel I was immediately hooked. 😂
Slushy you
Slushy you Month ago
9:39 no way SHOES
Darlene Hood
Darlene Hood Month ago
Both parents die Her:run to mom immediately Dad:am I a joke to you
Darlene Hood
Darlene Hood Month ago
Both of her parents die.
Darlene Hood
Darlene Hood Month ago
Melanie song goes with the vid😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Defreezy V.
Defreezy V. Month ago
2:57 why did it say dear.. and then it said nothing? then she though “fix me up?” but she never said “were gonna fix you up”
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