FAITH: Chapter 1

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Big scares come in most unlikely of places in FAITH: Chapter 1!!
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 14 747
william george
william george 6 hours ago
You know it's a good game when one of the endings is getting revenge-killed by a deer.
Аня Данилина
Можешь сделать субтитры на русском?
safia benbrahim
safia benbrahim 11 hours ago
what the heck Steven hawkings
Alex Ubas
Alex Ubas 11 hours ago
Faith: chapter 1
Angel Dust The Porn Star
4:02 ah, that's where I last jacked off.
Angel Dust The Porn Star
"even the most basic games can be absolutely terrifying" - Markiplier 2019
Mim B
Mim B 13 hours ago
I know demons when I see demons and I see demons right- and it cuts off
Self-Autonomy Is A Joke
34:13 *yOu'Ve* bEeN HiT bY 👏 👏 *yOu'Ve* BeEn sTrUcK By 👏 TRUCK *OWWWWWWW*
• Tiny Devil •
• Tiny Devil • 17 hours ago
Me to Alastor: “oUt DeErMoN-!!”
kirinfire 18 hours ago
Featherflame Day ago
So what were the other 2 endings?
Muda Fiz
Muda Fiz Day ago
20:28 "My god.." "do you think i'm pretty" To people who wants this from tik tok
Michaela Hart
I SEE DEMONS RIGHT IN FRONT- *animal restaurant needs your help!*
bianca venderdahl
let's see if you can see marks face at 35:17, my computer lagged and that's what I got
an Italian boy
Incredebly Karen have not take the kids
Robin Johnston
okay but those little animation cut scenes were SO GOOD
Eater-Of- Worlds-666
The way it’s animated is amazing!
Barrett Birks
Barrett Birks 2 days ago
their are faces behind Mark at 24:52
Keke The Killer
Keke The Killer 2 days ago
Let's play a drinking game: take a shot everytime Mark says "I'm Sorry."
Rainbøw_1856 :'3
0:01 Game: september 21, 1987 Me: 1987... 1 9 8 7.... T H E B I T E O F 8 7
Mega_Rebirth 2 days ago
If only mark knew that that white thing was his SON
TK-4798 2 days ago
How do you get a text to speech voice like this?
Nya 2 days ago
At 20:33 there is a little easter egg in the top left corner of Marks facecam
Aneesh Nair
Aneesh Nair 3 days ago
I was waiting at the book club for you bruh !! 8:41
Mr Teriyaki
Mr Teriyaki 3 days ago
"Dr. Spinel"...
• Tiny Devil •
• Tiny Devil • 17 hours ago
ive heard the story over and over again-
-FunkyFlow- 3 days ago
*fandom garbage intensifies*
N0va 3 days ago
Is that the bite of 87?
Chicken with a Gun
I just learned today that the voices in this game are by a computer text to speech thing called Sam
Trent Swanson
Trent Swanson 3 days ago
This reminds me of five nights at Freddy’s and the first of the doom games
Andrew Hastings
Andrew Hastings 3 days ago
The power of christ repels you!!!!!!!
arata tanako
arata tanako 3 days ago
10:58 "la muerte" Latinos.... Unidooooos!!! XD
lXMidnightXl 3 days ago
Markiplier makes a great pastor. *OUT DEEEMON*
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana 3 days ago
The voices in this one are almost as hard to understand as Tomodachi life
Moonwise 720
Moonwise 720 3 days ago
26:38 me silently running back to my room at 1:00 AM after getting my 20th bang
Blacksheep X
Blacksheep X 4 days ago
Blue Guy: "I shall not be afraid of the terror of night." Deers: *PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION*
My Guy
My Guy 4 days ago
MrBeast 4 days ago
mark behind your cam o-o 24:53 a little back tho
Motasem Wesam
Motasem Wesam 5 days ago
can you play sans pls pls pls who wants mark to play it like
Motasem Wesam
Motasem Wesam 17 hours ago
• Tiny Devil • why?
• Tiny Devil •
• Tiny Devil • 17 hours ago
shut up
Vivian Quevedo
Vivian Quevedo 5 days ago
did anyone notice at 7:00 in the video there is a small pixelated face in Mark's recording in the bottom left corner??? LIXIAN EXPLAIN????
Alayna’s Tagtow
This is the first Markiplier I’ve ever watched and I love it. 10/10 subscribing rn
Dallagi mouhamed
Dallagi mouhamed 5 days ago
انا تونسي
Someone New
Someone New 5 days ago
I shot an arrow at a sheep in Minecraft as soon as mark banished that demon in the tutorial
Freddie Wright
Freddie Wright 6 days ago
Rick and 5:58
Kendall Maureen
Kendall Maureen 6 days ago
I jumped when I saw the demon the second time
Хлеб 6 days ago
The voice sounds like SAM from Commodore 64. What nostalgia hearing that again
Warf Z Madame YouTube
I wonder what do markiplier’s neighbors thinks about him when he talks about murder 😂😂
KoolBreeze420 7 days ago
This reminds me of ET. Maybe the fear is only experienced while playing but I enjoyed the video very much.
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson 7 days ago
The best part about this video is someone bothered with subtitles. A RUvid novelty.
Sarena Zepeda
Sarena Zepeda 8 days ago
me: goes to nate and jasons birthday party with a back pack filled with holy water and cross WHERE IS HE!!!!! the clown: oh shite
Berzy Killer Meme Queen
Alexander Hamilton in its quiet uptown 10:27
Rabbit Studios
Rabbit Studios 8 days ago
“I know demons when I see demons. AND THERE ARE A BUNCH OF DEMONS RIGHT IN FR-“ Kit kat add plays
Gale Anderson
Gale Anderson 9 days ago
Rotoscoping is such a cool animation technique.
Gale Anderson
Gale Anderson 9 days ago
Took me a second to realize the demon'd cut off her face.
Hat Cellucard
Hat Cellucard 9 days ago
25:17 Dr Spinel
Brian McClenahan
Brian McClenahan 10 days ago
Mark starts with intro, Speak and Spell starts calling forth hexes.
Kittycatgirl 101
Kittycatgirl 101 10 days ago
Demon: BOB ROSS Me: Okay, and here, we will summon, happy little demons...
Leticia Garcia
Leticia Garcia 10 days ago
Please play the witches house
John W
John W 10 days ago
Not sure what that spider creature is, but i call it muk muk, muk muk is a bad boi
Win Ches
Win Ches 11 days ago
Oh My GoD wHaT hApPeNnEd To YoU
Jason Alcatraz
Jason Alcatraz 11 days ago
16:58 "No No No!" "HeY, hEy, YoU mIgHt NeEd BOB ROSS"
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