FAITH: Chapter 1

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Big scares come in most unlikely of places in FAITH: Chapter 1!!
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 13 633
jcriesforanhour 9 hours ago
Watching this in the night inside of an empty car. “Oh god.”
wonderland ninja
wonderland ninja 17 hours ago
Uhhh....anyone else see the face behind mark at 28:13???
Victoria Roberge
Victoria Roberge 18 hours ago
Did anyone else see the weird face on Markipliers screen at 20:33
Alyssia Gibbs
Alyssia Gibbs 22 hours ago
Willy Brown
Willy Brown Day ago
I’m just here eating my beef jerky hoping it doesn’t get possessed
Emmet Swibes
Emmet Swibes Day ago
Wait so what are the last two endings?
Donavan Ens
Donavan Ens Day ago
Markiplier, I have noticed over the years that you have changed your studio numerous of times and I get it that you can do that when you want... but I’m curious if the current one you have now is just temporary or are you planning on getting a new one?
Dalton Dick
Dalton Dick Day ago
All I have too say is MORTIS
Kidney Thief
Kidney Thief Day ago
in the song "in the woods somewhere" it talks about a creature in the woods and a wounded fox the guy found, there was what looked like a wounded fox in the woods on this video
hmmizh //
hmmizh // Day ago
does anyone know where can i buy this shirt?
Quite Simply
Quite Simply Day ago
At 11:40 , my chocolate milk container fell over and it was flat on a table
Isaacc124 Caballero
23:43 Mark: i did it is sav the woooorld
Andres Bordoni
Andres Bordoni 2 days ago
*Wild Mannequins appear* "... I know demons... when i see demons... and i see many demons... right in FRONT OF ME!!"
Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl Scratch 2 days ago
Him: Babe come over Her: Hey, I'm here, what we doin? Him: What I am about to do has not been approved by the Vatican
Zionzar 13
Zionzar 13 2 days ago
wAiT a MiNuTe WhAtS ThAt 7:27
Random Duder
Random Duder 2 days ago
M Ø R ✝ I S
Phoebe5448 2 days ago
17:28: "You moved the cemetery, but you left the bodies, didn't you? You left the bodies and you only moved the headstones! You-only-moved-the-headstones!" Also, I didn't know Natewantstobattle can draw!!
Lettuce Bitch
Lettuce Bitch 2 days ago
3:55 *someone has been chosen to be risen*
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 3 days ago
M. K.
M. K. 3 days ago
When I was wathcing this video, there was a Walmart Ad right before Mark finish saying : "And I see many Demons Ri--"
M. K.
M. K. 3 days ago
"A gun with one bullet." XD
M. K.
M. K. 3 days ago
Oh, the other Ads are placed perfectly, too.
Sam Carlson
Sam Carlson 3 days ago
"Only able to take 25 pounds back to the car" I love the Oregon trail
Funnyrandom 1514
Funnyrandom 1514 3 days ago
T The Wombo Combo
Hey deer just eating some grass... *OUT DEERMAN*
Es 3 days ago
"Ah welp, can't exorcise my own car." --Mark 2019
Angela Smith
Angela Smith 3 days ago
I don’t know why, but 8bit games scare me more than other horror games. Maybe it’s the noises.
SincereGamer 4 days ago
26:37 sounded like the laugh after you died in zelda 2
Kybersketcher 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure that demon's saying "AWWWW FUUUUUUCK!"
GooberMcNoober 4 days ago
I wish there were more horror games with this style
Ethan Rodgers
Ethan Rodgers 5 days ago
I love the Beethoven's moonlight sonata 1st movement in an arcade sounding style, so creepy.
Goblin 5 days ago
Amy's animations are absolutely FANTASTIC
Fazfan 1987
Fazfan 1987 5 days ago
Nothing like watching eating ice cream with cherries while watching Markiplier play horror games .
Gabriel Franklin
Gabriel Franklin 5 days ago
Anyone else think the pale creature resembles the Rake
trebor nedrad
trebor nedrad 5 days ago
The forest reminds me of oregan trail the game .
RingPop Gaming
RingPop Gaming 5 days ago
0:31 NUDES
Minniki 5 days ago
Oh em gee the thumbnail is a enderman with red eyes and can crawl. Is that a new minecraft update?
Boudy Mahmoud
Boudy Mahmoud 5 days ago
Wow , Never knew Dr.Steven hawking can Do Voice Acting So well
IamDobyDoge32 6 days ago
For those who are scared heres a meme 18:23 : Youve been hit by, youve been hit by, *a smooth spider*
jafet studio
jafet studio 6 days ago
Im something else YT. thats all I need to say
Ethan Morris
Ethan Morris 5 days ago
Gonna smooch you bro
Taru Malonen
Taru Malonen 6 days ago
Could the 'But nobody came.' in any way possible be a reference to Undertale?? Or just a coincidence
Goblin 5 days ago
I highly doubt it
Everything Thrice
1:36 what sound effect called
kayla Hahn
kayla Hahn 6 days ago
may 3rd is my moms birthday
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 6 days ago
I don't get what's so scary about this. Without the realism of it, it's basically just a modern (bad) horror movie with Commodore 64 graphics and voices
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 6 days ago
This game is stylized as a Commodore 64 game, not an atari game, that's why there is the scratchy speech (courtesy of SAM, or Software Automatic Mouth.)
Donna speirs
Donna speirs 6 days ago
My b day is May 3rd.
Ellie_ Phant
Ellie_ Phant 6 days ago
EdmanBrosYoutube 6 days ago
these ads suck, they interupt a funny part
Chables 6 days ago
Does anyone know how the voices were created? Sounds kinda Speak n Spell-ish but glitchier
Onibi Onna
Onibi Onna 7 days ago
why is mark dressing like the uncle at the party who's cool but has some undiagnosed depression and tells you all the stories of what your parents got up to as kids
Mr12Relic 7 days ago
34:59 Illuminati
Mr12Relic 7 days ago
30:38 Oregon Trail reference
NotazarOfficial 7 days ago
15:50 checkpoint
Kz Lamri
Kz Lamri 7 days ago
Simon says “OUT DEMON!”
Everything Thrice
34:13 airdorf helped make faith
Woomy Boomy
Woomy Boomy 7 days ago
September 21st.... Is my birthday!!!
Gamer Boss
Gamer Boss 7 days ago
I HAVE TO FINISH WHAT I STARTED ad: does somebody have a charger, we're dying!
MLgamings 7 days ago
How am I JUST noticing that the theme that plays in the background when you are outside is " Fur Elise?"
Tyranix969 7 days ago
o u t d e e r m o n
Seirra Peace
Seirra Peace 7 days ago
I've watched this 3 or 4 times and I just realized that the music out in the woods is Moonlight Sonata.
Master Memester
Master Memester 8 days ago
3 year olds getting ready to say *stupid* during preschool: *"What I'm about to do has not been approved by the Vatican."*
YOUSAYRUN 8 days ago
It's crazy how there are so many interpretations to the story of this game due to how unreliable a narrator John is.
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