Concursos de Belleza - Matheus
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Hans Solo
Hans Solo 8 days ago
love it when nobody helps and just watch 🤣🤣🤣
Zulma Yadira Hernández Jáquez
Tamaryn green le disimulo bn
Mon Mon
Mon Mon 19 days ago
What happen to indias wardrobe... her left tits almost popped out
Mrvalid Vs
Mrvalid Vs 29 days ago
Anyone can join visit www.missdecade2020.com
jeffy Luke
jeffy Luke Month ago
Puta ka gusto mulang NG maraming viewers de nakakatuwa pag tawanan sila delet moyan bago ko e delet ang mukha mo 🙄
Ravi Nagpal
Ravi Nagpal Month ago
There was nothing wrong with Miss India I think
Nilo Embew
Nilo Embew Month ago
Philippines is a strong candidate
Janna Perez
Janna Perez Month ago
Why Philippines why 😞😞🇵🇭
deepakfrank456 2 months ago
What was so funny with Miss India and south Africa you should check your sense of humor 😉,..
Marisa A.
Marisa A. 2 months ago
what was wrong with Miss India???
UnLight DarkLight
UnLight DarkLight 2 months ago
Omg, I can’t unsee what happened to miss India 😑😑😑. I FEEL SO BAC
Chandler Maximo
Chandler Maximo 2 months ago
Chic Porga
Chic Porga 2 months ago
You idiot...you should have atleast blurred nip of ms India...omg! U r such a fool
zero fernandes
zero fernandes 2 months ago
Marisa A.
Marisa A. 2 months ago
zero fernandes hahahahaa
Trung Phan
Trung Phan 3 months ago
These girls unexperience to deal their dress
Roni Chakma
Roni Chakma 3 months ago
Xx_Man_ xX
Xx_Man_ xX 3 months ago
I think for my opinion this is not funny but some are funny but not all tho some I feel bad for them
fabulous queen
fabulous queen 3 months ago
Dont understand why they to wear such heels
Kharlos Evia
Kharlos Evia 3 months ago
the designer from Guatemala is the worst bone the poor girl struggling with those chains under the dress. He had to rehearse with him before the contest as good Venezuelans do.
anjali jprya
anjali jprya 3 months ago
Guatemala...sad for her dress 😕
Jessica HR
Jessica HR 3 months ago
In the case of Miss Puerto Rico, the costume was too heavy. I think that the designers of these costumes get some kind of rules. There is always a girl having a problem with them, because they're too heavy or big and they can handle well...MU and MW organizations please keep an eye on this...! It's not fun seeing girls falling or having problem with their costumes!
Jessica HR
Jessica HR 3 months ago
It's not fun seeing these girls falling!
mahmuda sanju
mahmuda sanju 3 months ago
Ah ha India🙈🙊
Đẳng Bùi Thạch
H'Hen Niê 💗💞
ni uhm
ni uhm 3 months ago
Nothing funny about this video
Hannah Duran
Hannah Duran 3 months ago
This is funny for you? Srsly?
Green Ash
Green Ash 3 months ago
Miss Guatemala did well
Padmini Dsa
Padmini Dsa 3 months ago
What happened with India 😬😬
Eadyt87 2 months ago
Her black nipple showing out
Alfri Sinulingga
Alfri Sinulingga 4 months ago
Miss Universe and 2019 Indonesia, France, malta, Malaysia 😭
Ednerson Simeon
Ednerson Simeon 4 months ago
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King Brilliant
King Brilliant 4 months ago
A woman can do everything a make can do, except walking in heels.
Old music Lover
Old music Lover 4 months ago
virgisanty 4 months ago
La primera de amarillo jajajaajaajajajaajajjaj
caesar mm
caesar mm 4 months ago
UA Studio
UA Studio 4 months ago
what was that @_@ 0:53
Da Yanna
Da Yanna 4 months ago
It’s not funny.
Teepakorn Limsirikhun
1:39 Was she wearing her dress backwards?
its. gorj
its. gorj 2 months ago
Omg it looks like she did wore it backward🤦🏻‍♀️
Juan Guerrero
Juan Guerrero 4 months ago
A miss guatemala le habian amarrado los pies🤓🤓🤣🤣🤣
jose De Leon
jose De Leon 4 months ago
Karma por tramposa.
Meena p Kumari
Meena p Kumari 4 months ago
Albania was the funniest one in miss universe history
Fly by night
Fly by night 5 months ago
Why dont you play the audio? This stupid trance music is horrible.
Fly by night
Fly by night 5 months ago
Albania looked ok but what's with that walk? Phoney and forced.
Saba 7777
Saba 7777 5 months ago
How is this funny
Karan singh
Karan singh 5 months ago
We should not make fun for this beautiful girls
skyllo 5 months ago
I feel bad for Guatemala because there should have been a dress rehearsal for her team to find out that the length/hem of her skirt is not suitable for walking.
Paras Koundal
Paras Koundal 21 day ago
Anyways But She Looked Amazing In That Dress
Sandra Potiyai
Sandra Potiyai 3 months ago
Yes, the dress is not suitable for walking. Maybe the fitting date, she just only fitting the dress with her body, but did not trial to walk.
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 5 months ago
No ví nada de divertido en este video aburrido y chafa.
Chinggurev Eleuver
Chinggurev Eleuver 5 months ago
Feel sorry to miss sa because her gown got destroyed because of the shoe
dino raptor
dino raptor 5 months ago
Hate the music sorry
shahla khalique
shahla khalique 5 months ago
0:54 😐
Niky Fashion
Niky Fashion 5 months ago
Selenne Rubí Sánchez
Albania walks like ifthe world desire her, absolutelly ridiculous
[insert Namehere]
[insert Namehere] 5 months ago
Not to be rude, but it's called the 'cat walk.'' Of course their gonna strut and pose.
Bindhya Subba
Bindhya Subba 5 months ago
I feel those high heels and designer clothes are unnecessaryly too long or hard to handle sometimes... 🙄🙄
Diva Nadiva
Diva Nadiva 3 months ago
amkala 5 months ago
I wouldn't want to be on that stage :) I have a couple of these videos on my channel, but mine are EPIC ANSWERING FAILS lol
Beauty of Bangladesh
1.01 what 😮 india
Angela Gomez
Angela Gomez 5 months ago
Guatemala’s gown ruined it all
Chespirito Suis
Chespirito Suis 5 months ago
A Miss Albania le avisaron que no estaba en Miss Porno 2018?
Nia Rahmadhani
Nia Rahmadhani 6 months ago
Indonesia the winers miss univers🇮🇩
Covit Filipinas
Covit Filipinas 6 months ago
where's miss philippines carrying her wheel of fortune in national costume?
Rising Nexus Production
Tbh Guatemala has a graceful it's the gown that destroyed her performance
Abigail Bryant
Abigail Bryant 6 months ago
Most of these aren’t even funny and this is bullying
Une belle matinée d'été !
OMG they're on HEELS and the most important is that you stand up and keep going . Only a crual judge will disqualified a girl for an accident .
Klien Murollo
Klien Murollo 6 months ago
The music for this video is AWFUL.
Zakk Gardner
Zakk Gardner 6 months ago
Uh yeah, someone being heartbroken on perhaps the biggest day of their life is a real riot. sigh I wouldn't wish that on _anyone_ - even the op.
Vivian Ladyboy Bali
Vivian Ladyboy Bali 6 months ago
Jajajaja pinoy
Ronny Diaz
Ronny Diaz 6 months ago
Well Miss Puerto Rico was the third runner- up and Miss South Africa the first runner-up, so that's mean didn't effected.
Genesis888 6 months ago
It's not good to make fun of other people's misery. I pray that this vlogger will experience more humiliations in life than what these girls have undergone.
Klien Murollo
Klien Murollo 6 months ago
888 *** also the music used in this video is sooo awful. Gives me a headache
von cleo
von cleo 6 months ago
Its no other than a wardrobe malfunction or slippery floors in the middle of a gazing audience wherein someone they dont even know judges their every move. Now they became your prey for every bit of mistakes and here it is and its not funny.
Harry Lumbao
Harry Lumbao 6 months ago
Hahahahha palaban si Miss Albania 😍😍😍😍 sinapian ng baklng pokpok shit huhuhu
Elene Sukhy
Elene Sukhy 6 months ago
Dario Simone
Dario Simone 7 months ago
Not funny,, could get hurt seriously..poor girls
Lebanon is the best!! Lebanon
Hacked acc Ndianga
Hacked acc Ndianga 7 months ago
Guatemala, did her dress tear or
Stew L
Stew L 7 months ago
Nancy L needs tea and a therapist. Her actions are awful. Look what has happened to Taylor S singer in Rep and L!!
Asnawie Bascara
Asnawie Bascara 7 months ago
EVA PATALINHUG muntik na..😂😂😂😂
Ainembabazi Brenda
Ainembabazi Brenda 7 months ago
Lina Mtafe
Lina Mtafe 7 months ago
aranya ahmed
aranya ahmed 7 months ago
Miss india 🤣🤣🤣😂
Silent Boy
Silent Boy 7 months ago
There's many evening gown that I really hate it in miss universe 2018
hey stOb it
hey stOb it 7 months ago
2:35 GUYS !! she was just tryna dab and it still seemed trash, don’t hate !!!
Vishal Panwar
Vishal Panwar 8 months ago
Nothing wrong with miss India
Abrahan Shahzad
Abrahan Shahzad 7 months ago
sun catcher
sun catcher 8 months ago
The gown design at 3:45 is simple and gorgeous
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