Fade To Black

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Fade To Black · Metallica
Ride The Lightning
℗ Blackened Recordings
Released on: 1984-07-27
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Oct 2, 2016




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al3ksejkramaric 7 hours ago
"I was me, but now he's gone" :(
Tiago Thrash Punx
Tiago Thrash Punx 9 hours ago
Gianlucatixson 17 hours ago
Gracias Diego, sos eterno
Wulf Day ago
Metal is just masculine emo music
Fhxhjsj Bjdjdh
RTL and Megadeth’s rust in peace are the best thrash albums ever
Sebastien Verbeke
Black Magic is suks
Grant Hausner
Guitar solo Life it seems will fade awayy Drifting further ever dayyy Getting lost within myselfffff Nothing matters no one elsseeeee I have lost the will to livveeeee Simply nothing more to giveeee There is nothing more for meeeee Need the end SET ME FREEE!!! Another Guitar solo Things are not they used to bbee Missing one side of meeee Deathly loss this can't be realllll Cannot stand his HELL I feelllll Empitiness is filling meeeeee To the point of AGONYYYYY Growing darkness taking DAWNNN I was me BUT NOOWWW HE'S GONEEEE!! ANOTHER FUCKIN GUITAR SOLO NO ONE BUT ME CAN SAVE MYSELF BUT IT'S TOO LATEEEEEE!!! NOW I CAN'T THINK, THINK WHY I SHOULD EVEN TRYYYYYYY! ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER FUCKING ANNOYING SOLO YESTERDAY SEEMS AS THOUGH IT NEVER EXHISTEDDDDD!!! DEATH GREETS ME WARM NOW I WILL JUST SAY GOODBYEEEEE!!!! GOODBYEEEEEE!!!!! SOLO TILL THE VERY END! THANK YOU CLIFF FOR PUTTING THIS SONG AS TRACK 4 IN THE RIDE THE LIGHTING ALBUM IN 1984!!!
kq iq
kq iq Day ago
this is amazing
Franz Branntwein
|: Didim- didim- didid-diddidim- dim di dim Didldim-didldim-didldim-didldim! :|
Janice Herbon
Awesome Band!
gordy140 Day ago
holli maze ozzy
Tony Gareth
Tony Gareth Day ago
Most beautiful intro I’ve ever heard
Hydrogen :
Hydrogen : 2 days ago
The Last Solo’s Perfection 👌🏼
E c
E c 2 days ago
Rip dad 💔 1954-2019
T .5
T .5 2 days ago
Low high low know and so fucks know that are wasted point phuket
Roflmau5 2 days ago
I'm a sex trafficking victim who has been raped and brainwashed by my family since I was a teenager. They have attempted to murder me. I have mental illness because of what they did to me. It feels like I am being constantly abused by them. They are trying to force me to commit suicide. They are trying to wear me down until my character has diminished. I don't understand what life is like for normal adults and I am ineffective at trying to fit in. Please don't misunderstand me or what is going on with me. I have no understanding of life itself. They have destroyed my brain with torture. I have tried to call the police but the police don't believe me. I have talked to the federal government as well but I have heard nothing back from them. I can't even comprehend how upset I should be about this, I do not understand what it's like for normal people. I should be more mad, I should be fighting harder for my life but I am growing tired. I have already exhausted many options and I have become hopeless. Please check out my music channel and donate to me, or email me for anything else. - Alexander Edward Moore, a music producer from Tulsa Oklahoma - al5xmo@gmail.com - My youtube channel -ruvid.net/video/video-dC9662rXhr4.html gofundme - ​www.gofundme.com/f/music-producer-emergency-cash-needed-for-surgery​
Victory Lane
Victory Lane 2 days ago
One of my absolute favorite albums of all time.
Achmad Holik
Achmad Holik 3 days ago
⠀ 。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。  。゚ ゚・。・゚ ︵ ︵ ( ╲ / / ╲ ╲/ / ╲ ╲ / ╭ ͡ ╲ ╲ ╭ ͡ ╲ ╲ ノ ╭ ͡ ╲ ╲ ╱ ╲ ╲ ╱ ╲ ╱ ︶ #25Nov2020
E Brush
E Brush 3 days ago
My favorite asides from one korn actually sounded really good when they redid that one song
Wave 3 days ago
Life it seems to fade away Drifting further everyday Getting lost within myself Nothing matters no one else I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free Things not what they used to be Missing one inside of me Deathly loss this can't be real Cannot stand this hell I feel Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony Growing darkness taking dawn I was me but now, he's gone No one but me can save myself, but its too late Now I can't think, think why I should even try Yesterday seems as though it never existed Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye Goodbye
Ƥhil H.Anselmo is Loves us all
all the dislike may come from a family where one of their family members committed suicide because of this song
Baltic 144 Productions
Goodbye Blue Sky: *exists* Metallica: Write that down! Write that down!
Ƥhil H.Anselmo is Loves us all
Not at all , that is called inspiration
Cadı avcısı
Cadı avcısı 3 days ago
Hİ ,helloo everyone I am from TURKEY what abaout you where are you fromm :)) MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL
Mpampis Zelico
Mpampis Zelico 4 days ago
MAJSIN 4 days ago
That is amazing!!
CLINT 4 days ago
a hybrid song of fade to black and stairway to heaven needs to be made. they blend so well together
CLINT 3 days ago
@The Sus One fuk yeh :P
The Sus One
The Sus One 3 days ago
Fade To Heaven? Stairway To Black(ened)?
Deputy Kirsanov
Deputy Kirsanov 4 days ago
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis 4 days ago
My brother committed suicide and this is his favorite song, REST IN HEAVEN MARK❤ he would jam out every chance he had. Miss you brother.
Spody Man
Spody Man 3 days ago
Rest In Peace
Deputy Kirsanov
Deputy Kirsanov 4 days ago
Peter VENKMAN 5 days ago
😎🤘 One of my favourite Metallica songs... 3:56 black sabbath heritage.. so cooooool 👻
paaa ooo
paaa ooo 5 days ago
Está és de las buenas kabronnn 👌
Angel Méndez
Angel Méndez 5 days ago
Elliot Parker
Elliot Parker 5 days ago
Metal died here..|..
Datgamer Chowe
Datgamer Chowe 5 days ago
I still think disliking something shouldn't be an option. If a video is worthy of being disliked it should be taken down and burned. There is enough negativity nowadays we need to start spreading positivity. I'll start it off by telling u all I love u. 💕❤💓
Datgamer Chowe
Datgamer Chowe 5 days ago
Those 17 thousand people suck
Ship 'N' a Bong
Ship 'N' a Bong 4 days ago
thats just the Australians.
Toni Bennett
Toni Bennett 6 days ago
The verry best ever wow
Laurelindo 6 days ago
Apparently, James wrote these lyrics right after someone had stolen one of his favourite amplifiers that he had got from his mother. And yeah, that definitely must have sucked pretty hard.
SALİH ÇETİN 6 days ago
Emotional breakdown Jimmy
I was listening to this when washing my hands and the thing that was stuck in my head was *_Solemn handwashing_*
DamecaDameca Ohayoo
7000th comment
jzventurez 6 days ago
This came out when I was in the 7th grade, all year long the kids would write down James Hetfield on the roll when a sub teacher was in and we would all laugh when she did roll call and called his name. He never answered. Good times= Jr high school.
doubleddy75 6 days ago
This changed my life 🤘🏼
PJ Wolak
PJ Wolak 6 days ago
this might be the *greatest* solo in music history
Heinz Heise
Heinz Heise 5 days ago
Big false, you need to listen DreamTheatre
my grandpa died at 10pm, November first of 2020. He was one of those guys who was just always happy in life, no matter what he went through. Ever since he died, and the 2 weeks leading up to it, my whole family has gone through alot, and i really miss him. Just remembering all the pleasant memories spent with him and knowing i'll never get to have that again is just the worse. Appreciate who you have while they are still here, because at any moment they may be gone forever.
undernaut 5 days ago
I'm sorry for your loss.
Georgia Kelly
Georgia Kelly 7 days ago
My dad passed in 2015 and Metallica, Slayer, Kiss, ect. They were his favorite and I'm making a playlist to honor him😇 Rest In Peace daddy I love and miss you more than ever..💖
Heinz Heise
Heinz Heise 5 days ago
sorry 4 ur loss
Çınar Telkan
Çınar Telkan 7 days ago
what kind a drug is this?
The Sus One
The Sus One 6 days ago
A metallic one for sure
Hrt Mjik
Hrt Mjik 7 days ago
Exquisite taste in music, Metallica is my all time favorite band EVER I love their lyrics and guitar riffs and the energy is banging!!!
Dave Strauss
Dave Strauss 7 days ago
Lost my best friend yesterday. Been in a fog since. RIP Dennis William's. I love you brother ,your memory will only fade on my dying breath.
undernaut 5 days ago
I'm sorry for your loss.
Brighton Goodwin
Brighton Goodwin 7 days ago
Very spicy Very spicy indeed
herman blanco
herman blanco 7 days ago
Maldita canción depresiva, me gusta.
david schwartz
david schwartz 8 days ago
This summarizes my suicidal thoughts perfectly 👌
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 5 days ago
Dont do it. You have so much more thrashing and bashing to do
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 7 days ago
Please don't 👍👍👍👍
Tuna 7 days ago
hey take out some politicians and pigs if you're gonna go that route. you'll help the resistance
Patrick Schou
Patrick Schou 8 days ago
Those who dislike this song, lives in a bubble and never had real trouble in their lives, and dont know the struggle with the reality of this world that w live in hell many of us.. And the only way to end it is to put a bullet to the head
FR33F4LL XD 8 days ago
Fuck that guitar after the 4:00min mark 🥰nearly 2 songs these days later just sayin thats prof of a$$ kicking my friends
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson 8 days ago
I listened to this song countless times while I was tree-planting in 1989-90. No Walkman, just music in my head ... tree 2.5 steps tree 2.5 steps tree ... dig and step. I could never forget it now.
Smash Gupper
Smash Gupper 8 days ago
When the bridge hits, I image waves crashing into rocks like a giant clashbof emotion tugging and pushing in an effort to fight for what feels right. Honestly this is why metal is such a good genre of music because the rhythm always has the most feeling and its always apparent that someone is giving it their effort to play that song there are people beating the drums, plucking the bass, playing the rhythm, screeching the lead, singing the words its that sense of unity that even if a pop/modern country singer or band published something that they put that sense of effort into it doesn't feel as real and emotional. Fade To Black has ro be one of the greatest songs to ever be published
Mrs. Gensemer
Mrs. Gensemer 8 days ago
I gave you my best and now it’s my time to rest. Nothing else to give just forgive.
kenneth staley
kenneth staley 8 days ago
Paul Funderburk
Paul Funderburk 9 days ago
The 17k dislikes are Billie Eilish fans
Paul Funderburk
Paul Funderburk 5 days ago
@Vinicius Soares sorry for making a joke I forgot those were illegal in 2020
Paul Funderburk
Paul Funderburk 5 days ago
@Harry Red Panda sorry for supporting the thing that keeps us safe, since your such a snowflake I will not be changing it, and because of this comment I know a couple things about you, you like Billie Elise you believe anything the media says you don’t know much about politics but you know everyone hates trump so you do to, so get your snowflake ass out of here
Harry Red Panda
Harry Red Panda 5 days ago
@Vinicius Soares Hes got a 'thin blue line' flag as his profile pic, no surprise that hes stupid. You enjoy what music you want to!
Vinicius Soares
Vinicius Soares 5 days ago
I like Billie Eilish songs and also like thrash, black, death metal and other genres of music. What's the problem in that? anyone listen to the music they think is good .
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 7 days ago
Who's that ? Never heard of him
Guys, what is Billie Eilish compared to this masterpiece? Yes, that's right, GRAIN OF SAND!!!!
Anthony FLORIO
Anthony FLORIO 10 days ago
What's guitar tone of James? Accoustic?
Mason 10 days ago
Riff: *starts Me: FORTUNE FAM- oh wait wrong fade to black
Ali Saltık
Ali Saltık 10 days ago
5:05 musical orgasm
Simba Metallum
Simba Metallum 10 days ago
This has always been a great song that doesn't get old and all but, I think the real reason for it to be so successful was that it's a literal ballad that refuses to sacrifice attitude for sentiment while staying true to thrash. The guitar at 5:05 still gets to me every time...
Greg Gutierrez
Greg Gutierrez 10 days ago
Run for your life in war
James Walter
James Walter 11 days ago
Every time its switched. Words.
chuck norris
chuck norris 11 days ago
this will b played when im sunk 6 ft under
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 7 days ago
I'll be having"for whom the bell tolls "
Nicholas Carson
Nicholas Carson 11 days ago
Fun fact you actually searched this ?????????????
Kevin Paffrath
Kevin Paffrath 11 days ago
My friends say that this is too loud. Hi, I almost fell asleep to this! And it helps my stress! Dubstep doesn't have any feeling to it. The bass the guitar the vocals and the drums speak to you. Computers cant do that.
Van Van The Man
Van Van The Man 12 days ago
why are there 17k dislikes
Serdar Jozé
Serdar Jozé 12 days ago
Logan Davis
Logan Davis 12 days ago
This song never gets old
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 12 days ago
Fuck 2020 let's go back to the 90s for ever
Xumayesadie 12 days ago
Desperate times call for desperate measures, sings this soul song masterpiece. Some miss the comfort of being sad. Some just are. It's a part of the human condition. How many millions this song has indeed comforted...
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 12 days ago
Kenny rodgers lady
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 12 days ago
Kenny rodgers lsdy
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 12 days ago
Kenny rodgers lady
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 12 days ago
Kenny rodgers lady
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 12 days ago
Kenny rogers lafy
Darth Hasbro
Darth Hasbro 12 days ago
William Sorensen
William Sorensen 5 days ago
Reaper Man
Reaper Man 12 days ago
Mike Missovich
Mike Missovich 12 days ago
62, and cranking it up. Wonderful music
The Abortion
The Abortion 13 days ago
There's an alternate version of this song that nobody has anywhere
Charlie Ubalde
Charlie Ubalde 13 days ago
Legends never die
David Guerra
David Guerra 13 days ago
Somehow this reminds me of a thunderstorm or a or a tornado coming
Vinny mcride
Vinny mcride 13 days ago
The progression from kill em all , to this is EPIC🤘
V. V.
V. V. 13 days ago
People reading the comments in 10 years: "Who's Billie Elish ?"
Lil Kiwi
Lil Kiwi 6 days ago
I'm wondering who he is now. Billy Ocean, Billy Idol but who's this guy?
Duncan Quinn
Duncan Quinn 8 days ago
Haha!!! You're right, all this music will live on, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC, y'know, the *good* stuff
Велизар Пеличев
she is "famous" lil bitch
N150CZ 12 days ago
you got that right
Razor Tongue
Razor Tongue 13 days ago
Is it just me, or I detect very subtle hints of Pink Floyd's "comfortably numb" throughout kirk's solo at the end?
Edivaldo Alex Pazeto
There will never be a more beautiful clear base than this ...
MattStuff 14 days ago
One of my best friends passed recently. He loved Metallica. RIP Jack 2006-2020
Egann Uno
Egann Uno Hour ago
@Martin F
fab-lien clé-ver
fab-lien clé-ver 3 hours ago
His soul is not dead..bye Jack
Perry Mcperryson
Perry Mcperryson 4 hours ago
RIP Jack
Godzilla Boboi2020
Godzilla Boboi2020 8 hours ago
Man 2006 is the year when my grandfather died
Lilspecter Lol
Lilspecter Lol 18 hours ago
May he rest happy
Jessica Trejo
Jessica Trejo 14 days ago
I lost my mother to alcoholic chriossis of the liver on march 5 2020 she was only given 6 months to live she died in 5 months i saw her die right infront of my own eyes it waa the most painful thing in this world then 6 months later my grandmother died from covid-19 she was like my second mother she helped raise me i lost the 2 most important people in my life i feel so numb my depression is eating me alive i listen to this song everyday especially the beginning lyrics thats how i feel inside every single day 💔💔😭😭
Auntie Ocki Bitchel
hey idk you but just know im here for you. you are not alone. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Велизар Пеличев
FUCK THIS COVID-19 im so sorry
Gavin Bennett
Gavin Bennett 14 days ago
Everytime I listen to this it makes me wanna fuck something up
Quack cocaine69
Quack cocaine69 14 days ago
3:55, best riff I've ever heard except maybe the opening of Revelations by Iron maiden
Darth Hasbro
Darth Hasbro 14 days ago
yes carmen regal is behind most bc she is an unstable sick ass bitch whom has admitted to my face hating me since 8 i believe she is a huge issue that is plaguing everybody and bitch if you reading this you best get off your fucked up ass and get your mind right and everything in my favor you can and you will or i got a friend awaiying your lil ol soul that is lacking the integrity too carry on.
Beatriz Pantoja27
Beatriz Pantoja27 15 days ago
cliff burton😔....
niami 15 days ago
Elias Leousis
Elias Leousis 15 days ago
About "The Light": "I", was created by the thought of Gods and "Their", desire to allow all mortals to know that, "They", are always with them: As humankind grows and seeks absolute independence from "Them", "They", will remain by their side, guiding them and directing them, in their growth to absolute "WISDOM", the way to "Their Essence" and the Elysium Fields. As you look out beyond the now, into the heavens, "I", will be there, guiding you and helping you know that, "I", be visible or invisible, "My Essence", will guide you beyond all what is sensed in your reality. So let it be now revealed to you, that both "I" and "He", in mortal being, who speaks to you through the thoughts of children are but one. Eleusis. Let The Light within you, guide you to the entrance of the Elysian Fields, your inner beauty is expected. Love is the ink; wisdom is the message. Imagination is the way.
Jensen Morgan
Jensen Morgan 16 days ago
therapist:black sabbath metallica can't hurt you it's not real. black sabbath metallica: 3:55
26mmiller // xXMaxHaxXx
If James vocals were still the same at his age of 57, I would urge them to make an album just like this album. They already did with Death Magnetic (nice album imo) but it is very underrated and it doesn’t sound “old school”
Maria de Lurdes Oliveira Basso
Meu genro não parar de escutar essa música....será o que ele tá pensando em???
The Domesticated House plants
If you’re reading this...... Congratulations you can read
Miguel Pereira
Gabe Alexander
Yay! I can read!
Ghost 16 days ago
5 yr old me: man, this is nice. 20 yr old me: man, this is nice.
BernardPlays 3 days ago
My last day:ok this sound nice.
key. comics
key. comics 8 days ago
55 year old Me, it's got a good beat and I can dance to it
kayra sururi
kayra sururi 16 days ago
Since everyone is telling stories, here goes mine. I am a full time musician, when I first started the guitar at age of 9 my mother told me that her brother ( my uncle) loved to listen to metallica in his younger days and this was his favourite song. So as a beginner age 9 I spent weeks learning and perfecting the piece until it was ready for my uncle to listen. The time had came, I went to my uncle and told him that I was going to play him Fade to Black, he looked me blankly and asked me what the fuck was that.. Turns out for some reason he doesn't remember either the song or being a fan of Metallica. What a disappointment that was for me, but it made me take the guitar serious. Still some funny shit.
Apple Smart Fridge
Apple Smart Fridge 16 days ago
m8 thats terrible!
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