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Beetles have been around for over 250 million years. Earth is covered with these amazing insects and now you can learn about the different types of species that are all around us in this fascinating documentary!
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Comments 23
Sabri Amrani
Sabri Amrani 11 days ago
The editing and music is distracting and frankly annoying
Tcheco Lee
Tcheco Lee 12 days ago
One beetle alone sounds very bad but if you put four beetles together they make great songs XD
Nicholas Fanzo
Nicholas Fanzo 16 days ago
Why is this so fast paced?
Wildlife Corner
Wildlife Corner 24 days ago
This is an awesome documentary on Beetles
Steve Chiocca
Steve Chiocca 24 days ago
Dreadful sound effects overpower the talking. I couldn't watch it all as it is so bad.
Boris KOUKA 24 days ago
Stopping out of the blue 🤣🤣🤣
Fabrienne Perkins
I wonder if beetles mate with others insects that are not there spied on them well not really but there were a few living with pinchers bugs I wanted to kill them all but was scared and nervous system was down for a few days and I have been working on that why worry about that and I'm not sure that I can understand that.
lezzman Month ago
Well, I won't make that mistake again...eating breakfast when a documentary featuring dung beetles comes on!
the brain
the brain Month ago
Dam Nature, you scary.
Incsub12 Month ago
This doc is garbage
Osel Somar
Osel Somar Month ago
Lady birds??? I thought they were called lady bugs...
obiwahn dagobah
obiwahn dagobah Month ago
+lezzman Scientific terms are always a good alternative in order to be specific and avoid confusion, however I do like common names also very much, because many times they have stories and are intertwined with our cultural past
lezzman Month ago
It's a regional variation. "Ladybug" is the common term in America. In UK, Australia and other English-speaking countries "ladybird" is more common. Entomologists prefer the term "lady-beetle" since it is neither a true bug or, of course, certainly not a bird. I'm not sure any of the terms are appropriate however since they can't all possibly by ladies. Perhaps we should call them by their Latin name - "coccinellids" .
obiwahn dagobah
obiwahn dagobah Month ago
It is an valid alternative. In German they have a related name. "Marienkäfer", meaning Maria's Beetle. That is the lady meant in the english name also. Originally they were called Freyavögelchen meaning "Freya's fowlet/bird" before christianisation. They were dedicated to the Germanic goddess Freya and later to her christian placeholder Maria for their habit to eat aphids and helping the farmers.
Vic Chow
Vic Chow Month ago
Good doc., but loud and bad background music.
Irene Veronica
Irene Veronica 19 days ago
I totally agree.
Echo Kilo Hotel
Echo Kilo Hotel Month ago
Fucking music absolutely sucks. Can't watch this part the first minute because of it... 👎👎
Vannie Bugg
Vannie Bugg Month ago
I've had beetle mania since I learned to walk and saw my first ground beetle! I've had so many beetle pets and even witnessed one (Carabus sp.) killing and partially devouring a mantis that was twice his size! Amazing animals indeed
Seit Isetsoh
Seit Isetsoh Month ago
I always love finding documentaries on unusual topics, so many shark and lion documentaries, this is great
Don the Con man
Don the Con man Month ago
too loud and annoying
Robert Konstantinovitsch
Only watched about 3 minutes because of the dreadful music
ray soltero
ray soltero 2 months ago
Damn you got bug porn what will they think of next
Vannie Bugg
Vannie Bugg Month ago
Sooo I should be concerned about my 3 GBs insect photos collection?
Don the Con man
Don the Con man Month ago
ray soltero hells anals porn
Bazooka Llama Productions
Damn these things are absolutely FEROCIOUS 0.0
Bazooka Llama Productions
7:09 when ants are stinging your face but you keep chewing XD
CILF 89 3 months ago
audio mix is crazy bad
Deathscythe21 4 months ago
Beetles are awesome!
archie whiteing
archie whiteing 12 hours ago
Ants are cooler though, beetles are still very fascinating.
rick ruff
rick ruff 7 months ago
people always take beetles for gross monsters but this documentary can help them understand
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