Facebook, Instagram go down across the world

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Facebook platform users hit Twitter with #facebookdown Wednesday, after losing access to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger across the world. Downdetector.com, which monitors websites, showed the company experiencing issues across a large portion of the U.S. and Europe in addition to reported problems in parts of South America, Asia and Australia.
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13 мар 2019




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Alamgir TechBD
Alamgir TechBD 3 дня назад
good idea
HoopOoop _
HoopOoop _ 7 дней назад
Well I was at school all day that day so I had no clue what was happening
erniecho 8 дней назад
I told you facebook to hire me. I could have help you. This is what you get cum in your face book!!!
David Okonji
David Okonji 9 дней назад
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Denys Williams
Denys Williams 10 дней назад
The 'product' Facebook and Instagram were selling complained that the company selling it for a time. The clients, on the other hand (the advertisers) seemed indifferent.
oofie 10 дней назад
*sips tea*
John Davies
John Davies 10 дней назад
When facebook went down I couldn't instantly make witty and insightful comments on other peoples posts, and it gave me time to realise that my posts were neither witty nor insightful and I had been wasting my time and my life, so I resolved to dedicate the rest of my life to ignoring that insight and making even more 'witty and insightful' comments while I still can. ;-)
Christle Santos
Christle Santos 10 дней назад
Pleass shut down facebook and Instagram. Watsapp is there and twitter😂
Green-Diversity.com 10 дней назад
Har-har! So how do you all like your theocratic pseudo-meritocratic and kleptocracy's status-racist religious fundamentalists' fake news PsyOps & Global surveillance-running Libertarianazis-owned and Global intellectual Property-thieving criminal Tech Cartel MONOPOLY called Facebook now, dumb-fucks of mine? Mark Zuckerberg that sick rich little Zionist-Nazi puppi, can with such selective outtakes bankrupt entire Countries IF he wanted and if he is as much of a sociopath, as I know Zionist & Nazi-billionaire guys as Mark to be, too: www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/facebook-living-breathing-crime-scene-says-one-former-manager-n837991 Facebook is most-likely just fully SWIPING all evidences, even out of their Servers' Memory Caches, of its own Russian-Israeli-Saudi COLLISIONS FYI @FBI and EU Commission. Zuckerberg is a WORLD CRIMINAL, and as such Zucks will be arrested if he enters Europe! Would you all like to make a bet now, all you private Surveillance-Tech & BS "influencer" trolls-assholes here, yes? Godless Best, A.E. Projectheureka LLC
Steph Ss
Steph Ss 10 дней назад
So, what happened? Anyone in particular responsible?
NapGuyAndy 10 дней назад
People still go on Facebook?? Interesting.
Xy Stick
Xy Stick 10 дней назад
Texas Trad
Texas Trad 10 дней назад
FakeBook free over 11 years
Eneidi Santana
Eneidi Santana 10 дней назад
Billy Gil Music
Billy Gil Music 10 дней назад
this is Facebook worst outage in history, and they are not telling us the reason... something's fishy
Hallking78 10 дней назад
During the same time frame, productivity went up....
kragseven 10 дней назад
I couldn't post on FB. I figured I was in FB jail for butt hurting someones feelings with facts
es ali
es ali 10 дней назад
to hell
Mark Jacob
Mark Jacob 10 дней назад
Good, shut it down for good..
Isaac Simpson
Isaac Simpson 10 дней назад
I thought it was just me. Thought I’d finally talked too much shit about Israel
Noah White
Noah White 10 дней назад
Oh my god! My social media is down! What will we do? What else is there to life worth living for!? Waaaaaaah!!!
Mack Bolin
Mack Bolin 10 дней назад
Facebook Sucks! Good riddance if they don't ever come back! Munimials turds app!💩👎.
sid g
sid g 10 дней назад
i did not even notice
Drogon Anfield
Drogon Anfield 10 дней назад
Twitter should go down and paralyse the government of the Trumpanzee!
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 10 дней назад
I swear people are so f****** stupid, all you had to do is watch RUvid for a little bit and your Facebook and Instagram would have been right back on. Slow heads
Marcy 10 дней назад
Disable everything! Let them suffer 😈🤣
yes hello
yes hello 10 дней назад
Even facebook is telling you that you shouldnt have a facebook. Listen up people. Its a people data base.
Ed Cummings
Ed Cummings 10 дней назад
Zuckerberg gotta delete all that DARPA data
Painkiller Jones
Painkiller Jones 10 дней назад
Never had any of them. I spread enough fact and reality in these vaulted halls, what the hell.
Alan Williams
Alan Williams 10 дней назад
Text pretending to be a video, have a downvote.
Miko Catz
Miko Catz 10 дней назад
My Facebook and instagram was down like everyone else was but thank goodness it wasn't permanently. I also thought at first they suspended my account but heh I was wrong bout that.
Dominus Ghaul
Dominus Ghaul 10 дней назад
Mike Camaro
Mike Camaro 10 дней назад
People still use Facebook?
ogv youtube
ogv youtube 10 дней назад
@yogi.mp4 @haqnii
kurt son
kurt son 10 дней назад
You mean someone still uses that crap....lol
R 10 дней назад
"And in the end times Facebook will cease, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth." (From the Book of Internet Revelations.)
Ray Will
Ray Will 10 дней назад
Social media is the downfall to this world and Facebook is leading the charge and destroying this 🌎 world. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, Mark Zuckerberg is the Antichrist.
keenan walker
keenan walker 11 дней назад
I hope this wasn’t a hacker breach and we all just got our personal information stolen again.
Forgotten Lawrence
Forgotten Lawrence 10 дней назад
Every button press, every photo/film, everything you do is instantly sold
Emma Jugu
Emma Jugu 11 дней назад
Lol who cares look at all these ppl that seemingly forgot to realize that RUvid is also another one of those
Lincoln Lloyd Redley
Lincoln Lloyd Redley 11 дней назад
Data sale transfer, again? 🙄
The Technical Panda
The Technical Panda 11 дней назад
Oh no how ever shall my grandma post cringy minion memes
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk 11 дней назад
Best news ever
Joshua B
Joshua B 11 дней назад
Change is in the air XD
D W 11 дней назад
My MYSPACE is still up and running. Hasn't failed me yet.
Toby Marie Texas
Toby Marie Texas 11 дней назад
I gave it up for Lent, not sure I'll go back. Although I do like the events and marketplace features.
G. Reilly
G. Reilly 11 дней назад
Excellent. Release the hounds.
THE TRACKCAR 11 дней назад
When the world turns to chaos simply because social media is briefly down for a moment in time. 🤔 Idiots in this world who have nothing better to do than to refresh their page and hope that it truly is buffering.
Darkhorseman82 11 дней назад
Google shortly beforehand. It was just the major providers implementing Australians new Encryption ban/backdoor, plus an internet kill switch in case of mass protest in the west.
Chelsea grace
Chelsea grace 11 дней назад
LOL I dont even use social media anymore. Its horrible
Black Lung
Black Lung 11 дней назад
So what's the big deal?
Liam Redwood
Liam Redwood 11 дней назад
Márton Bussay
Márton Bussay 11 дней назад
So that's what that was !
Chris Strong
Chris Strong 11 дней назад
I didn't notice.
An Smith
An Smith 11 дней назад
Ok it would be hilarious if Zuchs got literally locked out of FB. Like THE fb. Loooooool! LMAO!
Atomic Tom
Atomic Tom 11 дней назад
Too bad it was only temporary
sathish kumar
sathish kumar 11 дней назад
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bronzecap 11 дней назад
Thots around the world went on strike because Instagram was down🤷🏾‍♂️
T BZ 11 дней назад
Happy to be waking up Thursday having not even known that this had happened lol. #irl #ftw
Chinmoy Jyoti Medhi
Chinmoy Jyoti Medhi 11 дней назад
I thought my internet was acting gay
N N 11 дней назад
Glad I don’t use fb
gram kraker
gram kraker 11 дней назад
Still down but only half 4 me still
Brain 11 дней назад
Nerdy hackers with no life and nothing better to do! We should publicly hack these geeks heads off for their annoying childish crimes!
Jason Paul
Jason Paul 11 дней назад
What happens when you have a service that costs more to run than what it can make, must suck not being able to sell out personal data without getting called out for it.
Blanca Blanco
Blanca Blanco 11 дней назад
Social media collapsing? Just a drill! Testing, testing. Can the detached generations survive without them?
Michael Lomax
Michael Lomax 11 дней назад
Truly pathetic behaviour, not the end of the world.
islandsoft 11 дней назад
little rascal
little rascal 11 дней назад
It's social media, who gives a shit? Our lives should not revolve around it anyways.
paulcom777 11 дней назад
IF MR. ZUCKERBERG WANTS TO FIX UP FACEBOOK ,START BY GIVING US A 800 No. When the HELP feature does not work, we need a Real 800 number for a Back-Up to contact people at Facebook.
Esteban Dido
Esteban Dido 11 дней назад
Trump is happy because he use Twitter.
TheTimeTraveler2025 11 дней назад
I guess the CIA will have to use something else now to create mobs to over through countries...
TheTimeTraveler2025 11 дней назад
I didn’t notice... and that is a good thing.
cry devil
cry devil 11 дней назад
Facebook is stupide
Boulder The Fat
Boulder The Fat 11 дней назад
What will cause car accidents now????
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch 11 дней назад
Yesssssssssssss 🕺🏿👍🏿🤠
mike cubes
mike cubes 11 дней назад
i wonder how many people started going to california like they did in south park when the internet went down
Human Being
Human Being 11 дней назад
How did the youngins survive? Were they forced to remember the old fashioned way to communicate? High anxiety??
Elwapo 1
Elwapo 1 11 дней назад
Whoever kidnapped those apps we will not be paying the ransom
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund 11 дней назад
Facebook is EVIL.
Cosmic Soul
Cosmic Soul 11 дней назад
Great news! Hope they go down permanently. Rubbish sites for the brain-dead sheeple! Ha ha ha.. best news all week.. Go cry millennial turds 😜
Anthony James
Anthony James 11 дней назад
Really? I didn't notice. I guess that's the price I pay for having a real life.
terry City of Liverpool.
terry City of Liverpool. 11 дней назад
Well I have WhatsApp and don't have a problem has been working all OK and still works. Facebook is don't have
Version 11 дней назад
It's happening. This is how the cyber war begins
S Grzymkowski
S Grzymkowski 11 дней назад
Even though I disabled my FB account years ago. It still shows me active. WTF?
enig ma
enig ma 11 дней назад
Putin thinks hes cool, idiot.
J. Adkins
J. Adkins 11 дней назад
I closed my Facebook account before learning they divulged information because of the leading, misdirection, etc. So glad I did. May as well say Facebook hacked subscribers. So, personally I could care less if Facebook stays down or falls on it's Face! Good riddance!
ken ho
ken ho 11 дней назад
look like US NSA is updating their spyware/backdoor
rubix187 11 дней назад
The news shares memes now lol
Daria Gile
Daria Gile 11 дней назад
New guy pushed the wrong button
Shiro 11 дней назад
and it was the best day ever I WENT OUTSIDE AND IT WAS GREAT even met a hot blond
Michael O Neill
Michael O Neill 11 дней назад
Ha ha ha, I hope they been raided
s. 11 дней назад
I was too busy working to notice that Facebook and Instagram went down.*shrugs.*
John Toas
John Toas 11 дней назад
Both should be shut down
Christopher W
Christopher W 11 дней назад
Well alrighty then
win2008workstation 11 дней назад
Actual cause of the Facebook outage: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-NvI7UAcgi2w.html
LK N3wolreans
LK N3wolreans 11 дней назад
They need to take it away these damn kids posting dumb shit and all
Chuck Ross
Chuck Ross 11 дней назад
Good who fracking cares
Maxwell Meszaros
Maxwell Meszaros 11 дней назад
I think they're using parallel pages to block out only certain populations
RoK Bottom Studios
RoK Bottom Studios 11 дней назад
Deepstate has to keep scrubbing their servers for all their evidence of evil. Don't worry, the patriots have it all.
Alex Castro
Alex Castro 11 дней назад
There were people spotted in cities around the world with their heads up, looking around....
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