Face to Face: KSI VS LOGAN PAUL 2

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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Je3zz Day ago
Ksi before the fight I've found a new teknique he's going to sleep Ksi at the fight swinging his arms and almost has another draw
Howa Hassan
Howa Hassan 4 days ago
I think ksi is a great u tuber
Howa Hassan
Howa Hassan 4 days ago
Me lol
lil' Zetino
lil' Zetino 11 days ago
Let the man talk jj jeez
Angela Tomic
Angela Tomic 17 days ago
He didn't even let Logan talk
Muhammad Abid
Muhammad Abid 17 days ago
Captain 24 days ago
3:37 ksi predict Logan post fight
Tyson Franckey
Tyson Franckey Month ago
JJ : I wanna make him a meme... 3 month’s later where are the memes
Ejeh Jejeeh
Ejeh Jejeeh Month ago
Everyone is being rude to Logan here, I thought his Ethans dad impression was quite good😤
Pranav Vangari
Pranav Vangari Month ago
nice clickbait
King Dd
King Dd Month ago
6:00 to 6:11 that's pretty gay
76 76
76 76 2 months ago
clickbait? why bro?
BTM zero
BTM zero 2 months ago
Yo don't be to harsh on Logan because he didn't show, he almost sneezed like 2 times the day before that.
Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn 3 months ago
When Logan said “ “ I felt that...
RomeloHarrisonHD V2 Gohan
Why did they edit Logan Paul in the thumbnail gay ksi
the demon slayer 1058
Romelo Harrison you gay 😂😂 bro why you mad it’s a thumbnail
RomeloHarrisonHD V2 Gohan
the demon slayer 1058 I’m gay what. Why u talking u mad 😡 and gay
the demon slayer 1058
Romelo Harrison your gay 😂😂you mad cause Logan Paul lost
Rossef 3 months ago
william bynck
william bynck 4 months ago
face to fade
Vishva Bakhai
Vishva Bakhai 4 months ago
Love jj but can I just say... that’s josh from love island😂😂 (the interviewer)
Jade Davison
Jade Davison 4 months ago
**THE REAL REASON HE DIDNT COME** Logan: I sneezed three times
Dank_Dorrito Gamer
Dank_Dorrito Gamer 4 months ago
Is he gonna make an excuse when he loses? JJ: He’s probably gonna say he’s ill Logan: I sneezed 3 times this morning
Angela Tomic
Angela Tomic 17 days ago
He got sick ya really can't blame him
HAS41MYT 2 months ago
Do- Nathan :my chains dead but it has 1mill sub
Do Nathan
Do Nathan 2 months ago
Dank_Dorrito Gamer damn JJ was right
Bruno Soares
Bruno Soares 3 months ago
Dank_Dorrito Gamer you: “im hungry”
Rahim Ased
Rahim Ased 5 months ago
Face to face More like face to space
Steve Stark
Steve Stark 5 months ago
Damn 2019 was the best year fo jj
Alpha Classify
Alpha Classify 5 months ago
Bro let's see KSI vs. Logan Paul 3
CALIA QUALLS 5 months ago
I hate you ksi so that is why I dislike all of your videos and you is a scaredy 🐈 so that is why you wanted a another fight biscuit Boy
banana team for the win Alvi
Where is logan
Kule_gjengen __08
Kule_gjengen __08 6 months ago
Logan is gross
Mega mind
Mega mind 6 months ago
The funny thing is this is actually clickbait because in the thumbnail Logan is there but he’s not in the video wait is Logan a ghost and showed up on the thumbnail but not in the actual video.
Sam JP
Sam JP 6 months ago
jj: "he has to at least have an excuse" logan after the fight: "i sneezed 3 times"
Yeet Manchester United fan
Oh don't worry Logan sneased 3 time he will be ok
Berry 6 months ago
Why didn’t Logan come face to face against KSI. Man ksi ur the best!
Joa's Bat Reviews
Joa's Bat Reviews 6 months ago
Who’s here after ksi won the fight 👇👇
Capezzy 6 months ago
Poke Boy7 no
Shuuush 6 months ago
Poke Boy7 nope
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 6 months ago
well now we know what happened
Banlvar 6 months ago
Yey u win lol
Jimmy Mazzei
Jimmy Mazzei 6 months ago
Well it's not that he was sick when he showed up because he used that excuse for after the fight lol
JosephTheGod 6 months ago
PSRT TyGuy 6 months ago
Help me fight jake !!
Colton Dunc
Colton Dunc 6 months ago
He called the “sick” excuse lmaooo
izzy n fionn yt
izzy n fionn yt 4 months ago
Wait he did
S.R.A. 6 months ago
"I'm going to make him a meme." And that's exactly what happened.
T16 Ahmed
T16 Ahmed 6 months ago
The intro cringed me out
Charlie Matheson
Charlie Matheson 6 months ago
i literally love your laugh it cracks me up every time
Yerpツ 6 months ago
Wat a bitc
dublife 99
dublife 99 6 months ago
Shudda been a draw... But Logan was a massive let down
Mobi 6 months ago
whos here after the fight
H G E 6 months ago
who's here after ksi won lmao
TTV Physics
TTV Physics 6 days ago
H G E Yh lol
alex 20alex03
alex 20alex03 6 months ago
My man logan said - Damn that's deep
Pbl Gaming
Pbl Gaming 6 months ago
Who’s here after KSI beat Logan Paul?
Black Power
Black Power 6 months ago
But Logan u lost tho 😐
Yncu Crew
Yncu Crew 6 months ago
KSi won
Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries 6 months ago
How did this fight all happen I don’t understand
dino 6 months ago
I got ksis gfuel add right before
Lucas VELEVSKI 6 months ago
Anyone here when he beat Logan’s ass let’s go KSI!!!
Mateus No Japão
Mateus No Japão 6 months ago
Whose here after KSI got that W 👇🏼
Spentonite 6 months ago
Ksi murked him bruv
That’s tuff
That’s tuff 6 months ago
Who's here after Logan lost the fight? Like the comment
ONYおに 6 months ago
F3AR COMPLEXX 6 months ago
Ksiii wonn
European Stuff
European Stuff 6 months ago
Who’s here after ksi won
Its Chives
Its Chives 6 months ago
0:10 this is the last thing you see before you die
Miko Miko
Miko Miko 6 months ago
Logan Paul’s a pussyo
mvmble 乡
mvmble 乡 6 months ago
Face to Face due Shannon: LETS GO CHAMP Logan: No I don't wanna Shannon: LETS STAY CHAMP
Thanasis Athanasiou
Thanasis Athanasiou 6 months ago
help me
help me 6 months ago
TyetheRebel 6 months ago
This is the shit I can’t take with JJ, all the cinematic stuff he tries like the intro is just fucking cringey... I mean just don’t man. What are you an emo teen?
Slash_llamalightsHD 6 months ago
Good luck jj knock Logan out for me you inspired me to start boxing I can’t thank u enough 🔥👍
Christine Oke
Christine Oke 6 months ago
Josh from Love Island 2018 KSI and Logan Paul
Kairos 6 months ago
I like ksi more , but logan is deffinitely gonna take the win
No fried chicken for you !
Kairos but he dint
abel ascic
abel ascic 6 months ago
Damn he realy did not came on face to face
CD Ben
CD Ben 6 months ago
abel ascic fr, everything he is saying can be about himself with the other face 2 face lol
Royz Gavin
Royz Gavin 6 months ago
Tf u put face 2 face when theres no face 2 FACE
AhmdXV ‘
AhmdXV ‘ 6 months ago
How ironic
ZippyZOG 6 months ago
well 1:05 didn't age well...
Cody Harper
Cody Harper 6 months ago
Loving the clickbait
Junior Arellano
Junior Arellano 6 months ago
Lol talking about Logan paul trying to be what he wants but he isnt... well ksi you claim you're a god but you isnt really either so .....
Junior Arellano
Junior Arellano 6 months ago
Anyone hears a laugh at 8:28 ?
Beno 6 months ago
Junior Arellano Logangay
Chris Hill
Chris Hill 6 months ago
2 of the biggest celebrities? Do me a fuckin favour mate 😂😂😂
1 1
1 1 6 months ago
Deadman ksi on Saturday!
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 6 months ago
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 6 months ago
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 6 months ago
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 6 months ago
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 6 months ago
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 6 months ago
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