Fabolous Talks Childhood Upbringing, Being Pressed By Beyoncé, Music + More

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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 4 428
Leon Summers
Leon Summers 20 hours ago
Beyonce and Solange that damn sensitive
Kudee Garley
Kudee Garley Day ago
#Fab Intelligent he has a good level of understanding.......
Kudee Garley
Kudee Garley Day ago
#Fab too laid back and humble. Honestly I got so much love and respect for #Fab. He ain't let the fame get to his head. He stay true and well grounded through everything. Not to mention get got bars like no other. God bless you big bro.
James Monds
James Monds Day ago
How DJ Envy Tall ass fall. And Fab is so calm that means it’s a beast deep inside.
Xavier 4 days ago
Top 10 artists of all time
Diamond Tia
Diamond Tia 5 days ago
Disliking this shit coz they ain’t talking about the abuse allegations. Some whack shit 🤢
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 5 days ago
Damnn... Fabolous said Disney is expensive! Wow he rich and he feel it cost too much.. Lls
D'shawn Cherry
D'shawn Cherry 8 days ago
I'm still working on forgiveness with this brotha. I hope i can get there soon because i really would like to hear what he has to say. I just hope he does the right thing by our queens and queens in training. If you don't like a women to the extent you feel you have to hurt her in anyway. You need to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!
daniel choloply
daniel choloply 8 days ago
Hopefully my hairline still look like that at 42
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 8 days ago
At this point and besides interest in the guest, I watch these to see at what point the mental health thing comes up. Especially out of NOWHERE
Nastassia Hicks
Nastassia Hicks 9 days ago
I'm old enough to remember when he went from spelling his whole name in songs, then he changed it up to F.A.B.O, he got the message and just stopped spelling it. 🤣🤣
Corinn Hunt
Corinn Hunt 9 days ago
The fact they didn't discuss the physical abuse allegations, upsetting. This is how R. Kelly got away with his doings for so many years. No one to hold him accountable!
Handsome Shann
Handsome Shann 7 days ago
Chill oprah
Fredo Bull
Fredo Bull 9 days ago
Elliott Ness
Elliott Ness 9 days ago
Fab playing his cards right, that nigga ain't never getting married, keep your money tight my G 100
Delano Cooley
Delano Cooley 9 days ago
I remember watch Fab on the beef DVDs that when he was in Brooklyn in the hood. Im talking early 2000s. So he have put out some content about how he got down and how his life was before he made it.
Jay Ali
Jay Ali 10 days ago
Fab no celeb should complian about Disney Land costing too much!! Ya'll rich!!!
Jay Ali
Jay Ali 10 days ago
She's Angela yee and gucci - fabolous
ItsNaj&Noe 10 days ago
Was I under a rock ? When Fab fix his tooth like how many years or months ago ?🤔
Hav Mercy
Hav Mercy 10 days ago
I only came to the comments to see if T.K. Kirkland was gonna tell us he told Fab to get the tooth fixed.
Deanna 10 days ago
This was a good interview!
akira scott
akira scott 11 days ago
Angela can you quit this show bc ur really annoying why tf would ray j smack him like that comment was just dumb
Wanda Beasley
Wanda Beasley 11 days ago
Cool dude😜
Wanda Beasley
Wanda Beasley 11 days ago
Fabulous i am one. Fan. That think you are. Awesome😀💖you
Johnnie Gooman
Johnnie Gooman 11 days ago
I'm looking for a female and male singer I'm willing to pay my#is1734 686-5651
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 12 days ago
50 minutes and not one question about the abuse? Smh this show has lost it
Gregory Joe
Gregory Joe 13 days ago
Lee Cash
Lee Cash 13 days ago
Ifw this one❗
Cher-Marie Navarro
Cher-Marie Navarro 13 days ago
Fabulous before the interview : Don't bring up me whooping Emily's ass else ima have yall Hottttt! 😅
King T
King T 13 days ago
Fab is a lyrical Titan and a trendsetter always been that
Brandon Mosley
Brandon Mosley 15 days ago
What kind of sweater is he wearing??? Anyone??
Jason Vaughn
Jason Vaughn 15 days ago
For you people who don't know the behind the scenes politics, they know Fab well. That's Envy's man and Yee's homie.
Jason Vaughn
Jason Vaughn 15 days ago
Who remember Clue first brought him to HOT97??? Better yet, who remember Fab-Lo from Lo Lifes?? #STREETFIDIDIDDDAMMM
Emily Brown
Emily Brown 15 days ago
She loves my smile no matter how chipped my tooth is !
Real Montana
Real Montana 16 days ago
I aint gon lie I used to say I would take Solange over Bey not to say she’s better lookin but something about her personality and this was way long before Bey had the bey hive , that long ago ..
Global hottrends
Global hottrends 16 days ago
PJ's World
PJ's World 16 days ago
You heard it here from me first..: I predict Charlemagne is quitting the Breakfast Club soon. His vibe has been different and the 3 of them haven’t been interacting much with each other like usual. They all seem sort of over it. Something has just been seeming off.
Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle
Spelling Bee Admin.: okay, this is for the grand prize... Spell “fabulous.” Fabolous: *undisputed confidence*
Ant Don J
Ant Don J 16 days ago
“Being Pressed” By Beyoncé Is THE HIGHLIGHT Of This Interview! The 1,100 People Who Disliked This Must Be MAD That Nothing Was Mentioned About HIS Relationship With The Mother Of His KIDS! 💯🙅🏾‍♂️🔑 #MindYourBusiness 🎯
Carlos Clayton
Carlos Clayton 16 days ago
When Envi said " I feel " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Natasha Green
Natasha Green 17 days ago
Angela can be really annoying. Her ass always trying to slide in some messy shit on the sly and Fab was catching that shit giving her the side eye
It aint Ralph tho.
It aint Ralph tho. 17 days ago
a1 yola
a1 yola 17 days ago
Yah glasses sitting a lil’ crooked young og 😆
Briana Michelle
Briana Michelle 16 days ago
swear i thought i was the only one that noticed that hahahah
glen Turner
glen Turner 17 days ago
Yee is so annoying
TracingLife 17 days ago
Gucci-Lemonade remix ft Trey, Nicki and Fab
Aziz Ngassa
Aziz Ngassa 18 days ago
Fab is one hell of an introvert...
Ambitious Jemz Astrology
That was nice to see some of his personality unfold. I actually like that he is private. There is power in not letting people in, but it would be awesome to see a fab documentary.
MitchAug Auguste
MitchAug Auguste 18 days ago
Breakfast club is trash for this interview!!! So no one is gonna bring up the Emily B situation but will press everyone else??? Smfh
Brezzy 1815
Brezzy 1815 18 days ago
Wait so that girl g Herbo with who be twerking that fabulous daughter
Colt Thunderbolt
Colt Thunderbolt 18 days ago
Nelly security scooped me up and took me to safety....Envy sounding like a true woman in distress😂😂😂😂
Isaac Mazile
Isaac Mazile 18 days ago
Envy with these weak ass questions
Simplicity Isbest
Simplicity Isbest 19 days ago
Cancel this clown. If they don't bring up how he beats his wife. I'm not interested. Breakfast club is trash
Kavard Bond
Kavard Bond 18 days ago
she went back to him, how you gonna be more mad then her.
Mike Bell
Mike Bell 19 days ago
I would punish fabolous cheeks
Carsha Thomas
Carsha Thomas 20 days ago
It should be in the interview where he took accountability and responsibility for his domestic abuse situations and stated he learned his lesson and would going forward to change himself and set an example for his children, family, and fans rather sweeping it under the rug and think God is not all knowing, fool mankind, but never God. Pray his wrong doesn't sow and hinder his kin.
Colleen Finefrock
Colleen Finefrock 20 days ago
Bad vibes central
SweetFace 20 days ago
Fab looks very handsome and I love Yee's hair
NeickhaSuPRA 21 day ago
Yeah i cant watch this
NeickhaSuPRA 21 day ago
1:59 They're called plaits Djenvy....
M Robinson
M Robinson 21 day ago
Fab is the hottest, ever 🔥🔥🔥
RedRainDrops93 21 day ago
Damn I forgot about Envy’s artist Coke....I wonder where him & Newz at these days
Mywordup 44
Mywordup 44 21 day ago
Next videos