F1 2019 ALL Crashes & Mistakes

Formulitis aguda
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F1 2019 ALL Crashes & Mistakes of the season




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Ricky G
Ricky G 2 months ago
Come on -.- how can stroll be an f1 driver? -.- I believe anything now!
Ricky G
Ricky G 2 months ago
And kvyat -.-
Widyka Canacantya
Widyka Canacantya 2 months ago
Conclusion : we love to spin
Shaun Allen
Shaun Allen 2 months ago
Baku is one dirty fucking track with that castle section.
Brenda Vorster
Brenda Vorster 2 months ago
My dad knows Eddie Jordan and jenson button
The Blazing Wizard Pope
"this video required billions of dollars to make..." :P
Roder Bigliazzi
Roder Bigliazzi 2 months ago
Hamilton, no much.
Troll486 2 months ago
Everyone: having a normal crash Williams drivers : wait, why is my downforce gone
Dadoo Dams
Dadoo Dams 2 months ago
Vettel made too many mistakes
Kyan Stanley
Kyan Stanley 2 months ago
Formula 1 crashes are fun, but not when the drivers get injured
cb7pwn 2 months ago
that Indian/ south African commentator fellow sounds like a real arrogant twat
Martin Mórocz
Martin Mórocz 2 months ago
english commentators are annoying
Marcio Almeida
Marcio Almeida 2 months ago
f1 ta uma porcaria......
Marcio Almeida
Marcio Almeida 2 months ago
autorama kk
splash 3 months ago
Stroll: He just came back on the track like an idiot!... Also Stroll: Hold my beer...
Hrvat Theodor
Hrvat Theodor 3 months ago
Nice video. But you forgot Hamilton's lockdown barke and corner cut from Monza, lap 42. It costed him the 2nd place.
giacrosti 3 months ago
the current f1 is so boring...
Giuliano 3 months ago
45:00-Mahaveer Raghunathan
Giuliano 3 months ago
Bro, Bottas crashes a lot!
Shane Pawa
Shane Pawa 3 months ago
Great vid mate
Darco Donnoleonne
Darco Donnoleonne 3 months ago
Max Verstappen,master of exusses and putting the blame of his mistakes on everything exept himself
Mr. Freedom
Mr. Freedom 3 months ago
Just follow grosjean for the whole season
Tristan Ellis Gaming
I think Ericsson hit us
Indeed48 3 months ago
Best part 24:20
WetMIlk 3 months ago
Vettel: what was he doing?? Commentator: slowing down for a corner i died laughing at that lmao
Car Kid
Car Kid 3 months ago
37:47 flying Finn
SIR Flippy Flopper
SIR Flippy Flopper 3 months ago
6:00 why kvyat get penaylty for that i think that Norris should get penatlty Ps norris is out of the track he come back to the race track and kvyat cant do anything
Toothified 2.0
Toothified 2.0 3 months ago
3:44 By the power of the ancients, _SBINALLA_
Jack 3 months ago
Has Lando made a single big mistake throughout the season or is he just that perfect?
SPL PuroOne
SPL PuroOne 3 months ago
1:35 turns to very expensive ferrari into a very expensive *_Grass cutter_*
Tsuyoshi Yeung
Tsuyoshi Yeung 3 months ago
$troll crashed too much ! XD
Prab Mandair
Prab Mandair 3 months ago
Is Kubica's career over 💥💥
schroeder1112 3 months ago
Did i just miss it or was really nothing at all happening at the french GP?
Slender_04 4 months ago
4:35 “grrrrrr I spun”
Fabio Borcath
Fabio Borcath 4 months ago
37:54 Valtteri Bottas flying
Reflex 4 months ago
Give me a reason y people dislike this vid
11:23 "I get so close to the barriers. I want to try it again" 11:29 "Too fast"
danny Dts
danny Dts 4 months ago
Sanjay Bennett
Sanjay Bennett 6 months ago
Feel like Albon and Bottas’ shunts this year have perhaps helped them. I feel they both seem to have a knack for pushing past the limit to then rein it in a bit. Very interesting styles. Shows the confidence of Albon too
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 6 months ago
Cyrex 6 months ago
12:59 Latifi made a mistake in the only time he drove a Williams. Pure champion right there
Car-vids-random 4 months ago
Cyrex no he saved a life so stfu
FrankW1029 6 months ago
Grosjean; the hitman of F1...
Oscar D'Alayer
Oscar D'Alayer 6 months ago
Chiggy 6 months ago
5:14 39:57 52:07 “I’ll be going through front wings like no tomorrow.” - *Alexander Albon, 2019*
Giaco YTP
Giaco YTP 3 months ago
"I'm the Asian Tom Cruise,so give me a follow"
сергей давлятчин
Вы их защитили как кукол!!!!!А не проще их высадить из болидов???? может будем смотреть на машины которые соревнуются сами с собой?!!??? Где азарт? Где то что я ....да и все любили в Ф1???!!!! где смелость пилотов? застраховали свои жопы и гоняют в самой безопасной серии! Да! Именно серии! потому что это уже не Королевские гонки! это полная лажа! за судие меня кто не согласен! Инди 500 интереснее! там настоящие мужики! А это девочки которые всего ссыкуют! простите...Это моё личное мнение......Был фанатом....Макларен....сейчас же всё показуха! в Ф 1 трусы! Нет на вас Лауды с Хантом! вот это мужики! а с вами всё ясно.....деньги и ...больше ничего! славой не пахнет даже! Кто о вас вспомнит???? Простите! Накипело.....
Whitney Media
Whitney Media 6 months ago
Riccardo most consistent driver of the year!
Whitney Media
Whitney Media 6 months ago
How has Vettel got another year with Ferrari!??? Him and Kubica showed how not to drive this year!
Advance Galaxy
Advance Galaxy 3 months ago
1 season and u hate him lmao
SIXITHS 6 months ago
24:23 - First it was seagulls in Canada, and now this...
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley 6 months ago
Is it because of his arm that Kubica nearly doesn’t turn when he spins?
TCG StorM 6 months ago
I saw all of the Silverstone crashes because I was there 😂
TCG StorM 6 months ago
You forgot Alex Albons crash at Mexico in fp3 Otherwise great video 👍
Formulitis aguda
Formulitis aguda 6 months ago
don't worry, maybe there is one missing
TCG StorM 6 months ago
Aaah yes I see it
TCG StorM 6 months ago
Oh ok sorry
Formulitis aguda
Formulitis aguda 6 months ago
He crashed in fp2 and you can see it on the video
Wayne M
Wayne M 6 months ago
Nicely put together, and thanks for keeping the sounds and commentary natural without spoiling it with stupid music as so many of these compilations are
Chricri 3112
Chricri 3112 6 months ago
When France was so boring there were barely any moments to put in this video
Darco Donnoleonne
Darco Donnoleonne 3 months ago
Yea no Frenchmen can be like Alain Prost aka the proffesor
Tubaguy 6 months ago
At 30:00 to 30:05, someone forgot to hit the bleep button; lol
XteV RePlay
XteV RePlay 6 months ago
Lance stroll only in F1 because his daddy’s money
Darco Donnoleonne
Darco Donnoleonne 2 months ago
@I'mRacing hey kiddo,i saw the legend in F1 and after Schumi's 7 title's he dident all deserve,F1 is on life support. No big legends come that impacted the sport anymore ore maybe that one guy ... "Daniil aka Torpedo is maybe the only thing good in a long time. The rivalry between Rosberg and Button and any other is a cheap rip off on the good old day between Prost and Senna start of the 90ties. This isent racing its playing a weak serie like what WWE is now
Darco Donnoleonne
Darco Donnoleonne 2 months ago
@I'mRacing Max deserved every little bit of it by using his daddy. He aint a driver like the likes of Senna,Button,Schumacher ( both brothers ),Frenzen,Villneuve,Raikonen,Barichello even the current grid of today. He banked on a seat because of his father. End of line and story Nothing can change my opinion on him
I'mRacing 2 months ago
@Darco Donnoleonne literally all of your comments on this channel are about hating Max. First of all, NO he did not "used his dad's money to get into F1. Many big people said that he might even be the most talented driver on the current field. By this I don't mean that he is the best, but he is deffinetly showing that he does indeed have the skills that many other drivers might not. Please stop hating on Max, as he is a very talented driver, and there is no reason to hate on any of the current F1 drivers. Your comments are very toxic, and they have no reasoning behind them. Thanks!
Darco Donnoleonne
Darco Donnoleonne 3 months ago
Max Verstappen also used his daddy Jos Verstappen
Color-Heads 3 months ago
now THATs a BREAKING NEWS brand new theory, mate! ;-)
Collins Milgo
Collins Milgo 6 months ago
how was 35:00 a mistake?
Oliver Williams
Oliver Williams 6 months ago
The Amount of Times a Driver Is Involved in a Mistake Max Verstappen 25 Lance Stroll 25 Romain Grosjean 24 Sebastian Vettel 24 Lewis Hamilton 22 Alexander Albon 22 Valtteri Bottas 22 Charles LeClerc 21 Daniil Kvyat 20 Antonio Giovinazzi 19 Robert Kubica 18 Kimi Raikkonen 17 Kevin Magnussen 16 Carlos Sainz Jr 13 Sergio Perez 12 Nico Hulkenberg 11 Daniel Riccardo 11 Pierre Gasly 11 George Russell 10 Lando Norris 8 Nicholas Latifi 1
Ben T.
Ben T. 2 months ago
Spinbastian Vettel
Giuliano 3 months ago
Oliver Williams, lol, Latifi’s career hadn’t even started (a fan of his from his hometown; MTL)
MD Studios
MD Studios 3 months ago
Color-Heads 3 months ago
@APVX true, too.
APVX 3 months ago
True....but those mistakes at the very least each cost a set of slicks and at most theyd have to replace several parts which is quite hefty in the bank account Color-Heads
SerPurple 6 months ago
40:30 even the commentators roasted Grosjean and his lame excuses
Bastorro 6 months ago
54:00 the crash everybody was searching for...
JLP*Sam 6 months ago
There are not all crashes and mistakes i cut the video okay?
SufferingAddict 6 months ago
8:45 hahah, omg I totally forgot about Ricciardo reversing into Kyvat. That's still so absurd man lol.
SufferingAddict 6 months ago
Albert Park really shows why grass on the side of the track is awesome. No discussions about track limits needed because when you leave the track just a bit you spin.
joe coquerre
joe coquerre 7 months ago
MERC is using square rigid cloth"sails"under their car chassis to add more grip.(37.53).
joe coquerre
joe coquerre 7 months ago
Wrenchposting 2 months ago
Disagree completely. The halo looks ridiculous already and I think this sport could use a little more danger.
Dionysusnu 7 months ago
I think you've missed one. In Mexico bottas hit verstappen's rear tyre, causing a puncture. Verstappen then cut across Perez while driving back with the puncture. Both are driver mistakes
Formulitis aguda
Formulitis aguda 7 months ago
You are right, but I dicided to don't include it because the contact was nearly non-existant and the puncture was a slow one, so nothing spectacular to see. Anyway, you paid a lot of attention to the video :)
- Garugaa -
- Garugaa - 7 months ago
0:00 | 1:59 in total Australia 1:59 | 2:21 in total Bahrain 4:20 | 2:27 in total China 6:47 | 2:03 in total Azerbaijan 8:50 | 2:08 in total Spain 10:58 | 2:00 in total Monaco 12:58 | 3:21 in total Canada 16:19 | 1:23 in total France 17:42 | 2:52 in total Austria 20:34 | 3:49 in total England 24:23 | 5:42 in total Germany 30:05 | 2:53 in total Hungary 32:58 | 2:27 in total Belgium 35:25 | 4:11 in total Italy 39:36 | 3:13 in total Singapore 42:49 | 2:17 in total Russia 45:06 | 2:16 in total Japan 47:22 | 2:23 in total Mexico 49:45 | 2:15 in total USA 52:00 | 2:44 in total Brazil 54:44 | 1:59 in total Abu Dhabi
Ian Francis
Ian Francis 6 months ago
Mistake. Not Misstake.
- Garugaa -
- Garugaa - 6 months ago
Benjamin Francis Woops! Didnt saw this misstake. Thanks for correcting :)
Ian Francis
Ian Francis 7 months ago
2:44 Brazil.
seltzer water
seltzer water 7 months ago
thank you
Corvus Albus
Corvus Albus 7 months ago
Vettle: I'm gonna try spinning that's a good trick. Giovinazzi: There's an idea. Stroll: Nah, too much work Grosjean (1st half of the season): I'm just gonna stay out of it.
Shadow W0lf3_
Shadow W0lf3_ 7 months ago
Man the shots these camera workers get are incredible! I thought with camera angles like 13:52 were robo cams, not actual people! Isn't that a bit unsafe?? Or is it a robo-cam that just somehow looked like a person holding a camera?
TheGojaofficial 7 months ago
Guys do you like those eyelashes on Alfa Romeo cars? (When they showing on onboard camera)😂😂😂
Hunterbey YT
Hunterbey YT 7 months ago
Practice: *crashes* Q1-Q2-Q3: *crashes* Race: *everybody finished the race*
quaK 2 months ago
@Giuliano wtf no, AI doesn't crash in any of them, they never crash. (I've never seen it)
Giuliano 3 months ago
Hunterbey YT, that’s like F1 career mode
Sam Farley
Sam Farley 7 months ago
How many times did Vettel spin this year
SufferingAddict 6 months ago
Not that much I think? On the top of my head I remember Bahrain and Monza but I'm somewhat sure there was a third instance, I just can't remember it. And well Brazil wasn't a spin but some people see the fault at Vettels door (personally I don't). In any case, after Monza he seemed to be going uphill with his form a bit, will be interesting to see if he can continue that trend in 2020.
Jesse Joosten
Jesse Joosten 7 months ago
The song of lando was for Vettel “im moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster”
Shinbi Mane
Shinbi Mane 7 months ago
Remember when Kvyat yeeted Norris. Well the maker of this video did
legit behind
legit behind 7 months ago
3:40 lmao
Bob de Vries
Bob de Vries 7 months ago
Very nice video, thanks! Keep up the good job!
Larsss s
Larsss s 7 months ago
I think the worst crash was Bottas in mexico
Larsss s
Larsss s 7 months ago
Daniel Ricciardo crashes pretty much never
Larsss s
Larsss s 7 months ago
Bottas crashed quite often
Eugenio Acosta
Eugenio Acosta 7 months ago
There is something very satisfying about seeing stroll do stuff wrong
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