Extremely Dangerous Tree Felling Fails, Crane and Logging Trucks Go Wrong !

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Woodart is a channel that show all Woodworks:
- Giant Trees Felling Climbing Near Houses with Chainsaw STIHL! Dangerous Lumberjack Skills
- Building Wooden Frame House From Scratch Time Lapse!
- Sawmill Factory Processing in Japan, Germanm, USA ......
- Tree Felling with Crosscut Saw and Axe
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Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Genesis Frost
Genesis Frost 2 days ago
2nd vid, Final Destination anyone?
Daniel Aguiar
Daniel Aguiar 9 days ago
3:59 brasileiro e cupim de ferro mesmo😅🇧🇷
Reinhold Messner
Reinhold Messner 11 days ago
Ok gonna play some more Snowrunner now :D
Mr. Bro Alat Berat
Mr. Bro Alat Berat 11 days ago
Маркус Шепард
Snowrunner: real life
Bang Ringo
Bang Ringo 13 days ago
Subcribe guys🇮🇩ruvid.net/group/PLVxmXriZ1MoDkaTPtfuyYGMxDgipKRPKi
Yudi Aji
Yudi Aji 15 days ago
jeff davis
jeff davis 15 days ago
i love to see tree win. god i lov it.
Masudi Forest
Masudi Forest 16 days ago
non business
non business 16 days ago
I hope they are all alive
Pablo Cobb
Pablo Cobb 18 days ago
Guy that got hit by the tree😂
Yoofi Actrian
Yoofi Actrian 18 days ago
Terlalu bar bar
Paul Wieringa
Paul Wieringa 18 days ago
Wood truck into bus :-( Terrible ;-(
jotur io
jotur io 20 days ago
Caitlin Marshall
Caitlin Marshall 20 days ago
My father is a great logger
Angeladrian Castrillon
Pobre naturaleza el daño q le asen es irrebersible talando árboles tan majestuosos
Manish rawat Manish rawat
Giddy yds suited we
Simone Russo
Simone Russo 22 days ago
fai shifo
Joao Batista Paiva da silva
Í am from brazil ruvid.net/video/video-qhRrIusQsJ8.html
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz 23 days ago
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kenworth K100
kenworth K100 23 days ago
Onde é esse último vídeo, parece ser no Brasil?
Cheikh Blanc
Cheikh Blanc 23 days ago
Sur le premier accident, j'espère que le connard ou la conne qui coupe la route s'est bien fait refaire le portrait pour avoir fait cela ! !
Cương Đức
Cương Đức 23 days ago
Dcm có cả việt nam kìa ai việt nam khôngg
L Peter Manish raj
L Peter Manish raj 24 days ago
2:20 elephants follows the snake.......
fakhrizal Hasibuan
fakhrizal Hasibuan 24 days ago
Selalu berhati hati
LoveGuru Rider
LoveGuru Rider 24 days ago
Omg...what the hell....accident🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
NOVAL GAMING 25 days ago
Ayo semangat
Rafa T E C
Rafa T E C 26 days ago
Brasileiros pilantras, acabando com a amazônia
kham ksor
kham ksor 26 days ago
It's great to see through my channel
Syberspace Entertainment
unbelievably brave, good luck to all
Vignesh G
Vignesh G 26 days ago
P.tridentT150. Mangin
amazing how many logging drivers speed into the corners, time and time again in these VIDEOS,need to do a Truck Driving Course on load dimensions and fucking speeding....
Jordam Souza
Jordam Souza 27 days ago
o primeiro carinha vacilou ele acelerou e deslisou
All Around Tv
All Around Tv 27 days ago
This is a nice video ! Keep it up you
tuhinur rahman
tuhinur rahman 28 days ago
very dengerous work.
Saipul Kapur
Saipul Kapur 28 days ago
Prabeesh Kammana
ruvid.net/video/video-e6stzUxvU0s.html Please subscribe
andyman aus
andyman aus Month ago
The stupidity is stunning. No hazard awareness + poor communication + too much weight + too little intelligence = a very bad day.
K Kumar
K Kumar Month ago
You destroy the nature, they destroy you back 😀😀😀
Seiwa清和 Month ago
Cyba IT
Cyba IT Month ago
0:33 wtf was the camera guy doing? Just casually overtaking through an intersection. Smh
Елемес Нуржан
HIMPADAL Driver Month ago
terrible incident
Paul Valor
Paul Valor Month ago
Russia has the biggest concentration of idiots on planet.
Temesgen Desalegn
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Month ago
No sympathy for people who choose to cut down the other half of their and everybody else's lungs for a living and get hurt. Take a look at a aerial photo of New Zeeland's Egmont National Park to see how far we have gone. 100years ago the whole island looked like the circle of forest in the center.
mì tôm
mì tôm Month ago
6:22 vietnam??
Kamal Rasho
Kamal Rasho Month ago
mì tôm حخ
Pall Mall
Pall Mall Month ago
mud caked tires on slick muddy logs.What could go wrong?
Hoseeyn Dabighi
Hoseeyn Dabighi Month ago
سلام. تمام این حوادث انتقام طبیعت هست
Land Rover Addict
1:38 time to buy a lottery ticket
RC Truck
RC Truck Month ago
adventurous men
Brad Jenkins
Brad Jenkins Month ago
No wonder their are still 3rd would countries.
Beto Lopez
Beto Lopez Month ago
en lugar de dar risa da coraje gente ignorante
RiS TV Month ago
Rafardhan Supra
Rafardhan Supra Month ago
0:46 one car flip over to next to the truck
Mới Trần .Nuôi heo lỗ trào máu
Lũ ăn hại mà
Đại Nguyễn
Đại Nguyễn Month ago
6:29 việt nam 😶
Alpha Hybrid
Alpha Hybrid Month ago
4.3K orcs liked this video.
Alpha Hybrid
Alpha Hybrid Month ago
Sweeet! Revenge of the trees!
Crafty Barstool
Crafty Barstool Month ago
eric buck
eric buck Month ago
2:10 lucky mam...
M Kalashnikov
M Kalashnikov Month ago
China: here's an idea..... Put 3 less logs on the trailer.
Duterte Amoytae
Duterte Amoytae 12 hours ago
Hi daddy I like u
Duterte Amoytae
Duterte Amoytae Month ago
Bill G-23
Bill G-23 Month ago
Dodori Lanin
Dodori Lanin Month ago
ATB7098 Month ago
Great video, hadn’t seen any of those clips before. 👍
Armando Oliveira
Quanto motorista irresponsável, quanta ignorância, bem feito para quem destrói a floresta.
Hery Hery
Hery Hery Month ago
Tuy2...bule blo'on !!! Alias stupid...
Джек Дэниелс
MONZITO Month ago
3:18 tinha que ter brasileiro no meio kkkkkk
Daniel Aguiar
Daniel Aguiar 9 days ago
@pedro henrique tu sabe o link do vidio original pra tu me mandar pfvr
pedro henrique
pedro henrique 9 days ago
@Daniel Aguiar todo toreiro é doido
Daniel Aguiar
Daniel Aguiar 23 days ago
Aqueles caba e doido ze kkkk
artweb tech
artweb tech Month ago
best johndeere video🤗👇👇 ruvid.net/video/video-lg-c2RCKdmY.html
Márcio Araújo
Márcio Araújo Month ago
4:15 it was in Brazil kkkkk
SpaceMan Month ago
Tomuś Month ago
Mec Life
Mec Life Month ago
Руслан Дукенбаев
Самое печальное что кто-то не выжел
juan diego mejia
A riesgo de sonar machista, estoy casi seguro que la camioneta gris que hizo voltear el camión con los troncos, era conducido por una dulce princesa 👸
Джек Дэниелс
vinod nadig
vinod nadig Month ago
what is the truck name at 6.05 ?
Bram sanjaya
Bram sanjaya Month ago
Akibat rakus dan merusak
Palmen Ch Marak
Palmen Ch Marak Month ago
Nice video
Laima Žiukienė
00:30 what music name?
Laima Žiukienė
@Woodart Presents but this is not a istrumental, iam not finding with no words this music
Woodart Presents
Post Malone - Psycho (Ryan Enzed Remix)
Ha Lêttfmn
Ha Lêttfmn Month ago
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