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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Apr 25, 2018

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Comments 852
gurmeet singh
gurmeet singh 3 days ago
10:36 hahahahahahaha
Riley Reboot
Riley Reboot 12 days ago
Part 2
fatima iniguez
fatima iniguez Month ago
Look at romel 6:56
Precious Finley
Precious Finley Month ago
Dennis would have got out if this was real silent library. You can not laugh that loud but this was funny asf
Sia Chokshi
Sia Chokshi Month ago
I love how they set brawadis up 😂😂
Sia Chokshi
Sia Chokshi Month ago
Rahul More
Rahul More Month ago
it was really funny :D can u repeat the same challenge with your cousins ? :P
ella petruso
ella petruso Month ago
Who’s dog was that I thought I was booker then I heard Brandon say she
games hacker
games hacker 2 months ago
Brooo the slap3😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻
Nandini Munjal
Nandini Munjal 2 months ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂just loved it a lot
Natalie Hurmiz
Natalie Hurmiz 2 months ago
King Krampus
King Krampus 2 months ago
Look at Rommel at 6:49
BettyLovesMusic69 3 months ago
When he bite the egg that noise was satisfying
Lana's Vids !
Lana's Vids ! 3 months ago
2019 anyone?
Jennifer Marin
Jennifer Marin 3 months ago
Justin is so fine
Nimeesha Melendez
Nimeesha Melendez 3 months ago
Denis always has to eat the dog food. Watching in 2019
Crafting With Laiyla & Chloe
denis and justin are intertaining to watch there the funniest ali is too
EnglishRose16 4 months ago
I was crying laughing lol 😂😂 xx
Wendy Tafoya
Wendy Tafoya 5 months ago
Queen Clea
Queen Clea 5 months ago
Karmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa isssss aaaaasa........
Aydhee Vega
Aydhee Vega 5 months ago
Why is Romel so freaking cute lol
Cindy Reyes
Cindy Reyes 5 months ago
Romell is the nicest and sweetest guy I've ever seen and the shy one he's adorable and cutie
Nate H
Nate H 5 months ago
They cheeted
Jaelyn Lyfe
Jaelyn Lyfe 6 months ago
Did you give Dennis that $5000 for him stopping the soda
Kyle Tela
Kyle Tela 6 months ago
I died when Dennis slapped Romel 😂😂😂😂
john isner
john isner 6 months ago
i felt bad for dennis
Adolfo Gutierrez
Adolfo Gutierrez 6 months ago
Do another one
Ciera Lattea
Ciera Lattea 6 months ago
I love you and your brother
Tammy Hevron
Tammy Hevron 6 months ago
There talking and laughing
Quiroz Ruiz Jose
Quiroz Ruiz Jose 6 months ago
Dennis got karma at the end
Engin 4645
Engin 4645 7 months ago
How didn't this video get millions of views? This video had to get 3-5 million views.
NotNowToby MyGaad
NotNowToby MyGaad 7 months ago
Dang I forgot you used to put the Gods Plan intro:( ashamed of myself🤦‍♀️
Melany Sedano
Melany Sedano 7 months ago
I feel bad for Denis
Fahmida Sharmin
Fahmida Sharmin 7 months ago
Romel got rejected by Justen. LMAO
Fatima Matamoros
Fatima Matamoros 7 months ago
Okay thank you J you made me come to target to get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, cookie dough because I love that type of ice cream. Yes I’m aware that this video is from a long time ago but why not watch it again.
Estefania Salgado
Estefania Salgado 8 months ago
Buena Washer videos if you like music in my ears I have you a song aleluya p***
Jeanette Pabaira
Jeanette Pabaira 8 months ago
Dennis is laugh 😍😍😍
Gaming with Fuze
Gaming with Fuze 9 months ago
F**k them that was hella f**ked up
Brooke Rose
Brooke Rose 9 months ago
Dennis’s laugh in the beginning omg 😂
ava.matt07 9 months ago
Who else thought it wasn’t fair when they set him up to eat the raw egg
AllA -
AllA - 9 months ago
The first thing denis should learn is how to laugh
Game Master
Game Master 9 months ago
My niece said "im doing the challenge with them, so shhh" im dead
Swizzy Eric
Swizzy Eric 10 months ago
I wasnt even laughing at the video, i was laughing at Dennis's laugh 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Meza
Daniel Meza 10 months ago
13:12 i almost puke
Jacqueline Rupp
Jacqueline Rupp 10 months ago
So funny!
The Binary
The Binary 10 months ago
Ivan Ramos
Ivan Ramos 10 months ago
I'm watching this again and I forget Dennise is gonna leave in Wednesday it made tear a little bit
LN24 10 months ago
Oh my dog has the same food
marlene martinez
marlene martinez 11 months ago
jay is so cute geez
yoshi31880 11 months ago
They made sure you got to eat the raw 🥚
Luis De Leon
Luis De Leon 11 months ago
A is the biggest card in the game
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