Extreme off-road vehicles of Russia (Prt 7)

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SEJFER Hour ago
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly 4 hours ago
Spark and it ran that smooth on just a bottle of gasoline?
MarkJohnson Day ago
Just going to grab some milk down the street
Сергей Назаров
Заебали вы удивляться. Я так за хлебом каждый день езжу.
X-15 2 days ago
Quicksand floating Tankers from mammy RUSSIA. 👍😎 🇺🇸
jeroen b
jeroen b 3 days ago
When its stuck we stop filming.
Sonoma Takova
Sonoma Takova 4 days ago
The mine hwy is the rivers Ural ,kamaz zil gaz After all you know why Hitler get a$$ kick Regards Slava Russia 🇷🇺
Alina Smirnowa
Alina Smirnowa 8 days ago
Finally even the dinosaur-monstertruck got stuck. That's why the west builts roads 😁
Juha Toivonen
Juha Toivonen 9 days ago
S: Traffic Emergency Service, how can We help You? C: Eh... well... we are a bit stuck here...
Carlos Peña
Carlos Peña 9 days ago
yo tengo una troka sin tanta tecnologia que igual se puede quedar atascada como el último vahiculo ruso del video
bobby harvill
bobby harvill 9 days ago
Very bad design on the sled. Needs a tall, sloped front to push mud under it.
Gareth Carruthers
Gareth Carruthers 10 days ago
Send Jeremy clarkson there in a vitara, and leave him there
Med Amine Sahli
Med Amine Sahli 11 days ago
I love how the video started with “Russians don’t get stuck “ ended up with a truck stuck head to tow on mud
Sascha Pürner
Sascha Pürner 13 days ago
Steem, for this i stand for my Name
Yoda Dunbar
Yoda Dunbar 13 days ago
7.08 minute mark, hey guys get off you are too heavy lol Great video
Альберт Михалыч
Вот так строим коммунизм
Серёга Борода
Brian McK
Brian McK 17 days ago
Dads finally here with McDonalds
Saxxonknight 25 days ago
I've got some swampland in Siberia to sell you...I presume that part of the bog problem here is that the ground several feet down remains frozen year round leaving the water nowhere to go.
Oliver Gosling
Oliver Gosling 25 days ago
The last one looked pretty stuck to me
Bar Hawks
Bar Hawks 27 days ago
you got to give it to the Russians they take off roading to the next level
Juerg Winkler
Juerg Winkler 27 days ago
ein Vestichod? Allerweltsantrieb
Sorvos 28 days ago
If this kind of videos were available back in Napoleon's and Hitler's times, I am certain they both would have said: "OK, let's NOT go there...".
Rabbi Glickman
Rabbi Glickman 29 days ago
Stupid people, Russians.
Andi alam
Andi alam Month ago
Nato need a special truck
The ToeCutter
The ToeCutter Month ago
I get caught up sometimes in Russian engineering.. Iv always wanted to visit Russia someday.
Pedro Rocoso
Pedro Rocoso Month ago
the Russian mud was always the deadly trap for any invader
Lucksh Month ago
British invention in 1980's still efficiently at work.
Brandy Wine
Brandy Wine Month ago
Until a t-34 burried helped him
Brandy Wine
Brandy Wine Month ago
Lol looks like russians do get stuck at :34
Sesto Corelli
Sesto Corelli Month ago
Русское дермо
Anup Das
Anup Das Month ago
Imti Jamir
Imti Jamir Month ago
That monster is crazy, way to go..go..go... Russia.
Eji A.T
Eji A.T Month ago
Thats why hittler and napoleon fail to invade russian soil....lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kepala Suku
Kepala Suku Month ago
Boleh minta satu
TMBgaming squad
TMBgaming squad Month ago
Boso opo kui
Faisal Khan Khan
Jay 88
Jay 88 Month ago
2:30 it's a submarine with wheels , who knew!
Preet Cheema
Preet Cheema Month ago
Great Russia
Tankara shiva
Tankara shiva Month ago
Best method.remove that mud and digg to like bridge and water to fill start to end remove old vehicles and add boats to free to travel start to end and no more fuel charge
pitomat Month ago
Joseph Lance
Joseph Lance Month ago
My first question is why , and second where the hell are you going ?
Ahmad Wildan
Ahmad Wildan Month ago
*_Trump is typing_*. . . _. . ._ *_. . ._*
Russ Bix
Russ Bix Month ago
lol yes they do 😂😂
Troy Currie
Troy Currie Month ago
The vehicles don't get stuck but the sleds they pull behind them sure do. Nope i just watched the last one...Russians DO get stuck.
boltik boltikoff
и чё только Русские не придумают - только дороги не делать
Иосиф Сталин
Austin iswow
Austin iswow Month ago
This video just cracked my screen, jk it's actually because I'm sick of using a cheap phone that doesn't work and auto turns the screen when I am holding it completely still and upright... And it was 8 minutes in so it definately wasn't auto because of a new video.
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart Month ago
John  Deere
John Deere Month ago
lol build a fuckin road then everything won't take 2 years
Share the knowledge 🤔💡
I think that last one got stuck, but what do I know lol
Susanto Gunawan
Susanto Gunawan Month ago
Mau tarik apa ini ya
Gaby Gengler
Gaby Gengler Month ago
was ach der da??
Joel Ceron
Joel Ceron Month ago
Rússia, THE BEST.
Joel Ceron
Joel Ceron Month ago
Rússia, tur BEST.
izzzzzz6 Month ago
Is that what the roads are like in Russia? I guess that last vehicle is still there.
K G Month ago
Yakov Smirnoff would pull that last rig out with his horse!
K G Month ago
Party comes to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!
Гарик Саруханян
Мужики на обед домой едут
Gurpreet Gill
Gurpreet Gill Month ago
Very powerfull
nrnnkcj Month ago
Pete Harrison
Pete Harrison Month ago
We same ground in Florida
Harold Lewis
Harold Lewis Month ago
Wow that extreme off roading. At the very last they asked for help. Still amazing them extreme vehicles.
Тесты игр и ПК
Зачем блять лезть в такое болото
Nord Cap
Nord Cap Month ago
газ добывать, очевидно же.
64maxpower Month ago
where would you even hook to?
64maxpower Month ago
them Russians are tough
Mica Andy
Mica Andy Month ago
Russen kommen überall durch. Und ammis?
Ucing Garonk
Ucing Garonk Month ago
Where is the road? I dont see road, how about you?
TXLorenzo Month ago
Now you see why the Germans had so many problems in Russia.
Red Balloon
Red Balloon Month ago
The Russian weather was the biggest issue for the Germans. They picked a bad time to invade
biggerminnow Month ago
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gendream li
gendream li Month ago
stuart pattison
stuart pattison Month ago
Love Russia, awesome place. Met some good people there.
K Mann
K Mann Month ago
wow... they have some of the worst roads I've ever seen.
abasgias Month ago
roads? no roads, man. Just - directions
Zulkarnaini Sp
Zulkarnaini Sp Month ago
Chief Pazuzu
Chief Pazuzu Month ago
Wow just a duck.... was hoping they were more then that...
Blaydes Month ago
Ive come to the conclusion that i need a tank to play with
Anthony Spicer
Anthony Spicer Month ago
Even though the operator got stuck. It was still impressive how he was able to travel in the deep mud. I want one.
ΔΜΨR 26 days ago
like a worm
Aleksandr Kostin
Правда, лишь бы дороги не строить!
Aleksandr Kostin
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+Aleksandr Kostin Учту. И учить здесь не надо!
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Прежде чем рот открыть, учись русскому языку!
Zorrakki Month ago
Сибирь. И этим все сказано.
Тик Мастер
Российские дороги с оплатой по системе Платон!
armand perrenet
armand perrenet Month ago
What is the purpose of this machines, showing how you make mud?
Mats K
Mats K Month ago
Going places where there are no roads?
Terry Byrd
Terry Byrd Month ago
Spiral drive may help
Bird Man
Bird Man Month ago
American Trucks are better
Quazarion Month ago
In Soviet Russia you don't get stuck in mud , mud stucks in you!
Александр Шевченко
Как выражались наши оппоненты - Русские такое изобретают, лишь бы дорог не строили ..
GotDramaAllergy Month ago
Vodka Break
Dion Sulasdian
Dion Sulasdian Month ago
Thats not a road ..that's river bed
Tigerauge Month ago
Die sollten Absaufen für immer!
Tigerauge Month ago
+Viktor Ritter Dumm und Dümmer so sind halt die Russen Umweltzerstörer!
Viktor Ritter
Viktor Ritter Month ago
Trottel du ...
Tigerauge Month ago
Umwelt Zerstörer halt doofe Russen.
Tigerauge Month ago
Ich Sage einfach verblödet.
P H Month ago
*Made in Germany...
Ricky spanish
Ricky spanish Month ago
Nothing is impossible to get stuck but still badass
Paul DBY
Paul DBY Month ago
And I thought the UK had bad roads
Анастасия Шамсутдинова
Детяще Машиностроительной компании ВИТЯЗЬ. Ишимбай Forever! Hello
77.RAF. M5
77.RAF. M5 2 months ago
Наша дорога одна из самых надёжных союзников.
RALLO10 2 months ago
It's a remodeled tank pulling a mud barge.
hello hun
hello hun 2 months ago
Too much muck for a tracklayer . There comes a time when another form of propulsion would be better.
ArKritz84 2 months ago
Like a rollogon
Danny Parker
Danny Parker 2 months ago
It looked pretty stuck to me... He was asking the track hoe for help..I'd hat to have that gas bill but it would be fun..
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