Extreme Closet Clean Out ...GONE WRONG (so much regret)

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During self isolation I decided to do a HUGE Extreme Closet Clean Out for the FIRST TIME EVER but it was WAY worse then I anticipated...
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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 79
Ronell’s Youtube
Ronell’s Youtube 40 minutes ago
Why not kartha gewart
5:40 that moment you get busted for doing something you weren’t supposed to 😂
• Toyko •
• Toyko • 5 hours ago
Don't worry lauren My clothes are much worse I call the mountain of clothes i have mount clothes no-one has ever reached da top
Deina Čiurlytė
Deina Čiurlytė 7 hours ago
Lauren i know that feling when u kinda want to do that thing and Then u just Start and Then regret it bc i actualy have about same amount of clothes and finished cleaning after 4 Days Even tho im 12 :D Idk why i have that Much clothes :> i think im going crazy its been 2 months and few weeks when its quaranteen
Charlotte Pearce-Parra
Omg Moriah Elizabeth and Lauren should do a video together omg yasssssss
G Oezoe
G Oezoe 9 hours ago
Abbie O leary
Abbie O leary 10 hours ago
I think RUvid’s watching me because this popped up as I was watching @jacksucksatlife WHILE cleaning out all my closes and shoes out of my WARDROBE Mmmmmm I’m scared 😟
Isobel Hartshorne
Isobel Hartshorne 12 hours ago
Can ray con be for kids?
Aesthetical GachaGarden
On the next episode of extreme hoarders
Strange Things
Strange Things 21 hour ago
I LOVE TO ORGANIZING THINGS.................for some reason 😶😶😨😨
VickyPlayz Day ago
lauren: this was a bad idea *thunder* me: O-O
Poor Lauren :(
Raynah Mccann
You have so much clothes and yet every video I see you’re wearing like the same five things LOL😂
Robert Koeller
11:08 I have the same pants
Dragon DevilWolf
24*5 =120hours
Jade shady 2
Jade shady 2 Day ago
This has inspired me to clean out my closet and my dresser no wonder my dresser was jammed it was a horrible idea but at the end cleaning it all out and knowing where everything was now was amazing but I did have a huge pile on my floor for 2 days!!!! Lmao
Angle Cute Girls
why did you put the closet in the guest bedroom
Violet Preissinger
Bobby:this will take 2 hours 8 days later Lauren: I’m done
MyChemicalPanic AtthepilotS!
my favorite crime and murder podcasts are true crime garage and serial killers. i also heard of one that i think is called female killers that sounds interesting as well!
unicorn person
I would literally hang out with my friends in her closet and play games and eat and lounge. (This is really not hate or anything Lauren is amazing but her closet is just really big XD)
CookieX Dough
CookieX Dough 2 days ago
Lauren: For today’s video.. Me: You mean today and tomorrow and after that and after that and then after a week’s video ☺️
Emma Jonah
Emma Jonah 2 days ago
lauren:I have G U C C I ZCH: oh I have 100 things from G U C C I opp
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans 2 days ago
Bobby: *DEXTER DOES IT LOOK GOOD* ?! Dexter: *twitches ear*
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans 2 days ago
Lauren: And for viewing pleasure, Dexter has graced us with his presence! *timelapse 2 seconds later* *dexter leaves*
sara marx
sara marx 2 days ago
I probably have more clothes then u and I'm a kid. I dont think that's right
Miley Geise
Miley Geise 2 days ago
HER: I cOulDvE BeEn MuRdErEd HAHAHAHA Me: ehh I don’t....are you ok?
unicorn 2108
unicorn 2108 2 days ago
Is that a Victoria's secret pink dog next to your sunglasses? The gold dog?
Wolffie Plays
Wolffie Plays 2 days ago
You have more stuff then the 350 kids at my school 😱 also why do you like murder so much murder in the sims more murder in the sims and even more murder in the sims then there is a murder podcast 🤣 Well I love your channel and I think I have a rlly good name lol The Z Squad I rlly hope you see the comment I hope everybody has a fantastic day!
im a potato UwU
im a potato UwU 2 days ago
Me: *cleans room* 20000 years later.. Me:Phew finally done! 2 days later My room:ughh im dirty again clean meeeeeee Me:hmmmmmm...Nahh 1 week later Mom:ClEaN yOuR rOoM nOw! Me:*picks up 5 pieces of trash* Me:ughhhh this boring *lays on bed at watches "once upon a time* Mom:get the hek of ur phone and clean ur room Me:fineeee 5 minutes later still watching one upon a time Me:OH CRAP!i better get cleaning!!! Like 9 hours later Me:only...one....more...piece...of...trash... That one pice if trash 😠🐜
Maybee Crazy
Maybee Crazy 2 days ago
Ha ha ha
April Lorensen lps
No whan : Litrly no whan: Lauren:oh yah
Julia Timms
Julia Timms 3 days ago
Lauren: I hope this video doesn’t do well Also Lauren: leave a like to help me cope- Me: *cuts Lauren off while saying that* BOI WHERE DA LOGIC IN THAT WHEN YOU DONT WANT THIS TO DO WELL?! Me: this was not meant to be hate just so you know Still me: this video causes me anxiety Lauren: I used to walk in here and feel stress and anxiety Me again: HOW YOU READ MINDS?! Well I guess it comes with talent
Ping Jiang
Ping Jiang 3 days ago
this is only the second day i known you and you became my fav. youtuber
Lily Day
Lily Day 3 days ago
Raina Manuel
Raina Manuel 3 days ago
Imagine when they move, Here we go again
Raina Manuel
Raina Manuel 3 days ago
And i thought i had a lot of clothes.. (aka sweaters)
Juli Hawn
Juli Hawn 3 days ago
you and my mom would be best friends she LOVE murder shows
Ava Toussaint
Ava Toussaint 3 days ago
I made a horrible decision because I’m following what you’re doing
Lucy Wright
Lucy Wright 3 days ago
Girl I have been cleaning my room for 3 months........
Petra Polic
Petra Polic 3 days ago
Ky’leigh Luafutu
I wanna play with Dexter so bad 😫 He looks so cute and soft He such a good boi I wanna pet him 😫😫😫
kitty cupcakes_123
If you miss ddlc you should play it again but with a mod if so I recommend you ddlc behind close doors
Mika Simmons
Mika Simmons 3 days ago
I played this with 1.75 speed... help me Also Lauren, you look BEAUTIFUL even without makeup :)
Crazy Duckie
Crazy Duckie 3 days ago
I have the same rainbow schrunchie (I can’t spell) :)
Dylanie Ballo
Dylanie Ballo 3 days ago
Me (After watching this whole video) : I want to see more cleaning
Itz Mary Kay
Itz Mary Kay 3 days ago
When ever I ca- Bobby: FEEl ThE mAgiC Whenever I came in h- Bobby FEEL THe MAGIC
Emma Allen
Emma Allen 3 days ago
LOL 😆 😆
Music Fan
Music Fan 4 days ago
Lauren: I just wanna play animal crossing Me: Same tho
Music Fan
Music Fan 4 days ago
Yup I'm late but oh well
•Humble Bēe•
Oh my that’s A LOT OF CLOTHES Me: and I thought I had a lot of clothes
Lily Melchor
Lily Melchor 4 days ago
Mystery LPS Tuber
Everybody whenever i go to costco where i live, everybody carries either a luivuiton bags, or gucci
Mystery LPS Tuber
You have like, 14 times more chloths than me
Emma Payn
Emma Payn 4 days ago
I fell like dexter has a very similar personality to Bobby E.g. Lauren is a crazy person
You have a sister....ive been watching you 4 years and I've never knew this
Riley Bligh
Riley Bligh 4 days ago
Is it sad that Lauren's wardrobe is bigger than my bedroom
Bella 4 days ago
YoU dOnT kNoW mE
Raccoon 4 days ago
I have like 5 shirts and 5 pants Girl wth
That's so Si-Si
That's so Si-Si 4 days ago
she is acting like she hasn't ever seen her closet XD I'm dying!
Daniel O'Reilly
Daniel O'Reilly 4 days ago
Julia Harris
Julia Harris 4 days ago
Chloe Berlau
Chloe Berlau 4 days ago
When she pulls out the wireless headphones people in school be like ooo another way I can hide my music in class 😏
Unicorn_ Vibez
Unicorn_ Vibez 4 days ago
Me: Sees the title and reads " (so much regret) " (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ Life is full of regrets Lauren. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ buh bye. tEehEe
Lynn doesn't exist
Idk if I already commented here when the video came out, but I'm using this right now to clean out my own closet, I'm on my first hour (I think) and I've been listening to a podcast in my headphones and I'm trying to use the konmari method also, I'm really excited because I have accumulated a lot over the years (I'm in highschool, middle school brought in a lot of new clothes) and I actually just found a shirt from elementary school. I'm gonna get to it, might report back here on how it's going, idk if I will tho.
Sara Boicourt
Sara Boicourt 5 days ago
What I think is funny is I was watching this video and cleaning up my room which my room is bigger but I finished in too hours do was Bobby's guess wrong????
Belinda Newton
Belinda Newton 5 days ago
You where heels!?
Nicola van Tonder
I remeber not wanting to wear a dress to a party once and my mom just throwing all the clothes out of my closet
Stephen Cary
Stephen Cary 5 days ago
Lauren on camera: Rainbow!! Lauren off camera: BLACK GREY WHITE
Kasa ÙwÚ
Kasa ÙwÚ 5 days ago
I watched all ads. Just for you.
Olivier Meyer
Olivier Meyer 5 days ago
What training
Critical 5 days ago
Why does Lauren wear undergarments that match her skin tone-.......
Eloise Wildgoose
Eloise Wildgoose 5 days ago
I love how she called the sims shirt Mosquito 😂 Love you Lauren 😂💕
Shannon Jakubik
Shannon Jakubik 5 days ago
My wardrobe is nothing compared to yours lauran
Kitty Swirl C
Kitty Swirl C 5 days ago
Lauren I have the same rainbow scrunchie that you had on your wrist!
gexlim _
gexlim _ 5 days ago
16:32 Lauren: Took a shower Me:i thought shes gonna say " i took a shi-"
Esmeralda Zumba
Esmeralda Zumba 5 days ago
thank you for your sacrifice Lauren Lauren: im gonna clean my closet Me: looks in my closet no no no no no NOPE! *walks away*
Azlina Samsuri
Azlina Samsuri 5 days ago
How to buy guys please help me i won't that comett please how to buy comett and like
Midnight MoonFox
Midnight MoonFox 5 days ago
I’m A ThIrTY YeAr OLd LaDy!
Addison Sawyer
Addison Sawyer 6 days ago
I love how half the times she said clothes she said close lol
Bella Triemstra
Bella Triemstra 6 days ago
Lauren: im looking a little bit more "boyish" today Me: girl your just wearing a black hoodie and a ponytail, what so boyish????
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