Extracting gold from computer parts (Part 1)

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Today we recover some gold from scrap computer parts. Also I already know I made a mistake and labelled it 3:1 instead of 2:1. oh well.
Nile talks about lab safety: ruvid.net/video/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html
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Jul 19, 2016




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Comments 100
John Hand
John Hand 2 hours ago
Complete waste of time and effort.
The Rocinante
I thought this only ever happened in China.
AntzGamer 300
AntzGamer 300 3 days ago
6:53 BUG
LeanxDs 3 days ago
hola, ¿podrías recuperar silicio de componentes electrónicos viejos? seria interesante recuperar silicio en casa xD
vukasin petrovic
vukasin petrovic 4 days ago
You instructions were unclear i accidentaly made caveman
Sergio Missaglia
Sergio Missaglia 7 days ago
I have a IBM 6x86mx (pr166) so... Am I rich now ?
Joshua Reynolds
Joshua Reynolds 8 days ago
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doorran 8 days ago
finally I can retire......
Siliqua Farchiasus 08yarremag
this cleared up my confusion with aqua regia from 4 years ago
C'est Moi
C'est Moi 10 days ago
Same chemical mixture Trump recommends for covid
ahmdmoadi 11 days ago
hope u get 100m 😊
Brennan Shelton
Brennan Shelton 11 days ago
My collection of outdated laptops underneath my desk hiding next to their Gaming PC Daddy "We dont have gold do we?"
shaddo a
shaddo a 12 days ago
you can also extract gold from mobile sim😂
grabbin a problem solver
I got the future gold mining ads
daDriver 13 days ago
Dont worry they make you pay for everything you buy
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 13 days ago
I will buy gold instead
Инна Вовченко
Крутоооо))) классное видео.
AG_king 14 days ago
big brain cemist
Alex Oumanski
Alex Oumanski 15 days ago
Its fake gold
King OfTheJungle
King OfTheJungle 16 days ago
@6:10 you could use an air stone
R3CRAIN 16 days ago
why not skip 1 and add parts directly into the gold dissolving solution? :D
GrɆg 17 days ago
Old computers have more gold
Isaiah Kehle
Isaiah Kehle 17 days ago
this is how Gold Schlager is made
Adam Bettinger
Adam Bettinger 19 days ago
Try pulverizing the PCBs to a semi-powder?
Nathaniel Symer
Nathaniel Symer 19 days ago
Can you replace the sodium metabisulfate with potassium metabisulfate? I got a ton of the shit lying around from home wine making.
dewfish 19 days ago
Trying to get "rich" by doing this would be like trying to get rich by filtering the gold flakes from Goldschläger.
Deerajvelu Deeraj
Deerajvelu Deeraj 20 days ago
I like this!!
micah christiansen
micah christiansen 23 days ago
He could be the best voice actor ever, I can just see it now, Mr. waltz Disney half frozen head, eyes springing around and around every time Nile says gold with his handsome deep manly Canadian super hero voice "must have this voice to add to my collection so I can take over the world" "to infinity and beyond " "go away buzz I need Nile red voice now and Nile reds I shall have muhahahaha!!!!" says Mr. Walt scene FIN
Caleb Wagner
Caleb Wagner 24 days ago
like if nerd
FluffeeOW 25 days ago
its like your speaking german xD i don't udnerstand 99% of the words but still good content :)
C.L.H. Records
C.L.H. Records Month ago
In Italy is free
Shining Plays
Shining Plays Month ago
i know what ill do with my 100 broken gpus i accidentaly order
Que tal amigos ,sigan el canal, saludos ! m.ruvid.net/video/video-a4VVhqmgISE.html
VC シ MEGMA Month ago
Dalton Barrett
Dalton Barrett Month ago
Is it me, or did the video repeat..?
Southsideman Month ago
Long dangerous process. For what gain?
H.F Music
H.F Music Month ago
can we all agree that Nigel’s voice is very soothing and makes you feel good
Casey stifter
Casey stifter Month ago
2020 gang
Tristan Pattsy
Tristan Pattsy Month ago
Huh... so that’s why gaming pc’s are so god damn expensive...
A Parakeet Called Sunset
Instead of realizing that you lost all your money sell the gold and get money
thais louzada
thais louzada Month ago
Brasil na área
Ethan Dorna
Ethan Dorna Month ago
Would it have been more effective to grind up/shred the PCBs before putting them in the beaker?
Eden Goodwin
Eden Goodwin Month ago
you fold your filter papers all weird dude. you got gold through because you have four openings that bypass the filter paper. Fold it in half, then into quarters, and pop one side out to make a continuous funnel shaped filter, with no gaps.
Alexander Skladovski
> heaping spoonful
Generation Edge
Generation Edge Month ago
He doesn't havve that weird capsule thinngy he puts in stuff stir (stir bar or sommethingg like that).. Old times
Bobby Ray Victory
"At the time of making this video i didnt have any cyanide"... Me a normie...... Hm
for that much money for chemicals can buy a lot of gold. lol
LeviTheEntity Month ago
5:14 why didn't you use concentrated HNO₃?
James Mcrae
James Mcrae 2 months ago
6:52 at one else notice the extra host on the table
Doc Huard
Doc Huard 2 months ago
Interpreted too many times for ads. 👎👎👎👎
Fentesie Koppel van der
I have 2 ashtrays which are gold coloured. Yet I have no idea where they hobestly are made from.
PancakeDoesNothing 2 months ago
Warning: Don’t try at home Also: clear and follow able instructions
You could go to a landfill or something to get the scraps for free . . .
sean watts
sean watts 2 months ago
I have a friend that does this for fun and for extra money. He said you really have to know what your doing with parts and prices.
Help Me Get To 30k With No Vids
Ah yes, a video about extracting gold from 2 years ago. The perfect video to watch tonight
Ronald Brow
Ronald Brow 2 months ago
Digging up old graves is another great way to get gold. It is probably less dangerous than destroying computer mother boards.
Ronald Brow
Ronald Brow 2 months ago
I have heard that atari 2600s have a lot of gold. I doubt it is worth doing. It could also be a false rumor. You will get more enjoyment PLAYING that video game system.
Clinton Leonard
Clinton Leonard 2 months ago
Can you make the chloroauric acid and store it that way? I think it would be cool to store liquid gold.
jrbdtx 2 months ago
Stark white background is always a terrible idea for video. Just unwatchable.
GFAJ 2 months ago
Just saying it is not the best idea to restrict airflow in an airpump the way Nile did. It can cause it to overheat and start a fire
drewski west
drewski west 2 months ago
question: during the mixing of nitric and HCl acids with the gold, why did you put the filter paper in there? and why didn't that dissolve, at all?
Laser 2 months ago
i would make this just to have gold lmao
Silver Jay
Silver Jay 2 months ago
Never imagine that the yellow parts in pc components were actual gold
ThirteeNov 2 months ago
Can we then sell the gold and make money? Interesting...
darknos 2 months ago
dude i like gold
BlackoutGaming6 2 months ago
“And this guy sent me some free gold...” jebus chris this guy’s a fucking madladd!
Tony D
Tony D 2 months ago
Would a ozone generator have worked instead of an aquarium bubbler?
Sage Heller
Sage Heller 2 months ago
add sodium metabisulfate to make sulfur gas... my lab smells like shit
aboyinacostume 2 months ago
Me: wanting to build a pc This video: you sure you wanna? Me: having a mental breakdown after watching the video
Weirneir 2 months ago
Is there a way to do this safely?
Liam 2 months ago
why didn't you just buy an adjustable air pump? i dont even understand why they sell those fixed rate ones...
Jackson 2 months ago
I liked the subtle cyanide joke.
TheCollieDog 2 months ago
god damn people its not about making money its just a cool process to extract a rare element from something so simple such as computer parts
UnholyBe4st 2 months ago
Hey NileRed please deconfuse me because it is an important detail in the video. You keep saying in both parts sodium metabisulfide but you did clearly show potassium mtb. Which of the 2 is correct? Please take a Minute and explain this to me...last time that i made aqua regia i lost the gold ( in the end the beaker broke) because i couldnt make it form again. Any ideas where my issue was? I blame MTB being faulty or the wrong one...yes i dont know much about chemistry, im still learning.
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas 2 months ago
Cyanise and happines
Rafal Sitar
Rafal Sitar 2 months ago
rocessors i think have most gold or gpu
7VSUEE HAN 2 months ago
I now get why there are 9 gold ingots in a gold bar in minecraft now lmao
strike6tutorials 2 months ago
And what to do with the pile of crap after done? 😄
Surender Singh
Surender Singh 3 months ago
Buy PCB's , realize you lost money in the transformation, publish on youtube, buy a supercomputer..sounds nice!
Drako 3 months ago
...just scrape the gold out of the plates
Burnt Reynolds
Burnt Reynolds 3 months ago
Too much effort, quicker to go up to an old person and point at the sky and say “oh look, a Lancaster bomber” when they look up, whip a single gold tooth out with hobby pliers.
ADMA 3 months ago
13:32 "...black gold, Teaxs tea, well the first thing ya know..."
Michal 3 months ago
What gold is it dought how much K
Aaron Rajput
Aaron Rajput 3 months ago
Imagine his grades in chemistry
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 3 months ago
use more computer parts next time
Joey Dunn
Joey Dunn 3 months ago
This guy just owns an extensive collection of harmful chemicals lol I’d be surprised if he’s not on some sort of watch list
HurryRed_YT 3 months ago
"I didn't have any cyanide at the time" - NileRed
hassaan khan
hassaan khan 3 months ago
Will it work for a pentium 4 processor? I bought it in 1994-5
EmEms 3 months ago
13:08 forbidden lemonade
Matthew Quek
Matthew Quek 3 months ago
Me: googles where to buy CN FBI: OPEN UP OPEN UP
Parker Rhoads
Parker Rhoads 3 months ago
Me listening late at night basically listening to him ramble CYANIDE
FBI ._.
FBI ._. 3 months ago
I doubt the gold isnt even worth a dime.
Eli Mansfield
Eli Mansfield 3 months ago
What is the point of disliking this video
underpicked 3 months ago
i disliked it
Grant Logan
Grant Logan 3 months ago
I feel like you’re just adding more work by dissolving the gold. Why not just smelt it there?
Grant Logan
Grant Logan 3 months ago
Silly Nile, there’s hardly any gold on a PCB. Lots on connectors
LighdarTheThird 3 months ago
2:56 weird way to spelll sodium on that label but okay
Tru Silent
Tru Silent 3 months ago
don't waste time watching this unless it's to understand how not to be an opinionated snob Its made by a incompetent individual
Kai Dreicer
Kai Dreicer 3 months ago
NileRed: "This process is dangerous, don't try to recreate it at home! Also NileRed: *Gives detailed instructions on how to do it, and how it works*
Peyton Lovato
Peyton Lovato 3 months ago
1:53 hi yes I would like to buy a shipment of cyanide for "chemistry" not anything else. What it's extremely lethal? But it's for "chemistry"!
MéanKitty 3 months ago
I’m watching this for the 4th time, idk why
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