Extended Highlights Of The 2019 German Grand Prix

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Soak up all the action from the absolute thriller at Hockenheim which F1 fans have voted the best race of the last decade!
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Jan 11, 2020




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Comments 2 408
Abdullah Khanzada
Abdullah Khanzada 12 hours ago
Sebastian vettel shield be win
Nickolaos rattanasengkham
Leclerc’s way of yelling no is funny.
flight8 YT
flight8 YT 2 days ago
4:22 lec vs lec xd
Krithikh GopalaKrishnan
This race is proof of what vettel can do when he’s on form
Bert Bergers
Bert Bergers 2 days ago
@Formula 1 thanks a lot for doing this race justice by extending the video!! And still i am glad i watched it live, so much happened there!!
KeanOun MeeNhai
KeanOun MeeNhai 3 days ago
The power of the rain
lolschrauber 3 days ago
shit on vettel all you want, he outclassed all of them this day.
elia de niro
elia de niro 3 days ago
🇩🇪👑👑🇩🇪2422020🇩🇪to whom it may concern :🇩🇪prof. santoniyus, arrival julansen b.sc., h.c., m.b.a., ph. d. in. progress 🇩🇪2422020🇩🇪👑👑🇩🇪
Nastasio 4 days ago
I think if Hulkenberg would have gotten a podium in the German GP, he would still drive for Renault in 2020 !
ThunderTiger0801 4 days ago
US Citizen
US Citizen 5 days ago
Best race of the season 2019.
ryt 5 days ago
Ferrari : "let's change to soft tyres" Other Team : "Ferrari changed to soft, let's cange it to soft" Also other Team : "Fu**, we forgot Ferrari strategy is bad" (proces changed tyres to inter tyres)
Luke Andrews
Luke Andrews 5 days ago
So glad I got to watch this live during my first season following F1.
geovelomega 6 days ago
So nobody's gonna tlak about how Vettel vent from P20 to P2?
StankAlert 6 days ago
4:19 two charles leclercs on the grid?
Patrick Biernath
Patrick Biernath 6 days ago
best race in 2019
Kristian Severens
2 pitstop records were set that day. One by Red Bull and one by Mercedes xD
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 7 days ago
Next time they'll put high grip paint all over the edges of the track, cant have a repeat of all that action spoiling the race.
Larsss s
Larsss s 7 days ago
Wanna hear a joke: French GP
Arnav Aggarwal
Arnav Aggarwal 7 days ago
I fucking love it when Mercedes loses. It is such a treat to watch that!
gia sulaberidze
gia sulaberidze 7 days ago
gia sulaberidze
gia sulaberidze 7 days ago
magari debilobaa
Joonseok Kim
Joonseok Kim 7 days ago
Why did the alfa romeos went down to 12th and 13th?
Basit Ali
Basit Ali 7 days ago
I just loved how spectacularly Mercedes failed at their celebratory GP!!
Wong Wai leong
Wong Wai leong 8 days ago
What the hell Pierre Gasly go to wrong way?!
Tisebutala 9 days ago
Broadcasting the whole race😒🤚 broadcasting more highlights 🥰👉
Oli Cody
Oli Cody 9 days ago
Kimi definitely got a lot of drincc
booce bung
booce bung 10 days ago
4:21 leclerc vs leclerc
spino 10 days ago
If verstappen do a bad start, you know is gonna be an amazing race
F1 has reached a point where if merc doesn’t win a race, its a great race
Alvin Qordja
Alvin Qordja 10 days ago
Yes this is very true that German GP is a spectacular race. But I don't understand why the Formula had penaltyted this race in 2020
Marry Berkouwer
Marry Berkouwer 10 days ago
FIA should give points for the best pitstop, those people deserve that.
Marry Berkouwer
Marry Berkouwer 10 days ago
It looks like the FIA does NOT want people to see real racing so thank you FIA for cancelling this one.
Angami Accent
Angami Accent 10 days ago
My heart aches for Nico 😔
Angami Accent
Angami Accent 10 days ago
Whos here after F1 dropped Drive to survive trailer
The Prophecy Cat
The Prophecy Cat 10 days ago
Mercedes F1 Annual Budget: Staff $50 Million Lewis $44 Million Bottas $14 Million Car $88 Million Engines $100 Million Logistics $12 Million Desks for Toto to bash $112 Million
sphere 528
sphere 528 11 days ago
Final Score: F1 drivers 13 - the Ring 7
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 11 days ago
Joost Kamphuis
Joost Kamphuis 12 days ago
Damn! Hulkenberg his last change to get a podium ever...too bad he didnt join Red Bull.
GLR 12 days ago
Enzo Govastki
Enzo Govastki 13 days ago
Whoever says Brazil was better is just plain stupid
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta 13 days ago
best driver was Vettel, only driver without any fault.... but..
ROHAN CGL 13 days ago
2nd Best race of the decade
Sriram L
Sriram L 14 days ago
Lol the stroll spin when norris is retiring is funny
GDS05 14 days ago
The thing is is that if Hamilton when round another lap with the damage he could have easily won the race
GDS05 8 days ago
PeRRXX 8 days ago
Doubt it, because he spun again, and he would’ve been slow as hell with the damage
WaxestLowa732 R
WaxestLowa732 R 14 days ago
Lapsem Weaver
Lapsem Weaver 14 days ago
Never mind everyone talking about the biggest flop of Hamilton's career, is anyone else impressed that the video is exactly 20 minutes and 19 seconds long?
GDS05 14 days ago
Lapsem Weaver 20:20
Nico Galvan
Nico Galvan 15 days ago
GamerFrancis TV
GamerFrancis TV 15 days ago
Did somebody even notice the fact that this video is 20:20 minutes long?
Gladson Lyra
Gladson Lyra 15 days ago
A melhor corrida de 2019!
saskiapanter 15 days ago
Never gets boring 😃😃😃😃😃
ZX R-CADE 15 days ago
This was an unbelievable race but I believe Brazil 🇧🇷 was better
George-Louis Diwan
George-Louis Diwan 15 days ago
Kimi experienced
Ovidiu Diumea
Ovidiu Diumea 16 days ago
I have a feeling most people voted this as the best race of the decade simply because it was a huge nightmare for Mercedes.
Uwe Claußnitzer
Uwe Claußnitzer 16 days ago
By the way, Liberty Media: The decade ends on December 31, 2020...
Michiel van den Broeke
I hate the hysteric commentator. Calm down man!
Nando_2812 16 days ago
Albon did crush gasly on purpose to get his spot in the Red Bull car. What a dirty driver
David Disang
David Disang 16 days ago
what a race this was!!!!!!!!
oolay tromas
oolay tromas 17 days ago
That comment on lap 17 is classic Crofty, an explanation that made no sense whatsoever and wasn't even what was really happening. Martin just ignored him ha ha. I don't know how Martin puts up with him to be honest.
iponsoyenage 17 days ago
Yes, make it extended highlights this year, please!
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