Extended Highlights: England v Australia

World Rugby
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Extended highlights of England v Australia at Rugby World Cup 2019


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Oct 20, 2019




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David David
David David 3 hours ago
What is the name of the commentator
Impact Cloudy
Impact Cloudy 9 days ago
Who’s here when England just lost to South Africa 😭😭
Andile Mzobe
Andile Mzobe 9 days ago
Dominic Fernando
Dominic Fernando 11 days ago
Who’s here after South Africa won the World Cup.
MichaelX8 11 days ago
No one gonna talk about australia no.11s speed?
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter 12 days ago
Honestly kinda glad England won
Martin Perez
Martin Perez 13 days ago
Sibulele Mboyi
Sibulele Mboyi 13 days ago
After all the work England has done South Africa is gonna smash them today...... rest in peace England
Birthday Boy Blam
Birthday Boy Blam 16 days ago
I was listening to Voyage of Promise from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night while watching this match. I'm from England.
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris 16 days ago
Now THAT'S a highlights package. NBC should take notes.
Will Richards
Will Richards 17 days ago
Nobody can say that England haven't deserved their victories!
mishybtw 17 days ago
I’ve never watched game and I am English but this is bloody brilliant, people lifting each other to get the ball thats 200 IQ
mishybtw 17 days ago
Is that normal?
God, Eddie Butler is shite. Christian who?
Thomas Joynes
Thomas Joynes 18 days ago
8:15 look at all the bloody pissed of welsh fans sat there XD
Paulie 18 days ago
Wallabies, this is what happens when Leftie politicians get your best player banned :(
SuperOlivess 18 days ago
England is on FIRE!!! props!!!!
divyaraj ranjan
divyaraj ranjan 19 days ago
Australia is no more the Australia it used to be
Philippe Ouadir
Philippe Ouadir 19 days ago
hello a little message from a supporter of the French team... Congratulations to the English team for this great match against New Zealand. the English team gives a lesson in professionalism to the French team. the English team has certainly worked hard to achieve this level: work on physics, psychology, tactics and game strategy. bravo to you gentlemen. the French team must be inspired by the English team for the next World Cup. a lot of work to do.
Sam C. S.
Sam C. S. 17 days ago
Fair play mate and good luck to you in the next one.
The English are having a great year: 1)- Liverpool win the Champions League ; Chelsea win the Europa League 2)- England win the cricket World Cup 3)-England in Rugby WC finals
Ravidu Dissanayake
Ravidu Dissanayake 13 days ago
Don’t forget BREXIT too!
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett 16 days ago
@Afonso Maia de Loureiro they all moan over the radio vettel included. I thought PETA was animal welfare?
Afonso Maia de Loureiro
@Luke Bennett i kinda understand tho. First of all if you go to his instagram it looks like the PETA page😂(i don't care about that but there are some people who do). And then if you hear his team radio's you can see he's a crybaby, he starts moaning about everything when the race doesn't go his way. Honestly i prefer vettel and i hugely respect Hamilton but i understand the hate Edit: I mean i don't think racing drivers or any athlete should be hated
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett 16 days ago
@Afonso Maia de Loureiro I don't understand the hate Hamilton gets. Seems a nice lad to me. Norris also
Afonso Maia de Loureiro
@Luke Bennett who do you like more (as a person) hamilton or norris? Because im starting to think even english people don't like hamilton 😂. All i see is hate towards lewis
Agustín Ferri
Agustín Ferri 19 days ago
Where is the commentator-woman's accent from?
Europa 1
Europa 1 18 days ago
New Zealand I think.
K Dog
K Dog 20 days ago
Who's here after England beat New Zealand 😁?
Craig Barry
Craig Barry 20 days ago
They went hid to hid ...priceless
D M 20 days ago
Did they omit the Aussie disallowed clear forward pass 'try' from the highlights, which the NZ TMO tried to give, to cover up the blatant cheating?
Theo Rhally
Theo Rhally 20 days ago
3:45 lol
Gumer Flores
Gumer Flores 20 days ago
Estimado señor: no me canso de agradeceros por los vídeos que subís. Lástima que Los Pumas ni Los Teros se encuentren disputando el mundial. Dios guarde a vuecé.
Mian Danish
Mian Danish 20 days ago
England team is so good
battlefield is better than cod
Who’s here after England beat NZ ??
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 13 days ago
Who’s here after the spring boks totally destroyed England
Peter Bare
Peter Bare 13 days ago
Chimeric Folioscope
Marcus Setters I meant last world cup
Marcus Setters
Marcus Setters 15 days ago
@Chimeric Folioscope Last year? You mean 4 years ago.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 16 days ago
Swing low sweet chariot
Optimistic Chaos
Optimistic Chaos 20 days ago
And racing to beat the all blacks
Sony Droid
Sony Droid 20 days ago
Wow, just wow!!!
777Ainul 20 days ago
Aus 1st try starts from a forward pass
gg skillbody
gg skillbody 20 days ago
Rewatching this until they release highlights for England vs New Zealand :?
neo tofilau
neo tofilau 20 days ago
South africa or wales
Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds 20 days ago
I was listening to radio 2 interview yesterday and it was someone involved in the Australian rugby league. And he said England was the most hated team in rugby.i love my country to do well in all sports but not been a follower of rugby why would he say something like that on the radio.
Tim 12 days ago
@JckSwan ofc you are but you guys aren't the most gracious or humble. Look at the reactions to getting your silver medals. I love England I lived there for a bit but when it comes to sport there is a bit of a complex thing going on.
JckSwan 19 days ago
England fans (of any sport) aren't allowed to show confidence & passion going into a game or pride & joy at winning.
Michelle Tana
Michelle Tana 20 days ago
Englands forwards look huge, way bigger than Nz's, but Nz's forwards are faster & skillful .... Nz to win by 5pts plus 💙💙💙💙
phil driver
phil driver 20 days ago
they never missed the bloody england knock on in the maul though . they where trying there damndest to keep nz in the game .
phil driver
phil driver 20 days ago
@Lord bucket head Polling ye the 2 nz knock ons in the last 10 mins didnt help england
Lord bucket head Polling
@phil driver Tmo and the ref team missed a lot of things today......👀
phil driver
phil driver 20 days ago
i hope you put money on it . and you robbed us of 2 tries .
barnbersonol 21 day ago
Sad to see Aus go out in a way as nobody else in the WC has had the balls to run from deep against quality opponents.
Ivor Biggun
Ivor Biggun 20 days ago
I think that was their undoing though. There are times when you can/should run from the deep - Serge Blanco knew when to - and there are times when you shouldn't and you definitely shouldn't do it all the time.
Sweet Azz 1997
Sweet Azz 1997 21 day ago
55th minute Aus were on attack, they had a chance for an easy three points yet they decided to go for the scrum and hope for a try. They were behind 27-16. 9 minutes later Eng had a penalty and yes the took the option to kick for goal. 30-16. This totally changed the dynamic of the game for Aus. I was scratching my head thinking they had 25 mins of game time to win. Ah well what an amazing RWC '19 Japan so far.
vTK Solid
vTK Solid 21 day ago
Mmmmmmm looks like an interesting semi
M.T.G 21 day ago
Sad for Australian rugby to become a tier 2 rugby nation...
Alexandru Dospinescu
What is the name of the thick voiced comentator, sounds amazing ???
David David
David David 3 hours ago
Lool I'm also waiting for answer
Fuz Capp
Fuz Capp 21 day ago
As an Australian with a long heritage in following Rugby (at least 4 generations) and the Wallabies, all I can say is, "Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Wallabies were lucky to get to the quarters. (Lucky they didn't have Japan or Argentina in their pool). But hey - Raelene is happy with it ... at least no-one quoted the Bible and apparently, that's the most important thing in Australian Rugby.
Hugo Naude
Hugo Naude 21 day ago
Without Folau the dumb Ozzie team is as toothless as a new born born and about as dangerous ... to so commit rugby WC suicide by axing your best player for stating an unpopular TRUTH on his personal media ... dumb ASSES!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😥😥😥😥😂😥😥
chima chibi
chima chibi 21 day ago
I’ll be cheering for England. Please WIN🙏🙏🙏🙏.
chima chibi
chima chibi 20 days ago
Knights Templar You did!! Congratulations, England😭!!
Knights Templar
Knights Templar 20 days ago
chima chibi we did bro
Tama Matu
Tama Matu 21 day ago
Really wasn't surprised Australia lost. We have a horrible coach and we sacked one our top try scorer. Not saying it would've been a sure win if Israel was playing but it definitely would've been an advantage having him play
Fish face
Fish face 22 days ago
Wales v England final 👊
Fish face
Fish face 20 days ago
@Ivor Biggun it would be an amazing event and a first i think.
Ivor Biggun
Ivor Biggun 20 days ago
Looks like you could be right. Go Wales tomorrow. An all northern hemisphere final would be fantastic.
Lord bucket head Polling
@Ian Forrester something that could predict the future
Ian Forrester
Ian Forrester 22 days ago
Fish face what’re you smoking bro?
Dominic Fernando
Dominic Fernando 22 days ago
New Zealand will win
tothestars 18 days ago
Aw don’t worry there is still 3rd place mate
Alfa&Omega 00000
Alfa&Omega 00000 20 days ago
zebediah Ambrosia
zebediah Ambrosia 22 days ago
Manu is a beast
Xolile Gogoba
Xolile Gogoba 22 days ago
Springboek will take this Wald cup
Gazmus 22 days ago
6:30 ish... are the Australian subs allowed on the pitch like that? I know they're behind the goal line...but til the ball's grounded cant we still tackle him in that exact part of the pitch that all the subs are on? Doesn't matter and I'm not salty at all about it, just curious because I only ever watch world cups and six nations and dont really know the rules :)
OK! But then again.
Gazmus. So long as they don't interfer and are not running towards any player trying to make a tackle then its fine.
Ezekiel Toh
Ezekiel Toh 22 days ago
is 6:05 a forward pass?
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett 19 days ago
Looks like it
Nicholas Weaver
Nicholas Weaver 22 days ago
Sweet Chariots rings out around the Orita Stadium . The is Job complete There is no stopping England now !
Imtiyaz Khan
Imtiyaz Khan 22 days ago
Once again English fans dressed as crusaders
ben bim
ben bim 20 days ago
not dressed as crusaders dressed as english knights that cross is England's cross of saint george.
Captain Lebyadkin
Captain Lebyadkin 22 days ago
At least we dominate league.
MadLad Oye
MadLad Oye 22 days ago
Poor Aussy team. England well done but all for nothing as all backs are to strong.
Ivor Biggun
Ivor Biggun 20 days ago
Apparently not.
Lord bucket head Polling
@MadLad Oye well obviously not after today 😂
phil driver
phil driver 20 days ago
lmfao lmfao lmfao too strong hey . you where treated like school kids . totally humilliated . england winners . cocky new zealanders .
Darius Roseboom Devris
7:32 This This is Another type of love
. 1106
. 1106 22 days ago
And Henry Slade isn’t kicking for us becauseeeeeeeeee??????
Nicolas Leclaire
Nicolas Leclaire 23 days ago
Les anglais super beau jeu
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 23 days ago
People keep asking “what’s happened to the Wallabies? It’s pretty bloody obvious what’s happened to the Wallabies ! It’s gone all multicultural...full of Islanders, hardly any whites are on the team! and the facts are whites play rugby better! Not being racist, that’s the way it is. Our globalist government MSM education systems won’t you to believe “ diversity is our strength? but in fact it’s our weakness!
Tim Hart
Tim Hart 22 days ago
@fetez1 Incorrect. Most minorities in Europe and Australia came by voluntary migration. No one here supported this, they only tolerated it.
fetez1 22 days ago
@Tim Hart you came and brought us to your countries without us wanting to and now you are complaining that we are here???? Lol people are crazy. Your ancesters should have thought twice
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 22 days ago
Tim Hart When I see white supporters clapping in the clouds... it looks like there clapping at there own demise!. Black, middle eastern and Asian countries all get to keep there countries and culture, but in European country’s it’s called racist and must diversified? Whites have been setup and if anyone’s been doing there research you’ll know who by 🖐
Tim Hart
Tim Hart 22 days ago
It's hard to say any national team truly represents their country... Look in soccer at France's national team, they're all blacks. On what planet is France black? I'll tell you, we're living on it. Not looking good for Western countries, people of European descent are becoming a minority. The Wallabies are on the way out as well, this will not play down well for the rest of Rugby Union - as one top tier team with the greatest followings falls to nothing. There is only a handful of Rugby loyal nations out there, and Rugby Union will be losing one of their strongest. Not good
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 22 days ago
Daly the weakest link can’t tackle hesitant in the air
Matt Happs
Matt Happs 23 days ago
I’m an England fan of course being from England, but have to say New Zealand are my favourite team to watch play rugby. If we lose I’ll be glad it’s to the All Blacks, and if we win, we’ve beaten the greatest rugby nation ever. I hope whoever wins that semi-final goes on to win the Cup because Eng & Nz have been by far the best teams in the tournament.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 23 days ago
Never seen two sides go 'Heeed to Heeed' before.
Andrew Corbett
Andrew Corbett 23 days ago
Easy victory for England. No competition
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 23 days ago
Atkinson a utd legend!!!! New manager for sure
The allblacks ain't gonna miss those tackles and just watching England there so slow our d will be set by the time they get the ball clear doesn't look good for England they will need to improve to stand a chance
Ivor Biggun
Ivor Biggun 20 days ago
I think you may have underestimated England.
james eustace
james eustace 22 days ago
Improve, last time you played Australia, they beat you and by a pretty good score, 40 odd something was it?
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