Extended Highlights: England 40-16 Australia - Rugby World Cup 2019

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Extended highlights of England v Australia at Rugby World Cup 2019


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Oct 20, 2019




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Robert Roberts
Robert Roberts 3 days ago
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it David Pocock!
Robert Roberts
Robert Roberts 3 days ago
So 25 apiece then! Iam backing England to make it 26-25
Tallan Heartford
Tallan Heartford 9 days ago
I would like to see the whole match in lockdown.
Tallan Heartford
Tallan Heartford 7 days ago
No the England v Australia match
C-MONEY 7 days ago
The full match of England vs New Zealand is on youtube.
Jamie Dart
Jamie Dart 10 days ago
Wtf happend in the final? Totally different team
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 17 days ago
6:52 fair play Aus to your try, 6:53 , and now you get smashed to bits lol.
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 17 days ago
Australia rugby, lmao.
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 17 days ago
Also, if anybody again say, 'give away a penalty', they need slapping, idiots for saying such a thing. Penalties aren't given away, they're unforeseenly conceded. One doesn't intentionally give them away lol.
yaicob.com 25 days ago
That Watson try makes my heart melt
Ethan Hunt Hunt
Ethan Hunt Hunt 27 days ago
As an rugby player with English and South African roots, this World Cup was hard to know who to support
phil driver
phil driver 27 days ago
and we went on to school new zealand . we are not talking about the final lol.
phil driver
phil driver 27 days ago
all the great history of england vs australia . and now it is 25.25 in games . unbelievable
MrWilko58 29 days ago
There seemed to be a lot of very sad Welshmen in the ground. Including Eddy Buttler. Ha ha!
Dylan Month ago
What happened to us? What happened to the Wallabies? We used to be on top of the world, behind New Zealand of course.
peter tancred
peter tancred Month ago
Covid19 was invented by the wantwobees so they could improve their average...going to need more than four years to be any sort of competition.
crocusinmay may
crocusinmay may Month ago
Great to see those two sides go hid to hid once again. England completely dominated.
995sean Month ago
Jeez, good cover tackle by Farrell on Beale. Didn't even think Farrell was quick enough to get back 😂😂
Karla Pittard
Karla Pittard Month ago
England v all blacks
Pax Francais
Pax Francais Month ago
Hey RUvid Management: it's not because I watch WILTY or Yes Minister from the BBC that I like seeing my country get thrashed by England in the rugby...
Timbuktoo Month ago
Well....thanks to Falau & corona, the Wallabies may cease to exist. 75% staff will be SACKED, LOSS of revenue possibly 120m....that's fu#@ ed up
That female commentator from NZ talked some drivel. Difference in styles is that the Australian team look up and asses the play . Think on their feet. BS it’s not as if all England’s tries and points came from rehearsed plays. Utter codswallop
Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins Month ago
7:46 look at that smile
Jason Gaspar
Jason Gaspar Month ago
0.46 isnt it a forward pass
Joe Branston
Joe Branston 2 months ago
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 2 months ago
England are a fragile side. Good when they think they can do it. Arrogant at times. Great players on paper then hammer New Zealand. Wow. Yes they beat the side that beat Springboks. Boks do not ever give into Kiwis . The utter capitulation of England at RWC 2019 asks some questions? Their so called dominant scrum was destroyed....never seen a scrum so utterly bitched in a senior game. Utterly destroyed.
craig dunn
craig dunn 2 months ago
I am at England fan
Angelo Bennett
Angelo Bennett 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *just watch and enjoy* 0:49 💓🔥💞 👇👇👇💚
Nichole Chong
Nichole Chong 2 months ago
0:35 lol
Jackson Rees
Jackson Rees 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽* 1:03 💛🔥🎬 👇👇👇👇💗
Newton 2 months ago
They went hid 2 hid
Mind Space
Mind Space 2 months ago
Foward pass at 6:26 ?
MARK HAMER 2 months ago
Australia really are the whipping boys of just about any semi - decent team.
The Muse
The Muse 2 months ago
engkand are way beter than australia no avance but did you see anthony watsens trie trei of the game
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 3 months ago
Australia v England hid to hid.
RugbyReelHD 3 months ago
Despite the heroics vs NZ, this is my favourite English game from the World Cup. The tries we scored were all superb, there was never a dull moment and it was one of our best performances for a long while.
Kevan M Allison
Kevan M Allison 3 months ago
The "English" rugby team? I think not. Reminds me of the "French" soccer team.
Mike De Thierry
Mike De Thierry 3 months ago
not having much luck in the worid cup aye blooper hahaha
zak palmer
zak palmer 3 months ago
Fantastic play, this team seems like a million miles away now though :(
Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad 3 months ago
I am so glad that Australia were thrashed in the world cup after persecting Israel Falau because of publishing a bible verse. I thought it was poetic justice. Serves then right. A Christian from the UK.
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes 3 months ago
Even before this world cup, this encounter if it happened was going to be interesting for the fact that it's two aussie coaches going at it.............neither of them are any good mind you with their teams........a sad fact indeed. Aussie had a great rugby team once upon a time, 2019 was not their greatest year at all, and Britain well they have Jones......not a good look at all unfortunately for them.
Micheal De Thierry
Micheal De Thierry 4 months ago
Hahaha beale wat happen there
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 4 months ago
Loved the Krombeti try! He is a Jonah (RIP).
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 4 months ago
Then the Boks smashed them. Yes their scrum was crushed!
GoddyofWar 5 months ago
Rugby Union is dead in Australia.
Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day 5 months ago
Australia need to sort out their rugby. We need to keep the world cup in the southern hemisphere and Australia are not currently doing their bit.
Angus W
Angus W 4 months ago
Well stop all our top schoolboy players going to league.......
RandomCat247 5 months ago
Josh Cound
Josh Cound 5 months ago
Who heard the commentators say Manu itoje
Josh Cound
Josh Cound 4 months ago
Look at 2:49
DARTH MONG 4 months ago
I heard Mario at some point.
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 5 months ago
England hates Boks. We are used to the Socialist shitheat hate bombardment. Utter ignorance Go Boris Liberate England! .
DARTH MONG 4 months ago
Not the time or the place James.
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 5 months ago
Then you met your nemesis.
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 5 months ago
If Oz is so good why did you not win World Cup?
Toby 5 months ago
Wondrous production, I like it so much .... Top-drawer part is 1:00 . *I uploaded 1 twerking, Plsss check it out and say what you think* ❤ 💙 💘
Jamie 5 months ago
Astonishing video, I enjoy it so much .... Leading part is 1:42 . *I up first video, Please check and tell me am I good* 💕 🖤 💓
Mark Kuman
Mark Kuman 5 months ago
That's the price you Racist Australians pay for destroying Israel Folaus career. Had he been allowed to play he would have smashed the Lions easily.
James Ritchie
James Ritchie 5 months ago
Sorry Oz You just did not turn up. You are a way better team guys. Feel your hurt. As a Bok fan just counting my Blessings as my homeland Burns.
Martin Coetzee
Martin Coetzee 5 months ago
There is a lot being said about England's win over the All Blacks but this was a seriously good game by the English. The Aussies were comprehensively beaten by an outstanding team.
C-MONEY 6 months ago
I think Beale is an incredible player, stepped up since Folau has been gone
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters 6 months ago
Have to just copy-cat: WHO is here after SA THRASHED England????
David David
David David 6 months ago
What is the name of the commentator
xImpact cloudx
xImpact cloudx 6 months ago
Who’s here when England just lost to South Africa 😭😭
James Caldwell
James Caldwell Month ago
Poopski McJetski you are a moron. They lost against the all blacks in a group game... no one cares. They also kept many of their tactics in the holster til the final. South Africa were totally deserved champions. This coming from an Aussie.
Ellis Grief
Ellis Grief 2 months ago
Guys this is not soccer we settle our differences on the pitch
Frederik Willemse
Frederik Willemse 3 months ago
@Poopski McJetski But saying the all blacks are the deserving world champions is obviously a deluded bias, they lost aswell? Now we assume the AB's got to the final (WHICH THE SPRINGBOKS HAS ALSO NEVER LOST A FINAL) the All Blacks would've OBVIOUSLY peaked against England so South Africa would've won regardless, if you watch the game when SA versed NZ it was simple mistakes the whole time, I mean ffs Cheslin was at the AB's tryline he just didn't have support. Besides South Africa won 3/7 finals (which one was at home ground) and AB's 3/9 in which 2/3 was at their home ground. South Africa would've beaten the AB's. If South Africa isn't "deserving" world champions then no one is because everyone lost a match. But that's just my opinion tho.
Poopski McJetski
Poopski McJetski 3 months ago
@Frederik Willemse All Blacks would have smashed Springboks in the final. 😂 Every team who has met All Blacks in the QF or SF has never went on to win the final apart from Australia in 1991. All Blacks was Englands final but I don't look at South Africa as the best in the World when they lost a match. If South Africa met All Blacks in the final and beat them then fair enough but they didn't. Undeserving World Champions but that's just my opinion. Every World Champion in history won all of their games and beat the current World Champions of that time.
Frederik Willemse
Frederik Willemse 3 months ago
@Poopski McJetski Okay but how can NZ be world champions if they lost to England but South Africa beat them? You see it's a whole triangle, however, South Africa peaked perfectly in the final so I doubt NZ would've beat them again considering they did learn from their mistakes in the first game.
Andile Mzobe
Andile Mzobe 6 months ago
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 2 months ago
Andile Mzobe he got knocked out by itoje tho
Dominic Fernando
Dominic Fernando 6 months ago
Who’s here after South Africa won the World Cup.
MichaelX8 6 months ago
No one gonna talk about australia no.11s speed?
Paul M
Paul M 2 months ago
He's a winger, traditionally the fastest players, Johnny May on the England left wing is also lightning.
Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad 3 months ago
Yeah he had speed but so did some in England team.
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter 6 months ago
Honestly kinda glad England won
Martin Perez
Martin Perez 6 months ago
Sibulele Mboyi
Sibulele Mboyi 6 months ago
After all the work England has done South Africa is gonna smash them today...... rest in peace England
Birthday Boy Blam
Birthday Boy Blam 6 months ago
I was listening to Voyage of Promise from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night while watching this match. I'm from England.
Andrew Morris
Andrew Morris 7 months ago
Now THAT'S a highlights package. NBC should take notes.
Will Richards
Will Richards 7 months ago
Nobody can say that England haven't deserved their victories!
KamuiWolf 7 months ago
I’ve never watched game and I am English but this is bloody brilliant, people lifting each other to get the ball thats 200 IQ
KamuiWolf 7 months ago
Is that normal?
God, Eddie Butler is shite. Christian who?
Thomas Joynes
Thomas Joynes 7 months ago
8:15 look at all the bloody pissed of welsh fans sat there XD
Paulie 7 months ago
Wallabies, this is what happens when Leftie politicians get your best player banned :(
SuperOlivess 7 months ago
England is on FIRE!!! props!!!!
divyaraj ranjan
divyaraj ranjan 7 months ago
Australia is no more the Australia it used to be
Philippe Ouadir
Philippe Ouadir 7 months ago
hello a little message from a supporter of the French team... Congratulations to the English team for this great match against New Zealand. the English team gives a lesson in professionalism to the French team. the English team has certainly worked hard to achieve this level: work on physics, psychology, tactics and game strategy. bravo to you gentlemen. the French team must be inspired by the English team for the next World Cup. a lot of work to do.
Drummer1000George 3 months ago
Well, France certainly did their work! Congrats
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas 5 months ago
i can see France being a real force in the next world cup. their U20s seems Unstoppable lately also they are at home.
Sam C. S.
Sam C. S. 7 months ago
Fair play mate and good luck to you in the next one.
DEMONIC MACHINE 7 months ago
The English are having a great year: 1)- Liverpool win the Champions League ; Chelsea win the Europa League 2)- England win the cricket World Cup 3)-England in Rugby WC finals
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 3 months ago
Did a English bull terrier win Crufts too
Joe Boon Music
Joe Boon Music 3 months ago
@Apple Fuzion Good one, at least we were in the final.
Apple Fuzion
Apple Fuzion 4 months ago
4) england loses by a large margin to south africa hahaha
SparkyDog ManiaCLAN1124
PC. Yann up the torys
Ravidu Dissanayake
Ravidu Dissanayake 6 months ago
Don’t forget BREXIT too!
Agustín Ferri
Agustín Ferri 7 months ago
Where is the commentator-woman's accent from?
Europa 1
Europa 1 7 months ago
New Zealand I think.
K Dog
K Dog 7 months ago
Who's here after England beat New Zealand 😁?
Lewis 2 months ago
Obama Prism I’m here after you commented like a sore loser
Bosnia 2 months ago
@Reece Quin im here after south africa is still a shithole
Azshishchenkovy Andreyuskins
@Reece Quin 🤣
Reece Quin
Reece Quin 5 months ago
K Dog im here after Sa beat England 😃
Craig Barry
Craig Barry 7 months ago
They went hid to hid ...priceless
D M 7 months ago
Did they omit the Aussie disallowed clear forward pass 'try' from the highlights, which the NZ TMO tried to give, to cover up the blatant cheating?
Theo Rhally
Theo Rhally 7 months ago
3:45 lol
Gumer Flores
Gumer Flores 7 months ago
Estimado señor: no me canso de agradeceros por los vídeos que subís. Lástima que Los Pumas ni Los Teros se encuentren disputando el mundial. Dios guarde a vuecé.
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