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Hello dear friends!!!
ATTENTION! Action in this video made by a professional. Do not repeat! It can be dangerous!
Any actions in the video is not a call for repeat them! Dont do it, it is not safe. Please be responsible at all times!
Track: Elektronomia - Summersong 2018 [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: ruvid.net/video/video-HoCw_gaCHXE.html
Free Download / Stream: ncs.io/SummersongYO


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Mar 9, 2019




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Comments 60
SkyBek Year ago
Where are you from?
Ak.shay. 10
Ak.shay. 10 11 days ago
Claire Ashby
Claire Ashby 24 days ago
Tomas 400 Lima games
Hi to myself
Hi to myself Month ago
Filander Gaming
Filander Gaming 4 hours ago
where is obsidian 😂😂
Sheetal Paudel
Sheetal Paudel 5 hours ago
cammie van wonterghem
dwayne and jasmine
devin 10 hours ago
i can't be the only one who expected cobblestone to form
Prabhas Tracks
Prabhas Tracks 16 hours ago
How many members know Prabhas (baahubali)
BasicRock123 17 hours ago
That’s how you make a hot tub
Tubewon Gaming
Tubewon Gaming 17 hours ago
DREAM:WHERE THE OBSIDIAN?!!! GEORGE:Dream this is real life DREAM:...
muhammad darussalam
muhammad darussalam 20 hours ago
how many micro things is dead because that?
Hoodie Gamer
Hoodie Gamer 21 hour ago
Okay where are the molten rocks tho?
Chicken Nuggiesarenoutrious
God loves you. He wants a personal relationship with you, accept him, repent and give your life to Him like He gave His for you!💜
Piotr Zabielski
Aman Yadav
Aman Yadav Day ago
Make a nether portal
Kinda sounds like me taking a piss in a public toilet
Huxley Day ago
I just feel like if i chewed the lava fast enough it would be fine
I am not throwing away my shot!
Lmao ikr But no
Adrián Day ago
lava in da pool for today
Rudra Bajaj
Rudra Bajaj Day ago
When you heat wax under 300c and the immediately freeze it. There is some chance of wax turning in diamond try it
Christy Thomas
Pub g gun making ruvid.net/video/video-FK1rLKo9GIE.html
Peace Ememmah
Don't lie who searched this up out of curiosity?
Pine Day ago
now go take a swim
Preston Strong
Pringooals 2
Pringooals 2 2 days ago
Subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you :))
Veno Ferdyana
Veno Ferdyana 2 days ago
Jean Carlo RamosZeballos
Yo pensando q saldria obcidiana para hacer un portal jajajajajjajajaajaj
Hilary Patton
Hilary Patton 2 days ago
Too small of a pool
Daiva Rafhael
Daiva Rafhael 2 days ago
Daiva Rafhael
Daiva Rafhael 2 days ago
Daiva Rafhael
Daiva Rafhael 2 days ago
monsta gaming
monsta gaming 2 days ago
random dude:when will lava be found me:AT A VOLCANO DUMMY
Chilling Vibing
Chilling Vibing 2 days ago
If only I could put a tea bag in the pool
Lexie Da Gamer
Lexie Da Gamer 3 days ago
So satisfying!
Voorbeeld Iemand
Voorbeeld Iemand 3 days ago
Is that a pool for animals?
Nugget VR
Nugget VR 3 days ago
its not lava its melted metal
Andri 889
Andri 889 3 days ago
Panas banget
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez 3 days ago
Mr Clapz
Mr Clapz 3 days ago
That’s not real lava
Anpur Nazmin
Anpur Nazmin 3 days ago
6 and I think it's a good thing for a person with m to up the exa 8 and my wife is a little bit older now than me sab kese is the best way of the year for
Infinity Test
Infinity Test 3 days ago
It is a great video.
Kairee Wilder
Kairee Wilder 3 days ago
Oh my God he did not bring about to put that in the pool
TrapiStarzAnimates AJ
Wow, I didn't know you could get lava off EBay.
GARIEL310 0 3 days ago
Jennifer Mutudi
Jennifer Mutudi 3 days ago
There is no way that is lava
Kimon Piazis
Kimon Piazis 4 days ago
Yuvraj Mudaliar
Yuvraj Mudaliar 4 days ago
Why are you wasting the pool
Painbor Nongrum
Painbor Nongrum 4 days ago
It seems like a small hot tub when they pour the lava.
Moonrise Tours
Moonrise Tours 5 days ago
Bro how do you make your lava
Kathy Vigneault
Kathy Vigneault 5 days ago
Is the lava real??
Víctor Rios
Víctor Rios 5 days ago
esta padre 7w7 no se ingles
Rish 360
Rish 360 5 days ago
Vitor aleatório
Vitor aleatório 5 days ago
showering now in the cold it was good to put lava
Azie Rahman
Azie Rahman 5 days ago
Wow this is so satisfiying
Sekin Plays
Sekin Plays 5 days ago
Cutie Pearl
Cutie Pearl 5 days ago
Lava vs Water- Ofc water will win- and ba boom Its turning to The hot water-
Murugan Murugan
Murugan Murugan 5 days ago
That is gold pls reply me anna
Ava And Diya 2191
4:25 is that how obsidian looks like??
Ava And Diya 2191
Minecrafters be like: ThAt wIlL Be oBsIdIaN Spelling mistakes sry ;-;
Sparky Plug 01
Sparky Plug 01 6 days ago
That's not even rock..it taked thousands of years for rock to molt
Nauman Anwer
Nauman Anwer 6 days ago
It is too hot🤔🤔🤔
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 6 days ago
Are you Creating an Obsidian or Stone?
MaxKatzen 6 days ago
Im pretty sure that this isnt lava cause lava is molten rock and this is some kind of metal(maybe chopper)
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