Expensive vs Cheap Shopping Challenge!

Ryland Adams
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Dec 21, 2018




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Comments 80
Peachyxlila 17 hours ago
Jasmine Thomson
Omg I know this is so old but I've had two kids literally hit me up I'll give y'all all the dirty deets
Lauren Cuellar-Mayoral
You guys are wonderful . Y’all will get through this, just hang on 🙏
e m m a
e m m a 2 days ago
shane realized ryland becoming a women to crash a party is transphobic, but didn’t realize doing blackface and saying the n word is racist?
Holly Mckechnie
Holly Mckechnie 3 days ago
Look, While Shane has done so much negative things, they were years ago and I like watching these videos and it reminds me that Ryland and Shane are good people and dont deserve any of the bad shit that has happened to them, I love you guys so much and will always continue to watch your vids!
Prachi Gupta
Prachi Gupta 6 hours ago
Yes sister! So true!
Lauren Cuellar-Mayoral
I love this comment!
Kira L
Kira L 3 days ago
“let’s just call it food” 😂😂
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson 4 days ago
Shane never makes an effort does he? Going to the store in PJs.
Kaden St. Martin
Kaden St. Martin 4 days ago
did anyone else see Andrew's... it looked at me I swear
Ashley Walker
Ashley Walker 5 days ago
I just gave birth...lost 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks of postpartum now 6 weeks pp and I have to work out to lose the other 10 to be pre pregnancy weight
Meredith Dunn
Meredith Dunn 5 days ago
2:13 did not age well
Dorky Doing
Dorky Doing 6 days ago
2 years later during the corona virus, I have spotted corona at 2:47, conspiracy? I think so lol
Smarty Pies Productions
I can’t with 2:32
Kvspoliva 6 days ago
I cant be the only one that started saying "Me" after I heard shane always say it
Shannon G
Shannon G 8 days ago
You guys are so rich omg
Nikki 8 days ago
Working from home, listening to Shane and Rylands videos..... (The best ever). Can I be friends with you? I swear I am weird to and the same age! :)
Anouk Geurts
Anouk Geurts 9 days ago
Go to 04:20 and look at the words on the box next to shane his head..... WHAT?!
Klara Grant
Klara Grant 10 days ago
Ryland: “my Gucci bag broke omg!” *its the hard knock life*
Pawley Pocket
Pawley Pocket 10 days ago
Shane's doing a horror movie rn, what if he did a puppet horror movie. Super gory and everything 🔪😱
Kimberlee Arteaga
Kimberlee Arteaga 10 days ago
Ryland "Don't Worry Shane I need no help! " Shane " I know you're an independent woman" 😂🤣☠️
Kate Gormanly
Kate Gormanly 12 days ago
4:20 read what on the box on the right side
Brena Yaghoobian
Brena Yaghoobian 7 days ago
Katie Anne
Katie Anne 12 days ago
I love how Shane's voice got deeper when impersonating tana 😂
Just your everyday Jedi
Am I the only one who sang click bait Christmas in the store
Koltin McCutchan
Koltin McCutchan 13 days ago
Star Wars megatron lmao
Ava Wrenne
Ava Wrenne 14 days ago
Ya know Shane has a nice voice
Bayoleth Marin
Bayoleth Marin 14 days ago
I find it so cute how Shane got Ryland that scarf and put a budget of $10 for his gift bc he doesn’t like expensive stuff, it just shows how humble, giving and sweet he is. I love him.
Tom Jo
Tom Jo 15 days ago
It says Corona on one of the boxes Coincidence I think not
2 Danny 2 Legal
2 Danny 2 Legal 15 days ago
Shane is very authentic.
R.I.P Channel
R.I.P Channel 16 days ago
Shane : "Don't google it kids" Me : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Vivi 16 days ago
At 11:10 I think I heard shane say, " I know, Mr. Beast shit" I think I have to go to sleep now
Manuela Guirguis
Manuela Guirguis 17 days ago
I‘m watching your Christmas video and it’s nearly summer...
Julie Mjøs-Vidarsdottir
just a thought: ANDREW SHOULD GET HIS OWN CHANNEL (he could like vlog behind the scenes of shane’s and ryland’s life or just make his own videos)
Artistic_Person ???
Beary the Bear is so Iconic. Like, I Stan
andy 19 days ago
tbh idk how Andrew hasn’t questioned his sexuality when he is 24/7 with these guys
Shudup Bish
Shudup Bish 17 days ago
Emily Empowers
Emily Empowers 20 days ago
"What's that?" Ryland:"A Star Wars Megatron." 😭😂😂😂😂 ME
McKenna Allen
McKenna Allen 22 days ago
2:09 Shane’s face is priceless
Jessie Massey
Jessie Massey 23 days ago
I love how they treat Andrew like another you tuber
Lucas Montague
Lucas Montague 24 days ago
I fuckin love Andrew(Camera Man's) laugh its so great
Lucas Montague
Lucas Montague 24 days ago
Dr. Who Cares
Dr. Who Cares 25 days ago
Ryland: “A Star Wars megatron” Star Wars fans: Bruh
Dr. Who Cares
Dr. Who Cares 25 days ago
Shane is getting gayer by the second
Kerry Goodall
Kerry Goodall 26 days ago
I didn’t have a baby but I have a post baby body Meeeeeee
kenzie Sanders
kenzie Sanders 26 days ago
Me in quarantine rewatching ryland,Shane,Morgan,Garrett,and Drew’s videos and this one cracked me up especially when Shane had the puppet 😂😂
ash dove
ash dove 26 days ago
BUT I LOVE how the lady is homophobic because she was judging their outfits.
sycoxpsy 27 days ago
Umm... Pause on 4:19 Corona lol
Ella 27 days ago
At 4:20 read the box. look at the first word. illuminati confirmed o_o
7:00 my fav part
yes sister
yes sister 29 days ago
omg i want to be Shane Dawson.
lol Month ago
@17:43 what's uno carrying? 😂❤️
bianca berry
bianca berry Month ago
Kelly Blank
Kelly Blank Month ago
Andrew 💖✨
S H Y T y pe
S H Y T y pe Month ago
I freaked out when i saw something witen on the box at 4:20 lol
Megan Chichester
Yo if they still wanna do the pregnancy thing, I’m due in 3 months so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Madylyn K
Madylyn K Month ago
Why does the puppet look like the people in the movie white chicks :/
Watching these type of videos makes me want to go shopping but I'm too broke to do it
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace Month ago
Little did they know..... but Barry the polar bear was about to become an icon 😂💕
Ashlee Hill
Ashlee Hill Month ago
I wil give this to Ryland and Shane it’s $1000 oh wait it’s extra inspired LOL
Halley Sauceda
Halley Sauceda Month ago
Them: getting trees Me: cant even have a tree without looking like a blow fish😭😩 (Im allergic😞✌)
Sydney Heuer
Sydney Heuer Month ago
how is shane not offended by rylands Pepsi shirt lol 😂😂 diet coke stan
sally davidson
sally davidson Month ago
6:59 omg thats a bop on spotify
Selene Month ago
Treegan lol
Ashley Baillie
Ashley Baillie Month ago
Watching in 2020. The fact it says corona behind Shane at 4.27 is triggering
____BASS___ _
____BASS___ _ Month ago
7:25 Very brief, but is that a GT3RS or GT2RS?? Sry I’m a little behind now. I get why Andrew was recording it.
Jared eats bathbombs
I can tell just from the puppet show Shane’s gonna be a good father
Nugget Month ago
Nina Girardi
Nina Girardi Month ago
I could listen to Andrew laugh all day 🙃🙃🥰
Rhea Jewan
Rhea Jewan Month ago
Iazuli Month ago
why did i see a comment saying logan and jake paul are a better couple
Jenn S
Jenn S Month ago
Oh Shane. I know you have issues about your body/looks but you really need to work on the negative self talk
Rachael Mayes
Rachael Mayes Month ago
did anyone else see corona on the. box at. 4:19 !?
Bulletproof Army
I want Shane to sing a song because his voice sounds good 👌🏻
Artsy kitty
Artsy kitty Month ago
Me :* hears Andrew's laugh* Also me : (wakes from the dead) I'M ALIVE !!!!!
Ashleigh xoxo
Ashleigh xoxo Month ago
9:20 never been so jealous of a Christmas dec in my life
zeina alsherif
zeina alsherif Month ago
I love how energized Shane is this video
i’m pennywise
i’m pennywise Month ago
at 4:20 you can see “corona” coincidence i think NOT
Strxwberri _milk
Cheeto on the table
Haleigh clark
Haleigh clark Month ago
Making Shane happy is so easy it’s so cute
Nelii Month ago
Ryland: Jojo and her bow bow Shane: yikes
Jasmine Jade
Jasmine Jade Month ago
Shane : treegans? 😂😭😭😭
Poppy Jhill
Poppy Jhill Month ago
4:20 the box behind shane 🤔 “corona”🤣🤣
Visible. Month ago
4:20 Uu "Corona"
Vans Month ago
did nobody notice that by the time stamp 4:18 you can see by the background a box and on the box it says ''corona''
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