Expedition Everest front seat on-ride 4K POV @60fps Disney's Animal Kingdom

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With incredible themeing and thrills galore, could this be Disney's best roller coaster? Taking six years to design and construct at an estimated total cost of $100 million, this Vekoma custom coaster is listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive roller coaster in the world.
Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom is located near Orlando in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
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Jan 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Gabe Pasquince
Gabe Pasquince 4 hours ago
am i the only one who remembers going up into the mountain, going backwards and shooting out? ok just me
Ailish evans
Ailish evans 14 hours ago
Omg so many memories I went on this ride in Disney world.. u can’t beat the ride
Jaden Ng
Jaden Ng Day ago
Kate Conti
Kate Conti Day ago
Disco yeti strikes again
たから Day ago
すっごい楽しそう!!!!! いつか絶対行く!!!!!
Dee Dee Davila
Lil Squirt
Lil Squirt 2 days ago
Nobody: Guy:im a screamer Me: thats what she said(almost dies of laughter)
finthemad YT
finthemad YT 2 days ago
I've been on this boi it's scary as f*ck
Cait16 2 days ago
who let Luigi aboard
Syed Shamim Ezaz
Syed Shamim Ezaz 2 days ago
The guy had already said in the beginning, "I'm a screamer"
Mr Crumb
Mr Crumb 3 days ago
I loved this one
Kayden Kennerley
Kayden Kennerley 3 days ago
My friend started screaming the first 5 seconds of this ride...
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 4 days ago
1:44 >>Goofy has entered the chat.
Poloc Santos
Poloc Santos 5 days ago
Expedition Everest What Is That Ford?
Nick Corisis
Nick Corisis 6 days ago
It looks like theres a bunch of small and medium drops, are there any big ones?
Nicholas 6 days ago
The person screaming at the big drop reminds me of mario
BTS Jiminie
BTS Jiminie 7 days ago
I went on this ride when I was 6, with my twin sister. They told us the ride would be for kids. Screamed and cried all the way lol
Just Some Person
Just Some Person 8 days ago
2:37 exact replica of the angry birds noises
Night Mare
Night Mare 9 days ago
I’ve been on that it’s my favorite
Ethan Briggs :l'
Ethan Briggs :l' 10 days ago
The best thing to do during quarantine.
Oh, Beans?
Oh, Beans? 10 days ago
I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH! You make these rides easier to have a preview of!
Dylan Finn
Dylan Finn 10 days ago
Max Mantell
Max Mantell 10 days ago
Remember the yeti from Rudolph? This is him now
Myles G
Myles G 11 days ago
r2d2 screams
1:44 R2-D2
PeliculasAlDia 14 days ago
Juan Melgar
Juan Melgar 14 days ago
Thank you for that video!!! Love the detail and stablized.
Logan Hern
Logan Hern 14 days ago
My teacher is screaming in that video
Sunflwrr Babe
Sunflwrr Babe 14 days ago
im so jealous of the people that can go on roller coasters i literally cannot breathe
Cyclops 15 days ago
I was checking this out because my mom rode it around 4 years ago and wanted to see it for myself
Dusty Boot
Dusty Boot 16 days ago
I enjoyed the full minute of just blackness… Really fun!
Marilee the nature lover
That ride looks so cool 😎. It was closedown we I was there. I was so mad 😡
Cringe Worthy
Cringe Worthy 17 days ago
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 17 days ago
This was my favorite ride at Disney
ツDoggy 17 days ago
When you see that broken piece you messed up😂
Megan Anscombe
Megan Anscombe 17 days ago
I loved this ride the two times I went to orlando
Lucy Williamson
Lucy Williamson 18 days ago
I went on this when I was 8 years old, sitting at the front and I started screaming and crying because my mum was on the ride before me and I thought she had flown off the broken track and died 🤷🏻‍♂️
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor 18 days ago
Only One Kenobi
Only One Kenobi 18 days ago
Best WDW POV on RUvid! With the best passenger (Goofy) screaming!!!!
JustaGuy 18 days ago
Is this ride super fast? I’m planning my first trip to the park for next year and I don’t wanna get too scared and embarrass myself by crying or screaming, because I will do that if it’s too fast.
Андрей Фамильев
Screaming is ok on rides, some people riding just to scream :D I was in Sochi in amusement park and I was not allowed to ride before I had to leave everything that can fly away(backpack, phone, even my glasses), because the rides was very fast. Considering that this video was filmed on camera I don't think they're fast. On fast rides no one would allow you use camera.
Dragon 18 days ago
I thought this was an unreal engine demo... hahaha
Ruadhan 19 days ago
RUvid had a fucking day trip with this one
Hanna Tadesse
Hanna Tadesse 20 days ago
DramaLlama 101
DramaLlama 101 20 days ago
I’m pretty sure that random screaming guy was my dad lol
cupcakez -n- razorbladez
ohh thats nice how they wave when everybody comes in 😻
Marcus Matteo
Marcus Matteo 21 day ago
Hoping Disney takes advantage of this down time and FIXES THIS RIDE!
Nature Shorts 4K HD
Mind blowing video i loved it ❤❤❤❤👍🏼🏞
Michael Narvaez
Michael Narvaez 21 day ago
When I first rode this me and this kid fainted on each other that was the pic they took💀
SuperTylerMan 21 day ago
Let’s all admit it We are all upset Disney closed. We really all want to go on this ride. And we are all stuck in quarantine, we don’t have anything to do, but watch dumb stuff...
The MW Girls
The MW Girls 21 day ago
Hey. Can your videos be used as a video backdrop on youtube?
DJI MAV MAN 22 days ago
nice pov :)
The Clark Channel
The Clark Channel 22 days ago
Sitting next to people like that guy screaming is always the BEST. I have such anxiety on roller coasters and when I hear people enjoy it it actually makes me enjoy it more. And laugh the whole time. Im beaming watching this, ty random guy
Epic gamer libtard troll
God that yeti scarred me
neveensvlogs 22 days ago
I WENT ON THAT. So scary that I lost my voice for a week from screaming
Archie 4 Sure
Archie 4 Sure 22 days ago
Me watching video: pfft not scary at all looks like a baby ride Me at the park looking at the rude: *nopenopenopenopenope*
VhoxzZ 23 days ago
I remember back when I was younger I loved this ride so much that whenever I was done I just kept using my family member’s fast pass one by one because they didn’t wanna go on the ride. Man good times...
TheTalkingDog :3
TheTalkingDog :3 23 days ago
i did this in th edark, I couldnt see anything. :v
zhelon 23 days ago
Ese juego es muy entretenido
Paris and Elizabeth blossom Alcazar
Bro ppl wanna enjoy the roller coaster stop talking
Cyborg Silas
Cyborg Silas 24 days ago
Oof you forgot to stand up at the picture part. That's the most fun thing to do on the ride
Alex 25 days ago
You only recorded this to make it about yourself, not the actual ride. Next time, shut the fuck up and just let the camera record without your annoying ass gay mating calls. Jesus Christ.
Luis Leakey
Luis Leakey 25 days ago
where is it?
SETPH STUDIO 25 days ago
what camera used?
TheEpicsniper34 25 days ago
Is he doing his battle cry? Or is he luigi?
H U N G E R.
H U N G E R. 25 days ago
Looking at this makes me want to scream I am so scared of rollercoasters 🎢
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 26 days ago
I’m never going on this so thanks for the video lol
Nathan Corpus
Nathan Corpus 26 days ago
So what’s going on when you’re in the dark? I get that it goes backwards but is it the same track that you just came through? I don’t do well with spinning so I’m debating on whether or not to ride it...in 2075 when I finally go to WDW 😂
Amy Patchen
Amy Patchen 27 days ago
i wood be sick if i went on
Roxas105 27 days ago
He becomes goofy at 1:45 and then mario at 2:30 😂😂👏🏻
Андрей Цегельник
Edward Hallett
Edward Hallett 27 days ago
Quarantine Day Week 7 Watching Disney rides online while hiding in a bin laughing at the guy who’s kept going WOO HOO HOO HOO
toki 27 days ago
Imagine running 60 fps you bot😏
ぱんかぼちゃ 28 days ago
Mahmud Khan
Mahmud Khan 28 days ago
your video quality is pretty bad for 4k
Keith Miller
Keith Miller 29 days ago
This was my first roller coaster ive ever riden
Christina 29 days ago
i remember going on this ride in the front seat, and when we got to the broken tracks, my friends and i flung rubber bands on the side of the ride 🤣
Brittany Regan
Brittany Regan 29 days ago
if you like iT SAY 123
Hannah M
Hannah M 29 days ago
I remember being at the back of the ride, I didn’t see the broken track so I thought the ride was broken 🤣
Thom Pabol
Thom Pabol 29 days ago
when the cars rolled backwards, what if it then rolled into a real pit and never got out again.
Undefined name
Undefined name 29 days ago
In the beginning I thought even a pussy like me could ride this, then I realized maybe not.
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