Expedition Everest front seat on-ride 4K POV @60fps Disney's Animal Kingdom

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With incredible themeing and thrills galore, could this be Disney's best roller coaster? Taking six years to design and construct at an estimated total cost of $100 million, this Vekoma custom coaster is listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive roller coaster in the world.
Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom is located near Orlando in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
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Jan 11, 2019




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Comments 2 393
Daddy Osu
Daddy Osu 6 hours ago
First rollercoaster ive ever ridden
TokkisarangYT 9 hours ago
sounds more like mario and goofy screaming
kosc 23 hours ago
i cant even watch this is 144p with my internet
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell Day ago
April M
April M Day ago
I honestly just came and watched this video because I missed this ride and I miss Disney world 🥺
No To Challenge 25
1:20 What the!?
Mr Mojo Risin
Mr Mojo Risin 6 days ago
Why everybody screaming? It’s not that much scary at all
QBuild Pro
QBuild Pro 7 days ago
Honestly I’d rather have bad video quality and good sound quality.
Owen Jeremy
Owen Jeremy 8 days ago
I pooped my pants mamaaaaa :*(
Adam Breckenridge
Dude going through the darkness backwards would be the perfect opportunity for a good ole goofy falling yell!
Eron Channel
Eron Channel 9 days ago
I thought this was fake
Aloha Traveler
Aloha Traveler 9 days ago
Amazing video aloha from kauai
Lynna Elaine vlogs
Lynna Elaine vlogs 11 days ago
Why are there so many haters ?hayers back off
The Buff On Tour
The Buff On Tour 11 days ago
This ride is fantastic
Spin Vacations
Spin Vacations 11 days ago
Which disney park is this ?
Brian Karp
Brian Karp 11 days ago
I remember doing this ride at night when there was lightning. It was so cool and scary
Kady Wiseman
Kady Wiseman 12 days ago
anyone else here because they have a case of post-disney depression??
大和田匠人 12 days ago
A Roblox Player
A Roblox Player 13 days ago
lmao the scream from 2:27 sounds like mickey got hit on his foot by a brick.
Matthew Abner
Matthew Abner 13 days ago
I did this today and I’m only 8 yrs old it is really fun I love this coaster👍
Natasha Askew
Natasha Askew 13 days ago
I nearly passed out on this
Pokeu Nomnom
Pokeu Nomnom 14 days ago
When the track is broke at the end, what happens is the tracks flip and rotate during that pause and then the ride continues backwards
banjo099 14 days ago
Watch out! The roller coaster destroyer ape has come! This ride is not working.
Jed Mackay
Jed Mackay 15 days ago
Great vid I’m subscribing
Como se cocina?
Como se cocina? 16 days ago
hey what kind of camera are you using? looks neat
bill mccomb
bill mccomb 16 days ago
The most expensive roller-coaster in the world; and the scare factor is the shadow of a Yeti?? Come on, Disney. You used to be better than this. Why, after ten years of operation, why isn't the large Yeti animatronic inside the mountain working??
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 18 days ago
Do you use a hand held grip for this or some kind of mount?
Arzaker 21 day ago
1:45 Goofy?... is that you?
Sonnyseas ••
Sonnyseas •• 22 days ago
Who else saw the hair bobbles at the broken track bit? Me 🙋‍♀️ lol I went on this Yesterday and two days ago weee It feels like u go upside down while going backwards tho u don’t xD
Simply-G ASMR
Simply-G ASMR 23 days ago
did anyone shit themselves???
Jada Walker
Jada Walker 24 days ago
I rode on this at Disney and it was terrifying and then it was fun and then a monster tarred of the tails and we went backwards it was soooo fun y’all should go thier
Justin Lehman
Justin Lehman 25 days ago
Lame as fuck lol all people want is huge drops and spirals. If you want a good backwards coaster, why not a huge drop backwards?
Denise Padilla
Denise Padilla 25 days ago
The funniest thing about this video is the Man’s scream on the ride 😂😂🤣🤣
Leane Stiehl
Leane Stiehl 26 days ago
I love it
刀乇卩尺乇丂丂丨ㄖ几 メメメ
Mickey Mouse???
IAmWhatICreate1999 27 days ago
Can you imagine how scared people would get if the broken track was broken track wasn’t always there? Like, the coaster had two separate tracks. You you imagine the reaction of someone who rode the ride 4 times with a different track and the fifth time saw the broken one? 😂
Kurtz Baratier
Kurtz Baratier 27 days ago
I went in the night time. BEST. RIDE. EVER! (Also I was in a 2 minute wait line lol)
Larena Abdon
Larena Abdon 28 days ago
I couldn't stop laughing at the guy's screaming
Twilight Soul
Twilight Soul 29 days ago
This ride looks so dull
Sad S’mores
Sad S’mores Month ago
This sounds like a pretty good ride to me. It’s really boring and doesn’t go fast. My type!
DL Loper
DL Loper Month ago
It is a screamer really
Abbie's Vlogs 'N' Stuff
Great video 👍🏼 I just purchased a 4K camera & love the quality
Rose Granados
Rose Granados Month ago
I love Disney so much that I want to go to Walt Disney World and take my Family and coaster Force your Videos rock and would you like to post Disneyland rides FAST RIDES?!
Krissy Davis
Krissy Davis Month ago
I gonna ride this is it scary
timothy wait
timothy wait Month ago
krissy Davis no its a Family ride
i n s a n i t y s o p h i e
This was my favourite ride here bruh, i was dabbing on the photo
haylie pattison
haylie pattison Month ago
I went on it and when the part came when the tracks were broken the workers spreaded hair bands all over the place so we could get distracted and so it would be more of a thrill but it was a awesome ride and I would love to go on it again
Monkey Hall
Monkey Hall Month ago
when i was 6 i went on this 3 times!!!
adam Month ago
Kmart 4life
Kmart 4life Month ago
Now I want to ride that!!!
Alien Cheeks
Alien Cheeks Month ago
SUPER COOKIE 1 Month ago
It so trash
ShibaPupperVR Month ago
I actually rode this ride, yeah *never again*
Fat Fook
Fat Fook Month ago
This is 4k?
D BX Month ago
I knew big foot was real!
ElizaMoon Gacha
ElizaMoon Gacha Month ago
It will be fun they said. There’s no high drops they said.
gacha em and the crew
I almost passed out on it but still loved it Exept the dark And the monkey But I loved going down the highest part
gacha em and the crew
I loved it I went on it yesterday
salliemoonbeams Month ago
Grown men squealing like children! Ok?
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