Exoskeleton Curls WORLD RECORD! (9M SUB VIDEO!!!)

the Hacksmith
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0:00 Teaser
0:58 Intro
2:00 Giveaway
2:24 Sponsor Message
4:02 Elysium Exo Recap
8:09 Where is the Exo now?
8:16 New Exo Test
8:44 Lift!
9:15 World Record Curl?
10:08 Thank You Fans!
12:28 What's Next for the Hacksmith?
13:10 Biggest Giveaway Ever!
13:44 Outro
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Science & Technology

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Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 100
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Month ago
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Game Hacker
Game Hacker Day ago
Hey hack smith can you make a black widow bulletproof outfit.... By the way I've subscribed ☺ 😊
Herob owo
Herob owo 7 days ago
1.618 11 days ago
Jojo Chavez
Jojo Chavez 13 days ago
Can yiu build a hulkbuster
BEASTFRAG435 Pro 15 days ago
Well no
Fresh Savage
Fresh Savage 2 hours ago
45 degrees.
thatcheeseguy 3 hours ago
those were all half reps lol
JoJoe Mojo
JoJoe Mojo 4 hours ago
That's really not impressive at all, he made a very basic machine really. It's just he stuck with a weird idea when no one else gas really done it for fun. Most engineers are building things that do something productive. He got his fortune though, good on that and he's living his best life for sure.
Badname2011 12 hours ago
looks like it would fall apart if you moved more than waddling speed.
Is Famin
Is Famin 13 hours ago
теперь понятно откуда такие руки
Suryansh Kushwaha
Suryansh Kushwaha 14 hours ago
Amzar Fadliatma
Amzar Fadliatma 16 hours ago
Real Tony Stark
Becky Ritter
Becky Ritter 18 hours ago
This was the most sweet video my eyes watered btw plz heart and pin plz plz plz
Wajeeba Day ago
I wonder if you could use one of those bionic muscles around the shaft of an arrow to make a kind of green arrow grappling hook that expands when it penetrates soft surfaces, like wood. What do you reckon? It might just tear a larger hole in the surface and not work but that’s pretty entertaining too :D
Johnny Die kelle
Lenoidas Arkona make this with muscles. Very Bad exoskelett
Austin 73
Austin 73 Day ago
Can you make Iron Man robot then make jet truster in it... Combine that with the robot stuff and any stuff that you make combine it then you make robot.......... I mean i have a idea how to make 👣 struster... Make it like proto tipe 2 jet truster make of 4 jet make it long to nea then to swish make it till your arm at the back and the armour made it out of shirld armour captan america shild make it like amour thats wy Iron Man suit is strong so...... About bot jet struster made it like remote in arm bot in leg if you make leg amour that will be great for jet struster for Iron Man leg jet so.... This is my plant so it mite help you
Austin 73
Austin 73 Day ago
I fogot it dit you make hulk arm puch if you do it Mike help you tips about how to make arm supote of Iron Man with Man power puch just need supote because this just a prototipe
Austin 73
Austin 73 Day ago
Last... If you make iron arm liks shield do so it mite be the strongest puch in break stuff not tree.... But to make it supote the arm rist and back shoder for example if I have your facebook i Mike post it at your group so to make it shoter make arm rist back shoder arm supoter... Not auto puch but you puch it for real man power if you can make it Mike helo you build Iron Man puch power but without jet arm struster you.... OK thats all.. Ok to make it posibel for you make back pack jet struster and leg struster together to make you fly just that I Mike help you balace not with arm just control the power on and off at arm. So thats all I no about Iron Man suit power for now.
Austin 73
Austin 73 Day ago
If it lame for you to read how about make jet skatebord Hu its cool for people but make it like in the movie but if the item to many then its fale just make jet like hop goblin in spideman movie if you dont like the skate bord.. OK to make it simple make heart rektor for skate bord for power jus beside it jet beside it to if you can make two thing together you Mike can make two jet for skate bord but I warnd you the tire Mike cant take it or the people can contro it so make it simple just the heart dont remove only jet power exhage just to make the skate bord move is ok so... I still have lots of idea so I no alot of tekno logi how to make it just i am 19 and not work and I am Malaysia so I cant got to your place.... If you can hire me I will be honor
Austin 73
Austin 73 Day ago
Ok I just sea your shield lase video is look like heart rektor laser not beam I no... How to make it life power for your jet if you make similar to heart rektor to miro it inside and out side of shield its Mike make beam laser but you make one side miro if you make two side laser but inside make it secure because if not its Mike crack the blue 2 layour sote burn it so if you can make it like full Prof burn out of laser it Mike booster the laser to 2 time of find the wire of 4 out of 2 cabel inside sorry 2 cabel inside 4 so make like Iron Man make the wire alot inside make it less wire out side i no you no it.. For me I like Iron Man you like captan..... I like study Iron Man suit better then you but I dont have jop right now if you can hire me I can make it for you
Austin 73
Austin 73 Day ago
If you dont have any idea.. Try post it out of video.. Maby people like me have some idea like me and like you do so its help you alot so pls post it at youtube if you dont have idea of how to make any thing... Say something like can you give me any idea of how to make something just a word maby I have a adea how to make it post it at youtupe if live it useles so good luck
Ugnius Vilida
in the future we all will have iron man suits
Jesse Callaway
Now you can see what it feels to be a powerlifter or a healthy strong male.. Minus =lifting heavy for years, or eating right or discipline .. coming soon. Reserve yours now.
David Aguillon
in the old day's he sounds like steve rogers
Arfabiscuit Day ago
half reps don't count so that's zero
Game Hacker
Game Hacker Day ago
Hey 👋 Hacksmith can you design a black widow bulletproof outfit....Also I've subscribed ☺ 😊 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Parker Branham
very good journey
Eren Kizilay
Eren Kizilay Day ago
Make Amaru from R6
Brody Drysdale
That moment when you realize you live near The Hacksmiths
we know his voice
Trust in Jesus he died for your sins, believe the gospel. Repent!!! If you do sin confess your sins, ask him to help you overcome your sins he will. Obey Jesus, live by his teachings, be led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is coming soon you must live by his teachings. The love of God is beyond our understanding God bless;;;
Shayde Stadnyk
Continue the ironman suit and if you can build an exoskeleton into the suit to make it stronger
Eduardo Martinez
Whos cutting onions my god
The Almighty
The Almighty 2 days ago
Thats the strixt record which you didnt do and you didng even come close to locking out you quarter repped it world record normal curl is 200kg or 440lbs set by bill kazmaier
Kai Smith
Kai Smith 2 days ago
I don't want the government to use this technology they might use this for war...
chris ismail
chris ismail 2 days ago
Holly crap 9m subs!! I remember when u where still working for a company, then went full time on youtube.
Zorzo Roth
Zorzo Roth 2 days ago
Half rep :D
Jeorge andrei Dela cruz
T rex tv
T rex tv 3 days ago
Omost time for a 10 mil play button fo rthe hack smiths!!!
Magdiel Cortes
Magdiel Cortes 3 days ago
half reps
Parker Branham
Parker Branham 3 days ago
I have been subed and I always will
Gacha Maca
Gacha Maca 3 days ago
750,000 subs for each member
Nickita Russian
Nickita Russian 3 days ago
Hey the Armadyl GodSword 🙌😂
pyro_ lmg
pyro_ lmg 4 days ago
All the members From 3 years ago will like this comment
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 4 days ago
How to make a real you videos are cool and always watch them and the glasses are really cool always watching videos when it comes out and it don't matter if I win or not be happy if I don't win if I do I do when I will be happy but if I don't I don't know how you be happy this yeah tell me where I love you guys
Georgee Ok
Georgee Ok 4 days ago
Nice form
ChromeDome Magnifique
Hello blacksmith. I love when you bring m9vie and game weapons to life. Do you think you can the bloodskal blade from skyrim.
Machan theory
Machan theory 4 days ago
My name is riyaz My house in kerala im big fan of u
Vilma Manalo
Vilma Manalo 4 days ago
im happy
Carson Tivadar
Carson Tivadar 4 days ago
Congrats on 9 mil. But when you said your retiring from RUvid I FREAKED out. well your probably not gonna see this but i wanted to say thank you for everything you do and I'm only 10 and I want to be just like you and now I've been doing everything I can. WAIT ONE SECOND!! Did you just say your gonna make another channel to teach engineering! I know im only 10 but I still want to go to those summer camps if I can. One more time, Thanks Hacksmith for everything that you've done for me
jeeth surendran
jeeth surendran 4 days ago
I am really inspierd...............keeep going like this.
Franklin Jöl
Franklin Jöl 4 days ago
Half reps dont count
abhinav k.b
abhinav k.b 4 days ago
You guys are amazing
Dave Star
Dave Star 4 days ago
Hes cheating! Hes using mechanics to lift the weights
JIRREN 5 days ago
Its bugging me that the plates are backwards
MASTER 24 5 days ago
Денис Цыпленков !!!
cruz maria garcia
Malgorzata Boguslawska
II subscribed to your channel
Deep hug
Deep hug 5 days ago
This has been a best channel i have ever seen
Radhika Basnet
Radhika Basnet 5 days ago
Can you make a rocket punch
TнundeгCuпт 5 days ago
Tyler1 can squat 410lb
Deep hug
Deep hug 5 days ago
Video starts at 4:34
Angelo CptnHellDrvr Dequiña
James's Face at the thumbnail looks like steve rogers holding thanos
rakhulece 2001
rakhulece 2001 5 days ago
I like you bro from 2014 Lots of love from india❤❤💙💙💛
Steve Koernig
Steve Koernig 5 days ago
This remember me mordecai and rigby
pago Jadugar
pago Jadugar 5 days ago
You are amazing bro
Effortless Insec
Effortless Insec 6 days ago
That's not a world record bb curl. I dont even think it's a world record half rep.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 6 days ago
Watch the whole video lol
CaputMundi 6 days ago
Equipped browerlifting
IFA IFA 6 days ago
It reminds me of the movie "avatar" not the bold ninja but the blue giant, you know these robots in the movie. '
Barry Watson
Barry Watson 6 days ago
Dude that's impressive tbh. Why are these not mass produced?
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 6 days ago
Very limited use case
michael roya
michael roya 6 days ago
It would be cool if don't have to bring a air compressor everywhere you go😃😄😂
Bakir Rasheed
Bakir Rasheed 6 days ago
Jeffrey Nguyen
Jeffrey Nguyen 6 days ago
This guy definitely curls at the squat rack.
Spasoje Raguz
Spasoje Raguz 7 days ago
Make an homemade plane
Ask to seduce Miss
Only half reps man
CloudJumper09 7 days ago
I want you to make a fire bending glove that is activated threw hard punches
Ask to seduce Miss
This was the build that brought me to the channel when I was just a kid, incredible work.
mskarthi arul
mskarthi arul 7 days ago
Me and the boys about to kill the ceo of racism 0:44
Felix 391
Felix 391 7 days ago
Video starts at 4:34
AlmightyJay 7 days ago
OK Steve Rodgers... The gig is up..
Luke 7 days ago
Not gonna break any records with that range of motion
underswap papyrus
Can you make redhood pistols
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 7 days ago
The say iron man but he kinda looks like captain America with out his beard
Prof Maiki
Prof Maiki 7 days ago
damn you're only 12 years older than me? wow...
weebgamer01 8 days ago
Is it just me, or should they have at least more than 50 million subscribers. How much people agree with me. 👇
Richdiamond 11
Richdiamond 11 8 days ago
Wonder what tony stark thinks bout this
Übermensch wie Regenschirm
That isn't a real curl
The Davis Threat
The Davis Threat 8 days ago
When people take time to dislike the video because they can't do it😆😭💯
arian sevandal
arian sevandal 8 days ago
My dream job, same passion😩.
srinitaaigaura 8 days ago
A true exoskeleton has the challenge of supporting that load all the way the ground. Notice he can curl this because his back and lower body can handle the load of the weight he's lifting and the weight of the exoskeleton. Nevertheless, this is seriously impressive and I wonder what's the next step up. Could use it for soldiers and rescue teams or paramedics or people who've lost limbs.
Louis Cassidy
Louis Cassidy 8 days ago
like if it was more designed around supporting the muscles rather than hydraulic enhancement in one direction for better range of movement like crysis style exo its applications would increace dramatically i wanted to see you use it to enhance strike power i wont lie but i know it would need shock absorption yada yada mounts suitable for weapons.....do it you know you want to xD
Ask to seduce Miss
This was the build that brought me to the channel when I was just a kid, incredible work.
Marius Schimnatkowski
Only half reps man
Solace Mack
Solace Mack 9 days ago
This made me cry tears of joy. you’re an inspiration to so many, and a real life superhero! Keep doing what makes you guys awesome!
Ask to seduce Miss
Make a full master chief suit up including His armor And cortana And the pistol and AR
John Vincent S. Pangilinan
I really needed that wholesome part.
kory boan
kory boan 9 days ago
Make A Hoverboard
Matthew Parthimos
Thank you for continuing to make these videos. You've inspired to pursue engineering and im starting mechanical engineering school next semester at concordia. I remember a couple years ago I wasn't sure what I wanted to pursue and I remember I decided I wanted to be a mechanical engineer while watching one of your videos.
Oswaldo Gomez
Oswaldo Gomez 9 days ago
I love your content and it has inspired me to start studying mechanical engineering
Tom Crowell
Tom Crowell 10 days ago
@the Hacksmith, As a scuba diver I wish you guys would try your hand at various underwater technologies.
PKgames Goofy
PKgames Goofy 10 days ago
The say iron man but he kinda looks like captain America with out his beard
Leo K.
Leo K. 10 days ago
You know, it is really awesome having watched and still watching you do all these crazy projects. But what I love seeing even more is people like you who spread inspiration to others. People like you are what make this world a better place, inspiring people to be creative and inventive and to improve themselves and learn. Keep up the good work!
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 10 days ago
Thank you!
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 10 days ago
More than 200k subs in 2 weeks, LETS GOOOOOO
Mia Mustafizur Rahman
place make black panther
Fardin Beatbox
Fardin Beatbox 10 days ago
Hey Look real life heros
match is on Thakur
match is on Thakur 10 days ago
I wanted to join your youtube channel
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 10 days ago
Click the join button next to subscribe :)
StrictlyAwesome 10 days ago
this would be good for factory workers who do heavy lifting
PremiumWater 10 days ago
Don't trust anyone who parts their hair down the middle!!
Carl Jones
Carl Jones 11 days ago
Make a full master chief suit up including His armor And cortana And the pistol and AR
Yoda 11 days ago
Why is there hole in the red bar
Alec H
Alec H 11 days ago
Need to combine this with power armor asthetics. Just saying.
Mr Marker Pen
Mr Marker Pen 11 days ago
Not a great way to impress a girl...
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith 11 days ago
Watch the whole video
sherwin samuel Lluz
It is real
LastTube584 11 days ago
Aré you tony in the real life 👍
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