Exclusive: New warning about scams at gas pumps

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The U.S. Secret Service is warning motorists, police and businesses of a surge in criminals' targeting gas pumps with hidden devices to steal credit card information.
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Jul 3, 2018




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Melissa Cazarin
Melissa Cazarin 9 months ago
Just happen to me now lol at a 711 it said declined $100 wyd haha I only had $5 Thank god hahhaha
Panda Bear
Panda Bear 10 months ago
I use money
Jerod Overfield
Jerod Overfield 10 months ago
It happened to me, and not only that they even got my PIN number I was told by my bank after they notify me of a Suspicious transaction to never pay at the pump and if you do don't use it as a debit card use it as credit but it's better pay inside. I was lucky that my bank notify me right away a something that was suspicious and was able to stop it. I learned a valuable lesson do not pay at the pump and now I use a set amount of cash and pay inside.
Frank M. Powell
Lol Can't happen in oregon
_n Year ago
Mis poderozos Tuzo de pachuca aparecen en el video siuuuuu
Rolo Rolo
Rolo Rolo 2 years ago
I'm more concerned about the state of California ripping me off at the pump!!!
Fernando Salas
Fernando Salas 2 years ago
Can't believe some people are heartless, people work hard for their money and these thieves take their hard earned money then to find out when buying groceries no more money, these thieves do this for some selfish pleasure I think the death penalty should be the proper punishment.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter 2 years ago
Richard H
Richard H 2 years ago
The criminals need harsher punishments. It takes a while to recover your identity. I have been hit twice in my lifetime and the proof you have to get to clear your name takes time. If I ever see anyone doing this in person I would probably cause them some serious bodily injury. They don't give a damn about who they hurt financially.
Nick Hamill
Nick Hamill 2 years ago
I always pay inside. With cash.
azalru 2 years ago
Tesla owners never have to suffer this crap.
De Lue
De Lue 2 years ago
That black reporter was thinking about smoking he said you can pay at the grass station uh I mean gas station 😂😂
Jennifer Montgomery
I am glad that I pay inside and not at the pump. Not only am I avoiding being scammed but I am also keeping people employed.
GANTZ100pts 2 years ago
The people that do this shit and buy or use stolen credit/Debit card information should be shot or hung.
YaboiDrizzyDrew 2 years ago
This shit is not new...
Justin Gulley
Justin Gulley 2 years ago
Paying at the gas pump cost more
mrstst 2 years ago
Yes! Done to me. Thousands of dollars. Worse of all Bank of America reversed their initial credit to my account because after their investigation it was determined to not be fraud. Thieves used our card to buy money orders at USPS. Be careful!!!!
T 2 years ago
Why don’t you fucken nerds just pay cash.. oh that’s right your scared to death. Fuck the devil and his technology..
Jim Christensen
Jim Christensen 2 years ago
This has been going on for years, nothing new.
Dew War
Dew War 2 years ago
That's why I shake every damn machine including the one on the inside I don't even dare pay on the outside
Seth Totten
Seth Totten 2 years ago
Glad I have electric ⚡️.
corey Babcock
corey Babcock 2 years ago
Pretty damn Cool I think
Katy Brad
Katy Brad 2 years ago
I get points when i use my card at the pump. I guess I’ll be going in to pay
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin 2 years ago
Be like China, pay with a QR code with your phone
PhaseSkater 2 years ago
Well I live in Oregon soooo there’s no way people can install skimmers
Peter Epstein
Peter Epstein 2 years ago
My solution: get an electric car.
My Hodgepodge Life!
pay inside
Sebastian H
Sebastian H 2 years ago
FYI this can also happen in parking meters
Eva H
Eva H 2 years ago
Pay w money problem solved
Matthew Dennert
Matthew Dennert 2 years ago
Yup I was hit 2 days ago. I learned my lesson pay inside people
The Dealer
The Dealer 2 years ago
Until they start giving more harsh punishment for this, it will never stop.
QUENESS YOMy 2 years ago
That's Why I pay cash..and I pay,my,bills secured. online/in person..Shit Crazy
Kavisha Hammond
Kavisha Hammond 2 years ago
Swipesss lol I pay gas in the store
Political Boffin, PhD
Haaaa haaaa. You dopes. The pumps are mandated to be certified by the state and are tagged as such. Yet, the credit card device could be marked with an official tape to show the device has not been tampered. Not done. Why? It's in the credit card interests to get scammed. You dolts. Teagards you saps...
Brian Na
Brian Na 2 years ago
real crime is that gap between his teeth
El Guapo
El Guapo 2 years ago
Always put alerts on your card so you can get a txt whenever it is used. If it was not your purchase, you can just lock your card and report to your bank. Or lock up your card when not in use
Jamison Munn
Jamison Munn 2 years ago
Put some of the offenders to death and I guarantee the instances drop immediately.
Addie-Eileen Paige
Addie-Eileen Paige 2 years ago
Thankfully, I pay for gas ⛽️with cash 💵
ThinkFirstable 2 years ago
I pay with CASH ONLY at the gas station. And I pay inside face-to-face with the cashier.
Lamar Childers
Lamar Childers 2 years ago
That’s why I pay on the inside.
Nevermore 2 years ago
If you have to use a pump, at least use an app called Skimmer Scanner. It will help detect skimming devices, but it's not 100% foolproof, just better than nothing.
N3k0B0o 2 years ago
If you don’t want to use your card, get an app that allows you to pay with your phone and requires a fingerprint reader. For example Speedpass+ works at any ExxonMobil gas station and requires the user to select the pump number they are about to use and has a 30 second time limit to start pumping. It also gives you the option to choose either a text or email of the transaction as soon as you finish pumping. You can also check with your state government for a report of gas station pump inspections or if they get enough complaints they will perform inspections too.
PropertyOfHoliness 2 years ago
Yeah pay inside a scammer got me once.. Ordered new card & I've never used a card at a pump again
Andre Zibner
Andre Zibner 2 years ago
Fix? Go to Costco
20x20xmanutd 2 years ago
You can just call the bank and they'll return your money up to 100k
You Need Jesus
You Need Jesus 2 years ago
Pay inside.
Quick Sepul
Quick Sepul 2 years ago
Pay inside? Who the hell pays at the pump? Lmao
Maximilian Kim-Kostarev
Always going to pay inside at the grass station from now on
Cosigner22 2 years ago
Since when does the Secret Service give warnings like this?
JJRTV 24 2 years ago
The only reason I pay at the pump I like that my car will fill up with out me having to guess how much it will take to fill up
James M
James M 2 years ago
Then they should make these things skimmer proof.
TheWorlds AColdPlace
Install Better cameras
KeeperPlus 2 years ago
Need to start chopping hands off of people that steal. Guarantee it would drop to near 0.
john ricciardelli
john ricciardelli 2 years ago
I always pay inside never credit card.
Vin Commons
Vin Commons 2 years ago
So the SS police are working gas station theft?
Sam B
Sam B 2 years ago
Can’t believe America still doesn’t use chip cards. Smh.
David Semick
David Semick 2 years ago
We do, I've had one for several years, but, now pay attention, not everyone does. Smh.
Bflo23 2 years ago
I got 2 fraudulent charges pretty much right after I hit this 1 gas station at 2 different times. A $499 charge and a $200 charge. Was refunded. I never knew that a skimmer ribbon could be installed inside the pump machine.
vh9network 2 years ago
Pay with a gas station debit card at the pump. The card would be useless to scammers since they would need to know your pin in order to use it and its only usable for purchasing gas. But it has the benefit of giving you a discount at the pump.
Andrew V
Andrew V 2 years ago
Since when does the secret service issue warnings for consumers?
Just a Ghost
Just a Ghost 2 years ago
Why can’t gas pump have alarms just like if it was an arcade game
Dalia85 2 years ago
Samsung pay 🤗
Ulises Navarro
Ulises Navarro 2 years ago
That's y I keep different accounts so my checking is always broke and never connected with my saving let alone in the same bank and pay cash problem solved
RyanMiller3039 2 years ago
Why would the Secret Service be telling us about this? Shouldn't this be the FBI?
Tony DNY
Tony DNY 2 years ago
This why I use Apple Pay
Vince15nt 2 years ago
fucking brown
Jessica LT
Jessica LT 2 years ago
Why the hell aren’t these gas stations developing pumps that prevent this!!!
RimWulf 2 years ago
Nick Ross
Nick Ross 2 years ago
I couldn't think of a username
Now how do we protect ourselves from corporations, Uncle Sam, or hospitals? They are the real crooks.
skull top
skull top 2 years ago
Fucking punks I hate people that do that
AELX EUT 2 years ago
Had this happen to me before when someone stole my card info this way. Told the cop about the skimmer thing and thought i was flat out lieing to him lol
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight 2 years ago
Omg all of a sudden. This has been going on for years. Go inside the gas station don’t use the pump card reader.
hawaiian breeze
hawaiian breeze 2 years ago
All these comments are just like the gun debate. Let's rearrange our lives so the bad people can keep doing what they're doing but nobody addresses the issue of harsh punishment for the criminals. Clearly in some of these incidents there are license plate numbers and even faces. How about we catch them and shoot them...in the face.
Maria Matias
Maria Matias 2 years ago
Some pumps have a seal that if broken it means the pump had been tempered with.
Maria Matias
Maria Matias 2 years ago
That's why I run my car on cooking oil...
ROMΛИ NUMEЯΛLZ 2 years ago
More jargon, to get everyone to submit to the chip🤖CA$H = King 💸
phatpac5 2 years ago
This is old news lol
Michael Vance
Michael Vance 2 years ago
Old news.
Michael Bruja
Michael Bruja 2 years ago
Good thing I live in New Jersey and my gas is pumped for me.
Keia Love-Black
Keia Love-Black 2 years ago
Why don’t they install locks, alarms and cameras on the pump readers to prevent this? 🤷🏽‍♀️ The real issue is that it’s so easy for the crooks to do. this.
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 2 years ago
1:12 “Fraudsters”! Trying to steal my Precious!! 💍
BIGBOIIIIII209 2 years ago
In urdent alerdt
Stephen B. Smith
Stephen B. Smith 2 years ago
So what's the is point of the warning if there's nothing you can do about it? Why can't the police hold the gas stations accountable for their own damn pumps?
Emonie Brown
Emonie Brown 2 years ago
Exactly why I use cash at the gas station
amanda collins
amanda collins 2 years ago
I was hit July 1. I’m not sure if it was at a gas station or some other place, but when I checked my account on July 5 I saw that they had withdrawn 480.00 in Silverdale, 100.00 in Poulsbo and then the next day they took 200.00 more in federal way. I’m all, they took 800$ out of my checking... Luckily my bank had already reimbursed me but it’s still a hassle...
Beck Stein
Beck Stein 2 years ago
Best way is not to pay and just steal gas. That way they won’t get your cc info.
Purgatory 2 years ago
Cash is King but cards are so convenient, long lines in the store are a hassle. Plus weirdos are inside paying cash ugh. Gas station employees should be required to check the machines hourly like the restroom cleaning hourly but even the restrooms don't get cleaned so how can we trust them to check the machines. Managers should be trained to spot devices on machines also.
Brandon R.
Brandon R. 2 years ago
I use pay inside, and use apple pay at my gas station.
Terra Wareham
Terra Wareham 2 years ago
Fuckin scum bags.. Go out and work like the rest of us.. Karma is all to real and your days will come.. Skim that....
Lauroo Reyess
Lauroo Reyess 2 years ago
EarthClad 2 years ago
who pays with a credit card lol
Mr Negative
Mr Negative 2 years ago
How can you let someone with a lisp do the newth hahahaha
torodaman 2 years ago
Why don't they place alarms on the gas pumps? So when they open one the alarm will notify the attendant or straight to the police, gas station owners make millions from us why can't they juts install alarms hu? Because there in on it too, the gas station owners get those people to steal ure info man think about it....
Scott Boulden
Scott Boulden 2 years ago
Exclusive!? Lol this is old news
MotorHead Tech
MotorHead Tech 2 years ago
That’s why I go to costco gas
sweetpeace5 2 years ago
MotorHead Tech What difference does that make? No chance with a guy manning the pumps or huge lines?? I go there too just not sure why we’re protected?
macspeed 2 years ago
Costco food court 🤤
Rey Perez
Rey Perez 2 years ago
Lol I have Sam's Club
DanielIsaac 2 years ago
Same here!
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon 2 years ago
MotorHead Tech their food gives me gas too
ebarton1475 2 years ago
A Mexican at a drive thru used my card to pay their phone bill. Anyone else noticing it's never a American involved
ebarton1475 2 years ago
I couldn't think of a username revenge is sweet
I couldn't think of a username
Actually in Mexican culture stealing is never frowned upon yet for some reason they see no problem breaking the law by migrating illegally.
303StreetMachines 2 years ago
ebarton1475 Watch out he or she might steal your bitch and job if your not more careful hahahahahahahahaha
Villanelle 2 years ago
ebarton1475 lol thieves come in different ethnicities, stop being a racist...if that person was mexican she or he is probably an American still
ebarton1475 2 years ago
Deport these "tech's"
Ryan Healey
Ryan Healey 2 years ago
Every time I have to use the magnetic strip on my credit card at a gas pump I’ve wondered why they haven’t been upgraded. 2020? Are gas stations are nonprofits that can’t afford to upgrade the pumps?! I know chips have issues but the gas stations not upgrading has created this mess.
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 2 years ago
I would suggest everybody sets alert (text or email) whenever there's a transaction on the account.
Views_ 2 years ago
Turn your bluetooth on near the pump! If an odd bluetooth name shows don't use it 😉? Or you also notice it's always there? And signal strength is strong near the pump? Check my page out thanks
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