Ex-Mean Girl Gets Catty With Her Bridesmaids! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Young bride, Jasmine Martin, has learned to be a kinder person through her faith, but will the stress of bridesmaid dress shopping be enough to bring her inner mean girl out?
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Nov 23, 2018




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Comments 2 988
Sherryl C
Sherryl C Day ago
Glad to see a bride consider her bridesmaid's feelings. I've been in weddings where that wasn't done. It's hard to be in a dress that you know doesn't look good on your body.
Raqui’s Space
Raqui’s Space 4 days ago
I like long dresses for weddings.. I dislike short dresses they look stupid
Prabhleen Reen
Prabhleen Reen 5 days ago
absolutely hate this consultant idk who he reminds me of but ion like it
Katherine Canon
Katherine Canon 6 days ago
I think the bridesmaids compromised with the length and the styles at the end looked right for their bodies. Now I am assuming that the color be all the same when get their dresses right this just more trying for style right?
Kaksha M
Kaksha M 9 days ago
Sucks how these shows paint the wrong person as the villain lol
Eden Sagner
Eden Sagner 12 days ago
I actually agure that the brides maid were being a bit ruder than her tbh the bride wasn't being mean at all she was being asrtive
Lori Jenkins
Lori Jenkins 12 days ago
She told you what she wanted. The bridesmaids and others are out of order. She said what she liked, end of story.
Nia Ts.
Nia Ts. 15 days ago
Long bridesmaids dresses are the best. I don't know why they are so against it... short bridesmaids dresses always look cheap.
Carol Matthews
Carol Matthews 15 days ago
That mean girl is very close to the surface. I find it very challenging to have a friend like that.
jeswainston 17 days ago
Nothing wrong with a long dress, it’s a wedding not a club lol
jeswainston 17 days ago
These brides with a huge cast of characters in the bridal party...I mean...wtf?
MER IEM 19 days ago
21 years old 😲😲😲😲😲
Noreen Clarke
Noreen Clarke 20 days ago
Why the music? Not good background. Very distracting.
DarK AngeL
DarK AngeL 21 day ago
Keily is a typ of girl that looks pretty in every outfits
K D 25 days ago
She's 21.... Go study!
Evy Danemayer
Evy Danemayer Month ago
She is not being mean! Everyone else is being mean I would stand up for myself too!! And plus it’s her wedding.
Nana Berry
Nana Berry Month ago
That blue long dress on Erica was HORRIBLE.
AvaCreates Month ago
I loved her choices of blue and long. But when they said no and and were completely just trampling her and even bought out a black dress. (If you wear black to a wedding where I live it means you wish death and bad luck upon the couple and the bridesmaids.)
Layla Kante
Layla Kante Month ago
She had to do it😂 they was playing in her face acting entitled about something that isn’t about them I applaud her did what she had to do
SaraSarita Month ago
Her curly hair is so nice !
hellooo Month ago
the fact that they think their say means more than hers at her OWN wedding ??! what 😂 how she a mean girl THATS HER DAY . STEP IN LINE.
Diana Hakhverdyan
My goodness the bride is gorgeous ❤️😍
Lily Zekry
Lily Zekry Month ago
I feel like the first 3 pics were prom dresses
Aaliyah Edwards
Aaliyah Edwards Month ago
ayeeeee my family is from dalton
Carol Month ago
Bride seems super nice and the girls seem picky
A little bit of Chaos
Now, you know if this girl hadn't told the staff she was once a mean girl, this video would be edited and titled completely differently
kyndal kyndal
kyndal kyndal Month ago
i feel like they way they edited the vid made her seem WAYYYY more as a “mean girl”. But still she wasn’t mean at the end of the day it’s her wedding lol. if you don’t want to wear the dress i picked you are getting cut period.
Aiyana Chey
Aiyana Chey 2 months ago
I like all 3 dresses individual, but not together. It looks like you let them pick whatever and weren’t coordinated at all
Jennifer 2 months ago
You have not changed you are still mean a length of a dress has nothing to do with religion
Leuchtkäferchen 2 months ago
Okay, most of the times I don't get all that drama regarding the bridesmaids dresses but in this case? What is wrong with them all? She is so nice (and believe me, I have many experiences with mean girls) and it is her wedding. The only thing she wants is that all dresses have the same color and the same length. She is even nice enough to let them try short dresses even though she wanted long dresses for them. But the second she said that she likes one of the short dresses that the bridesmaids chose but not like they tell her she can wear it as her wedding dress then? And when she put her foot down she is the one who is called mean?
Summer breeze and pink roses
It was her posse being mean, they didn't flow with what the bride wanted. She was clear and assertive not a mean girl.
Griselda Espinosa
Griselda Espinosa 2 months ago
She was rude, with her fake Christian “I love my bridesmaids, they’re the best” but yet she was quick to point out body issues on one of her friends, wtf?! What kind of friend is that... 😒
Ronisha Ingram
Ronisha Ingram 2 months ago
I love how she take control
Nehama W
Nehama W 2 months ago
I agree that the long dresses are beautiful.
KR Smith
KR Smith 2 months ago
Why does the threat of eternal damnation have to be present for someone to choose to be a decent human being...?
Rose 2 months ago
Spirit Mate
Spirit Mate 2 months ago
Can we talk about the consultant ? Those Blue Eyes are so illegal. Stunning
Amanda Middleton
Amanda Middleton 2 months ago
She has such an ugly attitude.
Evelyn Moreno
Evelyn Moreno 2 months ago
She's still a bit of a spoiled little brat. She really needs to grow up.
paige mckinnie
paige mckinnie 2 months ago
Every other episode the helpers say "you're the bride. It's your wedding. Your decision. Were on your side." But because of the narrative of this episode they treat her differently
me 2 months ago
miss girl isnt even being mean like let the woman pick her dresses
Holly Protoolis
Holly Protoolis 2 months ago
I don’t think she was mean at all???
heda gabriel
heda gabriel 2 months ago
enough with the bs jasmine!youre either mean or youre not plain and simple..the mean i side her is not back..its always been there.let us stop making excuses.
Nicola Ablett
Nicola Ablett 2 months ago
dress 5 looks fab blue dress is shit she was close to a revert..... 3 fab dresses and HAPPY BRIDESMAIDS LORI would be happy
Hyena 2 months ago
typical mean girl. very manipulative and she succeeded in manipulating most of the comment section. based on the way this was edited of course. shes just one of those that uses religion like both a weapon and a shield. she makes herself seem nice by saying she wants a dress that they will all love and feel good in, but then straight up insults one of the girls and tells her shes wearing a dress she hates and that she doesnt feel she looks good in xD like bitch what? how did no one else see that? clear narcissism. clear gaslighting. also i hate this notion of do what the bride says and shut up. unless the bride is paying for the dresses, she NEEDS to take into consideration the girls body types and feelings. she should anyway but. it should be expected, not something we worship her over. not everyone can just throw money on a shit ugly dress that they hate and will never wear again. the bride should get what she wants when shes wearing her dress, and the maids should have a say in theirs. she didnt just tell them blue and long when she was literally about to force one of the girls to wear something she hated. not to mention how she spoke to them and NONE of them were being rude, i dont care what anyone else says. They were all nice in their critiques. shes not a strong woman, these are the abusive women who want to paint themselves as strong, but really just walk all over everyone else to get to where they want. no fucking thank you. if i was erica, id walk the hell out of that friendship. she looked so uncomfortable, even in the interviews when she was talking about the bride. just like a typical hushed side kick of the mean girl. so sad.
interested observer 1949
the second bride who brought her fiancé: I pray she never marries this bully who is not above putting the bride down in front of everyone and on TV. He even picked out the outfit he is wearing. He is a mean controlling bully and will make her life a living hell.
Jimena Piedra
Jimena Piedra 2 months ago
why is she barefoot?
Werner Maritz
Werner Maritz 2 months ago
See how things come together when God is in the centre. Everybody is happy. And being assertive is not being catty. It's the brides once in a lifetime day.
ElBean 2 months ago
“This mean girl is back and ready to bully her possy” why do they dis the Christian girl! And “struggling to stay on a righteous path”-ughhhh everyone sins, EVEN AS CHRISTIANS
ElBean 2 months ago
I love how Christ centered she is! What a blessing to hear this beautiful story and see such a godly woman on TV!
Savannah 2 months ago
She wasn’t being a mean girl, she was just standing up for herself and what she wanted!
Jenna Hyser
Jenna Hyser 2 months ago
The blue dress was not cute at least on her body, doesn’t compliment her well. The last one on her looked way better!
Genevieve Van-Catledge
“Mean girl?” 🤔 Oh, you mean Brandon, right? HE was the mean girl and an agitator (pot-stirrer).
M. Can.
M. Can. 2 months ago
Why is she sitting with her bare feet up like that? You don’t do that! Yuck!
Emma D
Emma D 2 months ago
Bruh why would he even pick a long white dress as an option. No one else should wear white besides the bride
Emma D
Emma D 2 months ago
Okay but the bride was being super flexible with them. She even allowed them to wear short dresses when she just wanted navy and long
Salomeii 2 months ago
I like dresses. I also have a friend who was like the bride... As long as you are "assertive back" there are no problems... we can be friends. lol
CatG 3 months ago
She can’t afford to lose another group of friends? That was completely uncalled for.
nisa yurek
nisa yurek 3 months ago
how is she being a mean girl for saying what she wants
Ava C.
Ava C. 3 months ago
Very holy 🤪🤪🍷🍷🍷✨✨✨✨#WAP🍷🍷🍷🍷
Vicky99 3 months ago
Why do they keep trying on white dresses as Bridesmaids?!
Micayla Feinner
Micayla Feinner 3 months ago
She wasn't even mean she just knows what she wants and isn't gonna compromise. It's her wedding and she deserves to have rein over that
nighthawknina86 3 months ago
church is bullshit. there is no such thing as god. she's clearly neurotic. its a fairy tale! stop living your life believing in a lie
Eliza Everett
Eliza Everett 3 months ago
question: do they wear the different color dresses or change the color so they all match? i’m genuinely curious sorry if this is a stupid question
Vicky Kulig
Vicky Kulig 3 months ago
All the same color, different style dress, which is what I wanna do
Lady Theresa
Lady Theresa 3 months ago
Brandon is a instigator.Soliciting opinions that are different than the bride, then stirring the pot. Very unprofessional. If I were in a wedding party and the bride wanted me to wear a stained pillow case belted with a extension cord I would do it because its her day and not mine. The bridesmaids are Immature too.
jo egleton
jo egleton 3 months ago
I don't know which church she joined that apparently stopped her from being a mean girl --- if anyone knows, please tell me --- I'll make damn sure I don't go there!
Pamela Phillips
Pamela Phillips 3 months ago
mitchi 3 months ago
I don’t understand why they felt the need to keep bringing up the fact that she used to be a mean girl like if you keep bringing it up I’m sure she’ll start acting like it eventually✋🏼
Sarah 3 months ago
The friends were meaner than she was
TBI Survivor
TBI Survivor 3 months ago
I love on she sits on that chair like she's in her own house.
Genifer Romero
Genifer Romero 3 months ago
Why don't bride's respect their maid of honor or bridesmaids? Just because they are supposed to help doesn't give the right to the bride to be a bit**.
Linda Miller
Linda Miller 3 months ago
Still seems a mean girl
Emily Herrera
Emily Herrera 3 months ago
How is she being a mean girl? She the bride she should pick what dresses she wants them to wear.
DatboyT 3 months ago
If she didn't say she was a mean girl this video would be completely different 😑
Katrina Wall
Katrina Wall 3 months ago
That's crazy she said she used to be a mean girl. Lol
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 3 months ago
Remember God loves you! Want to turn your life around, say this prayer to give your life to him⬇️ Dear eternal and everlasting father, i come before your throne of grace surredering all, i come before you asking for your grace, your mercy and your forgiveness. I know that i have not been living for you lately but i come ro you today ready to change my life and live for you and you only. Please guide along this journey with you in Jesus' name i pray, amen.
By Grace
By Grace 3 months ago
Girl you’re barefoot on the chair like that , this ain’t your house🤦🏾‍♀️
Sabrina J
Sabrina J 3 months ago
This kind of girl can't hold her personality in and years into these new friendships and marriage she will blow up. Sometimes our personalities cannot be tamed.
Pammi ASMR
Pammi ASMR 4 months ago
And the person managing the appt. should not use the Lord's name in vain please!
Monica Quijada
Monica Quijada 4 months ago
If she’s mean, then I’m a bitch. I’m Christian too, but for my wedding I made the choices for my bridesmaid and took into consideration what would fit everyone.
laiba malik
laiba malik 4 months ago
She was assertive and straightforward. What was mean about that?
Kauana Nunes
Kauana Nunes 4 months ago
dear bridesmaids: it's not your wedding, get picky once you're the bride gosh, if I were the bride I'd kick them out of the wedding
The Dusky Faery
The Dusky Faery 4 months ago
The bride is fooling her entourage, she is the ultimate mean manipulative girl ☹️
Peggy Todd
Peggy Todd 4 months ago
That's what my daughter is doing she let her 3 brides mat pick out their style of dress long but used her color dusty blue because not all bodies can wear the same style dress
Lola La Trailera
Lola La Trailera 4 months ago
To be proud and mentioned years later about how you were the ultimate mean girl is pretty cringy to hear 🤮🤮🤮🤮
SDoesNotKnow 4 months ago
Honestly, for all the talk about her being a mean girl, she was actually not bad. She was flexible and kept her cool for the most part. She may have had bad judgment with the second dress for Erica but I think it was due to her feeling ganged up on so she dug in her heels for that one moment. Once the moment was over, she was back to being open.
Chloe annabella
Chloe annabella 4 months ago
that’s literally not even being mean. literally just assertive
LESLIE AYALA 4 months ago
say YES to the dress
Biblio Wolf
Biblio Wolf 4 months ago
She was being assertive rather than mean. Not to mention she gave a few basic standards (length & color) but made it clear she wanted to consider body types/comfort with the dresses. Actually pretty easy parameters to work with.
Dean Stephens
Dean Stephens 4 months ago
She reminds me of a more tanned Emilia Clarke
goal pop
goal pop 4 months ago
Who else looks at the dresses behind them
Alyssa 5 months ago
bride: yeah i just want my bridesmaids dresses to be long and navy blue idrc what else you do consultant: no :)
Hannah D
Hannah D 5 months ago
This 👏🏾 isn’t 👏🏾 mean 👏🏾 she 👏🏾 is 👏🏾 standing 👏🏾 up 👏🏾 for 👏🏾 herself 👏🏾
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch 5 months ago
She can't afford to lose another group of friends DAAAAYMM! 😂
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch 5 months ago
Sorry but the 1st 3 dresses are terrible
Marsena 5 months ago
I think Jasmine was not reverting to "mean girl" behavior. She was being firm about what mattered to her. I went to high school with mean girls, and I can assure you she isn't one!
Katie O'Connor
Katie O'Connor 5 months ago
jasmine is in no way being mean,,she’s just stating what she wants for HER wedding
Trin Lizzoli
Trin Lizzoli 5 months ago
The bride is beautiful ❤️
Katie Ward
Katie Ward 5 months ago
Shoudlnt the consultant be supporting the bride, she wasnt being mean its her wedding